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B Girls baby names beginning with the letter B. If I have missed any, please add them. B

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Bab Dweller at the gateway. The short form of Babette and Barbara. Little Barbara, Little stranger.   Babb Arabic
Baba Born on a Thursday.   Aba, Abah, Babah African
Babe Stranger. The short form of Barbara and Babette.   Babea, Babee, Babey, Babi, Babie, Baby, Bebe, Bebea, Bebee, Bebey, Bebi, Bebia, Bebiah, Bebie, Beby, Bebya, Bebyah Latin
Babetta Little Barbara, Little stranger.     Italian
Babette Little Barbara, Little stranger.   Babet, Babeta, Babetah, Babett, Babetta, Babettah Greek
Bailey Bailiff, Sheriff's officer; From the outer castle wall meadow.   Bailea, Baileah, Bailee, Bailei, Baileigh, Baili, Bailia, Bailiah, Bailie, Baily, Baylea, Bayleah, Balylee, Baylei, Bayleigh, Bayley, Bayli, Baylia, Bayliah, Baylie, Bayly Old French; Middle English
Baka Crane   Bakah Hindi
Bakana View, Lookout, Guardian.   Bakanah, Bakanna, Bakannah Australian Aboriginal
Bakula Flower   Bakulah Hindi
Balbina Little one who stammers.   Balbinah, Balbine, Balbyna, Balbynah, Balbyne Latin, Italian
Bambalina Little girl.   Bambalinah, Bambaline, Bambalyn, Bambalyna, Bambalyne, Bambee, Bambi, Bambia, Bambiah, Bambie, Bamby Italian
Bambi Little.   Bambea, Bambee, Bambia, Bambiah, Bambie, Bamby, Bambya, Bambyah Italian
Bambra Mushroom   Bambrah Australian Aboriginal
Bandi Prisoner   Bada, Bandah, Bandee, Bandey, Bandia, Bandiah, Bandie, Bandy, Bandya, Bandyah Middle Eastern
Banjora Koala   Banjorah Australian Aboriginal
Baptista One who baptises.   Baptisa (Italian, Greek), Baptissa, Baptiste (French), Baptysa, Baptysah, Baptyse, Baptyssa, Baptysse, Baptysta (Polish), Battista, Bautista Latin
Bara Dawn; Sunrise   Barah, Barra, Barrah Australian Aboriginal
Barb Stranger; Thorn. A short form of Barbara.   Barba (Spanish), Barbea, Barbe (German / French), Barbee, Barbey, Barbi, Barbie Latin; Old English
Barbie Stranger; Thorn.   Babet, Babett, Babetta, Babette, Babita, Babitta, Babitte, Babrishcha, Barbarina, Barbary, Barbel (German), Barbet, Barbett, Barbett, Barbetta, Barbette, Barbica (Slovenian), Barbita, Barbola, Barbora (Bohemian / Lithuanian), Barbraa (Danish), Barbra (Danish), Barbro (Norse), Barbule, Barbutte (Lithuanian), Barbchen (German), Barica, Barka, Varvara, Vavina, Vavinah, Vavyna, Vavynah, Vavyne  Latin; Old English
Barika Successful   Barikah, Baryka, Barykah Swahili
Barite Girl   Barita, Baritah, Baryta, Barytah, Baryte Australian Aboriginal
Barra Chosen   Bara, Barah, Bari, Barra, Barrah Hebrew
Barran Little hill top.   Baran, Barana, Baranah, Barean, Bareana, Bareanah, Bareane, Baren, Bareen, Bareena, Bareenah, Bareene, Barein, Bariena, Bareinah, Bareine, Bareyn, Bareyna, Bareynah, Bareyne, Barin, Barina, Barine, Barreen, Barreena, Barreenah, Barreene, Barrin, Barrina, Barrinah, BBarrine, Barryn, Barryna, Barrynah, Barryne Irish
Barri Spear, Mark's person. The feminine form of Barry.   Barea, Baree, Barey, Barri, Barria, Barriah, Barry, Barrya, Barryah, Barya, Baryah Irish
Basha Stranger, Unknown.   Bashah, Barsha Polish
Basia God's daughter.   Bashia, Bashiah, Bashya, Bashyah, Basiah, Basya, Basyah Hebrew
Basillia Royal, Majestic one, Queen like, The herb basil. The feminine form of Basil.   Basila, Basilah, Basile, Basilla, Basillah, Basilie, Basyla, Basylah, Basyle, Basyll, Basylla, Basyllah, Basylle, Bazila, Bazilah, Bazile, Bazill, Bazilla, Bazillah, Bazille, Bazillia, Bazilliah, Bazilie, Bazyla, Bazylah, Bazyle, Bazyll, Bazylla, Bazyllah, Bazylle Greek
