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Name Meaning Derivations Origin
Paavo Small. A form of Paul. Paav Finnish, Latin
Pablo Small Paul, Paley, Paulo Spanish
Pace Born at Easter time. Paice, Payce English, French
Pachomai Grey Pachomay Australian Aboriginal
Pacifico Peaceful Pacifica, Pacific Filipino
Packard One who packs Paco  
Pace Born at Easter time Paice, Payce, Pacey French; Italian
Paco One who packs; Bold Eagle. Packo, Pako Spanish, Italian; Native American
Padarn Fatherly   Welsh
Paddy Noble. The Irish form of Patrick. Paddee, Paddey, Paddi, Paddie, Padi, Padie, Padriac, Pady, Patrick Irish
Padget Attendant, Young child.  Padgett, Paget (French), Pagett, Paiget, Paigett, Payget, Paygett English
Padilpa Parrot Padilpah Australian Aboriginal
Padraic Noble. A form of Patrick. Padraig Irish
Padre Priest   Spanish
Padruig Noble. A form of Patrick.   Scottish
Padulla Stone Padula, Padulah, Padullah Australian Aboriginal
Pagan Country dweller. Paegan, Paegen, Paegin, Paegon, Paegyn, Paganel, Pagen, Pagin, Pagon, Pagun, Paigan, Paige, Paigen, Paigin, Paigon, Paigyn, Pain, Paine, Payn, Payne, Paynel Latin
Page Attendant, Young child.  The masculine form of Paige. Padge, Paeg, Paege, Page, Paig, Paige, Pag, Payge English
Pagiel Worships God. Paegel, Paegell, Pagiell, Paigel, Paigell, Paygel, Paygell Hebrew
Paine Country person. Pane, Pain, Painey, Payn, Payne Old French
Painter Artist who works with paint. Paintar, Paintor, Payntar, Paynter, Payntor English
Paki Witness   African
Pakile Royal Pakil, Pakill, Pakyl, Pakyll Hawaiian
Pal Small. A form of Paul. Pali, Palika Swedish, Latin, Hungarian
Palaina Strong honour. Palainah Hawaiian, Irish
Palaki Black Palakee, Palakey, Palakie, Palaky Polynesian
Palash Flowery tree.   Hindi
Palauni Brown Palaunie, Palauny Polynesian
Palben Blond-haired.   Basque
Paley Small. A form of Paul. Paul, Pablo, Paulo  
Palladin Warrior, Fighter. Palladyn Native American
Pallano New moon. Palano Australian Aboriginal
Pallaton Warrior Palleten Native American
Palmer Palm bearer, Pilgrim. Palm, Palma, Palmah Old English
Palmiro Born on Palm Sunday. Palmira, Palmirow, Palmyro Latin
Palti God frees.   Hebrew
Panas Immortal   Russian
Panayiotos All holy.   Greek
Pancho Freedom; Honest. A form of Frank. Panchito Spanish, English; Old English
Pancras Powerful strength, All powerful.   Greek
Pandu Pale Pandue Sanskrit
Pangari Soul Pangary Australian Aboriginal
Panos Stone. A form of Peter. Pano Greek
Paolo Small. A form of Paul.   Italian, Latin
Papa Earth. Pappa Polynesian
Papacy From the Pope's office.   Latin
Papahi Mischievous, Smart. Papahy Tongan
Papiano Prosperous bean grower. A form of Fabian. Papian Hawaiian, Latin
Pare Peeler   English
Paris Geographical - the capital of France.   French
Park Keeper of the park. A short form of Parker. Parc, Parke Middle English
Parker Keeper of the park. Parkman Middle English
Parkin Young Peter, Little stone. Parkyn, Perkin, Perkyn English
Parlan Farmer Parlen, Parlin, Parlon, Parlyn Scottish
Parle Little Peter.   Old French
Parley To speak.    
