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C Boys baby names beginning with the letter C. If I have missed any, please add them. C

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Cable Rope maker. Cabe, Kabe, Kable Old English
Cadal Warrior Cadall, Kadal, Kadall Celtic
Cadby Dweller by the warrior's estate. Cadbee, Cadbey, Cadbi, Cadbie Old Norse, Old English
Caddoc Warrior. Keen for battle. Caddock, Cadock, Cadok Welsh
Cade Battle warrior. Caid, Cayd Welsh
Cadell Battle in the valley. Cade, Cadel, Caden, Caidel, Caidell, Caydel, Caydell, Cayden Celtic
Caden Irish - Spirit of War
Celtic - Warring Ethos
Welsh - Spirit of War
Caeden, Caiden, Cayden Irish, Celtic, Welsh
Cadeyrn King of battle. Caderyn Welsh
Cadfan High battle. Caedfan, Caidfan, Caydfan Welsh
Cadfer Lord of battle. Caedfer, Caidfer, Caydfer Welsh
Cadman Warrior Cadmen, Caedman, Caidman, Caydman Celtic
Cadmar Brave warrior. Cadmer, Cadmir, Caedmar, Caidmar, Caydmar Celtic
Cadmus The founder king of Thebes in Greek mythology.   Greek
Cadoc Warlike one.   Welsh
Cadwallader War leader.   Welsh


Spirit of battle; Companion. Cadan, Cade, Cadell, Caden, Caidan, Caiden, Caydan, Kaden, Kadin, Kaeden, Kayden Welsh; Arabic
Caelan Powerful in battle. Caelen, Caelin, Caelon, Caelyn, Cailan, Cailen, Cailin, Cailon, Cailyn, Calan, Calcalin, Cale, Callan, Callen, Callin, Caylan, Caylen, Caylin, Caylon, Caylyn Irish, Gaelic
Caesar Imperial. Long haired. Caesare, Caesario, Caesarius (Swedish, Danish), Casar (German), Casare (Italian), Cesar (French, Spanish, Portuguese), Kaiser, Saecer, Saeser, Tsar Latin
Caffer Protection for the head in battle. Helmet.   Celtic
Cahil Young, Naive.  Cahill, Kahil, Kahill, Kahyl, Kahyll Turkish
Cahir Warrior Cahyr, Kahir, Kahyr Celtic
Cai Happy Cae, Caio, Caius, Caw, Cay, Kae, Kai, Kay Welsh, Latin
Caiden Comes from Caden    
Caillum Dove   Welsh
Cain Spear, Possession; Tribute Caen, Caene, Cainan, Caine, Caineth, Cayn, Cayne, Cayneth, Kain, Kayn, Kayne Hebrew; Gaelic
Caine Spear Cain  


Strong man.   Irish
Cairn Landmark piled with stones. Cairne, Cairnes, Carn, Carne, Carnes, Cayrn, Cayrne, Cayrnes Welsh
Cairo Geographical - the capital of Egypt. Cayro, Kairo, Kayro Arabic
Caislav Glory. Victory. Honour. Cayslav, Kaislav, Kayslav Slavic
Caius Of the Roman gens of Caius.   Latin
Cal A short form of names beginning with "Cal".   Latin
Calder From the rough water stream with the stones. Cale English, Scottish
Caldwell Dweller by the old stream. Caldwel, Kaldwel, Kaldwell Old English
Cale Faithful. A short form of Caleb. Cael, Caell, Cail, Caill, Calle, Cayl, Cayll, Kael, Kaell, Kail, Kaill, Kale, Kayl, Kayll Hebrew
Caleb Faithful, bold, victorious dog. Caelab, Cailab, Calab, Cale, Caley, Caylab, Cayleb, Kaylab, Kaleb Hebrew, Arabic
Caley Slender one from the meadow. Calea, Caleah, Calee, Caleigh, Caley, Cali, Calie, Callea, Calleah, Callee, Calleigh, Calley, Calli, Callie, Cally, Caly, Kalea, Kaleah, Kalee, Kaleigh, Kaley, Kali, Kalie, Kaly Irish, Old English
Calhoun Hero warrior of the forest. Calhoon, Colhoun, Colquhoun, Kalhoon, Kalhoun Irish
Calisto Most beautiful. Derived from the Greek word Kallistos. Callisto, Callistus Greek
Calix Very handsome    
Callaghan Conflicted Calaghan, Calahan, Callahan, Kalaghan, Kallaghan, Kallahan Irish
Callagun Blue fig. Calagun, Kalagun, Kallagun Australian Aboriginal
Callan The sparrow-hawk bird Calan, Calen, Calin, Callen, Callin, Callon, Callyn, Calon, Calyn, Kalan, Kalen, Kalin, Kallan, Kallen, Kallin, Kallon, Kallyn, Kalin, Kalon, Kalyn Australian Aboriginal
Callis Goblet or cup. Chalice. Calliss, Callys, Callyss, Kallis, Kalliss, Kallys, Kallyss Latin
Callum Dove, peace; Follower of St Columbious. Gentle. Calam, Calem, Calim, Callam, Callem, Callim, Calum, Callym, Colm, Colum, Kallum, Kalum Irish; Scottish, Gaelic
Calvert Cowboy, Herder of calves Calbert, Calburt, Kalbert, Kalvert Old English
Calvin Bald one. Caiv, Calvan, Calven, Calvino (Italian, Spanish), Calvon, Calbun, Calvyn, Kalvan, Kalven, Kalvin, Kalvon, Kalvun, Kalvyn Latin
Cam Bent nose or Loved. The short form of Cameron Cameron, Kam Gypsy
Camden Dweller in the winding, windy valley Camdan, Camdin, Camdon, Camdyen, Camdyn, Kamdan, Kamden, Kamdin, Kamdon, Kamdyn Irish
Cameron Crooked. Bent nose; Happy. Camar, Camaron, Cameran, Camerson, Camiren, Camiron, Camron (Scottish), Cameran, Camerin, Camran, Camrin, Camron, Cameryn, Kameran, Kameren, Kamerin, Kameron, Kameryn Scottish, Gaelic; Kurd
Camilo Ceremonial attendant; Born in freedom. Camiel, Camillo, Camilow, Camillus, Kamillo, Kamillow, Kamilo (Tongan), Kamyllo, Kamylo Tongan, French
Camlo Lovely Camlow, Kamlo, Kamlow Gypsy
Campbell Crooked, bent mouth; From the beautiful, bright field. Cambel, Cambell, Camp, Kambel, Kambell, Kamp, Kampbell Scottish, Gaelic; French
Canada Cabin. Geographical - the country. Canadah, Kanada, Kanadah Iroquois
Candide White Candid, Candida, Candide (French), Candido (Latin), Candonino, Kandida, Kandide, Kandido French


