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L Girls baby names beginning with the letter L. If I have missed any, please add them. L

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Laughing Kookaburra Soft Toy


Name Meaning Derivations Origin
La'a Sunny   Tongan
Laaka Carefree, The lark bird.   Tongan
Labibi Lady Labiby French, Arabic
Labrenda Sword Labreana, Labreanah, Labreann, Labreanna, Labreannah, Labreanne, Labrenna, Labrennah, Labrinda, Labrindah, Labrynda, Labryndah Old Norse
Lace Delicate fabric.   English
Lacey Delicate fabric. lacea, Lacee, Laci, Lacia, Laciah, Laciann, Lacianna, Lacianne, Lacie, Lacy, Laicee, Laicey, Laici, Laicia, Laiciah, Laicie, Laicy, Laycee, Laycey, Layci, Layciah, Laycy English 
Lachandra The moon. Lachanda, Lachandah, Lachander, Lachandrah, Lachandrica, Lachandrice, Lachandryce American, Sanskrit
Laciana Beautiful one. Laci, Lacie Italian
Lachianina From the land of lakes. A feminine form of Lachlan. Lachianinah, Lachyanina, Lachyaninah, Lachlanee, Lachlani, Lachlania, Lachlanie, Lachlany, Locklanee, Locklaney, Locklani, Locklanie, Locklany Scottish
Lacole Victory of the people. A form of Nicole. Lacola, Lacolla, Lacolle, Lecola, Lecole, Lecolla, Lecolle Italian
Lacrecia Wealthy Lacrasha, Lacreash, Lacrasha, Lacreashia, Lacresha, Lacreshah, Lacreshia, Lacreshiah, Lacresia, Lacretia, Lacretiah, Lacretya, Lacretyah, Lacricia, Lacriciah, Lacrisha, Lacrishia, Lacrishiah, Lacrycia, Lacryciah, Lacrychya, Lacrychyah Latin
Lacy Delicate fabric. Larissa, Lacey English
Lada Goddes of beauty. Ladah, Ladia, Ladiah, Ladya, Ladyah Russian
Ladana The mother of the Gods. Ladanah, Ladann, Ladanna, Ladannah, Ladanne Finnish, Celtic
Ladancia The morning star. Ladanicah, Ladanicka, Ladanika, Ladanikah, Ladanyca, Ladanycah, Ladanycka, Ladanyka, Ladanykah French, Slavic
Ladasha Gift of God. Ladashah American, Russian, Greek
Ladawna The dawning. Ladawn, Ladawnah, Ladawne, Ladawnee, Ladawni, Ladawnia, Ladawniah, Ladawnie, Ladawny English
Ladivina Divine Ladivinah, Ladivine, Ladivyna, Ladivynah, Ladivyne, Ladyvyna, Ladyvynah, Ladyvyne English
Ladonna Lady Ladona, Ladonah, Ladonia, Ladoniah, Ladonnah, Ladonnia, Ladonniah, Ladonnya, Ladonnyah, Ladonya, Ladonyah Italian, Spanish
Laella Elf Lael, Laela, Laele, Laell, Laelle, Laila, Laila, Laile, Lailla, Laillah, Laille, Laylla, Laylle French, English


Flower from Canada ?? Laikyn Canadian
Laina Path, Roadway. A form of the surnames Lane and Laine.   English
Laiyla Singer of light. A form of Laila. Laila, Layla Russian
Lakeisha Life; Woman. Lakeishia, Aiesha, Aisha, Ayesha, Keasha, Keashia, Keashiah, Keesha, Keisha, Lakaiesha, Lakaisha, Lakasha, Lakecia, Lakeciah, Lakeesh, Lakeesha, Lakesha, Lakeshia, Lakeshiah, Lakeshya, Lakesia, Lakesiah, Laketia, Laketiah, Lakeysha, Lakeyshia, Lakenzia, Lakenziah, Lakenzya, Lakenzyah, Lakieshia, Lakisha, Lakia, Lakitia, Lakitiah, Lakta, Laktah, Lakytia, Lakytiah, Lakytya, Lakytyah Swahili, African American; Arab
Lambrini Light, Bright.   Greek
Lameika   Lameikh  
Lamya Dark-lipped. Lamia, Lamiah, Lamyah Arabic
Lan Orchid flower. Lana, Lanah, Lann, Lanna, Lannah Vietnamese
Lana Woolly; Light, Airy. The short form of Alannah, Handsome, Fair, Bright, Happy. The feminine form of Alain and Alan. Lanae, Lanah, Lanaia, Lanaya, Lanayah, Lanna, Lannah, Lannaia, Lannaya, Lanetta, Lanette, Lanne, Larna, Larnah  Latin; Hawaiian
Landa Wished-for, Star of the sea, Bitter. A form of Mary. Landah, Landrea Basque, Hebrew
Landra Counsellor Landrada, Landrah, Landrea, Landreah, Landria, Landriah, Landrya, Landryah German, Spanish
Lane Narrow lane, Little road. Laen, Laena, Laene, Lain, Laina, Lainah, Laine, Lainee, Lainey, Lanee, Laney, Lannee, Lanni, Lannia, Lanniah, Lannie, Layn, Layna, Laynah, Layne Middle English
Laneisha Life; Woman. Lanecia, Laneciah, Laneesha, Laneise, Lanesha, Laneshe, Laness, Lanessa, Lanesse, Laneysha, Lanisha, Lanysha Swahili, African American
Lanelle She is from the little road. Lanel, Lanela, Lanelah, Lanele, Lanell, Lanella, Lanellah Old French
Lanet Little graceful one. Laneta, Lanete, Lanett, Lanetta, Lanette Celtic
Langi Heaven Langia, Langie, Langy Tongan
Lani Sky, Heaven. Lanea, Lanee, Laney, Lania, Laniah, Lanie, Lannee, Lanney, Lanni, Lannia, Lanniah, Lannie, Lanny, Lannya, Lany, Lanya  Hawaiian 


A short form of Elaine, bright, shining light. Laine, Lane Old French
Lann Blade Lan, Lanita, Lanitah, Lanite, Lanna, Lannah, Lanyt, Lanyta, Lanytah, Lanyte Blade
Lanni Wooly; Light, airy. A short form of Allannah, handsome, fair, bright, happy. A feminine form of Alain or Alan. Lanea, Lanee, Laney, Lani, Lania, Laniah, Lanie, Lannea, Lannee, Lanney, Lannia, Lanniah, Lannie, Lanny, Lannya, Lany, Lanya, Lanyah Latin; Hawaiian
Lantha Purple flower. Lanthia, Lanthiah, Lanthya, Lanthyah Greek
Lanya Daughter; Female, girl or maid. L?ny Hebrew; Hungarian
Lapisi Rabbit   Tongan
Laqueena The queen. Laquanda, Laquanta, Laqueen, Laqueene, Laquena, Laquenda, Laquenah, Laquenda, Laquendra, Laquene, Laquenet, Laqueneta, Laquenete, Laquenett, Laquenetta, Laquenette, Laquinta, Laquintah, Laquynta, Laquyntah English
Laqueesha Life?    
