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V Girls baby names beginning with the letter V. If I have missed any, please add them. V

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Name Meaning Pronunciation Derivations Origin
Vada Valourous, Brave.   Veida (Spanish) Latin
Vach Speech   Vac Sanskrit
Vachya Speaking   Vachia, Vachiah, Vachyah Hindi
Vaha Open sea.   Vah Tongan
Vail From the valley.   Vailee, Vailey, Vaili, Vailie, Vaily, Vale, Valee, Valey, Valie, Valy, Vayl, Vayle English
Vailea Talking water.   Vaileah, Vailee, Vailei, Vaileigh, Vailey, Vaili, Vailie, Vaily, Vaylea, Vayleah, Vaylee, Vaylei, Vayleigh, Vayley, Vayli, Vaylie, Vayly Polynesian
Vaino Self-obsessed, vain.   Vaina, Vainah, Vaine, Vanite, Vanitey, Vaniti, Vanitie, Vanity Latin
Vaitafe Stream   Vaytafe Tongan
Val Power. Strength. The short form of Valerie, Strong, Brave, Healthy   Vale, Vall, Valle Latin
Vala Chosen   Valah, Valla, Vallah Gothic, German
Valancia Strength   Valanca, Valence, Valenciah, Valencya, Valencyah Latin
Valarie Strength, valor   Valeria, Valerie, Vallerie  
Valasquita Powerful protector.   Valasquitah, Valasquitta, Valasquittah Teutonic
Valborga Protecting ruler, guardian.   Valborg, Valborgah Teutonic
Valda Hero ruler of the battle.   Valdah, Valma, Valmah Old Norse
Valencia Bravery. Strong. Healthy   Valenciah, Valencya, Valencyah Spanish
Valene Strength   Valaina, Valainah, Valaine, Valean, Valeana, Valeanah, Valeane, Valeda, Valeen, Valeena, Valeenah, Valeene, Valena, Valeney, Valien, Valina, Valine, Vallan, Vallana, Vallanah, Vallane, Vallen, Vallena, Valenah, Vallene, Vallina, Vallinah, Valline, Vallyna, Vallynah, Vallyne Latin
Valentia Strong princess.   Valena, Valentiah, Valentya, Valentyah Latin, Italian
Valentina Health or love, Strong, Brave   Valeda, Valencia, Valenteana, Valenteane, Valenteen, Valenteena, Valenteene, Valentia, Valentin, Valentina, Valentine, Valentyn, Valentyna, Valentyne, Valida, Validah, Valyda, Valydah Latin
Valentine Health or love, Strong, Brave   See Valentina Latin
Valerie Strong, Brave, Healthy   Valaree, Valaria, Valariah, Vale, Valeri, Valeria (Italian), Valeriah, Valery, Valerye, Valeska, Valry, Valori, Valorie, Valory, Valorya, Valoryah, Vallerie, Vallery Latin
Valerina Anagram of Valerian. To make strong, To be healthy. From Valerian which is a plant.      Italian
Valeska Powerful princess. The feminine form of Vladyslav.   Valeskah Polish, Slavic
Valley From the valley.   Valea, Valeah, Valee, Valei, Valeigh, Valey, Vali, Valia, Valiah, Vallea, Valleah, Vallee, Vallei, Valleigh, Valli, Vallia, Valliah, Vallie, Vally, Valy, Valya, Valyah English
Valli Strength. A form of Valerie. Strong, brave, healthy; From the valley.   Valea, Valeah, Valee, Valei, Valeigh, Valey, Vali, Valia, Valiah, Vallea, Valleah, Vallee, Vallei, Valleigh, Valley, Vallia, Valliah, Vallie, Vally, Valy, Valya, Valyah Latin, Old English
Vallia Powerful protector.   Valia, Valiah, Valliah, Vallya, Vallyah Spanish
Vallonia Acorn   Valloniah, Vallonya, Vallonyah, Valona, Valonah, Valoniah, Valonya, Valonyah Latin
