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Y Boys baby names beginning with the letter Y. If I have missed any, please add them. Y

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Name Meaning Derivations Origin  
Yaar Forest   Hebrew


Yabarak Sea Yabarac, Yabarack Australian Aboriginal
Yadava Descended Yadav Sanskrit
Yaden Strong Yadin  
Yadid God will judge. Yadyd Hebrew
Yael Strength of God, Mountain goat. Yaell Israeli, Hebrew
Yafeu Bold   Ghanian
Yagel Happiness Yagil, Yagyl, Yogil, Yogyl Hebrew
Yahbini Star Yahbinie, Yahbiny Australian Aboriginal
Yaholo One who yells.   Greek
Yahya God is good. A form of John.   Hebrew
Yair God will teach. Jair, Jayr, Yayr Hebrew
Yajna Sacrifice Yajanah Sanskrit
Yakar Dear   Hebrew
Yakecen Song from the sky.   Native American
Yakez Heaven   Native American
Yakim God develops. Jakim, Jakym, Yakym Hebrew
Yakir Honoured, Beloved. Yakire, Yakyr, Yakrye Hebrew
Yale From the corner of the land, One who pays or produces, Elder   Welsh, Old English, German
Yama God of the setting sun. Yamah Sanskrit
Yamal Twin   Hindi
Yamin Right hand, Helpful.   Hebrew
Yancy Englishman Yance, Yancey, Yankee, Yantsey Native American
Yandach Restful   Hebrew
Yanek A form of John. God is gracious, God will help through life.   Dutch
Yannis Gift of God.    
Yaphet Attractive   Hebrew
Yaqub To grab one's heel.   Arabic
Yarb Scented herb   Gypsy
Yardan King   Arabic
Yardley Of the yard, From the enclosed meadow. Yardlea, Yardleah, Yardlee, Yardleigh, Yardli, Yardlie, Yardly Old English
Yarin Understanding   Hebrew
Yarran Acacia tree. Yaran Australian Aboriginal
Yarrawah Storm   Australian Aboriginal
Yasar Wealthy   Arabic
Yash Famous   Hindi
Yashar Honourable, with high morals. Yesher, Yeshurun Hebrew
Yasuo Calm   Japanese
Yates Gate keeper, Dweller of the gates. Yaits, Yayts Middle English
Yavin God is understanding. Jabin, Jehoram, Joram, Juti, Yadon, Yavnie, Yediel, Yehoram, Yehoshafat, Yekutiel, Yodin, Yoram Hebrew
Yazid Increasing to grow. Yazyd Arabic
Ye Universe   Chinese
Yehoram God will praise.   Hebrew
Yehoshua God is my salvation.   Hebrew
Yehudi Teacher, Praise to the Lord, Praise God. Jora, Jorah, Yehudit, Yehudie, Yehudy Hebrew
Yelutci Quiet bear.   Native American
Yemon Guardian   Japanese
Yen Calm; Wanted Yenn Vietnamese; English
Yeoman Servant who has been in the family for a long period of time, Retainer. Yeomen, Yoman Middle English
Yered Coming down.   Hebrew
Yeriel Found by God.   Hebrew
Yerik God has praised. Yeryk Russian
Yeshe Wise one.   Tibetan
Yestin Righteous, Just. A form of Justin. Yestan, Yesten, Yeston, Yestyn Old French, Welsh
Yevgeny Noble, well born. A form of Eugene. Yevgenyi Russian, Greek
Yiannis God is good. A form of John.   Greek
Yigael God will redeem. Yagel, Yigal Hebrew
Yildeen Dream   Australian Aboriginal
Yin-Hsin The one force.   Chinese
Yitro Plentiful   Hebrew
Yitzhak Laughter, happiness. Itzaak, Itzaac, Itzaack, Itzaak, Itzac, Itzack, Itzak, Yitzaac, Yitzaack, Yitzaak, Yitzack, Yitzak Hebrew
Yo Bright   Chinese
Yogi One who practices yoga. Yogee, Yogey, Yogie, Yogy Sanskrit
Yohann God is gracious. A form of John. See Johanns Hebrew
Yona Bear. Yonah Native American
Yonah Dove. Yona, Yonas Hebrew
Yonatan Gift of God.   Hebrew
Yong Brave   Chinese
Yonus Dove. Yonah, Yonah, Yonas, Yonos, Yonys Arabic, Hebrew
Yora Teacher. Yorah Hebrew
Yorath Worth of God.   English
Yorick Farmer. A form of George. Yoric, Yorik, Yoryc, Yoryck, Yoryk Danish
York From the farm with the yew trees; Boar estate. Yorke, Yorick, Yorker Celtic, Old English
Yosef God will increase, God has added a child. A form of Joseph.   Hebrew
Yosha Wisdom Yoshah Hebrew
Yoshi Quiet, Respected. Yoshee, Yoshie Japanese
Yotimo Bee flying into its hive.   Native American
Yottoko Mud   Native American
Young Youthful Yung, Yunge English
Youssef To increase in power and influence. Arabic form of Joseph. Joseph Arabic
Yrjo Farmer   Finnish, Greek
Yuan Original, One of a kind.   Chinese
Yucel Noble, With high morals.   Yusel
Yudan Judgement Yuden, Yudin, Yudon, Yudyn Hebrew
Yukiko Snow   Japanese
Yukio Snow boy. Yukyo Japanese
Yul Over the horizon.   Chinese, Mongolian
Yule Born at Christmas time. Eurl, Euell, Ewell, Yul, Yull Old English
Yuma Son of the chief. Yumah Native American
Yung Chih Always honourable.   Chinese
Yunis Dove Younis, Younys, Yunys Arabic
Yurchik Farmer   Russian
Yuri Farmer Yuris (Latvian) Russian, Greek
Yusha God is my help. Yushua, Yushuah, Yasser Arabic
Yusuf God will increase, God has added a child. A form of Joseph. Yousif, Yusif, Yousuf, Yussef Arabic
Yutu Coyote hunting.   Native American
Yvan God is gracious. A form of Ivan. Yven, Yvin, Yvyn Russian
Yves Knight of the lion. The masculine form of Yvette and Yvonne. Archer. Eouan (Bretton), Euzen French
Ywain Well born. A form of Ewan. Ywyn Welsh, Greek


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