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G Girls baby names beginning with the letter G. If I have missed any, please add them. G

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Name Meaning Pronunciation Derivations Origin
Gabby God is my strength. A short form of Gabriel.   Gab, Gabb, Gabbea, Gabbee, Gabbey, Gabbi, Gabbie, Gabe, Gabea, Gabee, Gabey, Gabi, Gabie, Gaby  French
Gable Little one with the strength of God. A form of Gabrielle. A feminine form of Gabriel.   Gabal, Gabala, Gabalah, Gabale, Gaball, Gaballa, Gaballah, Gaballe, Gabel, Gabela, Gabelah, Gabele, Gabell, Gabella, Gabellah, Gabelle Old French
Gabor Strength of God. A feminine formo f Gabriel.   Gabora, Gaborah, Gabore Hungarian, Hebrew
Gaby God is my strength. A short form of Gabriel.   Gab, Gabb, Gabbea, Gabbee, Gabbey, Gabbi, Gabbie, Gabe, Gabea, Gabee, Gabey, Gabi, Gabie, Gabby French
Gabriella God is my strength. A feminine form of Gabriel.   Gabell, Gabella, Gabellah, Gabellia, Gabriel, Gabriela, Gabrielah, Gabriell, Gabriellah, Gabriellia, Gabriello (Italian), Gabrila, Gabrilla, Gabriolett, Gabrioletta, Gabriolette, Gabryel (Polish), Gabryela (Polish), Gabryiela, Gavra (Slavic), Gavrielle, Gavrilla, Gavrille, Gavryl, Gavryla, Gavryle, Gavryll, Gavrylla, Gavrylle  Italian
Gabrielle God is my strength.   Gabriel, Gabriele Italian 
Gada Lucky   Gadah Hebrew
Gady Little friend.   Gadea, Gade, Gadey, Gadi, Gadie Old English
Gaea The earth.   Gala Greek
Gaenor Fair     Welsh
Gaetana Graceful earth.   Gaetan, Gaetanah, Gaetane, Gaetanna, Gaetanne, Gaitana, Gaitanah, Gaitann, Gaitanna, Gaitanne, Gaytana, Gaytane, Gaytanna, Gaytanne Hebrew, Greek
Gage Promise   Gaeg, Gaege, Gaig, Gaige, Gayg, Gayge Old French
Gai Lively   Ga, Gae, Gaie, Gaye Old French


Earth   Gaea, Gaeah, Gaiah, Gaiea, Gaya, Gayah Greek
Gail Lively, merry singer; Born of a joyous father. A short form of Abigail.   Abigail, Gael, Gaela, Gaell, Gaella, Gaelle, Gaile, Gailean, Gaileana, Gaileane, Gaileen, Gaileena, Gailina, Gailine, Gailyn, Gailyna, Gailyne, Gale (Norse), Galey, Galie, Gayel, Gayell, Gayella, Gayelle, Gayl, Gayla, Gayle (English), Gayleen, Gayleena, Gaylia, Gayliah, Gaylina, Gayline, Gaylyn, Gaylyna, Gaylynah, Gaylyne Old English; Hebrew 
Gala Singer; Fine.   Galah, Galla, Gallah Norwegian; Italian.
