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O Boys baby names beginning with the letter O. If I have missed any, please add them. O

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Name Meaning Derivations Origin  
Oakes Dweller by the oak trees. Oak, Oake, Oaklea, Oakleah, Oaklee, Oakleigh, Oakley, Oakol, Oaklie, Oakly, Oaks, Oaky Old English


Oakley Field of oak trees Oak, Oaklea, Oakleah, Oaklee, Oakleigh, Oakli, Oaklie, Oakly Old English
Oalo Small   Spanish, Latin
Oba King Obah Yoruba
Obadele King arriving at the wooded hollow. Obadel Yoruba
Obadiah Servant of God. Abadia, Obadias, Obadya, Obadyah, Obadyas, Obediah, Obedias, Obedya, Obedyah, Obedyas Hebrew
Obasi Honours God.   Nigerian
Obed Working Obad Hebrew
Oberon Obedient, the King of the fairies. Oberan, Oberen, Oberin, Oberun, Oberyn French
Obert Wealthy, Bright leader. Obirt, Oburt, Obyrt Teutonic
Obie Servant of God. The short form of Obadiah. Obee, Obey, Obi, Oby English
Ocan Hard times.   Luo
Oceanus God of the sea, Ocean dweller. Ocean, Oceana, Oceanah, Oceane, Oceanis, Oceanos, Oceanous, Oceanys Greek
O'Connor High will, Desire. O'Conor Irish, Celtic
Octavio   Eighth-born child. Octave, Octavee, Octavey, Octavian (French), Octavien, Octavo,  Octavyo, Ottavio Latin
Octavius Eighth-born child. Octavious, Octavous, Octavus (Lithuanian), Octavyos, Octavyous, Octavyus, Oktawiusz (Polish), Ottavious, Ottavious, Ottavius Latin
Odakota Friendly Dakota, Dakotah, Odakotah Native American
Odam Son-in-law   Middle Englihs
Odd Point; Strange Oddvar, Oddver Norwegian
Ode Born on the road while travelling. Odee, Odey, Odi, Odie, Ody Benin
Oded Encouraging   Hebrew
Odell Wealthy, Little.; One who lives in the valley. Odel, Odele, Odelle Scandinavian; Old English
Odhran Green   Irish
Odin Ruler Odyn Scandinavian
Odinan Fifteenth-born child.   African
Odion First born of twins. Odyon Benin
Odissan Thirteenth-born son.   African
Odo Wealthy. A form of Otto. Aodh, Audo, Odoh Old English
Odom Oak tree.   Ghanian
Odon Wealthy protector.   Hungarian
Odran Pale green colour. Odhran, Odran, Odren, Odrin, Odron, Odryn Irish
Odulf Noble wolf. Odolf, Odolfe, Odolph, Odolphe German
Odwin Wealthy, noble friend. Odwinn, Odwyn, Odwynn German
Odysseus Full of wrath. Odyseus Greek
Ofa Love   Tongan
Ofer Young deer, Fawn. Opher Hebrew
Ogbay Don't take him away. Ogbae, Ogbai Ethiopian
Ogbonna The image of his father. Ogbonnah Ibo
Ogden Lives besides the oaks, From the valley with the oak trees. Ogdan, Ogdin, Ogdon, Ogdyn Old English
Oghe Horse worker.   Irish
Ogier Wealthy warrior. Oger, Ogyer Teutonic
Ogilvie High; From the high hill or peak. Ogil, Ogyl, Ogylvie Welsh; Gaelic
Ogima Chief Ogimah, Ogyma, Ogymah Chippewa
Oglesby Awe-inspiring one. Oglesbi, Oglesbie Old English
Ogun God of war. Ogunkey, Ogunkeye, Ogunsanwo, Ogunsheye Nigerian
Ohanko Restless   Native American
Ohannes God is gracious. A form of John. Ohan, Ohane, Ohanes, Ohann, Ohanne Turkish, Hebrew
Ohanzee Shadow which is comforting. Ohanze Kakota
Ohin Chief Ohan, Ohyn African