Handsome, Attractive one. A form of Coinneach. Canyce, Kanice, Kanyce Celtic, Irish
Cannon Church official, Cannon, Gun Shooter. Canan, Canen, Canin, Cannan, Cannen, Cannin, Cannyn, Canon French
Cantrell Singer Cantrel Latin
Canute Knot; White-haired /complexioned; Race. Cnut, Cnute, Kanut, Kanute, Knud, Knut (Scandinavian), Knute Scandinavian; Latin; Old Norse


Handsome. A form of Kevin.   Irish


Slender place.   Irish
Cappi Prosperity, Luck, Good fortune, Profit. Cappee, Cappey, Cappie, Cappy, Kappee, Kappey, Kappi, Kappie, Kappy Gypsy, Italian
Car From the castle. Carr, Kar, Karr Irish
Caradoc Friend, Amiable. Caractacus, Caradawg, Carartacos, Carthae, Carthage, Karadoc Welsh
Carden One who combs out wool fibres, A card. Cardan, Cardin, Cardon, Cardyn Old French
Cardew Black foot. Carew Old Welsh
Carey Pure.; From the castle on the rocky island. Care, Caree, Carre, Carrey, Carry, Cary Greek; Welsh
Carl Strong, Courageous. A form of Charles. Cael, Cahal, Carlan, Carlew, Carlin, Carlos (Spanish), Carlo (Italian), Karl, Karlan, Karlew, Karlin, Karlo, Karlos Old German
Carleton From Carl's town, From the town of Charles, From the strong, courageous town. Carlton Old English
Carlin Little champion; Strong, courageous one frm the pool. Carlan, Carlen, Carley, Carli, Carlie, Carling, Carlino, Carlon, Carly Irish; Old English
Carlisle From Carl's island, From Charles' island; Dweller at the strengthened castle. Carlyle Old English; Celtic
Carlos Contraction of Charles, Strong, Courageous. Carlo, Carolo, Charlo, Chalos Italian, Spanish
Carlton from Carl's / Charles' town, From the strong, courageous town. Carleton, Charlton Old English
Carmen Vineyard of the Lord. Carmeli, Carmelo (Hebrew), Carmen, Carmi, Carmiel, Carmine, Carmyn, Carmyne Arabic
Carmelo Fruitful orchid.  Carmel (Arabic), Karmel, Karmelo, Karmilo Hebrew
Carmichael Friend of St Michael; From the castle of St Michael.   Scottish; Irish
Carmine Song, Red. Carman, Carmen, Carmon, Karmine Latin
Carnell One who defends the castle. Carnel, Karnel, Karnell English
Carney Victorious warrior. Carnee, Carney, Carnie, Karnee, Karney, Karni, Karnie, Karny Irish
Carol Strong, Courageous, Farmer, Graceful; Joyful Christmas song. Carollan German, Hebrew; English
Carr From the marsh. Car, Carson, Carsten, Carvel, Kar, Karr, Karson, Karsten, Karvel, Kerr, Kerwin Scandinavian, Norse
Carrick A rock, From the rocky headland, Cliff. Carric, Carrik, Carringon, Karric, Karrick, Karrington Gaelic
Carroll Strong, Courageous; Joyful Christmas song; Champion warrior. Carol, Carrol, Karrol, Karroll German; English; Celtic
Carson Son of Carr, Son of the marsh dweller. Carsan, Carse, Carsen, Carsin, Carsyn English, Scottish
Carsten Blessed, Annointed one; A follower of Christ, Christian. Karsten (Swedish) Greek; German
Carswell Dweller at the watercress stream. Carswel, Carswold, Karswel, Karswell, Karswold Old English
Carsyn Son of Carr. Carsen, Carsin, Carson English, Scottish
Carter Cart maker and driver. Cart, Cartar, Cartor, Kart, Kartar, Karter, Kartor Old English
Cartland From the island, From the cart builder's land. Cartlan, Kartlan, Kartland Scottish, England
Cartwright Cart maker. Cartright English
Carvel Song; From the wood carver's village. Carvell, Carvelle, Karvel, Karvell, Karvelle Manx; French
Carver One who carves wood, Sculptor. Carvar, Carvir, Carvor, Kavar, Kaver, Kavir, Kavor English
Cary Loving, From the castle. Caree, Carey, Cari, Carie, Caree, Carrey, Carri, Carrie, Carry, Karee, Karey, Kari, Karie, Karree, Karrey, Karri, Karrie, Karry, Kary Celtic
Casey Brave, Aggressive warrior. Casee, Casi, Casie, Cassee, Cassey, Cassi, Cassie, Casy, Caswell, Casy, Cayse, Caysewell, Cazzee, Cazzey, Cazzi, Cazzie, Cazzy, Kasee, Kasey, Kasi, Kasie, Kassee, Kassey, Kassi, Kassie, Kassy, Kasy, Kazee, Kazey, Kazzee, Kazzey, Kazzi, Kazzie, Kazzy, Kazy Irish
Cash Vain; Wealth, Money. Cashe Latin; English
Cashel Fortified, strengthened castle wall. Cashell Irish
Cashlin From the little castle by the stream. Cashlind, Cashlyn Celtic
Casimir Peace is announced. Casimiro (Spanish), Caximir, Caximier, Kashis, Kashmir, Kasimir (German, Slavic), Kazimier, Kazimerz, Karmer Polish
Caslav Honour, Glory. Castilav, Kaslav Slavic
Casper Guardian of the treasure. Caspar, Caspir, Gappe, Gaso, Gaspar, Gasparas, Gaspard, Gaspardo, Jaspar, Jasper, Josper, Kaspar, Kasparas, Kaspe, Kasper, Kaspers, Kaspir, Kuanoi Persian
Cass Clever, curly-haired one. A short form of names starting with "Cas".   Irish
Cassidy Clever, curly-haired. Cassian, Cassidee, Cassidey, Cassidi, Cassidie, Cassion (Italian), Casius, Caskey, Kassidee, Kassidey, Kassidi, Kassidie, Kassidy, Kassion, Kasius, Kaskey Irish
Cassie Prophet; Clever, curly-haired one. A short form of names starting with "Cas". Casi, Cassi, Cassy Greek; Irish
Cassius Vain Casius, Cassio (Italian) Latin
Castimir Peace, Honour.   Slavic
Castle From the castle.   Latin
Castor Beaver; Castle attendant. Castar, Caster, Castir Latin; Old English
Catalin Magical wizard. A masculine form of Caitlin, pure pool. Caitalin Irish
Cater One who caters for parties. Cat, Cate, Catee, Catey, Cati, Catie, Caty English


