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Q Boys baby names beginning with the letter Q. If I have missed any, please add them. Q

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Name Meaning Derivations Origin
Qabic Able Quabic, Quabick, Quabik, Quabyc, Quabyck, Qyabyk Arabic
Qabil Able Qabill, Qabyl, Qabyll Arabic
Qadim Ancient Qadym Arabic
Qadir Powerful Qadeer, Quadeer, Quadir Arabic
Qamar Moon   Arabic
Qasim Divider Qasym Arabic
Qayyim Rightful, Generous. Qayim Arabic
Qenehelo Sympathy, Give a chance.   African/Sotho
Qimat Valuable Qymat Hindi
Qing-Nan Young generation.   Chinese
Quaashie Born on Sunday. Quaashi, Quashi, Quashie Ewe
Quabiz Restrainer Quabyz Arabic
Quade Scottish clan name    
Quadree Fourth-born child. Quadrees African American
Quahhar Dominant   Arabic
Quain Clever Quayn French
Quamby Shelter Quambi Australian Aboriginal

"\kwn\" or "\kwn\

Quality, Unity, Aspiration, Nobility; Fragrant Quanah Chinese; Comanche
Quan-van Allowed   Vietnamese
Quana Fragrant Quanah Native American
Quant Quantity Quanta, Quantae, Quantah, Quantai, Quantay, Quante, Quantea, Quantey, Quantez Greek
Quay From the wharf.   English
Qudamah Courageous Qudam, Qudama Arabic
Quddus Holy Qudus Arabic
Qued Decorated robe.   Kiowa
Quenby From the woman's estate. Quenbi, Quenbie Scandinavian
Quennel Dweller by the little oak. Quenal, Quenall,Quenel, Quenell, Quennal, Quennall, Quennell Old French
Quentin The fifth, Fifth-born child. Kvintinuas, Quantin, Queintin, Queinten, Quienton, Quent, Quenten, Quenton, Quentyn, Quincy, Quintan, Quinten, Quintin, Quinton, Quintus, Quyntan, Quynten, Quyntin, Quynton, Quyntyn, Qwenton, Qwentyn, Qwyntan, Qwynten, Qwyntin, Qwynton, Qwyntyn Latin
Quenton From the Queen's town. Quentan, Quenten, Quentin, Quentyn English
Quigley From the Queen's meadow. Quiglea, Quigleah, Quiglee, Quigleigh, Quigli, Quiglie, Quigly Old English
Quill Feather Quil, Quyl, Quyll English
Quillan Cub Quilan, Quilen, Quilin, Quille, Quillin, Quillon, Quillyn, Quilon, Quilyn Irish
Quiller Writer Quiler Old English
Quillon Sword Quilon, Quyllon, Quylon Latin
Quimby Dweller by the queen's estate. Quembee, Quembey, Quemby, Quenbee, Quenbey, Quenby, Quinbee, Quinby, Quymbee, Quymbey, Quymbi, Quymbie, Quymby, Quynbee, Quynbey, Quynbi, Quynbie, Quynby Norse
Quin Wise Quinn Celtic
Quincy The fifth, From the fifth son's estate, Fifth-born child. Quincee, Quincey< Quinn, Quinnsey, Quinnsy, Quyncee, Quyncey, Quynn, Quynnsey, Quynnsy, Qunnsy, Quynsy Old French, Latin
Quinlan Very strong, Well-formed, Athletic. Quindlen, Quinlen, Quinlin, Quinn, Quinnlan, Quynlan, Quynlen, Quynlin, Quynlon, Quynlyn Irish
Quinn Fifth's son estate, Wisdom. Quin, Quyn, Quynn Irish, Gaelic
Quinto Home ruler.   Spanish
Quinton Fifth child; From the Queen's estate or town.   Latin; Old English
Quiqui Ruler of the house. A form of Henry. Quinto, Quiquin, Quyquy Spanish, German
Quirin Magic spell. Quiryn English
Quirino Mars - god of war    
Quiver Arrow holder. Quyver English
Quon Bright   Chinese
Qusay Distant Qusai Arabic


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