Basima Smiling   Basimah, Basyma, Basymah Arabic
Bathanny Good day.     Australian Aboriginal
Bathilda Warrior   Bathild, Bathildah, Bathilde, Bathyld, Bathylda, Bathyldah, Bathylde Teutonic
Bathsheba Seventh daughter, Promise.   Batsheva, Batshevah, Sheba, Shebah Hebrew
Bathshua Daughter of wealth and prosperity.   Bathshuah Hebrew
Batul Little palm-tree shoot.   Batula, Batulah Arabic
Bayo Founder of joy.   Baio Yoruba
Bea Bringer of joy. A short form of names beginning with "Bea".   Bee, Bei, Bey Latin
Beatrice Bringer of joy.   Beatriks (Russian), Beatrix (German / Spanish), Beatriz (Spanish), Beatryx, Beatryz,  Beitris (Scottish), Blazena, Venedict, Venetia, Venetiah, Venetya, Venetyah Latin
Beata Happy, Blessed.   Beatah, Beeta, Beetah, Beita, Beitah, Beyta, Beytah Latin
Becky White.  The short form of Rebecca. Bound; tied; faithful   Beca, Becah, Becca, Beccah, Becka, Beckah, Becki, Beckie, Beka, Bekah, Beki, Bekie, Beky Slavic; Hebrew
Beda Warrior   Bedah Old English
Bedelia Possesses strength   Bedeliah, Bedelya, Bedelyah French
Bedriska Queen of peace. The feminine form of Frederick.   Bedriskah, Bedryska, Bedryskah Bohemian
Beela Black cockatoo.   Beala, Bealah, Beelah Australian Aboriginal
Beeree Lagoon   Beree Australian Aboriginal
Begga Tiny; Strength. A short form of Bridget.   Bega, Begah, Beggah Gaelic; Swedish
Bel Sacred wood, Apple tree in the sacred wood; Beautiful. The short form of names starting with 'Bel'. eg. Belinda   Bell Hindi; French
Bela She of porcelain skin, White; Bright One.   Bel, Belah, Bell, Bella, Bellah, Belle Slavic; Hungarian
Belda Beautiful   Beldah French
Belicia Dedicated to God.   Beliciah, Belicya, Belicyah, Belysia, Belysiah, Belysya, Belysyah Spanish
Belilanca Fair-haired.   Belanca, Belancah, Belancka, Belanckah, Belanka, Belankah Italian
Belina Beautiful woman; Bringer of wisdom   Balina, Balinah, Baline, Balind, Balinda, Balindah, Balinde, Ballind, Ballinda, Ballindah, Ballinde, Belinah, Belindah, Belinde, Belindra, Bellind, Bellinda, Bellindah, Bellynd, Bellynda, Bellynde, Belva, Belynda, Beneta, Benita, Benyt6, Benyta, Benytah, Benyte Spanish; Old Germanic
Bella  Beautiful. The short form of Isabella, Dedicated to God.   Bela, Belah, Belau, Belia, Beliah, Belita, Belitah, Belite, Bella, Bellau, Belle (French), Belva, Belvia, Belviah, Belvya, Belvyah Italian
Bellanca Beautiful; Fair-haired.   Belanca, Belancah, Belancka, Belanckah, Belanka, Belankah, Bellancah, Bellancka, Bellanckah, Bellanka, Bellankah, Bianca (Spanish), Byanca, Byancka, Byanckah, Byanka, Byankah Greek; Italian
Belphoebe  Beautiful; Bright   Belaphoeve, Belphoevea, Belphoebee Latin; Greek
Beltana Running water.   Belltan, Belltana, Belltanah, Belltane, Beltan, Beltane, Beltania, Beltanja, Beltanya Australian Aboriginal
Belva Beautiful view   Belvah Latin
Bena Pheasant   Benah, Benna, Bennah Native American
Benah Wisdom   Bena, Benna, Bennah Hebrew
Benigna Gracious, Kind, Gentle.   Benignah, Benigne, Beygna, Benygne Latin
Benita Blessed. A feminine form of Benedict.   Bendite, Benecia, Beneciah, Benecya, Benecyah, Benedetta (Italian), Benedettah, Benedette, Benedicta, Benedictina (German), Benedictine, Benedikta (German), Benedycta, Benedykta, Beneisha, Benish, Benisha, Benishia, Benitah, Benite, Bennicia, Benniciah, Bennicie, Benicya, Bennycia, Bennyciah, Bennycya, Bennycyah, Benoite (French), Bent, Benta, Bentah, Bente, Benwenuta, Benyta, Benytah, Benyte, Betina, Betinah, Betine, Bettina, Bettinah, Bettine, Bettyna, Bettynah, Bettyne, Betyna, Betynah, Betyne Latin