Galatea Cream colour, Milky white.   Galanth, Galanthe, Galantha, Galatee, Galaty, Galati, Galatia, Galatiah, Galatie, Galaty, Galatya, Galatyah Greek
Galaxy Star system.   Galaxee, Galaxey, Galaxi, Galaxia, Galaxiah Latin
Gale To sing, Singer.     Old Norse
Galena Calm healer.   Galana, Galanah, Galane, Galean, Galeana, Galeane, Galeena, Galeenah, Galeene, Galeah, Galene, Galina, Galinah, Galine, Gallana, Gallanah, Gallane, Galleena, Galleenah, Galleene, Galen, Galenah, Galene, Gallin, Gallina, Gallinah, Galline, Gallyn, Gallyna, Gallynah, Gallyne, Galyn, ,Galyna, Galynah, Galyne Greek
Gali Spring, Fountain on  a hill.   Galea, Galeah, Galee, Galei, Galeigh, Galey, Galia, Galiah, Galie, Gallea, Galleah, Gallee, Gallei, Galleigh, Galley, Galli, Gallie, Gally, Galy Hebrew
Galiena Lofty one.     Teutonic
Galilani Friend   Galilanee, Galilaney, Galilnie, Galilany Cherokee
Galina White light; Calm. Russian form of Helen, shining light.   Galaina, Galainah, Galaine, Galayna, Galaynah, Galayne, Galean, Galeana, Galeanah, Galeane, Galeen, Galeena, Galeenah, Galeene, Galena, Galenah, Galene, Galenka, Galiana, Galianah, Galiane, Galinah, Galine, Galinka, Galka, Galkah, Galinka, Galochka, Galya, Galyag, Galyn, Galyna, Galynah, Galyne Russian; Greek
Galla Stranger   Glaa, Galah, Gallah Celtic
Gamel Elder   Gamala, Gamalah, Gamale, Gamela, Gamelah, Gamele Scandinavian
Ganan West   Ganana, Gananah Australian Aboriginal
Ganesa Lucky   Ganesah, Ganessa, Ganessah Hindi
Ganya Garden of the Lord.   Gania, Ganiah, Ganya, Ganyah Hebrew
Garda Guardian   Gardah German
Gardenia Botanical - sweet-smelling garden flowers.   Gardeen, Gardeena, Gardeene, Gardena, Gardene, Gardin, Gardina, Gardine, Gardyn, Gardyna, Gardynah, Gardyne English
Gari Spear maiden. The feminine form of Gary.     Teutonic
Garland From the battle ground; Wreath of flowers.   Garlan, Garlana, garlanah, Garlane, Garleen, Garleena, Garleenah, Garleene, Garlena, Garlenah, Garlene, Garlind, Garlinda, Garlindah, Garlinde, Garlyn, Garlynd, Garlynda, Garlyndah, Garlynde English; Old French
Garnet Dark red, precious gem.   Garneta, Garnetah, Garnete, Garnett, Garnetta, Garnettah, Garnette Middle English
Garyn Spear carrier.   Garan, Garana, Garane, Garin, Garina, Garine, Garran, Garrana, Garrane, Garrin, Garrina, Garrine, Garyn, Garyna, Garyne, Garynna, Garynne English
Gasha Kind, Good. A form of Agatha.   Gashah, Gashka Russian, Greek
Gasparde Guardian of the treasure. A form of Casper.   Caspard, Gasparda French
Gavrella Hawk with the strength of God. The combination of Gavin and Gabrielle.   Gavila, Gavilla, Gaville, Gavrel, Gavrela, Gavrelah, Gavrelia, Gavreliah, Gavrell, Gavrella, Gavrellah, Gavrlle, Gavrid, Gavrieela, Gavriela, Gavrielle, Gavrilla, Gavrille, Gavryl, Gavryla, Gavryle, Gavryll, Gavrylla, Gavrylle Hebrew
Gavrila Heroine. A feminine form of Gabriel.     Hebrew
Gay Merry, happy, Lively.   Ga, Gae, Gai, Gaie, Gaye Old French
Gayadin Platypus   Gayadyn Australian Aboriginal
Gaye Merry, happy   Gay  Old French
