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X Boys baby names beginning with the letter X. If I have missed any, please add them. X

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Name Meaning Derivations Origin
Xan Short for Alexander. Xandy, Alexander Greek
Xander Short for Alexander. Protector of mankind. Xandy, Alexander Greek
Xandy   Alexander, Xander  
Xanthippus Light-coloured horse.  Xanthyppus, Zanthippus, Zanthyppus Greek
Xanthus Golden-haired. Blonde Xanthius, Xanthyus, Zanthius, Zanthus, Zanthyus Latin
Xanto Blonde haired   Greek
Xaver Bright. Brilliant Saveri, Savero, Xavery (Polish), Xaviero (Italian), Xavyer, Xever (Spanish), Zavier, Zabyer, Zever Spanish
Xavier Bright. Brilliant; Owner of the new house. Javer, Javier, Javerri, Saveri, Savero, Xaver, Xavery (Polish), Xaviero (Italian), Xavyer, Xever (Spanish), Zavier, Zabyer, Zever Arabic; Spanish Basque
Xayvion New home Xaivion, Xaivyon, Xayvyon African American
Xenophon Stranger's voice Xeno, Zeno, Zenophon Greek
Xenos Stranger, Guest Xeno, Zeno, Zenos Greek
Xerxes Royal ruler. King. Prince. Jerez, Xeres, Xerus, Xrus, Zerk, Zerzes Persian
Xeryus The name of a bright star. Xeyrus Latin, Greek
Xevach Sacrifice Zevach Hebrew
Xevadiah God will live Xevadia, Zevadia, Zevaddiah Hebrew
Xeven Lively Xyven, Ziven, Zyven, Zyvyn Slavic
Xevulum Home Zevulum Hebrew
Xiaoping Small bottle. Xiaopin Chinese
Ximen / Ximenes Listening. A form of Simon. Ximene, Xymen, xymenes, Xymon, Zimon, Zimene, Zimenes, Zymen, Zymene, Zymenes Spanish
Ximraan Celebration Zimraan, Zymraan Arabic
Ximran Sacred Xymran, Zimran, Zymran Hebrew
Xindel Protector of humankind. Xyndel, Zindel, Zyndel Hebrew
Xing-Fu Happy   Chinese
Xion From the guarded land. Xyon, Zion, Zyon Hebrew
Xitomer Living fame. Xytomer, Zitomer, Zytomer Czech
Xi-Wang Desire Xi-Wpang Chinese
Xolani You all have peace/take it easy.   Zulu
Xowie Life Xoe, Xoee, Xowee, Xowi, Xowy, Zoe, Zoee, Zoey, Zoi, Zoie, Zoy Greek
Xylon Lives in the Forest   Greek



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