Benton From the moor town.   Bentan, Bentin, Bentun, Bentyn English
Berdine Glorious one who brightly shines from within.   Berdina, Berdinah, Berdyn, Berdyna, Berdynah, Berdyne German
Berit Glorious   Beret, Bereta, berete, Berett, Beretta, Berette, Biret, Bireta, Birete, Birett, Biretta, Birette, Byret, Byreta, Byrete, Byrett, Byretta, Byrette German
Bernadette Strong and brave little bear; little warrior. The feminine form of Bernard.   Bernadeen, Bernadeena, Bernadeenah, Bernadeene, Bernaden, Bernadena, Bernadenah, Bernadene, Bernadet, Bernadeta, Bernadetah, Bernadete, Bernadett, Bernadet6ta, Bernadettah, Bernadina (Spanish / Italian), Bernadinah, Bernadine, Bernadit, Bernadita, Bernadytah, Bernadyte, Bernadyn, Bernadyna (Polish), Bernadynah, Bernadyne, Bernit, Bernita, Bernitah, Bernite, Bernyt, Bernyta, Bernytah, Berynyte French / English
Bernia Warrior   Berniah, Bernya, Bernyah Latin
Bernice Brings victory; Strong and brave like a bear; Warrior. The feminine form of Bernie.   Berenice (French), Bernece, Berneece, Berneese, Bernese, Berneta, Bernetah, Bernette, Bernetta, Bernettah, Bernette, Bernica, Bernicah, Bernicka, Bernickah, Bernika, Bernikah, Bernyc, Bermyce, Bernyse, Vernice, Vernise, Veronica, Veronika, Veronique (French), Veronik (German) Greek
Berontha Crow   Beronthah Australian Aboriginal
Berry White box tree; Berry. A short form of bernice, strong and brave like a bear.   Beree, Berey, Beri, Berie, Berree, Berrey< Berri, Berrie, Bery Australian Aboriginal; Old English
Bertha Bright, Shining, Illustrious. A feminine form of Bert.   Bercta, Berta (German / Spanish), Berte, Berth, Berthah, Berthe (French / German), Berthel, Bertolda, Bertilla, Bertille, Bertina, Bertle, Birth, Birtha, Birthe, Byrth, Byrtha, Byrthah, Holda, Holla, Huldr Old English / Teutonic
Berthilde Bright, Shining, Illustrious. A feminine form of Bert.   Berteana, Berteanah, Berteena, Berteenah, Berteene, Berthildah, Berthilde, Bertilde, Bertina, Bertinah, Bertine, Berthylda, Berthyldah, Berthylde, Bertilda, Bertildah, Bertilde, Bertylda, Bertyldah, Bertylde, Bertyna, Bertynah, Bertyne, Birteana, Birteanah, Birteane, Birteena, Birteenah, Birteene, Birtina, Birtinah, Birtine, Birtyna, Byrtynah, Birtyne, Byrteana, Byrteanah, Byrteane, Byrteena, Byrtina, Byrtinah, Byrtine, Byrtyna, Byrtynah, Byrtyne Old English, Teutonic
Bertrade Shining counsel.   Bertrada, Bertradah Old English, Teutonic
Berwyn Little, bright, shining illustrious friend.   Berwin, Berwina, Berwinah, Berwine, Berwyna, Berwynah, Berwyne, Berwynn, Berwynna, Berwynnah, Berwynne Old English, Teutonic
Beryl Dazzling jewel, sea-green jewel   Beral, Beril, Berila, Berile, Berill, Berille, Beryle, Berylee, Berylla, Rylla Greek
Bessie Holy and sacred to God.  A short form of Elizabeth.   Bessee, Besey, Besi, Besie, Bess, Bessee, Bessey, Bessi, Bessy, Besy Hebrew
Beth From the house of God; Holy and sacred to God. The short form of names starting with or containing 'Beth'. eg. Elizabeth / Bethany   Bethal, Bethel, Bethil, Bethol, Bethyl Hebrew
Betha Life. The Swiss form of Betty, from the house of God.   Bethah, Bethal, Bethel, Bethil, Bethol, Bethyl Celtic
Bethany From the house of God's grace. A combination of Beth and Annie   Bethan, Bethanny, Bethan, Bethana, Bethanah, Bathane, Bethanee, Bethaney, Bethani, Bethania, Bethaniah, Bethanie, Bethann, Bethanna, Bethannah, Bethany, Bethena, Bethenee, Betheney, Bethina, Bethinah, Bethine, Bethne, Bethney, Bethyn, Bethyna, Bethynah, Bethyne Aramaic