Gayle Lively, merry singer; Born of a joyous father. A short form of Abigail.   Abigail, Gail  Old English, Hebrew
Gaylia Lively   Gaelia, Gaeliah, Gailia, Gailiah, Gayliah English
Gayna White wave. A form of Guinevere.   Gaena, Gaenah, Gaina, Gainah, Gaynah English, Welsh
Gazella Gazelle or antelope.   Gazelle New Latin
Gelasia Inclined to laughter.     Greek
Gella Joy      
Gem Precious stone, Jewell. A short form of Gemma.   Jem Latin, Italian 
Gemma Precious stone, Jewell.   Gema, Gemah, Gemee, Gemey, Gemia, Gemiah, Gemie, Gemma, Gemmah, Gemmee, Gemmey, Gemmi, Gemmia, Gemmiah, Gemmy, Gemy, Jema, Jemah, Jemee, Jemey, Jemia, Jemie, Jemm, Jemma, Jemmah, Jemmee, Jemmey, Jemmia, Jemmy, Jemy  Latin, Italian 
Gena White wave. A short form of Genevieve.   Geanna, Geannah, Geena, Geenah, Genah, Gina, Ginah, Gyna, Gynah French, Welsh
Gene Well-born, Noble. A short form of Eugenia.     Greek
Geneva Juniper berry, Juniper tree.   Geneeva, Geneevah, Genevah, Genevera, Geneva, Genevah, Genevra (French), Genevrah, Genevia, Geneviah, Genevra, Genneeva, Genneevah, Ginevra, Ginevrah, Ginneeva, Ginneevah, Ginneva, Ginnevah, Gyniva, Gynivah, Gynniva, Gynnivah, Gynnyva, Gynnyvah, Jeneva, Jenevah, Jenevia, Jeneviah  Old French 
Genevia Juniper     Latin
Genevieve Fair one, White wave.   Faik, Geneva, Geneviev, Genevion (French), Genevra, Genofeva (German), Genofwica (Illyrian), Genovefa, Genovera, Genowefa, Genowica, Ginett (French), Ginevieve, Gynevieve, Janavive, Janeva, Javotte, Jenevieve, Jenofeba, Jenofeva, Vanora, Vefeli, Vevay, Vevetta, Vevette, Zinerva, Zinervah, Zynerva, Zynervah Teutonic, French 
Genie Admired, Praised.      Hebrew
Genna White wave.   Gena, Genah, Gennae, Gennah, Gennai, Gennay, Genni, Gennie, Genny, Geny Welsh
Georgeanne Graceful farmer. A feminine form of George.   Georgeann, Georgeanah, Georgeannia, Georget, Georgette, Georgetta, Georgette, Georgiann, Georgianna, Georgiannah, Georgianne, Georgyan, Georgyana, Georgyanah, Georgyane, Georgyann, Georgyanna, Georgyannah, Georgyanne Greek, English, Hebrew
Georgene Farmer   Georgeana, Georgeanah, Georgeane, Georgeena, Georgeene, Georgeina, Georgena, Georgenah, Georgenia, Georgiena, Georgienna, Georgienne, Georgina, Georginah, Georgine, Georgyn, Georgyna, Georgyne English, Greek
Georgette Little farmer.   Georget, Georgeta, Georgete, Georgett, Georgetta French, Greek 
Georgia Farmer   Georgeann, Georgeanna, Georgeannah, Georgeanne, Georgena, Georget, Georgett, Georgetta, Georgette, Georgiana, Georgianah, Georgiann, Georgianna, Georgiannah, Georgianne, Georgina, Georgine, Georgya, Giorgi, Giorgia (Italian), Giraida (Italian). Also see Jorja. Latin, Greek 
Georgianna Graceful farmer.   Georgeann, Georgeannah, Georgeanne, Georgeannia, Georget, Georgett, Georgetta, Georgette, Georgiann, Georgiannah, Georgianne, Georgyan, Georgyana, Georgyanah, Georgyane, Georgyann, Georgyanna, Georgyannah, Georgyanne Latin, Greek
Georgie A short form of names beginning with "George", Farmer.   Georgi, Georgy Latin, Greek
