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P Girls baby names beginning with the letter P. If I have missed any, please add them. P

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Name Meaning Derivations Origin
Paame Palm tree. Pam, Pame Tongan
Pacifica From the Pacific ocean. Pacificah, Pacifyca, Pacifycah, Pacyfyca, Pacycycah, Pacykika (Polish) Italian
Pabla Small Paola, Paula, Paulette, Paulina, Pauline Spanish
Padma Lotus flower. Padmah, Padmar Sanskrit
Padmakshi Lotus bud.    
Padmani Flower Padmanee, Padmaney, Padmanie, Padmania, Padmaniah, Padmanie, Padmany Sri Lankan
Pagan Country dweller. Pagen, Pagin, Pagon, Pagun, Pagyn English, Latin
Paige Youthful assistant, young child. Page, Paget, Payg, Payge Old English
Paityn Little woman. A form of Patricia. Paiton  
Paj Pie; Beautiful, shy and willing; Flower   Swedish; Inuit; Hmong
Paka Kitten Pakah Swahili
Pala Water Palah, Palla, Pallah Native American
Palila Bird Palilah, Palyla, Palylah Polynesian
Pallas Goddess of wisdom and knowledge. Palac, Palaca, Palace, Pallass, Pallassa Greek
Pallavi New leaves. Palavi  
Palm / Palma A palm tree Palma, Palmah, Palmar, Palmara, Palmarah, Palmaria, Palmariah, Palmarya, Palmaryah, Pamela, Pamelia English
Palmela Like honey, Sweet.. Palmelah, Palmelia, Palmeliah, Palmelina, Palmeline, Palmelyn, Palmelyna, Palmelyne Greek
Palmira Born on Palm Sunday, the Sunday before Easter. Palma, Palmir, Palmirah, Palmirar, Palmyra, Palmyrah Greek, Latin
Paloma A dove. Palomah, Palomar, Palomara, Palomarah, Palomaria, Palomariah, Palomarya, Palomaryah Spanish, Latin
Pam / Pamela Loving. The short form of Pamela, like honey, sweet. Pamm, Pami, Pamie, Pamy, Greek
Pamela Loving. Like honey, sweet. Pamala, Pamalah, Pamalia, Pamaliah, Pamalya, Pamalyah, Pamela, Pamelia, Pameliah, Pamelya, Pamelyah, Pammi, Pammie, Pammy,  Palma, Pamelia Greek
Pamelia A palm tree Palma, Pamela  
Pamera Loving. Like honey, sweet.   Japanese
Pana Partridge bird. Panah, Panna, Pannah Native American
Panacea Healer Panaceah Greek
Pancha Freedom. A form of Frances. Panchah Spanish
Panchali Princess of Panchala. Pancha, Panchalea, Panchaleah, Panchalee, Panchalei, Panchaleigh, Panchaley, Panchalie, Panchaly Sanskrit
Pandora Gifted Pandorah Greek
Pania Sea woman. Paniah, Panya, Panyah Maori
Paniga My daughter    
Panisi The pansy flower. Pansy (Greek) Tongan
Panola Cotton Panolah, Panolla, Panollah Choctaw
Pansofia Possessor of wisdom or knowledge. Pansofee, Pansofey, Pansofee, Pansoffey, Pansoffi, Pansoffia, Pansofi, Pansofiah, Pansofie, Pansophee, Pansophey, Pansophya, Pansophyah Greek
Pansy Little flower; Idea. Pansea, Panseah, Pansee, Pansey, Pansi, Pansia, Pansiah, Pansie, Pansya, Pansyah Greek; French
Panthea All gods. Panfia, Panfiah, Pantheah, Panthia, Panthiah, Panthya, Panthyah Greek
Paola Small Pabla, Paula, Paulette, Paulina, Pauline Italian
Papahi Mischievously smart. Papahee, Papahey, Papahie Tongan
Papina Oak tree with a vine. Papinah, Papyna, Papynah Miwok
Pari Fairy   Persian
Parinita Auspicious apsara.    