Bethel From the house of God.   Bethall, Bethell, Bethil, Bethill, Bethol, Betholl, Bethyl, Bethyll Hebrew
Bethesda From the house of Mercy.   Bethesdah Hebrew
Bethia Daughter; Life.   Bethiah, Bethya, Bethyah Hebrew; Gaelic
Betsy Holy and sacred to God. A short form of Elizabeth   Betsee, Betsey, Betsi, Betsia, Betsiah, Betsie, Betsya, Betsyah, Betsye Hebrew / American
Betty From the house of God. A short form of Bethel and Elizabeth. Holy and sacred to God   Bet, Beta, Betah, Bete, Betea, Betee, Betey, Beti, Betia, Betie, Betha, Betje (Dutch), Betka (Bohemian), Bett, Betta, Bettah, Bette, Bettee, Bettey, Bettja, Bettje, Bettys (Welsh), Betuska (Bohemian), Bety French / Hebrew
Betulah Woman   Betula, Betulla, Betullah Hebrew
Bettina Oath of God. Form of Elizabeth.   Bettinah Italian
Betulah Woman   Betula, Betulla, Betullah Hebrew
Beulah Married woman.   Buela Hebrew
Beverly Near the meadow of beavers, From the beaver stream in the meadow.   Beverie, Beverlea, Beverleah, Beverlee, Berelei, Beverleigh, Beverley, Beverlie, Beverly, Bevlea, Bevlee, Bevlei, Bevleigh, Bevley, Bevli, Bevlia, Bevliah, Bevly Old English
Bevin Sweet-singing woman.   Bevina, Bevinah, Bevine, Bevyne, Bevyna, Bevynah, Bevyne Irish

Princess, High class lady

BAY-Harn   Turkish
Bian Secret   Biana, Bianah, Biane, Biann, Bianna, Bannah, Banne, Byan, Byana, Byanah, Byane, Byann, Byanna, Byannah, Byanne Vietnamese
Bianca White, Pure white.   Biancha, Bianka, Biankah, Biannca, Biannka, Biannqua, Biannquah, Bianqua, Bianquah, Blannca, Blannka, Byanca, Byancah, Byanka, Byankah, Byanqua, Byanquah Italian
Bibi Lady   Bebe Arabic
Bibiana Lively   Bibi, Bibianah, Bibiane, Bibiann, Bibianna, Bibiannah, Bibianne, Bibyan, Bibyana, Bibyanah, Bibyann, Bibyanna, Bibyannah, Bibyanne Latin
Bilhah Tender   Bilha, Bylha, Bylhah Hebrew
Billie Wilful. The feminine form of Billy.   Bilea, Bileah, Bilee, Bilei, Bileigh, Biley, Bili, Bilie, Billea, Billee, Billena, Billeenah, Billey, Billi, Billie, Billy, Billyana, Bilyana, Billyanna, Billyannah, Bily, Bilyana, Bilyanah, Bylea, Byleah, Bylee, Bylei, Byleigh, Byley, Byli, Bylie, Byll, Byllea, Bylleah, Byllee, Byllei, Bylleigh, Bylli, Byllie, Bylly, Byly Old English
Bimbeen Woodpecker   Binbeena Australian Aboriginal
Bina Dancer; Wise and understanding.   Binah, Byna, Bynah Swahili; Hebrew
Binda Deep water.   Binda, Bynda, Byndah Australian Aboriginal
Binga From the kettle-shaped hollow.   Bingah, Bynga, Byngah Teutonic
Birdie Bird   Birde, Birdea, Birdee, Birdeen, Birdeena, Birdeenah, Birdeene, Brdel, Birdela, Birdelah, Birdele, Birdella, Birdellah, Birdena, Birdenah, Birdene, Birdenia, Berdeniah, Berdeie, Birdet, Birdeta, Birdetah, Birdete, Birdett, Birdina, birdinah, Byrd, Byrda, Byrde, Byrdeena, Byrdeenah, Byrdeene, Byrdett, Byrdetta, Byrdette, Byrdina, Byrdinah, Byrdine, Byrdyna, Byrdynah, Byrdyne English
Birdita Little bird.   Birditta, Birditte, Byrditta, Byrditte English
Bjorg Salvation, Help.   Bjorga, Bjorgah Scandinavian
Bladina Warm and friendly.   Bladean, Bladeana, Bladeanah, Bladeane, Bladeen, Bladeena, Bladeene, Bladene, Bladine, Bladyn, Bladyna, Bladyne Latin
Blaine Slender; Flame.   Blain, Blayn, Blayne Irish; Old English
Blair Field or plain. From the marsh on the plain; Field of battle.   Blaire, Blayr, Blayre Latin; Scottish