Georgina Farmer   Georgine, Georgean, Georgeana, Georgeanah, Georgeane, Georgeen, Georgeena, Georgeenah, Georgeenia, Georginah, Georgine, Georgyn, Georgyna, Georgynah, Georgyne, Jeorgina, Jeorginah, Georgine, Jeorjina, Jeorjinah, Jeorjine, Jeorjyna, Jeorjyne Latin, Greek 
Geraldine Brave spear carrier. The feminine form of Gerald.   Geralda, Geraldeen, Geraldeena, Geraldeenah, Geraldina, Gerhardina, Gerhardine, Geriann, Gerianna, Geriannah, Gerlina, Gerlinda, Gerrianne, Jeraldina, Jeraldina, Jeraldine, Jeraldyn, Jeralydyna, Jeraldyne, Gereldine, Gerrldine, Gereldean, Gerreldean Teutonic
Geralyn Mighty woman with a spear from the pool.   Geralin, Geralina, Geraline, Geralyna, Geralyne German, Welsh
Geranium Crane     Greek
Gerda Beloved warrior. The short form of Gertrude, spear strength.   Gerdah German
Geri Brave spear carrier. A short form of Geraldine.   Geree, Gerey, Gerie, Gerree, Gerrey, Gerri, Gerrie, Gerry, Gery, Jeree, Jerey, Jeri, Jerie, Jerree, Jerrey, Jerri, Jerrie, Jerry, Jery German, American
Germaine From Germany.   Germa, Germain, Germana, Germane, Germayn, Germayne, Jerma, Jermain, Jermaine, Jermane, Jermayn, Jermayne French
Germina Twin   Gemini, Geminia, Germini, Germinie, Germyn, Germyna, Germyne Greek
Gertrude Spear strength.   Geede (Lettish), Geertui, Geertrud, Geertruda, Geertrude, Geertrudi, Geertrudie, Geertrudy, Geitruda (Italian), Gerruda, Gerrudah, Gertraud (German), Gertraude, Gertruda, Gertrudah, Gertrudes, Gertrudia, Gertrudis (Spanish), Gertruide (Dutch, Polish, Lithuanian), Gertruyd, Gertruyde, Girtrud, Girtruda, Girtrude, Gyrtrud, Gyrtruda, Gyrtrudah, Gyrtrude Teutonic
Gervaise Skilled with a spear   Gervis, Gervayse, Jatrad, Jedert French
Gessica Wealthy. A form of Jessica.   Gesica, Gesika, Gesikah, Gessica, Gessika, Gessikah, Gesyca, Gesyka, Gessica, Gessika, Gessyca, Gessyka, Jessica, Jessyca Italian, Hebrew
Geva Hill   Gevah Hebrew
Ghada Young, Tender.   Gada, Gadah Arabic
Ghadah Beautiful     Arabic
Ghamidah Mystery, riddle, enigma. GAM-i-dah Gamida, Gamidah Arabic
Ghislaine Pledge     Teutonic
Ghita Pearl   Ghyta, Ghytah, Gita, Gitah, Gyta, Gytah Italian
Gia God is gracious   Giah, Gya, Gyah Hebrew
Giacinta Hyacinth, Purple. A form of Jacinta.   Giacynta, Giacyntah, Gyacinta, Giacintah, Gyacynta, Gyacyntah Italian
Giacobba Replacer. The feminine form of Jacob.   Giacoba, Giacobah, Giacobbah, Gyacoba, Gyacobba, Gyacobbah Hebrew
Gian God is gracious. A feminine form of John   Geona, Geonna, Giana, Gianah, Gianel, Gianela, Gianele, Gianell, Gianella, Gianelle, Gianet, Gianeta, Gianete, Gianett, Gianetta, Gianette, Giannah, Gianoula, Gyan, Gyana, Gyanah, Gyann, Gyanna, Gyannah, Gianna Italian, Hebrew
Gianina God is gracious. A feminine form of Giovanni, John.   Giannina Italian
Giahn Could be another derivation of Gian   Giaan Italian, Hebrew
Gidget Cute, Giddy.   Gydget English, American
Gigi Brilliant. A short form of Virginia.   Geegee, Geygey, Gygy, Jeejee, Jeyjey, Jiji German
Gila Joy. A short form of Gilana.   Gilah, Gyla, Gylah Hebrew
Gilana Joy   Gilanah, Gilane, Gilania, Gilaine, Gylan, Gylana, Gylanah, Gylane Hebrew