Parnell Little Peter, Little stone. Parnel, Parnele, Parnelle Middle English
Parr From the barn.   English
Parri Stream Pari, Parrie, Parry, Pary Australian Aboriginal
Parrish District of the church. Parish, Parrisch, Parrysh, Parysh English
Parry Son of Harry, Son of the army ruler; Warding off an attack. Paree, Parey, Pari, Parie, Parree, Parrey, Parri, Parrie, Pary Welsh; English
Parson Parish priest.   English
Pas Dance   Latin
Pasang Born on a Friday.   Tibetan
Pascal Easter's infant, Born at easter time. Pascale, Pascall Pascalle, Pasch, Paschal, Pascoe, Pascual (Spanish), Pashel, Pascoli, Pasquale (Italian) Italian
Pascale Passover/easter. Pasquale Italian
Pasha Small. A form of Paul. Pashah, Pashenka, Pashka Russian, Latin
Pasi King    
Pastor Drawing; Spiritual leader. Pastar, Paster, Pastir, Pastyr English; Latin
Pat Little noble one. A short form of names beginning with "Pat".  Patt Latin
Patamon Angry Pataman, Patamen, Patamin, Patamyn Native American
Pathika Wanderer    
Pati Master Patie, Patt, Patti, Pattie, Patty, Paty Sanskrit
Patonga Small wallaby Patongah Australian Aboriginal
Patrick Nobelman Padraic, Padraig, Padruig, Patric, Patrice (French), Patrizio (Italian), Patrizius (German), Patryc, Patryck Latin
Patrin Trailblazer   Gypsy
Patrobas Life of his father. Pad, Padd, Paddi, Paddie, Padi, Padie, Paddy, Pady, Pat, Pati, Patie, Patt, Patti, Pattie, Patty, Paty, Ric, Rici, Ricie, Rick, Ricki, Rickie, Ricky, Rik, Riki, Rikie, Riky, Ryc, Ryck, Rycki, Ryckie, Rycky, Ryk, Ryki, Rykie, Ryky Greek
Patroclus His father's glory.   Greek
Patterson Pat's son, Son of the noble one. Paterson, Patteson Irish
Pattin Leaf Patin, Pattyn, Patyn Gypsy
Patton From the warrior's town. Patan, Paten, Patin, Paton, Pattan, Patten, Pattin Pattun, Pattyn, Patyn Old English
Patwin Man; Noble friend. Patwyn Native American; Old English
Paul Small Paal, Paavo (Finnish), Pablo (Spanish), Padra, Padlo (Italian), Paley, Pal, Pall, Paolo (Italian), Paova (Polynesian), Pauley, Pauli, Paulie, Paulin (Greek), Paulinas, Paulino (Spanish), Paulinus (Lithuanian), Paulis, Paull, Paulle, Paulo (Italian, Portuguese), Paulot (French), Paultje (Dutch), Paval, Pavel (Russian, Bohemian, Polish), Pavelek (Slavic), Pavelik, Pavlenka (Russian), Pavil, Pavils (Lettish), Pavli (Estonian), Pavlik (Bohemian), Pavlo, Pavlos (Greek), Pavluschka (Russian), Pavol, Pawl (Old English), Pawley, Paz, Pewlen, Pol, Poul (Danish), Pouvylas, Pouw (Dutch), Pouwl, Pouvylas Latin
Paulo Small. Little People. Pablo, Paul, Paley Italian, Latin
Pave Paver Paver English
Pavel Small, A form of Paul.   Russian, Polish
Pavit Purity Pavitt, Pavyt, Pavytt Hindi
Pawel Small. A form of Peter. Pawelek, Pawell, Pawl Polish
Pax From the town of peace. A short form of  Paxton. Paxx Latin
Paxton Son of peace, From the town of peace. Paxtan, Paxten, Paxtin, Paxtun, Paxtyn Latin
Payat He is coming. payatt, Payet, Payett Native American
Payne From the country. Pain, Paine, Payn Latin
Paytah Fire Pita, Paitah, Payta Lakota
Payton Village warrior.    
Paz Peace or gold. Pax Spanish, Latin
Peatea Polar bear.   Tongan
Peadar Stone. A form of Peter. Peadair, Peadir, Paeador, Peadyr Irish
Pearson Peter's son, Son of the stone. Pearsson, Pehrson, Peterson, Pierson, Peirsson, Pyerson Scottish
Pedahel God will redeem. Pedahil, Pedahyl Hebrew
Peder Stone. A form of Peter. Peadar, Peader, Pedey, Pedro (Spanish), Peers (English), Peet (Estonian), Peeter (Estonian), Peir (French), Peirce (English), Pekeio (Hawaiian), Pete (English), Petr (Bulgarian), Petras, Petros (Greek), Petru (Romanian), Petter (Norse) Scandinavian, Latin
Pedro Little. A form of Peter. Peter, Pete, Perry, Pierce Spanish
Peel From the castle on the Scottish border; Stronghold. Peal, Peil, Peyl Old French; Celtic
Peka Stone. A form of Peter. Pekelo Hawaiian
Pekeri Dream   Australian Aboriginal
Pekka Stone. A form of Peter.   Finnish
Pelagius Of the sea. Pelagyus Greek
Peleke Wise helper.   Hawaiian
Pelham From the stream village; Pelt, Hide. Pelhem, Pelhim, Pelhon, Pelhym Old English
Peli Happy Pelie, Pely Latin, Basque
Pelias Leader Pelyas Greek