Blaise Burning flames; Lisp, stutter, babbler.   Blais, Blaisia, Blaiz, Blazia, Blaize, Blasia, Blayse, Blayz, Blayza, Blayze, Blaze, Blazia, Blazya Latin; Old English, French, Latin
Blake Dark hair and complexioned.     Old English
Blanca White   Bijanka, Blancah, Blanka (German, Dutch, Norse), Blankah, Blannca, Blanncah, Blannka, Blannkah, Blannqua, Blannquah, Blanqua, Blanquan, Blinnie (Irish) Spanish
Blanche White, fair-haired.   Blanch, Blanchardina, Blanchardine, Blinnie, Bluinse (Irish), Blanka (German, Dutch, Norwegian), Branca (Portugese), Branka French
Blanda Compliment giver   Blandah, Blandia, Blandiah, Blandya, Blandyah Hebrew
Blaze A flame      
Bleniki White     Hawaiian
Blessing One who is a blessing.   Bless, Blessa, Blessi, Blessie, Blessin, Blessinga, Blessy Old English
Bliss Perfect joy, Bringer of happiness   Blis, Blisa, Blissa, Blisse, Blys, Blysa, Blyss, Blyssa Old English
Blodwyn White flower.   Blodwen, Blodwin, Blodwina, Blodwinah, Blodwine, Blodwyna, Blodwynah, Blodwyne, Blodwynn, Blodwynna, Blodwynnah, Blodwynne Old Welsh
Blondelle She is fair-haired.   Blondel, Blondele, Blondell, Blondella, Blondelia, Blondelia, Blondelya, Blondelyah French, Old English
Blondie Fair-haired.   Blondi, Blondy English
Blossom Flower-like, blooming like a flower   Blossoma Old English
Blum Flower     Yiddish
Bly High   Bligh Native American
Blythe Happy, cheerful; gentle   Bliss, Blyss, Blithe, Blyth, Blythe Old English
Bo Precious   Beau, Bow Chinese
Boann White cow.   Boana, Boanah, Boane, Boanna, Boannah, Boanne, Bo-Ann, Bo-Anna, Bo-Annah, Bo-Anne. Irish
Bobbi Bright, famous. The short form of Roberta. The feminine from of Bobby/Robert.   Bobbea, Bobbee, Bobbey, Bobby, Bobea, Bobee, Bobey, Bobi, Bobie, Boby Teutonic
Bodil Warrior   Bodila, Bodilah, Bodyl, Bodyla, Bodylah Norse
Bogna Given by God. Gift of God.   Bognah Slavian, Polish
Bombala Where the waters meet.   Bombalah Australian Aboriginal
Bona Good. The feminine form of Bono.   Bonah, Bono Latin
Bonal Place with lots of grass.   Bonala, Bonalah, Bonale, Bonall, Bonalla, Bonallah, Bonalle, Bonel, Bonela, Bonelah, Bonell, Bonella, Bonellah, Bonelle Australian Aboriginal
Bondi Sound of tumbling water.   Bondie, Bondy, Bondye Australian Aboriginal
Bonita Pretty, little.   Bonitah, Bonitta, Bonittah, Bonnita, Bonnitta, Bonnyta, Bonnitta, Bonyta, Bonytta Spanish
Bonnie Pretty, Good; Pretty, Charming.   Bonea, Bonee, Boney, Boni, Bonia, Boniah, Bonie, Bonne, Bonnea, Bonnee, Bonney, Bonni, Bonnia, Bonniah, Bonnibela, Bonnibelah, Bonnibele, Bonnibella, Bonnibellah, Bonnibell, Bonnibelle, Bonny, Bunee, Buney, Buni, Bunia, Buniah, Bunie, Bunnea, Bunnee, Bunney, Bunni, Bunnia, Bunniah, Bunnie, Bunny, Buny Scottish; Irish
Boronia Boronia flower.   Boronee, Boroney, Boroni, Boroniah, Boronie, Borony, Boronya, Boronyah Australian Aboriginal
Bowral Large, high.   Bowrall, Bowralle, Bowrel, Bowrela, Bowrelah, Bowrele, Bowrell, Bowrella, Bowrellah, Bowrelle Australian Aboriginal
Bozenka God will favour, born at Christmas time.   Bozena, Bozenah Slavic
Bracken Fern   Brackin, Brackyn, Braken, Brakin, Brakyn English
Bradlee From the broad meadow; Clearing int eh woods. The feminine form of Bradley.   Bradlea, Bradleah, Bradlei, Bradleigh, Bradley, Bradli, Bradlia, Bradliah, Bradlie, Bradly Bradlya, Bradlyah Old English; Scottish
Brady Spirited   Bradie, Bradigan, Braidie, Braidy, Braydie, Braydy Irish
Braith Black and white, Freckled.   Braithe, Brayth, Braythe Welsh
Branda Blessing   Brandah Hebrew