Valma May flower; Protector; Battle   Valmah, Valmai (Welsh), Valmar, Valmara, Valmarah Welsh; German; Finish
Valonia Strong, brave, courageious one who is alone; From the lonely valley.   Lonia, Loniah, Vallonia, Valloniah, Vallonya, Vallonyah, Valoniah, Valione, Valionee, Valioney, Valioni, Valionia, Valioniah, Valionie, Valiony, Valionya, Valionyah, Valyona, Valyonah, Valyonia, Valyoniah, Valyony, Valyonya, Valyonyah Latin; Old English
Valonu Belonging to the valley.   Valona, Valonah, Valone Latin
Valora Brave, strong, courageous.   Valorah, Valore, Valoree, Valorey, Valori, Valoria, Valoriah, Valory, Valorya, Valoryah, Valorye Latin
Valtina Health or love   Valentina, Valentine  
Valua Desired, important.   Valuah, Value Latin, English
Vana Sea urchin.   Vanah, Vanna, Vannah Polynesian
Vanaja Daughter of the forest.   Vanaia, Vanaiah, Vanajah, Vanya, Vanyah Hindi
Vanalika Sunflower.   Vanalikah, Vanalyka, Vanalykah Hindi
Vanda Stem; Wander. A form of Wanda.   Vandah Teutonic; German
Vandani Honourable   Vandanee, Vandaney, Vandani, Vandanie, Vandany Hindi
Vanessa Butterfly   Vanassa, Vanesa, Vanesha, Vaneshia, Vanesia, Vanesse, Vanessee, Vanessia, Vanessica, Vanetta, Vanexa, Vania, Vaniah, Vaneice, Vaniessa, Vanija, Vanika, Vanisa, Vaniss, Vanissa, Vanisse, Vanissee, Vanita, Vanna, Vannah, Vannessa, Vannesse, Vannessee, Vannia, Vanniah, Vannysa, Vannysah, Vannyssa, Vanyssah, Vanysa, Vanysah, Vanyssa, Vanyssah Greek
Vanetta Little one of nobility, Belonging to or from. The feminie form of Van.   Vaneta, Vanetah, Vanete, Vanett, Vanettah, Vanette Dutch
Vana Sea urchin; Fulfillment   Vanah, Vanna, Vannah Polynesian; African
Vani Voice   Vanee, Vaney, Vanie, Vany Hindi
Vania God is gracious. The feminine form of Ivan.   Vanea, Vaneah, Vaniah, Vannea, Vanneah, Vannia, Vanniah, Vannie, Vannya, Vannyah, Vanya, Vanyah Hebrew
Vanilla Sweetly scented, The vanilla bean plant.   Vanila, Vanilah, Vanillah, Vanyla, Vanylah, Vanylla, Vanyllah Latin, English
Vanja God is gracious.   Vanjah, Vanya Scandinavian
Vanka Graceful. The Russian form of Ann/e.   Vancan, Vancka, Vankah, Vankia, Vankiah, Vankya, Vankyah Russian, Hebrew
Vanna High   Vana, Vanah, Vania, Vaniah, Vannah, Vannia, Vanniah, Vannya, Vannyah, Vanya, Vanyah English
Vanni Graceful. The Italian form of Ann/e.   Vanea, Vanee, Vaney, Vani, Vania, Vaniah, Vanie, Vanna, Vannah, Vanne, Vannee, Vanney, Vannie, Vanny, Vany Italian, Hebrew
Vanora White wave.   Vanorah, Vanorea, Vanoree, Vanorey, Vanori, Vanoria, Vanoriah, Vanorie, Vanory, Vanorya, Vanoryah, Vevay Celtic
Vantrice From the harvest.   Vantricia, Vantriciah, Vantricya, Vantricyah, Vantrise, Vantrisia, Vantrisiah, Vantrisya, Vantrisyah, Vantrysia, Vantrysiah, Vantrysya, Vantrysyah Greek
Vanya Graceful. A form of Ann/e.   Vania, Vaniah, Vanja, Vannia, Vanniah, Vannja, Vannya, Vannyah, Vanyah Russian, Hebrew
Vara Cautious   Varah, Varia, Variah Norse
Varina Stranger     Slavic
Varvara Form of Barbera. Means stranger.     Slavic
Vashti Beautiful     Persian
Veda Wise     Sanskrit
Vedette Guardian     Italian
Vega One who falls.     Arabic
Velda Wise     Old German
Veliya One who is great.     Slavic
Velma Desire to protect.      