Ohio Beautiful river. Ohyo Native American
Ohitekah Brave Ohiteka Lakota
Ohiyesa Victory   Sioux

"osh + een"

Little deer. Is a poet and warrior of the fianna in the Fenian Cycle of Irish mythology. Oisyn, Oysin, Oysyn Old Irish
Oistin Little but majestic. A form of Austin. Oistan, Oysin, Oysyn Irish
Ojo Baby of a difficult birth.   Yoruba
Okapi Animal with horns, A reddish-brown coat and horizontal white stripes on its legs. Okapie, Okapy Swahili
Oke Divine spearer; Oak tree. A form of Oscar. Okee, Okey, Oki, Okie, Oky Hawaiian, Scandinavian
Okeke Born on market day.   Ibo
Okemos Little chief.   Native American
Oketa Orchid Oketah Tongan
Okoon Born during the night.   African
Okoth Born during a storm.   Nigerian
Okpara First-born son. Okparah Ibo
Okuth Born during a rain shower.   Luo
Ola Eternity Olah, Olla, Ollah Hebrew
Olaf Ancestral heritage. Olaph, Olop (Estonian) Old Norse
Olamina My wealth. Olaminah, Olamyna, Olamnah Yoruba
Olando From the famous land. Olan, Oland Italian
Oleg Holy Olezka Latvian, Russian
Oleksandr Defender of humankind. A form of Alexander. Olek, Oles (Polish), Olesandr, Olesko Russian, Greek
Olin Holly Olen, Olney, Olyn English
Olindo Geographical - From Olinthos in Italy. Olin, Olind, Olyn, Olynd, Olyndo Italian
Oliver Olive tree; Affectionate, Kind. Hiliver, Holivar, Holivaer, Oliva, Olivah, Olivar, Olier (French), Olivarius, Oliveras (Lithuanian), Olivero (Italian), Oliveros (Spanish), Olivier (French), Olivieras, Oliverio (Spanish), Oliviero (Spanish), Oliwa (Hawaiian), Olliva, Ollivah, Ollivar, Olliver, Ollyva, Ollyvah, Ollyvar, Ollyver, Ollyvir, Ollyvyr, Olvan, Olven, Olvin, Olyva, Olyvah, Olyvar Old French, Latin; Scandinavian
Ollie Olive tree; Affectionate, Kind. A short form of names starting with 'Ol'. Olea, Oleah, Olee, Oleigh, Oley, Oli, Olie, Ollea, Olleah, Ollee, Olleigh, Olley, Olli, Olly, Oly Old French, Latin; Scandinavian
Olney From the old island.   Old English
Olujimi God gave me this. Olujimy Yoruba
Olishola God has blessed. Olusholah Yoruba
Olympas Of Olympus, Heavenly.   Greek
Omar Long life, First son, Most high, Follow of the prophet, speaker. Omer, Omir, Omri, Omyr, Umar, Umer Arabic
Omari Highest follower of the prophet, speaker. A form of Omar. Omar, Omaree, Omarey, Omarie, Omary African, Swahili, Arabic
Omolara Child born during the night. Omolarah Benin
On Peace; Coconut.   Chinese; Burmese
Ona Unity; Graceful; Donkey.   Latin, Iriah, Gaelic; Lithuanian; Greek
Onacona White owl. Onaconah Cherokee
Onan Prosperous Nan, Nani, Nanie, Nany, Onen, Onin, Onon, Onyn Turkish
Onani To look quickly. Onanee, Onanie, Onany African
Onaona Fragrance which is pleasant. Onaonah Hawaiian
O'Neil Neil's son, Son of the champion. O'Neal, O'Neale, O'Neel, O'Neele, O'Neile, O'Nel, O'Nele, O'Niel, O'Neile, O'Nil'O'Nile, O'Nyel, O'Nyele, O'Nyl, O'Nyle Irish
Ongo Spirited   Tongan
Onike Onyx, Semi-precious stone.   Tongan
Onilwyn Ash-grove friend. Onilwin Welsh
Onkar Purity   Hindi
Onslow From the zealous one's hill.   Old English
Onhur Honourable   Turkish
Ophir Faith Ophyr Hebrew