Lara Shining, famous; Hut built on stony ground; Happy. A short form of Larissa. Larah, Laria, Lariah, Larra, Larrah, Larrya, Larryah, Larya, Laryah Latin; Australian Aboriginal; Greek 
Laraine  Sorrowful; Famous warrior; Crown of laurel leaves in the rain; Happy; Seabird. Larae, Laraen, Laraena, Laraenah, Laraene, Larain, Larainah, Laraine, Larainee, Larana, Laranah, Larane, Larayna, Laraynah, Larayne, Larein, Lareina, Lareinah, Lareine, Larena, Larenah, Larene, Lareyn, Lareyna, Lareynah, Lareyne, Larrain, Larraina, Larrainah, Larraine, Larrayn, Larrayna, Larraynah< Larrayne, Larrein, Larreina, Larreinah, Larreine, Larreyn, Larreyna, Larreynah, Larreyne, Lora, Lorae, Loraen, Loraena, Loraenah, Loraene, Lorain, Loraina, Lorainah, Loraine, Lorayn, Lorayna, Loraynah, Lorayne, Lorein, Loreina, Loreinah, Loreine, Loreyn, Loreyna, Loreynah, Loreyne, Lorraen, Lorraena, Lorraenah, Lorraene, Lorrain, Lorraina, Lorrainah, Lorraine, Lorrayn, Lorrayna, Lorraynah, Lorrayne, Lorrein, Lorreina, Lorreinah, Lorreine, Lorreyn, Lorreyna, Lorreynah, Lorreyne Latin; German; Old English; Greek; Latin 
Larana Sea bird Laranah, Larane, Larann, Laranna, Larannah, Laranne Latin
Larissa Cheerful Lacey, Lacy Russian
Latifah Gentle, Kind, Pleasant.   Arabic
Lassie Young girl, maiden    
Lata Creeper   Hindi
Latania Queen of the fairies. Latana, Latanah, Latanda, Latandra, Lataniah, Latanja, Latanna, Latanua, Latanya, Latona, Latonah, Latonee, Latoni, Latonia, Latoniah, Latonie, Latonna, Latonne, Latonshia, Latonya, Latonyah, Tania, Taniah, Tanya, Tanyah, Tonia, Toniah, Tonya, Tonyah French, Russian, African American
Latara Rocky hill. A form of Tara. Latarah, Lataria, Latariah, Latarya, Lotara, Lotarah, Lotaria, Lotarya, Tara, Tarah, Taria, Tariah, Tarya, Taryah Irish, African American
Lataree Wild fig; Bending branch. Latarea, Latarey, Latari, Latarie, Latary, Tarea, Taree Australian Aboriginal; Japanese
Latasha Born on Christmas day. A form of Natasha. Latashah, Latashia, Latisha, Latishah, Latysha, Latyshah Latin
Lateefa To caress Lateifa, Lateifah, Lateyfa, Lateyfah Arabic
Latia Latin princess. Lateena, Lateene, Latiah, Latin, Latina, Latinah, Latja, Latya, Latyah Latin, African American
Latika Small creeper plant. Latik, Latikah, Latyka, Latykah Hindi
Latina The little one. Latean, Lateana, Lateanah, Lateane, Lateen, Lateena, Lateenah, Lateene, Latinah, Latine, Latyn, Latyna, Latynah, Latyne French, English
Latisha Happy Laeticia, Laeticiah, Laeticya, Laeticyah, Laetisha, Laetitia, Laetizia, Laetiziah, Laetizya, Laetycia, Laetyciah, Laetyisha, Laetycya, Laetycyah, Laetyshya, Latashia, Lateacha, Lateacia, Lateachiah, Lateacya, Lateacyah, Lateashia, Lateashiah, Lateashya, Lateashyah, Latia, Latiah, Latice, Laticia, Laticiah, Latiesha, Latishia, Latissha, Latitia, Latyca, Latycah, Latycia, Latyciah, Latycya, Latycyah, Latysha, Latyshia, Latyshiah, Latysya, Latysysah Latin
Latona Goddess who gave birth to Diana and Apollo. latonah, Latonia, Latoniah, Latonja, Latonya, Latonyah Latin
Latoria Victory. A form of Victoria. latorea, Latoreah, Latoree, Latorey, Latori, Latoriah, Latorie, Latorio, Latorja, Latorray, Latorreia, Latory, Latorya, Latoyra, Latoyria, Latoyrrya Latin, African American
Latoya Victory. A form of Latoria. La Toia, Latoia, La Toiah, La Toya, La Toyah, Latoyia, Latoyiah Spanish
Latrice Noble, Well born. Latrecia, Latreciah, Latresh, Latresha, Latreshia, Latreshiah, Latreshya, Latrica, Latricah, Latricia, Latriciah, Latrisha, Latrishia, Latrishiah, Latrysha, Latryshia, Latryshiah, Latryshya Latin, African American
Lau Leaf   Tongan
Laukoka Yam Laumahi Tongan
Laulani Heavenly branch. Laulanea, Laulanee, Laulaney, Laulania, Laulaniah, Laulanie, Laulany, Laulanya, Laulanyah Hawaiian
Laura Laurel-crowned, Laurel leaves. Lara, Larah, Larain, Laraina, Larainah, Laraine, Lari, Laria, Lariah, Larie, Larinda, Larindah, Larinde, Laudr4a, Launda, Larua, Laurah, Laurain, Lauraina, Laurainah, Lauraine, Laureal, Laurlalea, Lauraleah, Lauralee, Lauralei, Lauraleigh, Lauraley,Lauralie, Lauralia, Lauraliah, Lauralie, Lauralin, Lauralia, Lauralinah, Lauraline, Lauraly, Lauralya, Lauralyn, Lauralyna, Lauran, Laurana, Laurane, Laure (Italian), Lauree, Laureen, Laureenah, Laureene, Laurel, Laurelle, Lauren, Laurena, Laurencia, Laurenia, Laurene, Laurentia, Laurentiah, Laurentya, Lara, Lawrah, Lawrea, Lawree, Lawrey, Lawri, Lawria, Lawriah, Lawriah, Lawrie, Lawry, Lawrya, Lawryah, Lora, Lorah, Larayne, Loree, Loreen, Loreena, Lorel, Lorelea, Lorelee, Loreleigh, Lorelll Lorelle, Loren, Lorena, Lorene, Lorenza, Lorettah, Loretta, Lorette, Lori, Loria, Loriah, Loriana, Lorianah, Loriane, Loriann, Loriann,a, Loriannah, Lorianne, Lorie, Loriel, Loriela, Lori3elah, Loriele, Loriell, Loriella, Loriellah, Lorelle, Lori'elle, Lorin, Lorind, Lorijnda, Lorindah, Lorine, Lory, Lorya, Loryah, Loryan, Loryana, Loryanah, Loryane, Loryann, Loryanna, Loryannah, Loryanne, Loryel, Loryela Latin 
Laura-Jane Combination of Laura and Jane. Laurel leaves and God is Gracious  Laura-Jayne Latin and Hebrew
Lauren Laurel-crowned Laura, Lara, Lora, Loretta, Lorraine, Lorena (Italian) Latin 
Laurie Crown of laurel leaves, Victory. A short form of Lauren and Laurel. Lari, Larie, Lary, Laure, Lauree, Laureen, Laureena, Laurelea, Laurelee, Laureleigh, Laurene, Lauri, Laurice, Laurina, Laurinah, Lauroine, Laurissa, Laury, Lauryna, Lurynah, Lauryne, Lawrea, Lawree, Lawrey, Lawri, Lawrie, Lawry, Lorea, Loree, Lorey, Lori, Loria, Loriah, Lory, Lorya, Loryah Latin
Laurita The laurel tree or sweet bay tree symbolic of honour and victory.