Brandy Brandy, Wine. A short form of Brandyce.   Branais, Brande, Brandea,  Brandee, Brandi, Brandia, Brandice, Brandie, Brandina, Brandine Dutch
Brandyce Brandy, Wine   Brandeace, Brandease, Brandeece, Brandeese, Brandis, Brandisa, Brandise, Brandiss, Brandissa, Brandisse, Brandyn, Brandyna, Brandys, Brandysa, Brandyse, Brandyss, Brandyssa, Brandysse Dutch
Brangane White raven.   Brangan, Brangana, Branganah Welsh
Breana Strong, gracious victory.   Brana, Breanah, Breane, Breanna, Breannah, Breanne, Breeana, Breeanah, Breeane, Breeann, Breeanna, Breeannah, Breeanne, Breeannie, Briana, Brianah, Briane, Briannah, Brianne, Briel, Briela, Brielah, Briele, Briell, Briella, Brielle, Brina, Brinah, Brinna, Brinnah, Bryana, Bryanna, Bryannah, Bryanne, Bryel, Bryela, Bryele, Bryell, Bryella, Bryelle Celtic, Old English
Breck Freckled   Brec, Breca, Brecah, Breckah, Brek, Breka, Brekah Irish
Breda Exalted one, High one.   Breed, Bride, Bridget, Brighid, Brigid, Br?d Irish, Gaelic
Bree Strong victory. A short form of names starting with "Bree".   Brea, Breah, Brie (French), Brye Irish
Breen From the fairy palace.   Brea, Breana, Breanah, Breane, Bree, Breenah, Breene, Breenia, Breeniah, Breina, Breinah, Brena, Brenah, Brina, Brinah, Bryna, Brynah Irish
Breeze Windy, Carefree.   Brease, Breaze, Brees, Breese, Breez, Breeza Old English
Brenda Fire stoker; Little raven.   Branda, Brandah, Brandea, Brendah, Brennda, Brenndah, Briennah, Brienne, Brinda, Brindah, Brinnda, Brinndah, Brynda, Bryndah, Brynnda, Brynndah Old English; Irish
Brenna Raven-haired maiden   Brennah Irish
Bretta From Britain. A feminne form of Brett.   Bret, Breta, Brett, Bretta, Brettah, Brette, Brettea, Brettee, Brettia Irish, Gaelic
Bria Hill; Strong, Honourable. A feminine form of Brian.   Brea, Breah, Breea, Breeah, Briah, Briea, Brya, Bryah Irish, Gaelic; Celtic
Brianna Strong, virtuous. A feminine form of Brian   Brana, Breana, Breanah, Breanna, Breannah, Breanne, Breeana, Breeanah, Breaane, Brearne, Breeann, Breeanna, Breeannah, Breeanne, Breeannie, Breian, Breiana, Breianah, Breiane, Breiann, Breianna, Breiannah, Breianne, Briana, Brianah, Briane, Briannah, Brianne, Briel, Briela, Brielah, Briele, Briell, Briella, Brielle, Brina, Brinna, Brinnah, Bryana, Bryanna, Bryannah, Bryanne, Bryel, Bryela, Bryele, Bryell, Bryella, Bryelle Celtic, Old English
Briar Heather   Breaar, Brier, Briet, Brieta, Brietah, Brietta, Briettah, Brya, Bryah, Bryar French
Bridey Strength. A form of Bridget.   Bridea, Brideah, Bridee, Bridi, Bridie, Bridy, Brydea, Brydee, Brydey, Brydi, Brydie, Brydy Irish
Bridget Strong, Strength   Beret, Bereta, Berget, Bergeta, Birgit, Birgita, Birgitt, Birgitta, Birgitte, Bridey, Bridger, Bridgeta, Bridgetah, Bridgete, Bridgett, Bridgetta, Bridgettah, Bridgette, Bridgit, Bridgita, Bridgitah, Bridgite, Bridgett, Bridgitta, Bridgittah, Bridgitte, Brydget, Brydgeta, Brydgetah, Brydgete, Brydgett, Brydgetta, Brydgettah, Brydgette Irish
Bridgit Strong   Bridget, Bridgitte Irish
Bridgitte Strong   Bridget, Bridgit Irish
Brie From Brie in France; Marshland   Brea, Breah, Bree, Brei, Brey, Briel, Briela, Briele, Briell, Briella, Brielle, Briena, Brienah, Briene, Brion, Briona, Brione, Briet, Brieta, Briete, Briett, Brietta, Briette, Bry, Bryel, Bryela, Bryelah, Bryele, Bryell, Bryella, Bryelle French; Latin
Brieanna Strong, Virtuous. A form of Brianna.     Celtic / Old English
Brieena Little raven, Raven-haired.   Breanna, Breanne, Brennah, Briana, Brianna, Briannah, Briannka, Brieann, Brieanna, Brieannah, Brieannan, Brieannkah, Briearne Irish, Gaelic
