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X Girls baby names beginning with the letter X. If I have missed any, please add them. X

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Name Meaning Derivations Origin


  Zahlia, Zahliah, Zaleah, Zaliah  
Xahria Flower    
Xana Golden-haired. Blond. Xanna, Xanne, Xantha, Xanthia, Xanthippe, Zanna, Zanne, Zantha, Zanthia, Zanthippe Greek
Xandi Defender of humankind. A form of Sandy. Sabdea, Sandee, Sandey, Sandi, Sandie, Sandy, Xandea, Xandee, Xandey, Xandi, Xandie, Xandy, Zandea, Zandee, Zandey, Zandi, Zandie, Zandy Greek
Xandra Defender of humankind. A form of Sandra. Xandrah, Xandria, Xandriah, Xandrya, Xandryah, Zandra, Zandrah, Zandria, Zandriah, Zandrya, Zandryah Greek, Spanish
Xandria Defender of humankind. A form of Sandra or Alexandria.   Greek
Xantha Blond   Greek
Xanthe Blond, Goddess of Corn Xanthus Greek
Xanthia Golden-haired. Blond. Xanthiah, Zanthia, Zanthiah Greek
Xanthis Golden-haired. Blond. Xanthos, Xanthius, Xanthyus Latin
Xanthus Yellow Xanthe  
Xantippi Light coloured horse. Xantippe, Zanthippie, Zantippie Greek
Xara Princess. A form of Sara. Sahra, Sahrah, Sara, Sarah, Sarra, Sarrah, Xarah, Xarra, Xarrah, Zahra, Zahrah, Zarah, Zarra, Zarrah Hebrew
Xavier Bright Xaveree, Xaverey, Xaverie, Xavery, Zaveree, Zaverey, Zaveri, Zaveria, Zaveriah, Zaverie, Zavery Aramaic
Xaviera Bright, Brilliant, Splendid; Owner of the new house. The feminine form of Xavier. Xavierah, Xaviere, Xavyera, Xavyerah, Xavyere, Zaviera, Zavierah, Zaviere, Zavyera, Zavyerah Arabic; Spanish
Xayvion New home. Zayvion African American
Xela From the mountain home. Xelah, Xella, Xellah, Zela, Zelah, Zella, Zellah French
Xen Religious Xena, Xenah, Zen, Zena, Zenah Japanese
Xena Welcome guest, Welcomed. Xeena, Xeene, Xeenia, Xene, Xenia, Ximena, Xina, Xinah, Xyna, Xynah, Zeena, Zeenah, Zeenia, Zeeniah, Zena, Zenah, Zenia, Zeniah, Zina, Zinah, Zyna, Zynah Greek
Xenia Hospitable, Guest. Cena, Cenah, Sena, Senah, Xeena, Xeenia, Xeeniah, Xena, Xenah, Xene, Xeniah, Xenya, Xenyah, Ximena, Xiomara, Xyna, Xynah, Zeena, Zeenia, Zena, Zenia, Zeniah, Zenya, Zenyah, Zina, Zinah, Zyna, Zynah Greek
Xenosa Stranger Xenos, Xenosah, Zenos, Zenosa, Zenosah Greek
Xerena Tranquil. A form of Serena. Seren, Serena, Serenah, Serene, Xeren, Xerenah, Xerene, Zerena, Zerenah, Zirena, Zirenah, Zyrena, Zyrenah Latin
Xiang Fragrant   Chinese
Ximena Heroine; Listening. The Spanish feminine form of Simon. Simena, Simenah, Simona, Simonah, Simone, Symena, Symenah, Symona, Symonah, Ximenah, Ximona, Ximonah, Ximone, Xmena, Xymenah, Xymona, Xymonah, Zimena, Zimenah, Zimene, Zimona, Zimonah, Zimone, Zymena, Zymenah, Zymona, Zymonah Spanish; Hebrew
Xina Little; Welcomed. Xeena, Xeenah, Xinah, Xyna, Xynah, Zeena, Zeenah, Zina, Zinah, Zyna, Zynah English; Greek
Xirena Alluring, Siren. A form of Sirena. Sireena, Sireenah, Siren, Sirena, Sirenah, Sirene, Sirina, Sirinah, Syren, Syrena, Syrenah, Syrene, Xireena, Xireenah, Xirenah, Xirene, Xirina, Xirinah, Xyren, Xyrena, Xyrenah, Xyrene, Xyrina, Xyrinah, Xyryna, Xyrynah, Zireena, Zireenah, Zirina, Zirinah, Zirya, Zirynah, Zyreena, Zyreeenah, Zyrina, Zyrinah, Zyryna, Zyrynah Greek
Xiu-Mei Beautiful plum   Chinese
Xuan Spring   Vietnamese
Xuxa Lily Xuxah Brazilian; Hebrew
Xya Trembling; Grain; Aunt. A form of Zia. Xia, Zia, Ziah, Zya, Zyah Latin; Latin, Italian
Xyleena From the forest Xilean, Xileana, Xileanah, Xileane, Xileen, Xileena, Xileenah, Xileene, Xilin, Xilina, Xilinah, Xiline, Xilyn, Xylina, Xilynah, Xilyne, Xlean, Xyleana, Xyleanah, Xyleane, Xyleen, Xyleenah, Xyleene, Xylin, Xylina, Xylinahh< Xyline, Xylyn, Xylyna, Xylynah, Xylyne Greek
Xylia From the forest. Xilia, Xiliah, Xylina, Xylya, Xylyah, Xylina, Xylinah, Xylyna, Xylynah, Zilia, Ziliah, Zilina, Zilinah, Zlia, Zyliah, Zylina, Zylinah, Zylyna, Zylynah Greek
Xylina From the forest. Xylin, Xylinah, Xyline, Xylyn, Xylyna, Xylynah, Xylyne, Zilin, Zilina, Zilinah, Zilyna, Zilynah, Zylin, Zylina, Zylinah, Zylyn, Zylyna, Zylynah Greek
Xylona From the forest. Xilon, Xilona, Xilonah, Xilone, Xilonia, Xiloniah, Xylon, Xylonah, Xylon, Xylonia, Xyloniah, Xylonya, Xylonyah Greek
Xylophia Lover of the forest. Xilophia, Xilophiah, Xylophiah, Xylophila, Xylophilah, Zilophia, Zilophiah, Zylophia, Zylophiah Greek


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