Opio First born of twin boys. Opyo Hebrew
Oran Green Oren, Orin, Oron, Orran, Orren, Orrin, Orron, Orryn, Oryn Irish
Oratio Time keeper; Promise. A form of Horatio. Horatio, Oratyo, Orazio, Orazyo Latin; Greek
Orban Urban; Circle, Globe. Orben, Orbin, Orbon, Orbyn Hungarian; Latin
Ord Spear Orde Old English
Orde Peaceful, Logical. Ordel, Ordele, Ordell, Ordelle Latin
Ordell Beginning Orde, Ordel, Ordele, Ordelle Latin
Ordway Spear path. Ordwai Old English
Oreb Raven, Black.   Hebrew
Orel Eagle; Listener; From the hill of ore. Oran, Oreel, Orele, Orell, Orelle, Orenthal, Oriel, Oriele, Orielle, Orin, Orran, Orrel, Orrele, Orrell, Orrelle, Orren, Orrin, Orryn, Oryn Russian; Latin; Old English
Oren Pine tree; Pale-complexioned. Oran, Orin, Oron, Oryn Hebrew, Gaelic
Orestes Mountaineer Orest, Oreste Greek
Orev Raven   Hebrew
Orford From the upper river crossing.   Old English
Ori Light Oree, Orey, Orie, Ory Hebrew
Orien Visitor from the east. Orian, Orin, Orion, Oris, Oran, Oren, Orin, Oron, Orono, Orran, Orren, Orrin, Orryon, Orryn, Oryn Latin
Orin White Oran, Oren, Oron, Orran, Orren, Orrin, Orron, Orryn, Oryn Celtic
Orion Son of fire, Son of light. Orian, Orien, Oryan, Oryen, Oryin, Oryon Greek
Orlan From the pointed land. Orland, Orlando English
Orlando Land of gold, Famous. Lando, Oland, Olando, Orlan, Orland, Orlanda, Orlande, Orlandous, Orlandus, Orlon, Orlond, Orlondo, Orlondon German
Orman Mariner; Spearman. Ormen Teutonic; Old English
Ormand Serpent    
Ormond From the bear mountain. Ormon, Ormondo Old English
Oro Golden   Spanish
Oroiti Slow-footed.   Polynesian
Oron Light Oran, Oren, Orin, Orun, Oryn Hebrew
Orono From Oren. Oron Latin
Orpheus Ear Orfeus Greek
Orrick Dweller at the old oak tree. Oric, Orick, Orik, Orric, Orrik, Orryc, Orryck, Orryk, Oryc, Oryck, Oryk English
Orrin River Orin, Orryn, Oryn English
Orris Time keeper; Promise. A form of Horatio. Oris, Orris, Orriss, Orrys, Orryss Latin; Greek
Orry From the Orient. Oarri, Oarrie, Orrey, Orri, Orrie, Ory Latin
Orsino Bear. A form of Orson. Orsine, Orsyne, Orsyno Italian, Latin
Orson A bear. Orsin, Orsino, Orsoch, Orsyn, Ursen, Ursin, Urson Latin
Orton From the riverside town. Ortan, Ortn, Ortin, Ortyn Old English
Ortzi Sky Ortzy Basque
Orunjan Born under the midday sun.   Yoruba
Orville From the golden city. Orvil, Orvile, Orvill, Orvyl, Orvyle, Orvyll, Orvylle Old French
Orvin Friend with a spear. Orvan, Orven, Orvon, Orvyn, Orwin, Orwyn English
Osahar God will hear.   Benin
Osaze God likes. Osaz Benin
Osbert Clever, Bright, Divine; Bright god. Osbirt, Osborne, Osbyrt, Osric Old English; Old Norse
Osborn Divine warrior; Divine bear. Osborne, Osbourn, Osbourne, Osburn, Osburne Old English; Old Norse
Oscar Divine strength, Divine spear. Oke, Osgar (Gaelic), Oscer, Oskaras (Lithuanian), Oskar, Osker Old English, Scandinavian
Osei Noble Osee, Osey, Osi, Osie, Osy Fanti
Osgood Divinely good, Creator.   Old English
O'Shea Shea's son, Son of the majestic one. Osean, Oshae, Oshane, Oshaun, Oshawn, O'Shay, O'Shaye Irish