A form of Laura.
Larita, Laritah, Larrita, Larritah, Lorita, Loritah, Lorrita, Lorritah  Latin
Lautoka Plains Lautokah Tongan
Lava Molten rock.    
Lavani Necklace Lavanea, Lavanee, Lavaney, Lavania, Lavaniah, Lavany, Lavanya Tongan
Lavanya Cool, Beauty, Grace. Lavanyah Hindi
Lave Touch Lav Tongan
Laveda Purity Lavedah, Laveta, Lavetah, Lavete, Lavett, Lavetta, Lavette Latin
Lavelle She is purity. Lavel, Lavela, Lavelah, Lavele, Lavell, Lavella, Lavellah Latin, French
Lavender Botanical - the lavender shrub, A pale lilac colour. Lavenda, Lavendah English
Laveni The lavender shrub, a pale lilac colour. Lavenee, Laveney, Lavenia, Laveniah, Lavenie, Laveny, Lavenya, Lavenyah Tongan
Lavenita The lavender scent. Lavenit, Lavenitah, Lavenyt, Lavenyta, Lavenytah, Lavenyte Tongan
Laverne Like the spring; From the alder tree grove. Lavern, Laverna, Lavernia, Laverniah, Lavernya, Laverynah, Laveryne  Latin; Old French 
Lavina Purity, Lady of Rome. Lavena, Lavenah, Lavania, Lavaniah, Lavenia, Laveniah, Lavinah, Lavinia, Laviniah, Lavinie, Lavyna, Lavynah, Lavyne, Lavyni, Lavynia, Lavyniah, Lavyny, Lavynya, Lavynyah, Levenia, Leveniah, Levinia, Leviniah, Livinia, Liviniah, Louvinia, Louviniah, Lovina, Lovinah, Lovinia, Lovniah, Lovynia, Lovyniah, Lovynya, Lovynyah, Lyvina, Lyvinah, Lyvinia, Lyviniah, Lyvynya, Lyvynyah Latin
Lavinia Purity. Lavena, Lavenah, Lavania, Lavaniah, Lavenia, Laveniah, Lavinia, Laviniah, Lavinie, Lavyna, Lavynah, Lavyne, Lavyni, Lavynia, Lavyniah, Lavyny, Lavynya, Lavynyah, Levenia, Leveniah, Levinia, Leviniah, Livinia, Liviniah, Louvinia, Louviniah, Lovina, Lovinah, Loviniah, Lovynia, Lovyniah, Lovynya, Lovynyah, Lyvina, Lyvinah, Lyvinia, Lyviniah, Lyvynya, Lyvynyah Latin
Lavonna Young archer. Lavon, Lavona, Lavonah, Lavonda, Lavonde, Lavonder, Lavondria, Lavone, Lavonee, Lavoney, Lavonia, Lavoniah, Lavonica, Lavonika, Lavonie, Lavonn, Lavonna, Lavonnah, Lavonne, Lavonee, Lavonney, Lavonni, Lavonnie, Lavonny, Lavonnya, Levon, Levona, Levonah, Levone, Levonee, Levoni, Levonia, Levoniah, Levonna, Levonnah, Levonne, Levony, Levonya, Levonyah, Lovon, Lovona, Lovonah, Lovoni, Lovonia, Lovo9niah, Lovonie, Lovonna, Lovonnah, Lovonne, Lovony, Lovonya, Lovonyah French, African American
Lea Fatigued, Weary, Delicate.  Lei, Lee Hebrew 
Leaf The leaf of a tree or plant. Leaff, Leif, Leiff, Leyf, Leyff English
Leah Fatigued, Weary, Delicate. Lea, Lee, Leigha, Leia Hebrew
Leakiki Ocean waves. Leekiki, Leikiki, Leykiki Polynesian
Leala Faithful, Loyal. Leal, Lealia, Lealiah, Leanna, Leanne, Leel, Leela, Leelah, Lela, Lelah, Loyale, Loyola Old French
Leandra Like a lioness, Faithful, Loyal. Leandrah, Leanka, Leeandra, Leeandrah, Leiandra, Leiandrah, Leighandra, Leighandrah, Leodora, Leodorah, Leoine, Leolina, Leoline, Leonanie, Leonelle, Leyandra, Leyandrah Latin
Leanna / Leanne From the graceful meadow; Bounded; legal Lea-ann, Lea-anne, Leann, Leanna, Leannah, Leandra, Leandria, Leanka, Leeann, Leeanna, Leeanne, Leeona, Leeonah, Leiana, Leianah, Leiane, Leianna, Leiannah, Leianne, Leighana, Leighanah, Leighane, Leighann, Leighanna, Leighanne, Leyan, Leyana, Leyanah, Leyane, Leyann, Leyanna, Leyannah, Leyanne, Lian, Liana, Lianah, Liane, Liann, Lianna, Liannah, Lianne, Lyan, Lyana, Lyanah, Lyane, Lyann, Lyanna, Lyannah, Lyanne English; French
Leanore Light from the meadow. A form of Eleanor, Light. Leanora, Leanorah, Lanore, Lanoree, Lanorey, Lanori, Lanoriah, Lanorie, Lanory, Lanorya, Lanoryah Scottish, Old English
Lece Happy Lecee, Lecey, Leci, Lecie, Lecy French, Latin
Lecia   Alicia  
Leda Spartan queen    
Ledell Spartan queen    
Lee Field, meadow Leigh  
Leena Illumination    
Lei Heavenly child, flower; Ivory, whale's tooth. Alea, Aleah, Alee, Alei, Aleia, Aleiah, Aleigha, Aleighah, Aleya, Aleyah, Leah, Leaha, Lee, Leigh, Li, Lia, Liah, Ly, Lya, Lyah Hawaiian; Tongan
Leigh Field, meadow Lee  
Leiko Arrogant Leako, Leeko, Leyko Japanese
Leila Dark beauty, Born at night.   Arabic 
Leilani Child of heavenly flowers, Heavenly flowers. Lanea, Lanee, Laney, Lani, Lanie, Lany, Lealanea, Lealaneah, Lealanee, Lealaney, Lealani, Lealania, Lealaniah, Lealanie, Lealany, Leelanea, Leelaneah, Leelanee, Leelaney, Leelani, Leelania, Leelanie, Leelany, Leelani, Leelania, Leelaniah, Leelany, Leilanea, Leilanee, Leilaney, Leilani, Leilania, Leilaniah, Leilanie, Leilany, Leighlanea, Leighlanee, Leighlaney, Leighlani, Leighlania, Leighlanie, Leighlany, Lelanea, Lelanee, Lelaney, Lelani, Lelanie, Lelany, Leylanea, Leylanee, Leylaney, Leylani, Leylania, Leylaniah, Leylany Hawaiian