Brielle Geographical - She is from Brie in France. A short form of Gabrielle, God is my strength, She is God; Geographical - a town in the western Netherlands.   Breael, Breaele, Breaell, Breaelle, Breel, Breele, Breell, Breelle, Briel, Briela, Brielah, Briele, Briell, Briella, Briellah, Bryel, Bryela, Bryelah, Bryele, Bryell, Bryella, Bryellah, Bryelle, Gabrielle French; Dutch
Brier Heather   Briar, Bryer, Bryrr French
Brigid Irish spelling of   St. Brigid Patron Saint of Ireland     Irish
Brina Boundary; Strong, Virtuous, Honourable; Princess. The short form of Sabrina; Seventh daughter, Promise. A form of Bathsheba / Sheba.   Brana, Branah, Breena, Breenah, Breina, Breinah, Breyna, Breynah, Brinah, Bryna, Brynah Latin; Irish; English; Hebrew
Brinley Burnt meadow. Also a boy's name and also a surname.   Brinlee, Brinleigh Old English
Briona Hill; Strong, Honourable. A feminine form of Brian.   Breaona, Breaonah, Breeona, Breeonah, Breona, Breonah, Brione, Brionna, Brionnah, Brionne, Briony Irish; Celtic
Brisa Beloved   Brisah, Brisha, Brishia, Brissa, Brysa, Brysah, Bryssa, Bryssah Spanish
Britt Strong spirit; From Britain.   Breat, Breata, Breatah, Breatin, Breatina, Breatinah, Breatine, Breatta, Breattah, Breatte, Breattin, Breattina, Breattinah, Breattine, Bret, Breta, Bretah, Brett, Bretta, Brettah, Brette, Bretin, Bretina, Bretinah, Bretine, Bretyn, Bretyna, Bretynah, Bretyne, Brita, Britin, Britina, Britinah, Britine, Britt (Swedish), Britta (Swedish), Brittah, Britte, Brittin, Brittina, Brittine, Brittinee, Brittiney, Britini, Britinie, Brittiny, BBrittina, Brittinah, Brittine Irish, English, Swedish; English
Brittany From Britain   Brita, Britah, Britan, Britana, Britanah, Britane, Britanee, Britaney, Britan i, Britanie, Britann, Britanna, Britannah, Britanne, Britanee, Britaney, Britenee, Briteney, Britenie, Britenie, Briteny, Britnee, Britney, Britni, Britnie, Britt, Britta, Brittan, Brittana, Brittanah, Brittainnee, Brittainney, Brittainni, Brittainie, Brittainny, Brittenee, Britteney, Britteni, Brittenie, Britteny, Brytanee, Brytaney, Brytani, Brytania, Brytanie, Brytany, Bryttanee, Bryttaney, Bryttani, Bryttanie, Bryttanie, Bryttany Irish
Brodee Second-born son; Canal builder; Brother. Feminine form of the name Brody.   Brodie Scottish; Irish, Gaelic; Scandinavian
Bronte Thunder   Brontee, Brontie, Brontey Greek
Bront? From a surname, an anglicized form of Irish "? Proinntigh" which means "descendent of Proinnteach". The given name Proinnteach meant "bestower" in Gaelic.   Bronte, Brontie, Bronty, Brontey, Bronti English
Bronwyn White friend   Bronia, Broniah, Bronie, Bronnee, Broney, Bronwin, Broonwina, Bronwinah, Bronwine, Bronwyn, Bronwyna, Bronwynah, Bronwyne, Bronwynn, Bronwynna, Bronwynnah, Bronwynne Welsh
Brooke From the stream.   Brook, Brookee, Brookey, Brookelina, Brookeline, Brookelyn, Brookelyna, Brookelyne, Brookel, Brookela, Brookele, Brookelle, Brookellin, Brookellina, Brookelline, Brookellyn, Brookellyna, Brookellyne, Brookia, Brookiah, Brookie, Brooklin, Brooklina, Brookline, Brooklyn, Brooklyna, Brooklyne English
Brooklyn From the pool by the stream   Brook, Brookelina, Brookeline, Brookelyn, Brookelyna, Brookelyne, Brookel, Brookela, Brookelah, Brookele, Brookella, Brookellah, Brookelle, Brookellin, Brookellina, Brookelline, Brookellyn, Brookellyna, Brookellyne, Brooklin, Brooklina, Brookline, Brooklyn, Brooklyna, Brooklyne, Brooklynn English
Brooks Running water.      
