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U Girls baby names beginning with the letter U. If I have missed any, please add them. U

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Name Meaning Derivations Origin
U Gentle   Korean
Uadjit Mythical name of the cobra goddess.   Egyptian
Ualani Heavenly rain. Ualana, Ualanah, Ualanea, Ualanee, Ualaney, Ualania, Ualanie, Ualany, Ualanya, Ualanyah Hawaiian
Ualusi Walrus   Tongan
Uchenna God's will.  Uchena Nigerian
Uda Prosperous one. Udah Teutonic, Old English
Udele Prosperous Udele Teutonic, Old English
Udiya God's fire. Udiyah Hebrew
Ugolina Intelligent; Heart, mind. A feminine form of Hugo / Ugo. Hugolin, Hugolina, Hugolinah, Hugoline, Hugolyna, Hugolynah, Hugolyne, Ugolin, Ugolinah, Ugoline, Ugolyna, Ugolynah, Ugolyne Teutonic; Old German
Uha Rain   Tongan
Uha-Tea Sun shower.   Tongan
Uhila Lightning Uhilah, Uhilla, Uhillah, Uhyla, Uhylah, Uhylla, Uhyllah Tongan
Uinise Victory   Polynesian
Ujana Noble excellence. Jana, Janah, Ujanah, Uyana, Uyanah Breton
Ujila Light that is bright. Ujilah Hindi
Ula Jewels of the sea; Inheritor; Wealthy. Eula, Oola, Uli, Ulah, Ulia, Ulla, Ullah Celtic; Old German; Spanish
Ulalia Speaks sweetly. Ulaliah, Ulalya, Ulalyah Greek
Ulani Light-heartd. Ulana, Ulanah, Ulane, Ulanee, Ulaney, Ulania, Ulanie, Ulany, Ulanya, Ulanyah Hawaiian
Ulema Intelligent one, Wisdom. Uleama, Uleamah, Uleema, Uleemah, Ulemah, Ulima, Ulimah, Ulyma, Ulymah Arabic
Ulla To fill; Wilful; Wisdom. Ula, Ulah, Ullah Old French; German, Old Norse; Arabic
Ulrica Ruling wolf; Wolf. The French form of Ulrich. Ulricah, Ulricka, Ulrickah, Ulrika (Russian), Ulrikah, Ulriqua, Ulrique, Ulriques (French), Ulryca, Ulrycah, Ulrycka, Ulryckah, Ulryka (Polish), Ulrykah, Ulryqua, Ulryque, Ulva, Ulvah Teutonic; Old Norse
Ultima Great Ultimah, Ultyma, Ultymah Latin
Ulu Second-born child.   Nigerian
Uluaki First-born child.   Polynesian
Ululani Heavenly inspiration. Ululanee, Ululaney, Ululani, Ululania, Ululaniah, Ululanie, Ululany, Ululanya Hawaiian
Ulva Wolf, Courage, Fierce ruler. Ulvah Norse
Uma Peace; Nation; Mother. Umah Sanskrit; Hebrw; Hindi
Umali Generous   Hindi
Umay Hopeful Umai Turkish
Umayma Little mother. Umaymah Arabic
Ume Plum blossoms flower.   Japanese
Umeko Plum blossoms child, Patience.   Japanese
Umiko Sea child.   Japanese
Umina Sleeping child. Uminah, Umyna, Umynah Australian Aboriginal
Umm Mother   Arabic
Umniya Desired Umnyah Arabic
Impina Water lily. Umpinah, Umpyma, Umpymah Australian Aboriginal
Una Good memory; Lamb; One. Juno, Ona, Oona, Oonagh, Unagh, Unah, Unitee, Unitey, Untiy, Wony Hopi; Irish; Latin
Undina Wave of water. Ondin, Ondina, Ondinah, Ondine, Ondyn, Ondyna, Ondynah, Ondyne, Undinah, Undine, Undyn, Undyna, Undynah, Undyne Latin
Undurra Silver wattle tree (tree with little yellow flowers). Undura, Undurah, Undurrah Australian Aboriginal
Unique The only one. Unica, Uniqua, Uniqua, Unique Latin
Unity Together Unita, Unite, Unitea, Unitee, Unitey, Unyt, Unyta, Unytea, Unytee, Unytey, Unyti, Unytie, Unyty Middle English
Unn She is loved. Un, Una, Unah, Unna, Unnah Norwegian
Unna Woman Una, Unah, Unnah Icelandic, German
Unnea Linden tree. Unea, Uneah, Unneah Old Norse
Upala Beach Upalah Hindi
Urana Quail flapping its wings in flight. Uranah, Uranna, Urannah Australian Aboriginal
Urania Heavenly Uraina, Urainah, Urainia, Urainiah, Uranie, Uraniya, Uranya, Uranyah Greek
Urbana Belonging to the town. Urbanah, Urbanna, Urbannah Latin
Urbi Princess Urbia, Urbiah, Urby, Urbya, Urbyah Nigerian
Uri God's light. Ure, Urie, Ury Hebrew
Uriana Heaven Riana, Rianna, Riann, Rianne, Urianna, Uriannah, Urianne, Uryan, Uryana, Uryanah, Uryane, Uryann, Uryanna, Uryanne Greek
Uriel Angel of light.    
Urika Useful Urica, Uricah, Uricka, Urickah, Urikah, Uriqua, Uryca, Urycah, Uryka, Urykah, Uryqua Omaha
Urilem My light belonging to God   Hebrew
Urilla God is my light    
Urit Light Urice, Urita, Uritah, Urith, Uryt, Urita, Urytah Hebrew
Urith Deserving Uritha, Urithah, Uryth, Urythah Teutonic
Ursa Female bear, Little bear. Ursah, Ursea, Ursey, Ursi, Ursie, Ursy Greek
Ursula Female bear, Little she-bear. Orsa, Orscha, Orsche, Orselina, Orseline, Orsola (Irish), Orsolija, Sula, Ursa, Ursala, Ursel, Ursina, Ursine, Ursola (Spanish), Ursule (French), Ursulina, Ursuline, Ursylyn, Ursulyna, Ursulyne, Urzsula, Urzsulah, Urzula (Polish), Urzulah, Worsola Latin
Urte Thorny bush. Urta, Urtah Latin
Usha Sunrise Ushah, Ushas Sanskrit
Ushi Ox Ushee, Ushie, Ushy Chinese
Ushmil Warm   Hindi
Ut From the east.   Vietnamese
Uta Rich heroine; poem, song. Utah, Utako German; Japanese
Utah Mountain dweller. Uta, Utar Spanish
Utano Song field. Utan, Utana, Utanah Japanese
Utatci Scratching bear.   Native American
Utina Woman of my country. Uteana, Uteanah, Uteena, Uteenah, Utinah, Utyna, Utynah Native American
Uzza Mighty Uza, Uzah, Uzzah Arabic
Uzzia God is strong. Uzia, Uziah, Uzya, Uzyah, Uzziahm, Uzzya, Uzzyah Hebrew


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