Osiris Mythological god of rebirth, resurrection, fertility and the after-life. Osirys, Osyris, Osyrys Egyptian
Osman Ruler; Servant of God. Osmanek, Osmen, Osmin, Osmon, Osmyn, Otthmor, Ottmar, Ottmor Turkish; English
Osmand Protected by God. Esman, Esmand, Osman, Osmond, Osmondo, Osmund, Osmundo, Oswin, Oswyn Old English
Osmar Divinely glorious. Osmer, Osmir, Osmor, Osmyr Old English
Osmond Godly defence, Divine protector. Osmonde, Osmondo, Osmont, Osmonte, Osmund, Osmunde, Osmundo, Osmunt, Osmunte Old English
Osred Divine advisor.   Old English
Osric Divine ruler. Osric, Osrick, Osrig, Osrik, Osryc, Osryck, Osryg, Osryk Old English
Ossian Fawn Ossyan, Osyan Irish
Ossie Divine   Old English
Osten Held in high regard. Ostan, Ostin, Ostun, Ostyn Latin
Oswald God of the forest, Divinely ruled by God. Osvald, Osvaldo, Osvalds, Oswal, Oswaldo, Oswall, Oswel, Osweld, Osweldo, Oswell Old English
Oswin Divine friend. Oswyn Old English
Ota Prosperous Otah, Otik Czech
Otadan Many   Native American
Otaktay Many strikes. Otaktai Lakota
Otayba Bird Otaybah Australian Aboriginal
Otem Born away from home.   Luo
Othello Prosperous, Wealthy. Otello (Italian), Otto  German, Spanish
Othman Wealthy Othmen German
Othniel Lion of God. Othnyel Hebrew
Otis Son of Otto, Son of the wealthy, prosperous one; One who hears well. Oates, Otes, Ottis, Ottys, Otys Old English; Greek
Otskai Going Otskae, Otskaie, Otskay Native American
Ottah Baby who is thin. Ota, Otah, Otta Nigerian
Ottar Point warrior, Maker of arrows. Otar Norwegian
Ottmar Ruler Otman, Otomar, Otomars, Otmen, Ottmer, Ottmen, Ottoma, Ottomar Turkish
Otto Prosperous, Wealthy. Oddo, Odo, Osman, Osmand, Othello (Italian), Othman, Othmar, Oto, Otoe, Otow, Otteran, Ottone (Italian), Ottorina, Ottmar, Ottmer Teutonic
Ottokar Happy warrior. Otokar German
Otu Sea shells being collected into a basket. Ottu Native American
Otway Lucky in battle. Otwai Teutonic
Ouray Arrow Ourae, Ourai Native American
Overton From the high town. Overtan, Overten, Overtin, Overtyn Middle English
Ovid Life Ovyd Latin
Oviedo Applause Ovyedo Spanish
Owen Well born. A form of Evan. Evan, Even, Evin, Evon, Ewen, Owan, Owain, Owaine (Celtic), Owan, Owayn, Owayne, Owin, Owine, Owon, Owone, Owyn, Owyne, Ywain, Ywaine, Ywayn, Ywayne Welsh
Owney Elder Onee, Oney, Oni, Onie, Ony, Ownee, Owni, Ownie, Owny Irish
Oxford From the oxen river crossing. Oxforde Old English
Oxley From the meadow of the oxen. Oxlea, Oxleah, Oxlee, Oxleigh, Oxli, Oxlie, Oxly Old English
Oxton From the ox town. Oxtan, Oxten, Oxtin, Oxtyn Old English
Oya Talking of the snake. Oyah Moquelumnan
Oystein Rock of joy. Ostin, Osten, Ostin, Oston, Ostyn Norwegian
Oz Strength Ozz, Ozzie Hebrew
Ozias Strength of the Lord. Izia, Oziah, Ozya, Ozyah, Ozyas Hebrew
Ozni Ear Ozny Hebrew
Ozuru Stork Ozuro, Ozuroo Japanese
Ozzie Divinely ruled by God, God of the forest. The short form of names starting with "Os" or "Oz". Osi, Osie, Oss, Ossi, Ossie, Ossy, Osy, Oz, Ozi, Ozie, Ozy, Ozz, Ozzi, Ozzy Old English


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