Brosina Divine immortal. A short form of Ambrosia. A feminine form of Ambrose.   Ambrosina, Ambrosinah, Ambrosine, Ambrosyn, Ambrosyna, Ambrosynah, Ambrosyne, Brosin, Brosinah, Brosine, Brosyn, Brosyna, Brosynah, Brosyne Greek
Bruna Armoured warrior. A short form of Brunhilda.     German
Brunhilda Armoured warrior.    Brinhild, Brinhilda, Brinhilde, Brunhild, Brunhildah, Brunhilde, Brunnhild, Brunnhilda, Brunnhildah, Brunnhilde, Brynhild, Brynhilda, Brynhildah, Brynhilde, Brynhyld, Bryndylda, Brynhyldah, Brynhylde German
Bryanna Hill; Strong, Honourable; Near the graceful one. A feminine form of Brian.   Breana, Breanah, Breane, Breann, Breanna, Breannah, Breanne, Breean, Breenah, Breeane, Breeann, Breeanna, Breeannah, Breeann, Breian, Breianah, Breiane, Breiann, Breianna, Breiannah, Breianne, Breyan, Breyanah, Breyane, Breyann, Breyanna, Breyannah, Breyanne, Brian, Briana, Brianah, Briane, Briann, Briannah, Brianna, Briannah, Bryana, Bryanah, Bryane, Bryann, Bryannah, Bryanne, Brianne, Bryana, Bryanah, Bryane, Bryann, Bryannah, Bryanne Irish; Celtic; English
Bryanne Strong one      
Bryga Strength. A form of Bridget.   Brygid, Brygida, Brygitka Polish, Irish
Brygid Strength      
Brylei Duty, loyalty, honesty. (From the isle of Bute.) BRY-lee Brylie Gaelic
Bryn Boundary; From the mountain.   Brin, Brina, Brinah, Brinan, Brinn, Brinna, Brinnah, Brinnan, Bryna, Brynah, Brynan, Brynee, Bynne Latin; Welsh
Bryony Twisting vine, Bear. The feminine form of Bryon; Cottage.   Brionee, Brioney, Brnoni, Brinonie, Briony, Bryonee, Bryoney, Bryoni, Bryonie, Bryony English; German
Buffy One who shines or polishes; Buffalo of the plains   Bufee, Bufey, Buffee, Buffey, Buffi, Buffie, Bufi, Bufie, Bufy English; American
Bunny Little rabbit.   Bunnee, Buney, Buni, Bunie, Bunnee, Bunney, Bunni, Bunnie, Buny English
Burdette Courageous      
Burgundy Geographical - From burgundy, a wine-making region in France. A red/brown colour.   Burgandee, Burgandey, Burgandi, Burgandie, Burgandy, Burgundee, Burgundey, Burgundi, Burgundy French
Byanna Hill; Strong, Honourable; Near the graceful one. A feminine form of Brian.   Bian, Biana, Bianah, Biane, Biann, Biannah, Bianne, Breana, Breanah, Breane, Breann, Breanna, Breannah, Breanne, Breean, Breeanah, Breeane, Breeann, Breeanna, Breeannah, Briana, Brianah, Briane, Briann, Brianna, Briannah, Brianne, Byan, Byana, Byanah, Byane, Byann, Byanna, Byannah, Byanne, Briann, Brianna, Briannah, Brianne, Bryana, Bryanah, Bryane, Bryanne, Bryannah, Bryanne Irish; Celtic; English
Byhalia White oak.   Bihalia, Bihaliah, Byhaliah, Byhalya, Byhalyah Choctaw
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Baby / toddler tips for new parents - "The baby has arrived!" 

  1. You will be guaranteed to have a 'bad day' if you have lots of deadlines. Kids and deadlines simply don't go together.

  2. Don't over dress baby.  It is better to heat the room instead of piling on the clothes.

  3. Always take an extra layer of clothes for everyone.

  4. Make sure you carry around several changes of clothes for baby or toddler.

  5. Babies are very portable so don't let them stop you going out to dinner of an evening or travelling in a car.  They sleep a lot.

  6. Enjoy every minute of your child's life as they grow up quick!

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