Mighty, Wise in the eye of the battle. Battle mighty. A masculine form of Cathy, purity. Cathel, Cathol Celtic, Gaelic
Cathbert Bright, Famous. Courtenay (French), Courtland, Courtlandt, Courtney, Cudbert, Cudbright, Cumbert, Curcio, Curtell, Cuthbrid, Curtys Old English
Cathmor Great warrior; From the pure moor. A masculine form of Cathy, purity. Cathmore, Cathmoor, Cathmoore, Cathmore Irish, Gaelic; Old English
Cato Cautious wisdom. Caton Latin
Cavan Handsome   Irish
Cavanaugh Handsome Cavan, Caven, Cavin, Cavon, Kavanaugh Irish
Cavell Little, Active; From the cave valley. Cavel, Kavel, Kavell Old French; Old English
Cavill From the field of jackdaw. Cavil, Caville, Kavil, Kavill, Kaville Old English
Cawley Ancestral relic, Ancient; From the cow meadow. Calea, Cawleah, Cawlee, Cawleigh, Cawli, Cawlie, Cawly Scottish, Old Norse; Old English


Spirit of battle; Companion. Cadan, Cade, Cadell, Caden, Caidan, Caiden, Caydan, Kaden, Kadin, Kaeden, Kayden Welsh; Arabic


