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Q Girls baby names beginning with the letter Q. If I have missed any, please add them. Q

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Name Meaning Derivations Origin  
Qadesh Egyptian Goddess Qadesha, Qadeshah, Quedesh, Quedesha Egyptian


Qadira Powerful Kadira, Kadirah, Qadirah, Qadyra Arabic
Qamra Moon Kamra, Qamrah Arabic
Qiana Soft, synthetic material (QIANA made in the 1970's by DUPONT® - faux silk type fabric)   American
Qitarah Fragrant Qitara, Qyntara, Qyntarah Arabic
Quaashie Born on a Sunday. Quashi, Quashie, Quashy Ewe
Quahah Beads of white coral Quaha Pueblo
Quaneisha Life; Woman. Quanecia, Quanesha, Quanesia, Quanisha, Quanishia, Quansha, Quarnisha, Queisha, Quenisha, Quenishia, Quynecia, Quynesha, Quynesia, Quynisha, Quynishia, Quynsha, Qunecia, Qynisha, Qynysha Swahili; Arabic
Quanika Dedicated to God. A form of Nikah, belonging to God. Quanikka, Quanikki, Quanique, Quanyka, Quanykka, Quanykki, Quanyque, Quantenique, Quantenyque, Quaqanica, Quaqanyca, Quawanika, Quawanyke Russian
Quarraalia Star Quaralia, Quaraliah, Quarraliah, Quaralya, Quaralyah, Quarralya, Quarralyah Australian Aboriginal
Quartilla Fourth-born child. Quartila, Quartilah, Quartile, Quartillah, Quartille, Quartyla, Quartylah, Quartyle, Quartylla, Quartyllah, Quartylle, Quintila, Quintilah, Quintile, Quantilla, Quintillah, Quiantille, Quintyla, Quintylah, Quintylla, Quintyllah, Quintila, Quyntillah, Quyntille, Quiyntyla, Quyntylah, Quyntyle, Quyntylla, Quyntyllah, Quyntylle Latin
Qubilah Harmony Quabila, Quabilah, Quabyla, Quabylah, Qubila, Quybla, Quyblah Arabic
Queanbeyan Clear water. Queenbeyan Australian Aboriginal
Queen, Queenie, Queena Queen or female companion Queran, Queana, Queanah, Queanee, Queaney, Queani, Queania, Queaniah, Queanie, Queany, Queanya, Queanyah, Queenah, Queenation, Queenee, Queenet, Queeneta, Queenete, Queenett, Queenetta, Queenette, Queeney, Queeni, Queenia, Queeniah, Queenika, Queenique, Queeny, Queenya, Queenyah, Quenna, Queenah English
Queisha Life; Woman Qeyshia, Qeyshiah, Qeysha, Queishah, Queshia, Queshiah, Queshya, Queshyah, Queysha Swahili; Arab
Quelita Queen of joy. Queleata, Queleatah, Queleeta, Queleetah, Queleta, Queletah, Quelitah, Quelyta, Quelytah American
Quella Quiet. Quela, Quele, Quellah, Quelle Old English
Quenby From the woman's estate. Queenbea, Queenbee, Queenbey, Queenbi, Queenbie, Quenbye Swedish
Quenna Queen. Quenell, Quenella, Quenelle, Quenessa, Quenesse, Queneta, Quenete, Quenetta, Quenette, Quenna, Quennah English
Querida Beloved; Asked for. Queridah, Queryda, Querydah Swedish; Spanish
Questa Searcher; On a quest. Quest, Questah, Queste French
Queta Ruler of the house. The feminine form of Henry. Quetah Spanish
Quieta Quiet. Quietah, Quiete, Quietta, Quiettah, Quiette, Quyeta, Quyetah, Quyete, Quyetta, Quyettah, Quyette English
Quirita Citizen Quiritah, Quirite, Quiritta, Quirittah, Quiritte, Quiryta, Quirytah, Quirytta, Quirytte, Quyryta, Quyrytah, Quyrytta, Quyryttah, Quyrytte Latin
Quiterie Tranquil Quita, Quitah, Quiteree, Quiteri, Quiteria, Quiteriah, Quitery, Quyta, Quytah, Quyterree, Quyteri, Quyteria, Quyteriah, Quytery Latin, French
Quoba Good Quobah Australian Aboriginal


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