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U Boys baby names beginning with the letter U. If I have missed any, please add them. U

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Name Meaning Derivations Origin  
Ualter Army ruler. Uailtar, Ualteir, Ualter Irish


Ualusi Walrus Ualusee, Ualusey, Ualusie, Ualusy Tongan
Uang Great   Chinese
Uata Army leader. Uatah Polynesian
Ubadah Server of God. Uatah Polynesian
Ubald / Ubaldus Peace of mind. Ubaldas, Ubalde (French), Ublado (Italian), Ubaldus, Ubold, Uboldas, Uboldo, Uboldus Teutonic
Uberto Of brilliant Intellect. Form of Hubert. Hubert Italian
Ucal Powerful   Hebrew
Ucello Bird Uccelo, Ucello, Ucelo Italian
Uday Showing up. Udae, Udai Hindi
Udell From the valley of the Yew trees. Udale, Udall, Udalle, Udel, Udele, Udelle Old English
Udolf Courageous wolf. Udolfe, Udolff, Udolph, Udolphe Old English
Ueli Noble ruler. Uelie, Uely Swiss
Uffe Wolf. A form of Ulfr.   Danish, Scandinavian
Uffo Wild bear. Ufo German
Uggieri Holy Ugieri Italian
Ugo Intelligent; Heart, Mind. A form of Hugh and Hugo. Hugo, Ugon (Illyrian), Uges (French) Teutonic; Old German
Uha Rain Ulhah Tongan
Uhila Lightning Uhilah, Uhyla, Uhylah Tongan
Uhuru Freedom   Tanzanian
Uilliam Determined guardian. A form of William.   Irish
Uiseann Conqueror Uinsean Irish
Ujala Shine Ujalah Hindi
Ulan First born of twins Ulen, Ulin, Ulon, Ulyn African
Uland From the noble country. Ulan German
Ulbrecht Noble, Bright. A form of Albert. Ulbricht, Ulbright, Ulbryght German
Uldericks Noble ruler. Uldric, Uldrics, Uldrik, Uldryc, Uldryck, Uldryk Lettish
Uleki Wrathful Ulekee, Ulekie, Uleky Hawaiian
Ulf Wolf Ulfer, Ulph Norse
Ulfer / Ulfred Wolf peace. Ulf, Ulfer, Ulfrid, Ulfryd, Ulph, Ulpher, Ulphrid, Ulphryd Norse
Ulfr Wolf Uffe, Ulf, Ulff, Ulfur, Ulv, Ulve, Ulvur,  Old Norse
Ulger Wolf speare. Ulga, Ulgah, Ulgar Old English
Ulick Rewarding mind. Ulic, Ulik, Ulyc, Ulyck, Ulcyk Old Norse
Ull Magnificent will. Ul Norse
Ullivieri Olive tree. Oliver, Ulivieri Italian
Ullock Wolf sport. Uloc, Ulock, Uloch, Uloche, Ulok, Uloke, Ulloc, Ulloch, Ulloche, Ullok, Ulloke Old English
Ulmer Famous wolf. Ulmar, Ulmor, Ulmore Old Norse
Ulric / Ulrich Ruling wolf; Wolf. Oldrech, Oldrich, Olery, Olric, Olrick, Olrik, Olryc, Olryck, Olryk, Ulfa, Ulfah, Ullric, Ullrich, Ullrick, Ullrik, Ullric, Ullrich, Ullrick, Ullrik, Ullryc, Ullrych, Ullryck, Ullryk, Ulrech, Ulrich (Swiss), Ulrick (Norse), Ulrico (Italian), Ulrik (Scandinavian, German, Slavic), Ulryc, Ulrych, Ulryck, Ulryk (Polish), Ulu Teutonic, Old Norse
Ultan Noble stone; Trouble stone. Ulten, Ultin, Ulton, Ultyn Teutonic
Ultimo The last.   Latin
Ultra Extreme Ultrah Latin, English
Uluka Owl Ulukah Sanskrit
Ulysses Wrathful one who dislikes injustice. Ulick, Ulises (Spanish), Ullioc (Irish), Uileos, Ulexe, Ulyses, Odysseus Latin, Greek
Umar Blooming. Umer Arabic
Umberto Colour of earth,  Bright of colour or mind. Hughberto, Umirto, Umburto, Umbirto Spanish, Italian
Umbra Shadow cast during an eclipse. Umbrah Latin
Umed Desire   Hindi
Umi Life Umee, Umie, Umy Malawian
Undolfo Noble wolf. Adolffo, Aldolfo, Adolpho, Andolffo, Andolfo, Andolpho, Undolfo Italian
Uner Famous   Turkish
Unger From Hungary Unger German
Unika Shining Unikah Malawian
Unity Oneness Unitee, Unitey, Uniti, Unitie Latin / English
Unkas Fox   Native American
Uno First-born child, Number one. Unno Latin
Unwin Not a friend, Enemy. Unwyn Old English
Upravda Upright Upravdah Slavic
Upton From the estate in the upper town.   Old English
Upwood From the upper woods.   Old English
Urban Citizen of the town, From the city. Urvan (Russian), Urbano (Spanish, Italian), Urbanus (German), Urbaine (French) Latin
Urchin Mischievous child.   Latin
Ure / Uri The light of God.   Hebrew
Uriah God is my light. Uriel, Yuri (Russian), Yuria, Yuriah, Yurya, Yuryah Hebrew
Urian Born in the town. Urien, Uryan, Uryen Welsh
Uriel God is my flame, My light, Flame of God. Uri, Yuri (Russian), Yuriel, Yuryel Hebrew
Ursan / Ursine / Ursus Bear Ursa, Ursah, Ursel, Urshell, Ursen, Ursin, Ursyl, Ursyn, Urshyll, Ursus Latin
Urson Spear man's son. A form of Orson. Orson Old French
Urvil Sea Ervil, Ervyl, Urvyl Hindi
Usama Lion Usamah Arabic
Useni Telling Usenie, Useny Malawian
Usenko Son of the man with the moustache.   Russian
Usher People keeper. Usha, Ushah English
Usi Smoke   Malawian
Usman Owner of two lights.   Arabic
Ustin Righteous, Just. A form of Justin. Usan, Usen, Uson, Usyn Russian
Utatch Scratching bear. Utatci Native American
Ute From the mountains    
Uther In Arthurian legend, Uther Pendragon was the youngest son of King Constantine and father of King Arthur. A form of Arthur, Noble strength, Bear.   Old English
Uthman Best Uthmen, Uttam (Hindi) Arabic
Utu Returning   Polynesian
Uwe Inherited from birth.   German
Uyeda Field of rice. Uyedah Japanese
Uyeno Upper field.   Japanese
Uzair Helper Uzaire, Uzayr, Uzayre Arabic
Uzi Strength Uzee, Uzey, Uzie, Uzy Hebrew
Uziah God is my strength. Uzia Hebrew
Uziel Strength Uzyel, Uzziah, Uzzyel Hebrew
Uzoma Born while travelling. Uzomah Nigerian


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