Gilberta Trust, Promise; Joy. The feminine form of Gilbert.   Gilbert, Gilberte, Gilbertia, Gilbertina, Gilbertine, Gilbertyna, Gilbertyne, Gilbirt, Gilbirta, Gilbirte, Gilbirtia, Gilbirtina, Gilbirtine, Gilburta, Gilburte (Teutonic), Gilburtia, Gilburtina, Gilburtyna, Gilbyrta, Gilbyrte, Gilbyrtia, Gilbyrtina, Gilbyrtyna, Gylberta, Gylbertah, Gylberte, Gylbertina, Gylbertynan, Gylbirta, Gylbite, Gylbirtia, Gylbirtina, Gylbirtyna, Gylburta, Gylburte, Gylburtia, Gylburtina, Gylburtyna, Gylbyrta, Gylbyrte, Gylbyrtia, Gylbyrtina, Gylbyrtyna German; Hebrew
Gilda Covered in gold; God's servant.   Gildah, Gilded, Gylda, Gyldah, Gylded Old English; Celt
Gillian Young bird. The feminine form of Julian, belonging to the youth.   Gila, Gilana, Gilena, Gilenia, Gilian, Giliana, Giliane, Gilleann, Gilleanna, Gilleane, Gilliana, Gilliane, Gillien, Gylian, Gyliana, Gyliane, Gyllian, Gylliana, Gylliane, Gyllyan, Gyllyana, Gyllyane, Jillian, Jilliann, Jillianna, Jilliane, Jyllian, Jylliana, Jyllianah, Jylliane, Jylliann, Jyllianna, Jylliannah, Jyllianne, Jyllyan, Jyllyanah, Jyllyane, Jyllyann, Jyllyanna, Jyllyannah, Jyllyanne Latin
Gin Silver   Gina, Gyn, Gyna Japanese
Gina Silver; Queen; Garden; Farmer. A short form of Georgina   Geena, Geenah, Gena, Gnah, Ginah, Ginea, Gineah, Ginia, Gyna, Gynah, Gynia, Gynya Japanese; Latin; Hebrew; Greek
Ginene Russian Princess   Gin, Ginnie Russian
Ginerva White as foam.   Ginervah Celtic
Ginger Red-haired; ginger spice   Ginata, Ginatah, Ginja, Ginjah, Ginjar, Ginjer, Gynger, Gynjer Old English
Ginia Purity. A short form of Virginia.   Ginata, Giniah, Gynia, Gyniah, Gynya, Gynyah Latin
Ginnifer White wave, Fair-haired. A form of Jennifer.   Genifer, Gennifer, Ginifer, Gynifer, Gyniffer Welsh
Ginny Purity. A short form of Virginia.   Ginnee, Ginni, Ginnie, Giny, Gyni, Gynie, Gynn, Gynni, Gynnie, Gynny, Gyny, Jinnee, Jinney, Jinni, Jinnie, Jinny, Jiny Latin
Giordana Flowing down, Descending. A feminine form of Jordan.   Giadana, Giadanah, Giadanna, Giadannah, Giodana, Giodanah, Giodanna, Giondannah, Giordanah, Giordanna, Giordannah, Gyodana, Gyodanah, Gyodanna, Gyodannah, Gyordana, Gyordanah, Gyordanna, Gyordannah Italian, Hebrew
Giorsal Graceful.   Giorsala, Giorsalah, Gyorsal, Gyorsala, Gyorsalah Scottish
Giovanna God is gracious. A form of Jane.   Giavana, Giavanah, Giavannah, Giovana, Giovanah, Giovannah, Giovona, Giovonah, Giovonna, Giovonnah, Gyovan, Gyovana, Gyovanna, Gyovannah Italian
Giraida Farm girl. A form of Georgia.     Italian
Giralda Spear ruler.   Giraldah, Gyralda, Gyraldah Teutonic
Girra Greek   Gira, Girah, Girrah, Gyra, Gyrrah Australian Aboriginal
Girraween Floral place.     Australian Aboriginal
Gisa Carved stone   Gisah, Gysa, Gysah Hebrew
Gisela Promise   Ghislaine, Giselda, Gisele, Giselle, Gysel, Gysela, Gysele, Gysell, Gysella, Gyselle, Itisberga Teutonic
Giselle Protector with a sword.   Gisel, Gisela, Giselah, Gisele, Giselia, Gisell, Gisella, Gisellah, Gissel, Gissela, Gissele, Gissell, Gissella, Gisselle, Gizel, Gizela, Gizele, Gizella, Gizelle, Gysel, Gysela, Gysele, Gysell, Gysella, Gyzel, Gyzela, Gyzele, Gyzell, Gyzella, Gyzelle English