Leire Wished for, Star of the sea, Bitter. Liera, Leyra, Leyrah Basque, Hebrew
Leisi Lace Leasi, Leesi, Leysi Polynesian
Leita Chosen one Lita Spanish
Lekasha Life; Woman. A form of Aisha Lekeesha, lekeisha, Lekesha, Lekeshia, Lekeshiah, Lekeshya, Lekesia, Lekesiah, Lekesya, Lekicia, Lekiciah, Lekisha, Lekishah, Lekysha, Lekysia, Lekysya Swahili, Arabic
Lekeleka Of the moon.   Tongan
Lelei Wonderful   Tongan
Leli From the high tower, From Magdala. The Greek form of Magdalen. Lelia, Leliah, Lely, Lelya, Lelyah Swiss
Lena Temptress, Illustrious    
Lenise Lioness, a feminine form of Leonard, strong.   Teutonic
Lenora Like a lion Lenore, Leona  
Lenore Like a lion Lenora, Leona  
Leona Like a lion Lenora, Lenore  
Leonie Lioness like. The feminine form of Leon. Leocada, Leocadia, Leokadia, Leikadya, Leona, Leonarda, Leonce, Lencya, Leondra, Leondrea, Leondria, Leonee, Leonela, Leonelah, Leonella, Leonelle, Leoney, Leonia, Leonice, Leonni, Leonnie, Leontina, Leontine, Leontyna, Leontyne French


Champion Le Shana French



From the grey fortress, Low-lying meadow, Holly garden. Lesil, Leslea, Lesleah, Leslee, Leslei, Lesleigh, Lesley, Lesli, Lesslie, Lesly, Leslye, Lesma, Lesney, Lesra, Lezlea, Lezleah, lezlee, Lezlei, Lezleigh, Lezley, Lezli, Lezlie, Lezly Celtic, Gaelic, Scottish, Old English
Leta Happy Leata, Leatah, Leeta, Leetah, Leita, Leitah, Leyta, Leytah, Lyta, Lytah Latin
Letha Forgetful Leda, Lethia, Leitha, Leithia, Leta, Leythia, Leythiah, Leythya, Leythyah Greek
Leticia Happiness Latisha, Leisha, Leshia, Leshiah, Lethia, Lethiah, Letice, Letichia (Spanish), Leticya (Polish), Letisha, Letishah, Letisia, Letisiah, Letita, Letitah, Letitia (Latin), Letiticia, Letiza, Letizah, Letizia, Letiziah, Letycia, Letyciah, Letycya, Letycyah, Loutitia, Loutitiah, Loutytia, Loutytiah, Loutytya, Loutytyah Latin
Letifa Gentle Leitifa, Leitifah, Leitipha, Leitiphah, Letifah, Letipha, Letiphah, Letyfa, Letyfah, Letypha, Letyphah Arabic
Letisha Happiness Letish, Letisha, Letishya, Letysha, Letyshyia, Letysya Latin
Letitia Happiness Latisha, Leisha, Leshia, Leshiah, Lethia, Lethiah, letice, Letichia (Spanish), Leticya (Polish), Letisha, Letishah, Letisia, Letisiah, Letita, Letitah, Letitia (Latin), Letiticia, Letiza, Letizah, Letizia, Letiziah, Letycia, Letyciah, Letycya, Letycyah, Loutitiah, Loutytia, Loutytiah, Loutytya, Loutytyah Latin
Leto The hidden one. Mother of Apollo and Artemis. Letto Greek
Letricia Noble Letriciah, Letricya, Letrycya Latin
Letty Happiness. The English short form of Charlotte, little, strong, courageous woman. Leta, Letee, Letey, Leti, Letie, Letta, Lettah, Lettee, Lettey, Letti, Lettie, Letty, Lety English
Leura Lava Lura, Lurah Australian Aboriginal
Levana White like the moon; Rising sun. Levanah, Levanna, Levannah, Levona, Levonah, Levonna, Levonnah, Livana, Livanah, Livanna, Livannah, Lyvana, Lyvanah, Lyvanna, Lyvannah Hebrew; Latin
Levani Anointed with oil. Levanee, Levaney, Levania, Levaniah, Levanie, Levany, Levanya Fijian
Levania Morning sun. Leavania, Leevania, Leivania, Levannia, Leyvania Latin
Leveni Raven Levenie, Leveny Tongan
Levia Attached, lioness of God. Leviah, Levya, Levyah Hebrew
Levina Lightning. The feminine form of Levi, united in harmony, promise. Livinah, Livinna, Lyvina, Lyvinah, Lyvyna, Lyvynah Middle English
Levona Spice or incense. Leavona, Leavonah, Leavonia, Leavoniah, Leavonna, Leavonnah, Leavonnia, Leevona, Leevonah, Leevonia, Leevoniah, Leevonna, Leevonnia, Leevoniah, Leivona, Leivonia, Leivoniah, Leivonna, Leivonnia, Leivonnya, Leighvona, Leighvonah, Leighvonna, Leighvonnah, Leighvonne, Leyvona, Leyvonah, Leyvone, Leyvonn, Leyvonna, Leyvonnah, Leyvonne, Livona, Livonah, Livone, Livonna, Livonnah, Livonne, Lyvona, Lyvonah, Lyvone, Lyvonna, Lyvonnah, Lyvonne Hebrew
Lexie Defender of humankind. A pet form of names beginning with "Alex". Lexee, Lexey, Lexy Greek
Leza The one who goes through; consecrated to God Leiza, Leeza, Leighza, Leighzah, Leizah, Leezah, Lezah African
Lhamu A Goddess. Lhamo Tibetan
Li Warrior   Chinese
Libba   Elizabeth  
Libby   Elizabeth, Leigh-bee  
Liberty Freedom    
Liesel God is my oath. Liesl, Elizabeth (German) German
Lilac Bluish Lilah  
Lilah Bluish Lilac  
Lilia Bluish    