Victorious warrior. A form of Carroll.   Irish
Cecil Unseeing. A masculine form of Cecelia. Cacilius (Dutch), Caecilianus, Caecilius, Cecile, Cecilius (Dutch), Cesilio, Cecilus, Cescis, Cecyl, Kilian, Seisyllt, Sitsyllit Latin
Cedomil Child of love. Cedomilo  Slavic
Cedric Gift, Splendour; War chief. Cadadoc, Caddaric, Cedrick, Cedrik, Ceredic, Cerdic, Cedro, Cidro Welsh; Old English
Cedro Cedar, Juniper tree.   Spanish
Celerino Faster Celerin Latin
Celestine Little moon; Little heavenly one. Celestino (Italian), Celestyn (Polish) Greek, French, Latin
Cemal Handsome Cemal Arabic
Cephas Stone Cephus Aramaic
Cerdic Beloved Caradoc, Caradog, Ceredig, Ceretic Welsh
Cerek Lord Cerik Polish
Ceri Loved   Welsh
Cesar Imperial. Long-haired. Caesar, Casar, Cesare, Cesareo, Cesario, Cesaro, Ceser, Cesir, Cesor Latin
Ceslav Honour. Glory.  Cestislav Illyrian
Chace Hunter. Chaice, Chaise, Chase, Chayce, Chayse English
Chad From the warrior's estate. The short form of Chadwick. Ceadd, Chaad, Chadd, Chaddi, Chaddie, Chaddy, Chadleigh, Chadler, Chadley, Chadlin, Chadlino, Chadlyn, Chadlyno, Chadman, Chadmen, Chado, Chadron, Chady Old English
Chadrick Mighty warrior. Combination of the name Chad and Rick (short for Richard) Chaderic, Chaderick, Chaderik, Chadrick, Chadrik, Chadryc, Chadryck, Chadryk German
Chadwick From the mighty warrior's estate. Chadwic, Chadwik, Chadwyc, Chadwyck, Chadwyk Old English
Chago Replacer. A form of James Chango, Chanti Spanish
Chahaya Light Chahayah Indonesian
Chaim Life Chai, Chaimek, Chaym, Chayme, Haim, Khaim Hebrew
Chalmer Head of the house. Chalmers, Chalmr, Chamar, Chamarr Scottish
Champion Flat and open area. The best. Champyon Latin; English
Chan Shining bright. Chann, Channo, Chano, Chayo Sanskrit
Chanan Cloud Chanan, Chanen, Chanin, Channan, Channen, Channin, Channon, Channyn, Chanon, Chanyn Hebrew
Chance Good fortune. Luck. Chanc, Chancey, Chancy, Chanse, Chansy, Chants, Chantz, Chaunce, Chauncey, Chauncy Middle English
Chancellor Keeper of the records, Keys; Merchant or trader. Chance, Chancelen, Chancelor Latin; Middle English
Chander Moon Chand, Chandan, Chandani, Chandanie, Chandany, Chandara, Chanaravth, Chandon, Chandonn Hindi
Chandler Candle maker. Chandlah, Chandlan Old French
Chandra Moon Chandrah, Chandria, Chandriah, Chandrya, Chandryah Sanskrit
Chane Dependable, plant Chaen, Chaene, Chain, Chaine, Chayn, Chayne Swahili
Change Yen True word.   Chinese
Channing High church official; Singer; Young, fierce wolf. Chana, Chanen, Chanin, Chaning, Chanon, Channen, Channin, Channon, Channyn, Chanyn Old French; Latin; English
Chante Singer Chant, Chanta, Chantae, Chantah, Chantha, Chanthar, Chantra, Chantrah, Chanty, Shanta, Shantae, Shantah French
Chanti Replacer Chantee, Chanty, Chantie, Chanty Hispanic
Chapman Merchant, Tradesperson. Chapmann, Chapmen, Chapmin, Chapmyn Old English
Chapple Of the chapel. Chapal, Chapel, Chapell, Chaple Old French
Charampios Joy   Greek
Charan Feet   Thai, Hindi
Charin Foot   Thai
Charles Strong, Courageous. Alcuin, Carel, Cahil (Irish), Carl (German/ Swedish), Carleton, Carlie, Carling, Carlisle, Carlo (Italian), Carlos (Spanish), Carlson, Carlton, Carly, Carlyle, Carol, Caroll, Carolle, Carolus, Carrol, Cary, Carry, Caryl, Cathal, Chad, Chaddie, Chaddy, Char,, Charlet, Karolius, Karol, Karole, Karoll, Karoley, Karoly, Siarl, Tearlach (Scottish) Old German, French
Charlie Strong, Courageous one from the meadow, Manly. A short form of Charles. Charlea, Charleah, Charlee, Charleigh, Charley, Charli, Charly German, English
Charlton From Charles' town; from the strong courageous town. Carleton, Carlton, Charleton Old English
Charro Rider of horses. Charo Spanish
Chase Hunter Chaice, Chaise, Chasen, Chasin, Chason, Chass, Chasse, Chasyn, Chayce, Chayse, Chuck French
Chaska First-born son. Chaskah Sioux
Chatham From the warrior's cottage. Chathem, Chathom, Chathim, Chatym Old English
Chauncey Chance, luck, fortune. Chancellor, Chaunce, Chauncee, Chauncer, Chaunci, Chauncie, Chauncy Old French
Chayton Falcon Chaiton Lakota
Chaz Strong, Courageous, A form of Charles. Chas, Chazwick, Chazz German, English
Chen Vast, Great. Chan Chinese
Chencho Crown of laurel leaves, victory.  A form of Lawrence. Chanco Spanish, Latin
Cheney Belonging to the oak-grove forest Chenee, Cheni, Chenie, Cheny, Chesnee, Chesney, Chesni, Chesnie, Cheyney Old French
Cheng Correct, Righteous. Chen Chinese
Chepe God will increase; God has added a child.  A form of Joseph Cepito Spanish
Cherokee People of the cave country; people with a different speech. A tribal name Cherokey, Cheroki, Cherokie, Cheroky Native American
Cherubino Little cherub; Angel Cherub, Cherubin, Cherubyno Italian
Chesmu Abrasive; rough Chesmue Native American
Chester Dweller at the fortified camp, Fort. Castar, Caster, Castor, Chesleigh, Chesley, Cheslie, Chestan, Chesten, Chestin, Cheston Old English
Chet Geographical - From Rochester in England. Chett English
Chetwin Belonging to the cottage with the winding path, From a friend's cottage. Chatwin, Chatwyn,Chetwyn Old English
Chevalier  Knight Chevalyer, Chevrolet French
Chevy A short form of Chevalier, Knight. Chevee, Chevey, Chevie French