Pasang Born on a Friday.   Tibetan
Patience From the virtue, enduring, patient. Patia, Patiah, Patient, Patya, Patyah Latin
Patricia Little noble one. Noble woman. Patrice (French), Patreeza, Patria, Patriah, Patricah, Patricah, Patriciah, Patrisha, Patrishah, Patriza, Patrizah, Patrizia (Italian), Patryce, Patrycya, Patrycyah, Patrycyka (Polish), Patryse, Pat, Patty, Pattie, Trish, Tricia, Trisha Latin, English
Patsy A pet form of Patricia, Noble, Of noble descent. Patsee, Patsie, Patsey English, Latin
Paula Small Paola, Pabla, Paulette, Paulina, Pauline  
Paulette Small Paola, Paula, Pabla, Paulina, Pauline  
Paulina Small Paola, Paula, Paulette, Pabla, Pauline  
Pauline Small Paola, Paula, Paulette, Paulina, Pabla  
Paz Peaceful Pazz Spanish
Pazia / Pazice Gold, Golden-haired. Paza, Pazise, Pazit, Pazya, Pazyah, Pazyce, Pazyse Hebrew
Peace Tranquil Peece Middle English
Peach / Peaches Peach tree. Peacha, Peachee, Peachey, Peachia, Peachy English
Pearl A gem of the sea, Pearl. Helmi, Pearla, Pearle, Pearlea, Pearleah, Pearlee, Pearlei, Pearleigh, Pearley, Pearli, Pearlie, Pearlina, Pearline, Perl, Perla, Perlah, Perle, Perli, Perlie, Perly, Perry, Pery Latin, English
Pearlie A gem of the sea, Pearl. Pearl, Pearly Latin, English
Pearly A gem of the sea, Pearl. Pearl, Pearlie Latin, English
Peata One who brings joy. Peatah, Peeta, Peetah, Peita, Peitah, Peyta, Peytah, Pita, Pitah, Pyta, Pytah Maori
Pebbles Small rocks    
Peg / Peggy Daisy. A short form of Margaret, pearl. Pegee, Pegey, Pegg, Peggee, Peggey, Peggi, Peggie, Peggy, Pegi, Pegie, Pegy French
Peilla God has added. Pepillah, Pepita (Spanish), Pepyla, Pepylah, Pepylla, Pepyllah Spanish
Pellegrina Pilgrim.   Italian
Peta Stone. The feminine form of Peter. Peita, Peata, Peatah, Peeta, Peetah, Peitah, Peyta, Peytah, Pita, Pitah, Pyta, Pytah Greek
Pekabo Shining waters. Peakabo, Peakaboo, Pekaboo Native American
Pema A lotus.   Tibetan
Penelope A silent worker Penney, Pennie, Penny  
Penney A silent worker Penelope, Pennie, Penny  
Pennie A silent worker Penelope, Penney, Penny  
Penny A silent worker Penelope, Penney, Penny  
Peony God of healing. Giver of praise. Flower. Peonee, Peoney, Peoni, Peonie Greek
Peppa Pepper   Australian
Pernille A feminine pet form of Petronius - the name of a 1st-century Roman saint, later believed to be a daughter of Saint Peter, Beauty. Pernelia, Pernilla (Swedish), Petronilla (Italian),  Danish, Norwegian
Peta Golden Eagle. Feminine form of Peter. Petah, Peter Native American
Petra Stone    
Petula Impatient    
Petunia Of the Petunia flower    


From the warrior's estate, From the toll keeper's town, From the fighting-man's estate. A short form of Peyton.   Old English


From the warrior's estate, From the toll keeper's town, From the fighting-man's estate. Paeton, Paiton, Payton, Peiton Old English
Phemie Of good reputation. The short form of Euphemia. Phemea, Phemee, Phemey, Phemi, Phemia, Phemiah, Phemy, Phemya, Phemyah Greek, Scottish
Phiala Irish saint    
Philana Lover of humankind. Filana, Phila, Phileen, Philene, Philida, Philina, Philine, Phillane, Phylana, Phylanah, Phylane, Phyllan, Phyllana, Pyllanah, Phyllane Greek
Philantha Lover of flowers. Philanthe, Phylantha, Phylanthe Greek
Philberta Brilliant intelligence. Filberta, Filbertah, Filberte, Philberta, Philbertah, Phylbert, Phylberta, Phylbertah, Phylberte, Phyllberta, Phyllbertah, Phyllberte Old English
Philippa One who loves horses. Felipa (Spanish), Felipe, Felippa, Filippa (Italian), Filipa, Phileen, Phileene, Philene, Philina, Philine, Philipa, Philipine, Philippe, Philippina, Phillipa, Phillipe, Phillippine (German), Phylipa, Phylipah, Phyllipa, Phyllipah, Phyllypa, Phyllypah Greek
Philomela Lover of songs. Filomela, Filomelah, Philomelah, Phyklomela, Phylomelah Greek