Gita Song; Pearl.   Gitah, Gitka, Gitta, Gittah, Gituska, Gyta, Gytah Sanskrit, Slavian
Gitana Gypsy   Gitanna, Gytana, Gytanna Spanish
Githa Good   Gitel (Hebrew), Gitela, Gitelah, Gitele, Gitell (Hebrew), Gitella, Gitellah, Gitelle, Githah, Gytel, Gytell, Gytella, Gytellah, Gytelle, Gytha, Gythah Greek
Gittel Good     Yiddish
Giulia Youthful one. A form of Julia.     Italian
Gladys Princess; Small sword.   Gladsis, Gladdys, Gladis, Gladuse (Cornish), Gladyss, Gleddis, Gleddys, Godonne (French), Gwladys Celtic; Latin
Gleda Glowing, Glad one; Make happy, Gladden.   Gled Old English; Icelandic
Glenda From the valley. A feminine form of Glen.   Glendah, Glennda, Glenndah Irish
Glenna From the valley. A feminine form of Glen.   Glen, Glenda, Glendah, Gleneesha, Gleneisha, Glennesha, Glennis, Glenneesha, Glennisha, Glennishia, Glennys, Glynna, Glynnis, Glynnys Irish
Glennis From the valley. A feminine form of Glen.   Genda, Glenice, Glenicia, Glenis, Glenna, Glenne, Glennys, Glenys Irish
Gloria Glorious   Glore, Gloree, Glorey, Glori, Gloriah, Glorian, Gloriana, Gloriane, Gloriann, Glorianna, Glorianne, Glorien, Glory, Glorya, Gloryah, Glorye Latin
Glorien Glorious   Glorian, Gloriana, Gloriane, Gloriann, Glorianna, Glorianne, Gloryan, Gloryana, Gloryane, Gloryann, Gloryanna, Gloryanne, Gloriena, Gloriene, Glorienn, Glorienna, Glorienne, Gloryen, Gloryena, Gloryene, Gloryenn, Gloryenna, Gloryenne Latin
Glory Glorious   Glorea, Gloree, Glori, Gloriann, Glorianna, Glorianne, Glorie, Gloryann, Gloryanna, Gloryanne Latin
Glynnis Glorious   Glynis, Glynnis (Welsh) Latin
Godiva Gift of God.   Godivah, Godyva, Godyvah Old English
Gohar Diamond, Precious stone. A form of Goharik.   Goharuhi, Govbar, Guhar (Persian) Armenian
Golda Gold   Goldah, Goldarina, Goldeena, Goldeene, Goldena, Goldene, Goldina, Goldinah, Goldine, Goldyn, Goldyna, Goldynah, Goldyne Old English
Goldie Gold.   Goldea, Goldee, Goldey, Goldi, Goldia, Goldiah, Goldie, Goldy, Goldya, Goldyah English
Goma Dance of joy   Gomah Swahili
Goolcoola Sweet     Australian Aboriginal
Gopi Cow herder.   Gopie, Gopy Sanskrit
Goranka From the forest.   Gorana Slavic
Grace Graceful, Blessed.   Engracia, Giorsal (Scottish), Gracella, Gracelia, Gracia, Graciella, Gracielle, Graciosa (Spanish), Graice, Graise, Grase, Grata, Gratia, Gratiana, Gratiane, Grayce, Graycia, Grazia (Italian), Graziella, Grazielle, Grazina, Greice, Greyce, Greyse Latin
Gracilia Slender     Latin
Gracia Graceful   Graciah, Graicia, Graiciah, Graisia, Graisiah, Grasia, Grasiah, Graycia, Grayciah, Graysia, Grasiah, Grazia, Graziah, Graziel, Graziela, Graziele, Graziell, Graziella, Grazielle, Graziosa, Grazyna Latin
Grainne Love   Grania Irish
Gratiana Graceful   Gratian, Gratiane, Gratiann, Gratianna, Gratianne, Gratyan, Gratyana, Gratyane, Gratyann, Gratyanna, Gratyanne Hebrew
Greer Watchful. The Scottish feminine form of Gregory.   Grear, Grier, Gryer Scottish
Gregoria Watchful one. A feminine form of Gregory.   Greer Latin