Name of a Native American tribe; Graceful oak tree. Cheienne Native American; Old French, Hebrew
Cheyne Oak hearted, Strength. Sheyne Scottish
Chi Guardian angel; Young. Chee Nigerian; Chinese
Chico Young boy. A short form of Francisco, Freedom. Chiko (Japanese) Spanish
Chiel Youth, Lad. Chal, Chelovik Old English
Chik Of the earth. Chic (Spanish) Gypsy
Chike The power of God.   Ibo
Chill Cold   English
Chilo Freedom   Latin
Chilton The children's spring town. Chilt, Chiltown Old English
Chim God will judge; Bird.   German; Vietnamese
Chintoo Sun Yindi, Uuna, Tonahleah Australian Aboriginal
Chinua The blessing of God. Chino, Chinou, Chinuah Ibo
Chioke Gift of God.   Ibo
Chip Short form of the Native American tribe known as Chippewas. Chipp Native American
Chippia Duck Chipia, Chipiah, Chippiah Australian Aboriginal
Chiram High, Noble.   Hebrew
Chitto Brave   Creek
Chitty Cub or pup, Youngster. Chitee, Chitey, Chitie, Chittee, Chittey, Chitti, Chittie, Chity German
Chris Christ bearer. A short form of names starting with "Chris". Chriss, Chrys, Chryss, Cris, Criss, Khris, Khriss, Kris, Kriss, Khrys, Kyryss Greek
Christian Follower of Christ, A heeler, Consolidator, To unite or combine, To become solid or firm. Crestien (French), Chestra, Chestien, Chetien, Christiaan, Christiancito, Christiano (Italian, Spanish), Christos, Cristan, Cristen, Cristian, Cristien< Cristiene, Cristin, Cristyn, Crystian, Crystien, Crystyn, Karstan, Karsten, Karstin, Karston, Kerestal, Kerstan, Kerste, Khristan, Khristian, Khrystan, Kyrystian, Krisat, Kristian, Krystan, Krystian Latin, Greek
Christmas Born at Christmas time. Chrystamas English
Christoff Christ bearer. A form of Christopher. Christof, Christoph, Crisstof, Chrisstoff, Chrisstoph, Khristof, Khristoff, Khristoph, Khrystof, Khrystoff, Khrystoph, Kristof, Kristoff, Kristoph, Krystof, Krystoff, Krystoph Russian
Christopher Christ bearer. Chrisstof, Christo, Christobal, Christof (German, Russian), Christofer (Dutch), Christoffer (Danish), Christoph, Christoforo, Christophe (French), Christophor, Christophoro, Christophorus (Greek), Christphur, Christos, Christovac (Portuguese), Christovao, Christofano, Cristo, Cristoforo (Italian), Cristogal, Cristopal (Spanish), Cristos, Crysteffer, Crysteffor, Gilchrist, Gristoulo, Khristofer, Khristoffer, Khristopher, Khrystofer, Khrystoffer, Khrystopher, Kina, Kristagis, Kristal, Kristo, Kristobel, Kristof, Kristoff, Kristofer, Kristofor (Swedish), Kristopais, Kristopas, Kristopher, Krystof, Krystofer, Krystopher, Krysztof, Xit Greek
Christos Christ; Celebrated on Christmas Day Christ Greek
Chrysander Golden Chrisander, Chrisandor, Chrisandre, Chrysandor, Chrysandre Greek
Chrysanthus Golden flower. Chrisanthias, Christanthyas, Chrisanthus, Chrysanthias, Chrisanthius, Chrysanthus, Crisanthas, Crisanthias, Crisanthus, Crysanthas, Crysanthias, Crysanthus Greek
Chucho God wil help. A form of Jesus.   Hebrew
Chuck Strong, Courageous. A form of Charles. Chuckee, Chuckey, Chucki, Chuckie, Chucky, Chuk, Chuki, Chukie, Chuky American, English, German
Chui Leopard   Swahili
Chul Firmness   Korean
Chuminga Of the Lord. A form of Dominic. Chumin, Chumingah Spanish, Latin
Chumo Twin. A form of Thomas.   Spanish, Greek
Chung Intelligent   Chinese
Churchill Dweller at the church hill. Curchil, Churchyl, Churchyll Old English


Ancient one, Long lived. Celin, Cianan, cyan, Kian, Kyan Irish, Gaelic


Small, dark one. Kieran Irish, Gaelic
Cicero Chick pea. Ciceron, Cicerone, Ciceroni, Ciro, Cyrano, Cyro Latin, Italian
Cid Lord, Master. Cidd, Cyd, Cydd, Sid, Sidd, Syd, Sydd Spanish