Lilibeth Lily flower; sacred; holy to God. A combination of Lily and Elizabeth. Lilibet, Lilibeta, Lilibete, Lillibet, Lillibeta, Lillibete, Lillibeth, Lillybet, Lillybeta, Lillybete, Lillybeth, Lillybett, Lillybetta, Lillybette, Lilybet, Lilybeta, Lilybete, Lilybeth, Lilybett, Lilybetta, Lilybette, Lylibet, Lylibeta, Lylibete, Lyllibet, Lillybeta, Lyllibette, Lyllibeth, Lyllybet, Lyllybeta, Lyllybete, Lyllybeth, Lyllybett, Lyllybetta, Lyllybette, Lyllybeth, Lylybet, Lylybeta, Lylybete, Lylybeth, Lylybett, Lylybetta, Lylybette, Lylybeth English
Liliko Bird Lilliko, Lyliko Tongan
Lilipili The myrtle tree. Lillipilli Australian Aboriginal
Lilis Spirit of the night Lilisa, Lilise, Liliss, Lilissa, Lilisse, Lylis, Lyisa, Lylise, Lyliss, Lylissa, Lylisse, Lylys, Lylysa, Lylyse, Lylyss, Lylyssa, Lylysse Hebrew
Lilith Belonging to the night; Lily; Serpent Lillis, Lillith, Lyllyth, Lilyth, Lylyth Arabiv; Latin; Hebrew
Lilian / Lillian A lily or God's oath Lillian, Lili, Lilia, Lilianah, Liliana, Lilianah, Liliane, Lilliana, Lillianah, Lilliane, Lillianna, Lilliannah, Lillianne, Lilias, Lilibet, Lilibeth, Lilion, Lilleigh, Lillet, Lillis, Lilyan, Lilybeth, Lyli, Lylia, Lyliah, Lylian, Lyliana, Lylianah, Lyliane, Lyliann, Lylianna, Lyiannah, Lylianne, Lylias, Lylibet, Lylibeta, Lylibeth, Lylion, Lylyon Latin 
Lilike Lily flower.   Hungarian
Lilliana A combination of Lillian and Anna, A graceful Lily, Graceful oath to God. Liliana, Lilianah, Lillianah Latin and Hebrew
Liljaana Pure lily. Liliaana, Lilianna, Liljanna, Lilyana, Lilyanna Finnish
Lilo Generous. Kind; Lily Lilow Hawaiian; Latin
Lily The Lily flower. God's oath. Lilea, Lileah, Lilee, Lilei, Lileigh, Liley, Lili, Lilia, Liliah, Lilie, Lillea, Lilleah, Lillee, Lillei, Lilleigh, Lelley, Lilli, Lillie, Lilly, Lylea, Lyleah, Lylei, Lyleigh, Lylee, Lylei, Lyleigh, Lyley, Lylie, Lyllea, Lylleah, Lylle, Lyllei, Lylleigh, Lilli, Lillie, Lylly, Lyly, Lilike (Hungarian) Latin, Arabic 
Limber Happiness Limba, Limbah, Limbera, Lymba, Lymbah, Lymber, Lymbera  
Limu Seaweed   Tongan
Lin Beautiful jade stone. Lina, Linah, Linn, Linna, Linnah, Lyn, Lyna, Lynah, Lynn, Lynna, Lynnah Chinese
Lina Light; Tender  Linah, Lyna, Lynah Italian, Spanish; Arabic
Linda Pretty one, beautiful Lidnah, Lindka, Lynda, Lyndah, Lynde, Lyndee, Lynden  Spanish 
Lindel From the open valley pool. Lindal, Lindall, Lindil< Lyndal, Lyndall, Lyndel, Lyndell, Lyndil Old English
Linden Flexible shield Lindan, Lindin, Lindon, Lyndan, Lynden, Lyndin, Lyndon, Lyndyn Old English
Lindie Pretty, beautiful Lindea, Lindee, Lindey, Lindi, Lindy, Lyndea, Lyndee, Lyndey, Lyndi, Lyndie, Lyndy Spanish
Lindsay From the linden-tree island, waterside. Lindsee, Lindsei, Lindsey, Lindsie, Lindsy, Linze, Linzey, Linzie, Lyndsay, Lyndsey, Lyndsie, Lynzy, Lyndsay, Lyndsey, Lyndzee, Lyndzey, Lyndzi, Lyndzie, Lyndzy Old English
Lindy Serpent; Linden tree  Linda,Lindea, Lindee, Lindi, Lindie, Lyndea, Lyndee, Lyndi, Lyndie, Lyndy Teutonic; Old English
Linet Little, shapely one. Lineta, Linetah, Linete, Linett, Linetta, Linettah, Linett, Linnet, Linneta, Linnetah, Linnete, Linnett, Linnetta, Linnettah, Linnette, Lynet, Lyneta, Lynetah, Lynete, Lynnett, Lynnetta, Lynnettah, Lynnette English
Linette Graceful, Little; Lineet bird (finch) Linet, Lineta, Linetah, Linete, Linett, Linetta, Linettah, Linnet, Lineta, Linnetah, Linnete, Linnett, Linnettah, Linnettah, Linnette, Lynet, Lyneta, Lynetah, Lynete, Lynnett, Lynnetta, Lynnettah, Lynnette Celtic; Old French
Ling Delicate   Chinese
Linleigh From the pool in the meadow. Linlea, Linleah, Linlee, Linlei, Linley, Linli, Linlia, Linliah, Lnlie, Linly, Lynlea, Lynleah, Lynlee, Lynlei, Lynleigh, Lynley, Lynli, Lynlia, Lynliah, Lynlie, Lynly English
Linnea The linden tree; Small pink mountain flower that was named after the Swedish botanist Carl Linnaeus Linea, Lineah, Linneah, Lynea, Lyneah, Lynnea, Lynneah, Linaea, Linnea, Lenae, Linna, Linnae, Linnaea, Lynae, Lynea, Lynnea, Lynneah Scandinavian
Liolya Shining light. A form of Helen Lenuschka, Lenushka, Lenusya, Liolia, Lioliah, Liolyah, Lyolya, Lyolyah Russian
Liona Little lioness Lionah, Lione, Lionee, Lioney, Lioni, Lionia, Lioniah, Lionie, Liony, Lyona, Lyonah, Lyone, Lyonee, Lyoney, Lyoni, Lyonia, Lyoniah, Lyonie, Lyony, Lyonya, Lyonyah, Lona, Lonah Latin, English 
Lionetta Little lioness Lionet, Lioneta, Lionetah, Lionete, Lionett, Lionettah, Lionette, Lyonet, Lyoneta, Lyonetah, Lyonete, Lyonett, Lyonetta, Lyonetttah, Lyonette Latin, English
Liora Light Liorah, Lyora, Lyorah Hebrew
Lira River Lirah, Lirra, Lirrah, Lyra, Lyrah, Lyrra, Lyrrah Australian Aboriginal
Lirit Lyre music. Lirita, Lirite, Lyrit, Lyrita, Lyrite Greek
