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F Girls baby names beginning with the letter F. If I have missed any, please add them. F

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Name Meaning Derivations Origin
Fabayo Lucky birth. Fabio Nigerian
Fabia Prosperous bean grower. The feminine form of Fabian. Fabiah, Fabiana, Fabianah, Fabiann, Fabianna, Fabiannah, Fabianne, Fabienn, Fabienna, Fabiennah, Fabienne (French), Fabiola (Spanish), Fabiolah, Fabya, Fabyah, Fabyan, Fabyana, Fabyanah, Fabyane, Fabyann, Fabyanna, Fabyannah, Fabyanne Latin
Fabrienne Little blacksmith. The feminine form of Fabron. Fabrian, Fabrianah, Fabriann, Fabrianna, Fabriannah, Fabrianne, Fabrien, Fabriena, Fabrienah, Fabriene, Fabrienn, Fabrienna, Fabriennah, Fabryan, Fabryana, Fabryanah, Fabryane, Fabryann, Fabryanna, Fabryannah, Fabryanne, Fabryen, Fabryena, Fabryenah, Fabryene, Fabryenn, Fabryenna, Fabryennah, Fabryenne French
Fabrizia Worker Fabriziah, Fabrizya, Fabrizyah, Fabryzia, Fabryziah, Fabryzya, Fabryzyah Italian
Fadila Virtue, Purity. Fadilah, Fadyla, Fadyah Arabic
Fai Stingray Fae, Faie, Faya, Fayah, Fayana, Fayanah, Fayann, Fayanna, Fayannah, Fayanne, Faye, Fayet, Fayett, Fayetta, Fayettah, Fayette, Fayin, Fayina, Fayinah, Fayine, Fei, Fey, Feya, Feyah, Feye Tongan
Faina / Faine Joyful Fainah, Faine (Teutonic), Fayna, Faynah, Fayne, Feana, Feanah, Fenna, Fennah Old English
Fair Fair-haired Faira, Fairlea, Fairleah, Fairlee, Fairlei, Fairleigh, Fairley, Fairli, Fairlia, Fairliah, Fairlie, Fairly Old English
Fairlee From the yellow meadow. Fairlea, Fairleah, Fairlei, Fairleigh, Fairley, Fairli, Fairlia, Fairliah, Fairlie, Fairly, Fairlya, Fayrlea, Fayrleah, Fayrlee, Fayrlei, Fayrleigh, Fayrley, Fayrli, fayrlia, Fayrliah, Fayrlie, Fayrly Fayrlya Old English
Faith To trust, Forever true. Faeth, Faethe, Faithe, Fayeth, Fayethe, Fayth, Faythe, Fidel, Fidela, Fidelahk, Fidele, Fidella, Fidellah, Fidelle, Fidelia, Fidelaih, Fidelitee, Fidelitey, Fideliti, Fidelitie, Fidelity Middle English
Faizah Victorious Faiza, Fayza, Fayzah Arabic
Falala Trustworthy Falalah Tongan
Falda Folding wings. Faida, Faidah, Faldah, Fayda, Faydah Icelandic
Faline Cat-like Falean, Faleana, Faleanah, Faleane, Faleen, Faleena, Faleenah, Faleene, Falina, Falinah, Falinia, Faliniah, Falyn, Falyna, Falynah, Falyne, Felina, Felinah, Feline, Felinia, Feliniah, Felyn, Felynah, Felyne Latin
Fallon The ruler's granddaughter. Fallan, Fallann, Fallanna, Fallannah, Fallanne, Fallen, Fallenn, Fallenna, Fallennah, Fallenne, Fallin, Fallina, Fallinah, Falline, Fallona, Fallonah, fallone, Fallonia, Falloniah, Fallonya, Fallonyah, Fallyne Irish, Gaelic
Falzah Triumph Falza  
Fanchon Freedom Fanchona, Fanchonah, Fanchone French
Fancy Engaged; Decorative. Fancee, Fanci, Fancia, Fancie French; English
Faren Wandering Faran, Fare, Farin, Farina, Farine, Faron, Farona, Farrahn, Farran, Farrand, Farren, Farrin, Farron, Farryn, Farye, Faryn, Feran, Ferin, Feron, Ferran, Ferren, Ferrin, Ferron, Ferryn English
Farica Peace-ruler. Faricah, Faricka, Farika, Farikah, Fariqua, Fariquah, Farique, Faryca, Farycah, Farycka, Faryka, Faryqua, Faryquah, Faryque Teutonic
Farrah Beautiful, Pleasant; Happiness. Fara, Farah, Faran, Farana, Farand, Faranda, Farande, Farane, Faria, Fariah, Farra, Farrand, Farranda, Farrande, Farria, Farriah, Farrya, Farryah, Farya, Faryah Old English, Arabic
Fataneh A temptress, seducer, enticing. Fatanah Arabic
Fatima Daughter of the prophet Fatimah, Fatma, Fatmah, Fatyma, Fatymah Arabic
Faun Young deer. Fauna, Faunah, Faune, Faunia, Fauniah, Fauny, Faunya, Faunyah, Fawn, Fawna, Fawnah, Fawne, Fawnia, Fawniah, Fawny, Fawnya, Fawnyah Latin