Of the church. Killian, Keelan Irish, Gaelic
Cirrillo Lord Cirilio, Cirilio, Ciro, Cyrillo, Cyrilo, Cyryllo, Cyrylo Italian, Greek
Cisco Freedom Cisca, Cysco Spanish, Latin
Clancy Belonging to the family; Red-haired Clance, Clancee, Clancey, Clancie, Clanse, Clansee, Clansey, Clansi, Clansie, Clansy Gaelic; Irish
Clare Famous, illustrious one. Clarius Latin
Clarence Illustrious, Shining, Famous Clair, Claire, Clairis, Claral, Clarance, Clare, Clarin, Clarince, Claron, Claronce, Claryn, Clarynce Latin
Clarik   Clarc, Claric, Clarike, Clark, Clarke, Klarc, Klaric, Klarike, Klark, Klarke, Klark  
Clark Learned scholar. Clarke, Clarkson, Claxton Old French
Clarkson Clark's son, Son of th scholar. Clarkeson, Claxton Old French
Claude Weak Claud, Claudian, Claudianus, Claudis, Claudio (Italian, Spanish), Claudios, Claudius (German, Dutch), Claus, Clawd, Clawde, Clawed, Cludell, Glade, Klaade, Klaud, Klaude, Klaudij, Klaudio, Klaudius, Klawd, Klawde Latin
Claus Victory of th people. A form of Nicholas. Claas, Claes, Clause, Klaus, Klause German, Greek
Clay From the clay or earth. Clae, Claeborn, Claeborne, Claebourn, Claebourne, Claeburn, Claeburn, Clai, Claiborn, Claiborne, Claiburn, Claiburne, Claybourn, Clabourne, Clayburn, Clayburne, Clayd, Cle, Clea, Clee Old English
Claybourne Born of clay or earth. Clae, Claeborn, Claeborne, Claebourn, Claebourne, Claeburn, Clai, Claiburne, Clay, Claybourn, Clayburn, Clayburne, Clayd Old English
Clayton Town built on clay. Claeton, Claiton English
Cleanth Pure, Clean.   Old English
Cleary Scholar, Knowledge. Clearey, Clearie Irish, Gaelic
Cleavon From the cliff. Cleavan, Cleaven, Cleaver, Cleavin, Cleavlan, Cleavland, Cleavy, Clevan, Cleven, Clever, Clevin, Cleveland, Clevon, Clevyn Old English
Cledwyn Blessed sword friend. Cledwin Welsh
Clement Mild, Gentle. Clemence (French), Clemens (Danish), Clement (French), Clemente (Italian, Spanish), Clementius (Dutch), Clemento (Italian), Clemon, Clemmon, Clemmons, Klemens (German) Latin
Cleon Famous Cleopus, Clio Greek
Cletus Illustrious, Hardworking. Cleo, Cleon, Cleytus Greek
Cleveland From the cliffed land. Cleavlan, Cleavland, Cleon, Cleven, Clevon Old English
Cliff From the cliff. Clif, Cliffe, Clyf, Clyff, Clyffe, Clyfe Old English
Clifford From the ford at the side of the cliff. Cliffith, Clifton Old English
Clifton Belonging to the town near the cliff. Cliffton Old English
Clint From the town on the hill. A short form of Clinton.   English
Clinton From the town on the hill. Clindon, Clintan, Clinten, Clintin, Clintwood English
Clive From the cliff. Cleave, Cleavant, Cleavon, Cleeve, Cleveland, Clevland, Clifford Old English
Clovis Famous warrior. Clodoveo (Spanish) Old German
Cloyce Obstruction Clice, Cloice, Cloise Middle English
Clunies Meadow resting place. Clunee, Clunees, Cluney, Cluneys, Cluni, Clunie, Cluny Scottish, Gaelic
Clure Good fame.   Latin
Clyde High, rocky area of land; Heard from afar. Clydel, Clydell Scottish, Gaelic; Irish
Clydai Famous ruler. Cliday Welsh
Cobham From the homestead near the river bend. Cobbham Old English
Cobra Said to come via Portuguese from Latin "coluber" meaning snake.  Cobrah Portuguese, Latin
Coburn Where the streams meet. Cobern, Coberne, Cobirn, Cobirne, Cobourn, Cobourne, Coburne, Coburnes, Cobyrn, Cobyrne Old English
Coby Replacer. A form of Jacob Cobe, Cobee, Cobey, Cobi, Cobie Hebrew
Cochise Warrior, Wood. Cochyse Apache
Coco Coconut   Spanish
Cody Cushion, Pillow; Helpful. Codee, Codey, Codi, Codie Old English; Irish, Gaelic
Coen Thunder; Brave.   Australian Aboriginal; German
Coffie Born on a Friday. Cofi, Cofie Ewe
Cohen Position in the Jewish faith, High priest. Coen, Koen, Kohen, Cohan, Cohwin Hebrew
Coile Battle follower. Coil, Coyle Gaelic


Pup, Cub. Coilin, Colin Irish, Gaelic


Handsome, Attractive one. A form of Coinneach. Canice Irish, Gaelic
Cola Victory of the people. A form of Nicholas. Colah, Colar, Colas Italian
Colan Dove   Latin
Colbert Outstanding, brilliant sailor; Clearing through the mountains, valley. Calbert, Calburt, Calvert, Colburt, Colbert, Culbert, Culbert English; French
Colbrand Black sword, Coal sword. Brando, Colbran, Colbrando, Colbrandt, Colbrant English
Colby By the coal town, Dark-haired. Colbee, Colbert, Colbery, Colbie English
Cole Promise; Coal. Coal, Coale, Col, Colby, Coleman, Colier, Colman, Colson, Colton, Colville, Colvin Celtic; Middle English
Coleman Charcoal worker. Colemann, Colman, Colmann English
Colin Young child; Peaceful dove; From the coal pool. Cailean, Colan, Collan, Cole, Colen, Collen, Collie, Collin, Collino, Collins, Colon, Collyn, Colyn, Nicolin (French, Greek) Irish, Gaelic; Irish; Old English
Colley Black-haired one form the meadow. Colea, Colee, Coleigh, Coley, Coli, Colie, Collea, Colleah, Collee, Colleigh, Colli, Collie, Collier, Colly, Coly Old English
Collier Coal merchant; trader. Colier, Colis, Collyer, Collyer English
Collins Colin's son, Son from the coal pool; Holly. Colin, Colins, Collin, Collyn, Collyns, Colyn, Colyns Greek; Irish


Dove   Irish, Gaelic


Little dove.   Irish, Gaelic
Colson Col's son, Son of coal. Colsan, Colsen, Colsin, Colsyn English
Colt Frisky, young horse. Colter, Coltrane, Coulter, Kolt, Kolter English
Colter Herder of colts or horses. Colt English
Colton From the black coal town Coltan, Colten, Coltin, Coltyn, Koltan, Kolten, Koltin, Kolton, Koltyn English
Columba Dove Cailean (Scottish), Coim, Colmicille, Colan, Colum, Columb, Columbah, Columbia (Latin), Columbias, Columbas, Columbus, Colym, Culva Latin
Colum Dove Colm, Columba Latin
Colwyn Hazel grove; Coal friend. Colwin, Colwyne, Colwynn, Colwynne Welsh; Old English
Coman Noble; Bent Camen, Comin, Comyn Arabic; Irish
Compton Town in the valley. Comptom, Comton Old English
Comyn Crooked Comin Irish
Conal High, Mighty. Conel, Conell, Conelle, Connal, Connall, Connel, Connell, Connelle, O'Conal, O'Conall, O'Conel, O'Connel, O'Connelle Irish