Liron The song is mine. Lirona, Lironah, Lirone, Lyron, Lyrona, Lyronah, Lyrone Hebrew
Lirra Wren Lira Australian Aboriginal
Lis Lily Lys French
Lisa Honey bee. A short form of Melissa. A form of Elizabeth, holy, Sacred to God. Leaca, Leasa, Leasah, Leasa, Leassah, Leaza, Leazah, Leca, Lecah, Leeca, Leecah, Leesa, Leesah, Leeza, Leezah, Leisa, Leisah, Leisel, Leisl, Lesia, Liesa, Liesah, Lisah, Lisanna, Lisannah, Lisanne, Lisay, Lise, Lisett, Lisetta, Lisette, Lissa, Lissah, Lissay, Lisya, Liza, Lizah, Lizza, Lizzah, Lysa, Lysah, Lyssah, Lyza, Lyzah, Lyzza, Lzzah Greek
Lisha Darkness before midnight. Lishah, Lishe, Lysha, Lyshah, Lyshe Arabic
Lisbet   Elizabeth  
Lisle From the island. Leasel, Leasela, Leaselah, Leasele, Leasle, Leesel, Leesela, Leeselah, Leesele, Leesle, Leisel, Leisela, Leiselah, Leisele, Leisle, Lisel, Lisela, Liselah, Lisele, Lysel, Lysela, Lyselah, Lysele Old English
Liss From the court. Lis, Lys, Lyss Celtic
Lissa Honey bee. A short form of Melissa. Lissah, Lyssa, Lyssah Greek
Lissilma There   Native American
Lita Strong woman.  The short form of names ending in lita. Eg. Lolita Leahta, Leahtah, Leata, Leatah, Leeta, Leetah, Leita, Leitah, Leighta, Leightah, Leta, Letah, Leyta, Leytah, Litah, Lyta, Lytah Spanish, English
Litonya Darting hummingbird. Litania, Litaniah, Litanya, Litanyah, Litonia, Litoniah, Lytania, Lytaniah, Lytanya, Lytanyah, Lytonia, Lytoniah, Lytonya, Lytonyah Moquelumnan
Liubov Love   Russian
Liv Olive. A short form of Olivia. Livi, Livie, Livy, Lyv, Lyvi, Lyvie, Lyvy Latin
Livana White like the moon; Graceful olive tree. Livanah, Livane, Livanna, Livannah, Livanne, Lyvan, Lyvanah, Lyvanne Hebrew; Latin


Joining; Olive tree. A short form of Olivia. Liviah, Liviya, Liviyah, Lyvia, Lyviah, Lyvya, Lyvyah, Olivia, Oliviah, Olivya, Olivyah, Olyvia, Olyiah, Olyvya, Olyvyah Hebrew; Latin
Liviya Brave lioness, Crown. Livia, Liviah, Liviyah, Lyvia, Lyviah, Lyvya, Lyvyah, Olivia, Oliviah, Olivya, Olivyah, Olyvia, Olyviah, Olyvya, Olyvyah Hebrew
Livona Spice Livonah, Lyvona, Lyvonah Hebrew
Liz Holy, sacred to God. A short form of Elizabeth. Lizz, Lyz, Lyzz English 
Liza Holy, sacred to God. A short form of Elizabeth. Leaca, Leasa, Leasah, Leassa, Leassah, Leaza, Leazah, Leca, Lecah, Leeca, Leecah, Leesa, Leesah, Leezxa, Leezah, Leisa, Leisah, Leisel, Leisl, Lesia, Liesa, Liesah, Lisa, Lisah, Lisanna, Lisannah, Lisanne, Lisay, Lise, Lisett, Lisetta, Lisette, Lissa, Lissah, Lissay, Lisya, Lizah, Lizza, Lizzah, Lysa, Lysah, Lyssa, Lyssah, Lyza, Lyzah, Lyzza, Lyzzah Hebrew, English 
Lizbeth Holy, sacred to God. A short form of Elizabeth. Lisabet, Lisabeta, Lisabetah, Lisabete, Lisabeth, Lisabett, Lisabetta, Lisabettah, Lisabette, Lisabetth, Lizabet, lIzabeta, Lizabette, Lysabet, ysabeta, Lysabetah, Lysabette, Lysabeth, Lysabett, Lysabetta, Lysabettah, Lyzabetah, Lyzabete, Lyzabeth, Lyzbett, Lyzabetta, Lyzabettah, Lyzabette, Lyzabeth English 
Lizina Holy, Sacred to God. A form of Elizabeth. Lixena, Lixenah, Lixina, Lixinah, Lixyna, Lixynah, Lizinah, Lizine, Lizyna, Lizynah, Lizyne, Lyxina, Lyxinah, Lyxyna, Lyxynah, Lyzina, Lyzinah, Lyzine, Lyzyna, Lyzynah, Lyzyne Latvian
Lizzette My God is bountiful, God of plenty. Form of Elizabeth. Lizete, Lizette, Lizzete, Elizabeth English, American
Llawella Leader, Lioness. A feminine form of Lleqelyn, lion-like friend, lightning. Lawella Welsh
Llian Linen Lian, Liana, Lianah, Liane, Lliana, Llianah, lliane, Lliann, Llianna, Lliannah, Llianne, Llan, Llyana, Llyanah, Llyane, Llylann, Llyanna, Llyannah, Llyanne Welsh
Loa Storm clouds. Loah Tongan
Locke Fortified place.   Old English
Lockett Necklace, Keepsake. Locket, Locketa, Lockete, Locketta, Lockette French
Lodema Guide Lodemah, Lodemai Old English
Lofa Storm bird. Lofah Tongan
Logan Hollow. Logann Scottish, Gaelic
Loila Sky Loilah, Loyla, Loylah Australian Aboriginal
Lois Famous warrior. The feminine form of Louis. Loiss, Loissa, Loisse, Loys, Loyss, Loyssa, Loysse Greek
Loiyetu Flower blooming.   Native American
Lokalia Rose garland. Lokaliah, Lokalya, Lokalyah Hawaiian
Loke Rose   Hawaiian
Lola Strong woman. Lolah, Carlota Spanish
Lole Lollies, Candy, Attractive. Lolea, Loleah, Lolee, Lolei, Loleigh, Loli, Lolie, Loly Tongan
Lolita Sorrow Loleata, Loleatah, Loleate, Loleeta, Loleetah, Loleete, Loleita, Loleitah, Loleighta, Loleta, Loletah, Lolit, Lolitah, Loyta, Lolytah, Lolyte Spanish
Lolly Sweet one, Candy. Lolea, Loleah, Lolee, Lolei, Loleigh, Loley, Loli, Lolia, Loliah, Lolie, Lollea, Lolleah, Lollee, Lollei, Lolleigh, Lolley, Lolli, Lollie, Loly English