Greta Pearl; Daisy. The Slavic, Swedish, German form of Margaret.   Grata, Gratah, Greata, Greatah, Greeta, Greetah, Gretah, Gretal, Gretchen, Grete, Gretel, Gretna, Gretta, Grettal, Gretyl, Gretyll Greek; English
Gretchen Pearl. A form of Margaret.   Greta, Gretah, Gretchan, Gretchin, Gretchon, Gretchun, Gretchyn German, Greek
Gretel Pearl   Gretal, Gretall, Gretil, Gretill, Gretell, Gretyl, Gretyll Greek
Grischa Watchful. The feminine form of Gregory.   Gryscha Russian
Griselda War heroine.   Griseldios, Griseldis, Grishilda, Grishild, Grishilde, Grissel, Grisselda, Grizel, Grizelda, Grizella, Grizelle, Gryselda, Gryzelda Teutonic
Guda Divine; Good   Gudah Scandinavian
Gudrun Divine wisdom, Good friend, Rune; Warrior.   Gudren, Gudrin, Gudrina, Gudrine, Gudrinn, Gudrinna, Guddrinne, Gudrun, Gudruna Old Norse; Scandinavian
Guida A guide. A woman ordained to teach others; Warrior maid.   Wido Italian; Old German
Guilda Guide from the forest. The feminine form of Guy.   Guildah, Guylda, Guyldah English, Italian
Guinevere / Genevieve White wave.   Gaynor, Genevieve, Genevive, Genivive, Gennifer, Ginevra, Gonor, Guenevere, Guinievre, Guinivive, Guynieve, Guyniviv, Guynivive, Gwenivere, Gwenora, Gwenore, Gwiniviev, Gwinivieve, Gwynifor, Gwynivere, Gwynivive, Janifier, Jennifer, Ona, Oona, Una, Vannora, Vanora, Wanda, Wander, Wannor Welsh
Gulla Yellow; Divine sea.   Gula, Gulah, Gullah Scandinavian; Norse
Gunda Woman warrior.   Gundah Norwegian
Gunhilda Warrior battle maid.     Old Norse
Gurit Innocent baby   Gurita, Gurite, Guryta, Guryte Hebrew
Gurley Willow tree   Gurlea, Gurleah, Gurlee, Gurlei, Gurleight, Gurli, Gurlie, Gurly Australian Aboriginal
Gussie Venerable   Gussy Latin
Gustava Staff of the Goths.   Gussie, Gussy Swedish
Gustee Windy   Gustea, Gustey, Gusti, Gustie, Gusty English
Guyra Fishing place.   Guira, Guirah, Guyrah Australian Aboriginal
Gwawl Light     Welsh
Gwawr Dawn     Welsh
Gwen White. A short form of names beginning with "Gwen".   Gwenn, Gwin, Gwine, Gwinn, Gwinne, Gyn, Gwynn, Gwynne Welsh
Gwenda White, A form of Gwendolyn.   Gwinda. Gwynda, Gwynedd Welsh
Gwendolyn Whit moon; Fair one from th pool.   Guendolen, Gwendolen, Gwendolin, Gwendolina, Gwendoline, Gweneth, Gwenetta, Gwenette, Gwindolin, Gwindolina, Gwindoline, Gwindolyn, Gwindolyna, Gwindolyne, Gwynaeth, Gwyndolin, Gwyndolina, Gwyndoline, Gwyndolyn, Gwyndolyna, Gwyndolyne, Gwynedd Welsh; Old English
Gwendon? A combination of Gwendoline, white one or fair one from the pool  and Ren?, peace. Peaceful white one or peaceful fair one from the pool.     Welsh and Greek
Gwennifer A combination of Gwendoline, white one or fair one from the pool and Jennifer, white-wave or fair-haired.     Welsh and Cornish
Gwun Flute   Gwuna Native American
Gwyneth White wave.   Gweneth, Gwenneth, Gwennyth, Gwenyth, Gwineth, Gwinneth, Gwyneth, Gwynneth Welsh
Gypsy Wanderer   Gipsea, Gipsee, Gipsey, Gipsi, Gipsie, Gipsy, Gypsea, Gypsee, Gypsey, Gypsi, Gypsie Old English
Gytha A gift; Warlike.     Old English; Old Norse
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