Little hound.   Irish, Gaelic


Lover of hounds.   Irish, Gaelic
Coniah Gift sent from God. Conia, Conya, Conyah Hebrew
Conlan Hero Conland, Conlin, Conlon, Conlyn Irish


High   Irish, Gaelic
Connor One with high will and desire Conar, Coner, Conor (Irish), Connar, Conner, Connaire, O'Conar, O'Coner, O'Connar, O'Conner, O'Connor, O'Conor, Konna, Konah Celtic
Conrad Bold, wise counsel. Coenraad (Dutch), Cheudler (Swiss), Conrade (Italian, Spanish), Conrado, Conroy, Corradino (Italian), Corrado (Italian), Currado (Italian), Cort, Curt, Koeraad (Dutch), Konrad (Swedish, German), Konradin, Konratij, Kort (German), Kunad, Kunds, Kunel, Kunrat, Kunsch, Kurt (German), Quenes Old German
Conroy Wisdom; Persistent.   Irish; Celtic
Constant Constante   Latin
Constantine Little steadfast, constant one. Considine, Constain, Constance, Constancio (Portuguese), Constane, Constant, Constantin (German, Danish, French), Constantino (Italian, Spanish), Constantinos, Constantinus, Costin, Costino, Konstantin (Swedish), Konstantine Latin
Conway Holy water; Hound from the plains.   Welsh; Irish
Cooba Black bee. Coobah Australian Aboriginal
Cook Chef   English
Cooper Barrel maker. Couper, Keupper, Kooper, Kuepper Old English
Corbett Raven Corbet, Corbey, Corbin, Corwan, Corwin, Corwyn, Corwyne, Corwynne Old English
Corbin Raven, Dark-haired. Corban, Corben, Corbet, Corbett, Corbyn, Corvin, Korban, Korben, Korbin, Korbob, Korbyn Old French
Corcoran Ruddy complexion.   Irish
Cordell Little rope marker form the valley. Cordale, Cordel Old French
Cordero Little lamb. Cordaro, Cordeal, Cordeara, Cordearo, Cordeiro, Cordeiro, Cordera, Corderal, Corderall, Corderro, Corrderio, Coorderyo Spanish
Core The chosen one. Coree, Corey, Cori, Corie, Coree, Correy, Corry, Curey, Currey, Curry English
Corey From the hollow, Head protection, Helmet used for battle. Corree, Cori, Corie, Corki, Corkie, Corky, Corree, Correy, Corri, Corrick, Corrie, Corry, Cory, Koree, Korey, Kori, Korie, Korree, Korrey, Korri, Korrie, Korry, Kory Irish
Corin Youthful Coran, Coren, Corine, Corron, Corun, Coryn, Koran, Koren, Korin, Koron, Koryn Greek


Raven, Son of the chariot racer; Tree trunk. Core, Corey, Cormach, Cormick, MacCormack Irish, Gaelic; Greek
Cormag Raven   Scottish
Cormich Charioteer.   Irish
Cornelius Horn colour, Horn blower, Cornell tree. Cornall, Corneille (French), Cornel, Cornelio (Portuguese, Spanish, Italian), Cornelis (Dutch), Cornell, Cornellus, Kornal, Kornel, Kornelius, Korneliusz, Kostelius, Neal, Neel, Neil, Neilus, Neyl, Neylus Latin
Cornwallis Geographical - from Cornwall. Cornwalis English
Corowa Rocky river. Corowah Australian Aboriginal
Corrigan Spear carrier. Corigan, Corogan, Corrigon, Corrigun, Corrogan, Corrogun, Korrigan, Korrigun Irish
Corrin Spear user. Corin, Coren, Corren, Coryn, Corryn, Koran, Koren, Korin, Koron, Koryn Irish
Cort Bold court attendant. Court, Courtenay (French) Old German, Old Norse
Cortez Courteous   Spanish
Corwin From beyond the hill; Friend of the heart. Corwyn, Corwyne, Corwynn, Corwynne Gaelic; Old English
Cory Helmet   Greek
Corydan Head protection, Helmut; From the hollow, God is my judge. A combination of Cory and Dan; Lark. Coridan, Coriden, Coridon, Coridyn, Coryden, Corydin, Corydon (Greek), Corydyn Irish, Hebrew; Irish; Greek