Velvet Soft, velvety.     Latin
Venetia Kind, Merciful. Another form of Venice; The Celtic form of Beatrice. She brings joy and happiness.    Vernda, Veneta, Venetiah, Venita, Vinetia, Vinetiah, Vinita, Vinitah, Vynita, Vynitah, Vynyta, Vynytah Latin; Celtic
Venice Geographical - a city in Italy.   Veneece, Venyce Italian
Ventura Brave in the face of danger; Fortunate, Lucky.   Venturah, Venture Latin; Spanish
Venus Goddess of love and beauty.   Venisa, Venita, Venusa, Venussa, Venys, Vinita, Vynita, Vynys, Vynyta Latin
Vera Faithful, Loyal; Truth   Veradis, Verah, Verena, Verene, Verenia, Vereniah, Verina, Verine, Verla, Verra (Slavic), Vjera, Vyra, Vyrah Russian; Latin
Veradis Faithful   Veradissa, Veradisse, Veradys, Veradysa, Veradyss, Veradyssa Latin
Verbena Sacred branch.   Verbeen, Verbeena, Verbeene, Verben, Verbene, Verbin, Verbina, Verbine, Verbyn, Verbyna, Verbyne Latin
Verda Rose; Fresh.   Verdah Persian; Latin
Verdad Truthful   Verdada Spanish
Verdi Green like springtime.   Verda, Verdah, Verdea, Verdee, Verdey, Verdi, Verdie, Verdy, Verne, Vernique, Vernita, Vernona, Virida, Viridis, Virdisa, Virdisah, Virdys, Virdysa, Virdysah, Vyrdis, Vyrdisa, Vyrdisah, Vyrdys, Vyrdysa, Vyrdysah Latin
Verena Defender   Verenah Old German
Verity Truth   Veritie Latin
Verna Youthful      
Veronica The truth   Veronike (German), Veronique (French) Latin
Vesna Spring, Originate   Vesnah Slavic, Croation
Vespera Evening     Latin
Vesta Goddess of the home.   Vestah Latin
Vevila Melodious lady.     Irish
Vi Violet flower   Violet, Viola  
Vicki Victorious   Victoria, Vicky, Vickie Latin
Vicky Victorious   Victoria, Vicki, Vickie Latin
Victoria Victorious   Vicki, Vicky Latin
Vida Loved, beloved. A feminine form of David.   Vidah, Vyda, Vydah Hebrew
Vidonia Vine branch.     Portuguese
Vienna Graceful. Geographical - The capital of Austria.   Veena, Veenah, Vena, Venah, Venia, Venna, Vennah, Vennia, Viana, Vianah, Viannah, Vienetta, Vienette, Vienne, Vina, Vinah, Vyana, Vyanah, Vyanna Hebrew, Latin
Vigilia Awake, Alert.   Vigilia, Vigiliah, Vijilis, Vijiliah, Vygilia, Vygyliah, Vyjilia, Vyjiliah Latin
Vigilu Alert, vigilant.   Vigula, Vygilu, Vygylu Latin
Vignette Little vine.   Vignet, Vigneta, Vgnete, Vignett, Vignetta, Vygnet, Vygneta, Vytgnete, Vygnett, Vygnetta, Vygnette French
Villette From the country estate.     French
Vincentia One who conquers. A feminine form of Vincent.     Latin
Vinita Goddess of love (Venus).     Latin
Viola Violet flower.   Violet, Vi Italian
Violante Violet     Spanish
Violet Violet flower.   Vi, Viola, Violetta (Italian), Violette (French) Latin
Virgelu One who carries a staff.     Latin
Virginia Virginal, pure.   Virginie (French) Latin
Viridis Freshly blooming.     Latin
Virtue Purity   Vertue, Virtu, Vyrtu, Vyrtue Latin
Visolela Imagination   Visolelah, Vysolela African
Vita / Vital Full of life. The short form of Davita, beloved.   Vida, Vidah, Vidal, Vitalian, Vitaliana, Vitalianah, Vitaliane, Vyta, Vytah Latin
Vittoria Victory   Vitoria, Vitoriah, Vittoriah, Vittorya, Vytoria, Vytoriah, Vyttoria, Vyttoriah Italian
Viv / Viva Full of life, Springtime. The short form of Vivien.   Vivah, Vive, Viveca (Scandinavian), Vivecah, Viveka, Vyv, Vyva, Vyvah Latin
Vivian Gracious in life, Full of life.   Vivay, Viveca, Vivia, Viviann, Vivianna (Italian), Viviannah, Vivianne, Viviem, Vivien, Vivienne, Vivyan, Vivyanne, Vyan, Vyvyann, Vyvyanna, Vyvyanne Latin
Viviana Gracious in life, Full of life.     Italian
Vivienne Gracious in life, Full of life, Harworking, Ambitious.   Vivian, vivy, vivvy German
Vixen Female fox.   Vyxen Latin
Vjera Faith   Vjerah Russian
Vlasta Powerful princess, Glorious cheif. The feminine form of Vladyslav.   Vlastah Slavic
Voila Behold   Voilah, Voyla, Voylah French
Volante Flying, Soaring.   Volanta, Volantah Italian
Voleta Flowing well.   Volet, Volett, Voletta, Volete, Volita, Volitt, Volitta, Volitte, Volyta, Volytah, Volyte, Volytt, Volytta, Volyttah, Volytte Old French
Vonny A short form of Veronica. Truthful.     Latin
Voula Short for Stavroula     Greek
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