Lolotea Gift Lolotee, Loloti, Lolotia, Lolotie, Loloty Zuni
Lomasi Pretty flower. Lomasee, Lomasey, Lomasie, Lomasy Native American
Lona Solitary Alona, Alonah, Alone, Alonna, Alonnah, Alonne, Llona, Llonah, Llone, Llonna, Llonnah, Llonne, Lone, Lonee, Loney, Lonlea, Lonleah, Lonlee, Lonlei, Lonleigh, Lonli, Lonia, Loniah, Lonlea, Lonleah, Lonlee, Lonlei, Lonleigh, Lonley, Lonli, Lonlia, Lonliah, Lonlie, Lonly Middle English, Latin 
Longo Quiet   Tongan
Loni Solitary; Lioness. Lonea, Loneah, Lonee, Loney, Lonia, Loniah, Lonie, Lonnea, Lonnee, Lonney, Lonni, Lonnia, Lonniah, Lonnie, Lonny, Lonnya, Lony, Lonya, Lonyah English; Latin
Lopeka Famous, Brightness.   Hawaiian
Lopini The robin bird.   Tongan
Lora Alluring one, Siren, Wine; Laurel-crowned, Victory. Lara, Laura, Laurah, Lauren, Lawra, Lawrah, Lorah, Lorra, Lorrah, Loretta, Lorraine Latin; Latin
Loree Alluring one, Siren, Wine; Laurel-crowned, Victory.  A form of Lorelei. Lore, Lorey, Lori, Lorie, Lorre, Lorree, Lorrey, Lorri, Lorrie, Lorry, Lory Latin; Latin
Lorelei Alluring one, Siren. Loralea, Loraleah, Loralee, Loralei, Loraleigh, Loraley, Lorelea, Loreleah, Lorelee, Loreleigh, Loralyn, Loralynn, Lorilea, Lorileah, Lorilee, Lorilei, Lorileigh, Loriley, Lorili, Lorilia, Loriliah, Lorilie, Lorily, Lorylea, Loryleah, Lorylee, Lorylei, Loryleigh, Loryley, Loryli, Lorylie, Loryly German
Lorelle Laurel, Wreath, Laurel tree. A form of Laurel. Laurel, Laurell, Laurelle, Lorel, Lorell, Lorelle, Lorrella, Lowrelle Latin
Loren / Lorena Crown of laurel leaves, Victory. Lauran, Lauren, Laurin, Laurina, Laurinah, Laurine, Lauron, Laurun, Lauryn, Lauryna, Laurynah, Lauryne, Lawran, Lawren, Lawrin, Lawrina, Lawrinah, Lawryn, Lawryna, Laryne, Lawron, Lawrun, Lawryn, Loran, Lorana, Loranah, Loren, Lorenah, Lorene, Lorin, Lorina, Lorinah, Lorine, Loryn, Loryna, Lorynah, Loryne Latin
Loretta Laurel-crowned Lara, Lauren, Laura, Lora, Lorraine  
Loris Pale; Clown Chloris, Chlorys, Loreace, Lorase, Loreece, Loreese, Lorisa, Lorisah, Lorise, Loriss, Lorissa, Lorissah, Lorisse, Loryce, Lorys, Lorysa, Lorysah, Loryse, Loryss, Loryssa, Loryssah, Lorysse Greek; Dutch
Lorissa Crown of Laurel leaves. Victory. Lorisa, Lorisah, Lorise, Lorissah, Lorisse, Lorys, Lorysa, Lorysah, Loryse, Loryss, Loryssa, Loryssah, Lorysse Latin
Lorna Lost Love; Crown of laurel leaves. victory. Female form of Lorne. Lornah, Lorne, Lornee, Lorney English; Latin
Lorraine Laurel-crowned Lara, Lauren, Laura, Lora, Loretta  
Losa Rose Losah Polynesian
Lose Rose Losa Tongan
Lotu Admired   Tongan
Lotus Dreamer, the lotus flower. Lottus Greek
Lou Leaf; Famous warrior. Loulou, Lou-Lou, Lu, Lulu, Lu-Lu Tongan; German
Louam Sleep well. Louama Ethiopian
Lough Lake Lou Irish
Louisa / Louise Famous warrior. The feminine form of Louis. Aloise, Aloisia, Aloysia, Eloisa, Eloise, Heloise (French), Labhaoise (Irish), Lasche, Lawis, Lawisa, Lawisah, Lawise, Leot, Leweese, Leweez, Liudvika, Liusadh (Scottish), Lisette (French), Lodoiska, Loisa, Loisah, Loise, Louisa, Louisah, Louisetta, Louisette, Louiz, Louiza, Louizah, Louize, Louyz, Louyza, Louyzah, Louyze, Lova, Lyce, ludoisia, Ludoisya, Luis, Luisa, Luisah, Luise, Luiz, Luiza, Luizah, Luize, Luys, Luysa, Luysah, Luyse, Luyz, Luyze, Luyzah, Luyze German
Lourdes From Lourdes in France   French Geographical
Lourie Bird with bright feathers. Louree, Louri, Louria, Louriah, Loury African
Louvaine She-wold, fierce. Louvain, Louvaina, Louvayn, Louvayna, Louvaynah, Louvayne, Luvain, Luvaina, Luvainah, Luvaine, Luvayn, Luvayna, Luvaynah, Luvayne French
Lovai Heavy rain; She is loved. Lovae, Love, Lovia, Lovie, Lovy, Lovya, Lovyah, Luv, Luvi, Luvia, Luviah, Luva, Luvyah Tongan; English
Loveona Love and peace. Loveon, Lovona, Lovonah, Luveonah, Luvona, Luvonah English
Luca Bringer of light; The feminine form of Lucas Lucah, Lucka, Luckah, Luka, Lukah Italian / Latin
Lucette Light, illumination Lucet, Lucete French
Lucille Bringer of light. Loucil, Loucila, Loucilah, Loucile, Loucill, Loucilla, Loucillah, Loucille, Lucila, Lucilah, Lucilah, Lucile, Lucill, Lucilla, Lucillah, Lucyl, Lucyla, Lucylah, Lucyle, Lucyll, Lucylla, Lucyllah, Lucylle, Lusil, Lusila, Lusilah, Lusile, Lusill, Lusilla, Lusillah, Lusille, Lusyl, Lusyla, Lusylah, Lusyle, Lusyll, Lusylla, Lusyllah, Lusylle, Luzel, Luzela, Luzelah, Luzele, Luzell, Luzella, Luzellah, Luzelle English