Path, The way.   Gaelic
Cosgrove From the cow grove.   Irish
Cosmo Universal harmony. Cosma, Cosmah, Cosmas (Greek), Cosme (French), Cosimo (Italian, Spanish), Cosmo (Greek), Cosmos Greek
Costa Little, constant, steadfast one. A short form of Constantine. Costah, Costas, Costes Greek
Coty From the slope. Cotee, Cotey, Cotie, Cottee, Cottey, Cottie, Cotty French
Count Companion, Friend, Noble. Counte, Countee Old French
Courtenay Short-nosed; Of the court. Cortney, Courtney Old French; Old English
Courtland Dweller at the court land. Cortlan, Cortland, Courtlan Old English
Courtney One who lives near the farmstead. Cortney, Courteay (French), Courtnay Old French
Covell Dweller at the cave slope. Covel Old English
Covington Town with a cove.   Old English
Cowan From the cow land; Hooded robe; Hillside hollow. Cowen, Cowin, Cowyn Australian Aboriginal; Middle English; Irish
Coy Shy, Sweet, Modest. Coye Latin
Coyan Modest Coyn, Coyne French
Coyle Leader in the battle. Coil, Coile Irish
Craddock Beloved Craddoc, Craddoch, Cradoc, Cradock, Cradoch Welsh
Craig From the rock. Craeg, Craege, Craegg, Crag, Craige, Craigg, Crayg, Crayge, Craygg, Creag, Creage, Creagh, Creaghe, Crieg, Criege, Criegg, Creyg, Creyge, Creygg, Kraig, Krayg Scottish
Cramer To fill. Crammer, Kramer, Krammer Old English
Crandell Belonging to the valley of the cranes. Crandel Old English
Crane The crane bird. Crain, Craine, Crandal, Crandall, Crandel, Crandell, Crayn, Crayne Old English
Cranley From the meadow of the cranes. Cranlea, Cranleah, Cranlee, Cranleigh, Cranli, Cranlie, Cranly Old English
Cranog The heron, Wading bird with grey and white plumage. Kranog Welsh
Cranston Belonging to the town of cranes. Crainston, Craynston Old English
Crawford From the crow ford. Craw, Crow, Crowford Old English
Cree Native Canadian tribe.   Native Canadian
Creed One who believes, Kin. Creedan, Creedance, Creeden, Creedence, Creedin, Creedyn Latin, English
Creek From the small stream, Native American tribal name.   English
Creighton From the town close to the rocks. Craighton, Crayton, Creighm, Creight, Creighto, Creightow, Chreightown, Crichton, Crichtyn English
Cremer Merchant, Trader. Creamer, Kreamer, Kremer Middle English
Creon Prince, Ruler.   Greek
Crepin Curly-haired. A form of Crispin.   French, Latin
Cress Loved; Gudgeon, Greedy Kress Latin, Greek; Old German
Cresswell Stream where cress grows. Cresswel, Creswel, Creswell Old English
Crevan Fox Creven, Crevin, Crevon, Crevyn Irish
Crichton Belonging to the hill-top town. Creight, Creighton, Crighton Welsh
Crieghton Dweller at the creek town. Frayton, Crichton Middle English


Christ bearer. A form of Christopher.   Irish, Gaelic
Crisiant Crystal Crisient, Crisyant, Crysiant, Crysyant Welsh
Crispin Curly-haired. Crepin, Cresianus, Crispian, Crispinian, Crispino (Italian), Crispinianus, Crispinus, Crispo (Spanish), Crispus (German), Crispyn, Cryspyn, Krispijn (Dutch), Krispin, Kryspyn Latin
Croft Small pasture. Crofton Old English
Crofton From the small pasture town with cottages.   Irish
Cromwell Dweller at the winding stream. Cromwel Old English


Dark brown-haired or complexioned; Companion, Friend. Cronan (Greek) Irish; Greek
Crosby From the villat with a cross; Dweller by the town crossing. Crosbee, Crosbey, Crosbi, Crosbie Old Norse; Old English
Crosley Belonging to the cross meadow. Croslea, Crosleah, Croslee, Crosleigh, Crosli, Croslie, Crosly Old English
Crowell Town crier. Crawel, Crawell, Crowel, Crowil, Crowill Old English
Cruz Cross Cross, Cruzz Portuguese, Spanish
Cullen Colony; Handsome. Cullan, Culley, Cullin Old French; Irish
Culley Forest Culeah, Culee, Culey, Culie, Cullea, Culleah, Cullee, Culleigh, Cullie, Cully Irish, Gaelic
Culver Dove of peace. Colvar, Colver, Culvar Old English
Cunningham Village with the milk pails. Cunning Irish
Curran Dagger, Hero. Curren, Currin, Curron Irish
Curroon Fog on top of a mountain.   Australian Aboriginal
Currumbin Pine tree. Currumbyn Australian Aboriginal
Curruto Courteous; From the enclosure. Curcio Spanish, French; Latin
Curt Courtier. Attendant of the court. Court, Courtis, Courtys, Curtis, Curtys, Kurt, Kurtis English
Curtis Courteous; Belonging to the courtyard. Courtis, Curcio, Curt, Curtiss, Curtys, Curtyss, Kurtis, Kirtiss, Kurtys, Kurtyss Old French; Latin
Cuthbert Brilliant Cuthberte, Cuthburt English
Cutler Knife maker. Cutlar, Cutlir, Cutlor, Kutler Old French
Cuyler Chapel Cuiler Irish
Cy Sun. Throne. The short for of Cyrus. Ci Persian
Cynan Chief Cinan, Cinene, Cinin, Cinon, Cinyn, Cynin, Cynon, Cynyn Welsh
Cynric Powerful and royal.   Old English
Cyprian From Cyprus. Cipriano (Spanish), Cyprianus, Cyprien (French), Cyprrian Latin
Cyr Sunday's child. Born on Sunday. Cyrano, Cyriack, Syriack French
Cyrano From Cyrene. Cirano Greek
Cyril Lordly ruler; a gem Ciril, Cirrill, Cirille, Cirillo (Italian), Cirilo (Spanish), Ciro, Cyriack, Cyril, Cyrill (German/French), Cyrille, Cyrillus, Cyro, Cyrrils (Portugese), Cyrus, Cyryl (Polish), Girigel, Girioel, Gwril, Keereel, Kiril, Kyril, Kyrillos, Kyryl, Syriack, Vashka Greek
Cyrus Sun, Throne. Ciro, Cyrie, Cyro, Kyros Persian



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Childproofing tips for new parents 

  1. Don't think of childproofing as a one-off exercise.  Always be on the lookout for the next hazard as your child grows.

  2. Start childproofing when baby comes.

  3. Where possible, throw out poisons.  For those that you have to keep, put them up high and in a lockable cupboard.  (Toddlers love to climb and soon learn to pull chairs over to get up high so locking becomes important.)

  4. Keep glassware / ceramic dishes, etc. locked away or up high.

  5. If there is something you simply don't want broken, make sure it is well out of the way.

  6. Get down to your child's level and crawl around the house looking for potential hazards.