Philomena Loving. She is loved. Filomena, Filomene, Filomina, Filominah, Filomyna, Filomyne, Fylomina, Fylomine, Fylomyna, Fylomyne, Philomina, Philomine, Phylomina, Pylomine, Phylomyna, Phylomyne Greek
Philothea One who loves God. Filothea, Fylothea, Phylothea Greek
Philyra The lime tree. Philira, Philirah, Phylyrah Greek
Phoebe Bright, Shining one, Pure. Feba, Febe, Feebea, Feebee, Fibee, Phebe (Italian), Phebea, Phebia, Pheebea, Pheebee, Pheibee, Pheibey, Pheobea, Pheybee, Pheybey, Theba, Thebea, Thebee, Phebie Greek
Phoenix Purple, Immortal. Feenix, Foenix, Pheenix Greek
Photina Light; Egale, Immortal. Fontin, Fotina, Fotine, Fotyna, Fotyne, Photine, Photyna, Photyne Greek; Egypt
Phryne Lacking colour. Phrina, Phrine, Phyrne Greek
Phylicia Happy one from the green town. Felicia, Feliciah, Filicia, Filiciah, Philicia, Philiciah, Phyliciah Latin, Greek
Phyllida Loving, Leafy Philida, Philidah, Phillida, Phillidah, Phillyda, Phillydah, Phylida, Phylidah, Phyllidah, Phylyda, Phylydah, Phyllyda, Phyllydah Greek
Phyllis A leaf, Green, Leafy branch. Filide, Fillis, Philis, Phillisla, Phillis, Phillo, Philica, Phylicia, Phyliciah, Phyllicia, Pylliciah, Phyllys Greek
Pia Pious, Devout. Piah, Pya, Pyah Itialian
Piedad Devoted. Piedadah Spanish
Pierette Little steady one; Stone; The feminine form of Pierre/Peter Perett, Peretta, Perette, Pieret, Pierett, Pieretta, Pierin, Pierina, Pierine, Pieryn, Pieryna, Pieryne French; Greek
Pilar Pillar; column Peela, Peelah, Peeler, Pilla, Pillar, Pylar, Pyllar Latin / Spanish
Pililani Near to heaven Pililanee, Pililaney, Pililanie, Pililany Hawaiian
Pineki Peanut Pinekee, Pinekey, Pineky Hawaiian
Ping Duckweed plant; Peaceful   Chinese; Vietnamese
Pinga Bronze Pingah Hindi
Pinterry Star Pinterree, Pinterrey, Pinterri, Pinterrie Australian Aboriginal
Piper Pipe Player; Fearce Pipa, Pipar, Pipper, Pippor, Pypa, Pypah, Pyper Old English
Pipipa Sand piper Pipipah, Pypa, Pypah, Pyper, Pypipa, Pypipah Australian Aboriginal
Pippa One who loves horses. A short form of Philippa, A feminine form of Philip. Pipa, Pipah, Pipee, Pipi, Pipie, Pippah, Pippee, Pippey, Pippi, Pippie, Pippy, Pipy, Pypa, Pypah, Pyppa, Pyppah Greek
Pleasance Agreeable    
Polly   Molly  
Pooja Worship Puja Hindi
Poppy From the flower    
Poria Fruitful    
Porsche Offering Porsha, Porshe German
Portia Offering. Sweet fortified wine. The left side; From the town by the water Porta, Portah, Portiah, Portya, Portyah Latin; Old English
Posy Small bunch of flowers Posee, Posey, Posi, Posia, Posiah, Posie, Posya, Posyah English
Prabha The illumination   Sinhala, Sanskrit
Pranom To compromise. Nom Thai
Premilla Girl of love. Premila, Premilah, Premillah, Premyla, Premylah, Premylla, Premyllah Sanskrit
Prerna Inspiration Prernah Indian
Preya Prayer. Praya, Prayah, Preyah, Preeya, Preeyah Latin, English
Prima First-born child. Primah, Primara, Primaria, Primariah, Pryma, Prymah, Prymaria, Prymariah, Prymarya, Prymaryah Latin
Primavera First born of spring, New life. Primaverah, Prymavera, Prymaverah Latin
Primrose The primrose flower. Primrosa, Prymrosa, Prymrose English, Scottish
Princess Daughter of the queen and king Princesa (Spanish), Princessa, Pryncess, Pryncessah English
Printella   Printellah  
Priscilla Ancient. Piroshka, Precilla, Prescilla, Pricila, Pricilia, Prisca, Priscella, Priscila, Priscill, Priscillie, Prisella, Prisila, Prisilla, Prissilla, Prysilla, Prysillah, Prycyla, Prycylah, Prysylla, Prysyllah Latin
Prisma To cut, Saw. Prysma Greek
Prita Dear one   Hindi
Priya Beloved, Sweet-natured. Priyah Hindi
Promisee Promise Promise, Promisea, Promisey, Promisi, Promisie, Promissa, Promisse, Promissee, Promissey, Promissi, Promissie, Promissy, Promisy English
Providence Foresight, to provide, Godly.   Latin
Prudence Cautious, intelligent. Prue  
Prue Cautious, intelligent Prudence  
Purva Elder    
Pushpita Decorated with flower.    


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