Lucinda Bringer of light. Loucind, Loucinda, Loucindah, Loucinde, Loucint, Loucinta, Loucintah, Loucinte, Loucynd, Loucynda, Loucyndah, Loucynde, Loucynta, Loucyntah, Loucynte, Lousind, Lousinda, Lousindah, Lousinde, Lousynd, Lousynda, Lousyndah, Lousynde, Lousinta, Lousyntah, Lousynte, Lucind, Lucindah, Lucinde, Lucynd, Lucynda, Lucyndah, Lucynta, Lucyntah, Lucynte, Lusind, Lusinda, Lusindah, Lusinde, Lusinta, Lusintah, Lusinte, Lusynda, Lusyndah, Lusynta, Lusyntah, Lusynt, Luzinda, Luzindah, Luzinde, Luzinta, Luzintah, Luzinte, Luzynda, Luzyndah, Luzynde, Luzynta, Luzyntah, Luzynte Latin
Lucy Bringer of light. The feminine form of Luke. Liucija, Liusadh (Scottish), Lleuleu, Lucasta, Luce (French), Lucea, Lucee, Luci, Lucia (Italian/Spanish), Luciah, Lucian, Luciana, Lucianah, Luciann, Lucianna, Luciannah, Lucianne, Lucie (French/German), Lucien, Luciena, Lucienah, Luciene, Lucienna, Luciennah, Lucienne (French), Lucila, Lucilah, Lucile, Lucilla, Lucille, Lucina, Lucinah, Lucind, Lucinda, Lucindah, Lucine, Lucinta, Lucintah, Lucinte, Lucita, Lucitah, Lucka, Lucya, Lucyah, Lucyan, Lucyana, Lucyanah, Lucyane, Lucyann, Lucyanna, Lucyannah, Lucyanne, Lucye, Lucyee Latin
Ludella Renowned, Cleaver. Ludela, Ludelah, Ludell, Ludellah Old English
Ludmilla Loved by the people. Ludmila, Ludmilah, Ludmile, Ludmyla, Ludmylah, Ludmylla, Ludmylle, Ludovika Slavic
Luella Famous Loella, Loellah, Loelle, Looela, Looelah, Looele, Looella, Looellah, Looelle, Louela, Louelah, Louele, Louella, Louellah, Ludel, Ludela, Ludelah, Ludele, Ludella, Ludellah, Ludelle, Luela, Luelah, Luele, Luell, Luellah, Luelle Old English
Luisa Famous warrior. A form of Louisa. Loeasa, Loeasah, Loease, Loeaza, Loeazah, Loeaze, Looesa, Looesah, Looese, Louisa, Louisah, Louise, Luisah, Luiza, Luizah, Luysa, Luysah, Luyse, Luyza, Luyzah, Luyze Spanish, German
Luighseach Princess Lucy, Lucie Irish Gaelic
Lulu Rabbit; Owl; Pearl; Soothing, fairy. Looloo, Lolo, Loulou, Lou-Lou, Lulu, Lu-Lu Native American; Tongan; Arabic; English
Lupine Wolf-like Lipina, Lupinah, Lupyna, Lupynah, Lupyne Latin
Lure One who attracts Lura, Lurah Latin
Lurine Alluring Lurrine Latin
Lute Friendly   Polynesian
Luteola Yellow orchid. Luteolah Latin
Luvena Little beloved one Louvena, Louvenah, Luvenah, Luvenna, Luvennah Latin / English
Luyu Pecking bird   Moquelumnan
Luz Light Luzee, Luzi, Luzie, Luzija, Luzy Spanish
Luzana Rose?    
Lycoris Twilight Licoris Greek
Lydia Beautiful, Womanly. Lydya, Lidi, Lidia, Lidya, Lidiya Greek
Lyla From the island. The feminine form of Lyle. Lila, Lilah, Lylah French
Lynda / Linda Pretty Lindah, Linnda, Linndah, Lyndah, Lynnda, Lynndah Spanish
Lyndal Lake Lindal, Lyndall, Lindall, Lyndel Scottish


Lincoln's marsh, Island of the Linden trees. Lindsee, Lyndsay, Lyndsee, Lyndsie, Lyndsy English
Lynelle Derived from Lyn Lynele  
Lynette Uncertain; Idol; From the little pool Linet, Lineta, Linetah, Linete, Linett, Linetta, Linettah, Linette, Linnet, Linneta, Linnetah, Linnete, Linnett, Linnetta, Linnettah, Linnette, Lynet, Lyneta, Lynetah, Lynete, Lynnett, Lynnetta, Lynnettah Old French; Welsh; Old English
Lynfa From the place near the lake. Linfa, Linfah, Lynfah Welsh
Lynn Pool. The short form of Lynette. Lin, Linell, Linn, Linne, Linnet, Linnetta, Linnette, Lyn, Lydel, Lyndell, Lyndelle, Lynna, Lynne, Lynell, Lynelle, Lyneth, Lynett, Lynetta, Lynette, Lynlea, Lynleah, Lynlee, Lynlei, Lynleigh, Lynley, Lynli, Lynlia, Lynliah, Lynlie, Lynlly, Lynne, Lynnella, Lynelle, Lynly Old English
Lynx Wild cat. Linx American
Lyonella Young lioness, Cub. The feminine form of Lionel. Lionela, Lionele, Lionella, Lionelle, Lyonela, Lyonele, Lyonelle French
Lyric Song words. Liric, Lirick, Lirik, Liriqu, Lirique, Lyrick, Lrik, Lyriqu, Lyrique, Lyryk, Lryqu, Lyryque English, Latin
Lyris Player of the harp, Lyrical. Liris, Lirisa, Lirise, Liriss, Lirissa, Lirisse, Lyra, Lyrah, Lyrisa, Lyrisah, Lyrise, Lyriss, Lyrissa, Lyrisse, Lyrysa, Lyrysah, Lyryrssa, Lyryssah Greek
Lysandra Freedom, Defender of humankind Lisandra, Lisandrah, Lysanna, Lysannah, Lysanne, Lyshae Greek
Lyzabeth Holy, Sacred to God. A form of Elizabeth. Lisabet, Lisabeta, Lisabetah, Lisabete, Lisabeth, Lisabett, Lisabetta, Lisabettah, Lisabette, Lisabetth, Lizabet, Lizabeta, Lizabette, Lizabett, Lizabetta, Lizabette, Lizbet, Lizbeta, Lizbete, Lizbeth, Lizbett, Lizbetta, Lizbette, Lysabet, Lysabeta, Lysabetah, Lysabete, Lysabeth, Lysabett, Lysabetta, Lysabettah, Lysabette, Lyzabet, Lyzabeta, Lyzabetah, Lyzabete, Lyzbett, Lyzabetta, Lyzabettah, Lyzabette, Lyzabetth Hebrew
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