Happy, Lucky. Faustah, Faustean, Fausteana, Fausteanah, Fausteane, Fausteen, Fausteena, Fausteenah, Fausteene, Faustin, Faustina (Italina), Faustinah, Faustine, Faustyn, Faustyna, (Polish), Faustynah, Faustyne Latin
Faustine Lucky   Latin
Favor Helper Favora, Favorah, Favore, Favour, Favoura, Favourah, Favoure Old French
Fawn Young deer; Reddish/Brown-haired. Faun, Fauna, Faunah, Faune, Faunia, Fauniah, Fauny, Faunya, Faunyah, Fawna, Fawnah, Fawne, Fawnia, Fawniah, Fawny, Fawnya, Fawnyah Old French
Faxon Long-haired. Faxan, Faxana, Faxanah, Faxane, Faxann, Faxanna, Faxanah, Faxanne, Faxen, Faxin, Faxina, Faxinah, Faxine, Faxyn, Faxyna, Faxynah, Faxyne German
Fay Fairy or Elf, True. Fae, Fai, Faie, Faya, Fayah, Fayana, Fayanah, Fayan, Fayanna, Fayannah, Fayanne, Faye, Fayet, Fayett, Fayetta, Fayettah, Fayette, Fayin, Fayina, Fayinah, Fayine, Fei, Fey, Feya, Feyah, Feye Old French
Faye Fairy or Elf Fay Old French
Fayme Famous reputation. Faim, Faima, Faime, Fama, Fame, Faym, Fayma Old French
Fayola Lucky Faiola, Faiolah, Fayolah Nigerian
Fedora Divine gift   Greek
Felicia Happiness Felicity  
Felicity Happiness Felicia  
Femke Little girl; A pet form of German names beginning with the element 'frid' meaning peace. Famke Frisian; Dutch
Fennella White shoulder   Irish
Fereleth Carrier of light.   Gypsy


Flame, Little flame. Fiamma Italian
Fianna In Irish mythology, Fianna were warrior hunters. Fiana, Fiannah, Fyana, Fyanna, Fyannah Irish, Celtic
Fiona White Fionn, Fionnula  
Fionan Fair   Irish
Fionn White Fiona, Fionnula Irish
Fionnula White shoulder. Fiona, Fionn, Fionnghuala, Fionnuala Irish, Gaelic
Flavia Derived from the Latin surname Flavius which is taken in turn from the adjective flavius meaning "blond, with blond hair." Flaviana Italian
Fleur Prosperous, flowering Florence, Flo, Flora French
Flo Prosperous, flowering Fleur, Flora, Florence  
Flora Prosperous, flowering Fleur, Flo, Florence Italian, Spanish
Florence Prosperous, flowering Fleur, Flo, Flora  
Floria Flowering Floriane, Florrie, Flower  
Floriane Flowering Floria, Florrie, Flower  
Florida Flourishing    
Florrie Flowering Floria, Floriane, Flower  
Flower Flowering Floria, Floriane, Florrie  
Fotina Free; From "Photinus" meaning luminous, light.   Teutonic; Italian
Fran A free woman Frances  
Frances A free woman Fran  
Francesca A free woman, freedom. A form of Frances. Fran, Frances, Franceska, Francessca, Francesta, Franchesca, Francheska, Francisca, Franciska, Franciszka, Franciszka, Frantiska, Franzet, Franzeta, Franzetah, Franzete, Franzett, Franzetta, Franzettah, Franzette, Franziska, Franzyska Italian
Frederica Peace Fredrica  
Fredrica Peace Frederica  
Freesia A type of flower named after German botanist Friedrich HT Freese.   German
Freya Goddess of love, fertility and beauty. Fraja, Fray, Fraya, Frayah, Freia, Freiah, Freja, Frehah, Frey, Freyah Scandinavian
Fridrun Peaceful wisdom. Fredrun, Frydrun Teutonic
Frieda Peace, joy.    
Fritzi Peaceful ruler. A feminine form of Fritz. Fritzee, Fritzey, Fritzie, Fritzy, Frytzee, Frytzey, Frytzi, Frytzie, Frytzy Teutonic
Frodina Intelligent friend. Frondinah, Frodine, Frodyn, Frodyna, Frodynah, Frodyne German
Fronde Leafy branch. Fronda, Frondah Latin
Fronia Forehead Froniah, Fronya, Fronyah Latin
Fuji Wisteria tree. Fujee, Fujie, Fujy Japanese
Fujo Her parents are divorced.   Swahili
Fulande Flower Fuland Hindi
Fulla Full Fula, Fulah, Fullah German
Fulvia Tawny, Fair/brown-haired. Fulvi, Fulviah, Fulvie, Fulvy, Fulvya, Vulvyah Latin
Fusi Banana Fusee, Fusie, Fusy Polynesian
Future Unknown future. Futura, Futurah, Futuria, Futuriah, Futurya, Futuryah Latin
Fuyu Winter   Japanese
Fynballa Fair-shouldered Finbala, Finbalah, Finballa, Finballah, Fynbala, Fynbalah, Fynballah Gaelic



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