Pell Mantle, Scarf. Pel English
Pello Stone   Greek, Basque
Pelton From the town by the pool. Peltan, Pelten, Peltin, Peltyn English
Pemba Born on a Saturday.   Tibetan
Pembroke A broken hill, From the headland, Form the hill stream. Pembrock, Pembrok Celtic, Welsh
Pendle Hill Pendal, Pendel, Penndal, Penndel, Penndle Old English
Penley From the enclosed meadow. Penlea, Penleah, Penlee, Penleigh, Panli, Panlie, Panly English
Penmina Favourite son. A form of Benjamin. Penminah, Penmyna, Penmynah Hawaiian, Hebrew
Penn From the enclosure; Commander; Quill, Pen. Pen Old English; Old German; Latin
Penrith From the chief river crossing. Penryth Old Welsh
Penrod Renowned commander. Pennrod Teutonic
Pentecost Whitsuntide   Greek
Penwyn Blond   Welsh
Peopeo Bird   Nez Perce
Pepe God will increase; God has added a child. The spanish form of Joseph. Pepa (Czech), Pepee, Pepey, Pepi, Pepie, Peppe (Italian), Peppee, Peppey, Peppi, Peppie, Peppy, Pepy Spanish, Hebrew
Pepin Petitioner, Perseverant one. Pepan, Pepen, Pepon, Pepyn Teutonic
Per Stone. A form of Peter.   Swedish, Latin
Perach Flower. Pera, Perah Hebrew
Perben Stone Perban, Perbin, Perbon, Perbyn Greek, Danish
Percival Piercing the valley, Perceptive. Parsefal, Parsifal, Pededur, Perceval, Percivale, Percyval Old French
Percy Piercing the valley, Perceptive. Percee, Percey, Perci, Percie Old French
Peregrine Foreigner, Wanderer. Pelaijo (Italian), Pelgrim (Dutch), Pellegrino, Peregrin (French), Peregrino, Peregryn, Perergrin, Perergryn, Pilgrim Latin
Peretz To leap. Perez Hebrew
Perez To break through. Perezz Hebrew
Pericies Just leader. Perycies Greek
Pericles Famous far and wide.   Greek
Perkin Little Peter, Little stone. Perka, Perkah, Perkins, Perkyn, Perkyns English
Perrin Little Peter.   Old French
Perry A rock, Stone. A form of Peter. A short form of Peregrine, foreigner. Peree, Perey, Peri, Perie, Perree, Perrey, Perri, Perrie, Pery Old English, Greek
Perseus Destroyer   Greek
Persis From Persia. Persys Greek
Perth From the thorn-bush thicket. Pyrth Scottish
Pervis Passage Pervys Latin
Pesach One who is spared. Pesac, Pessach Hebrew
Pesekava Song   Polynesian
Pete A rock, Stone. The short form of Peter. Peat, Peet, Peit, Peyt, Pyet English, Latin
Peter A rock, Stone.  Feoris, Panos, Parnal, Parnel, Parrie, Parry, Peadair (Scottish), Pearce (English), Peat, Peate, Peater, Pedar (Norse, Danish), Peder, Pedo (Estonian), Pedr (Welsh), Pedrinho (Portuguese), Pedro (Spanish, Portuguese), Peet, Peete, Peeter, Peer, Peira, Peirce (English), Peit, Peite, Peiter, Pejo (Illyrian), Pekka (Finnish), Per (Swedish), Perez, Perkin, Perkins, Perrie (English), Pernal, Pernael, Pero, Perrin (French), Perromik (Breton), Perry (English), Petai (Illyrian), Petar, Pete, Peteras, Peterus, Petr (Russian), Petru, Petrus (Greek), Petruscha, Petruschka, Pewlin (Welsh), Peyt, Peyte, Peyter, Piera (French), Pieter, Piter, Pyet, Pyete, Pyeter English, Latin
Pethuel With an open mind towards God.   Hebrew
Petiri Here Petri, Petyri, Petyry Shona
Peton From the warrior's town. Peatoan, Peaten, Peatin, Peaton, Peatun, Peatyn, Petan, Peten, Petin, Petun, Petyn Old English
Peverell Piper, Whistler. Peverall, Peverel, Peveril, PEveryl Piper
Pewlin Small Pewlan, Pewlen, Pewlon, Pewlyn Welsh


From the warrior's estate, From the toll keeper's town, From the fighting-man's estate. A short form of Peyton.   Old English


From the warrior's estate, From the toll keeper's town, From the fighting-man's estate. Paeton, Paiton, Payton, Peiton Old English
Pezi Grass   Sioux
Pharaoh Ruler Faro, Faroh, Pharo, Pharoh Latin, Egyptian
Phelan Little wolf. Felan, Feland, Pheland Irish, Celtic
Phelps Philip's son, Son of the one who loves horses. Felp, Felps, Phelp English
Phil Philip's son, Son of the one who loves horses, Spokesperson. A short form of Philip.   Hebrew
Philip Philip's son, Son of the one who loves horses, Spokesperson. Feeleep, Felep, Felip, Felipe, Felide, Filandras, Filep, Filip, Filippinho, Filippo, Filypas, Fulip, Fulup, Lip (Italian), Phelippe, Phelp, Phelps (English), Philipp, Philippe (French), Philippos (Greek), Phillip (Scottish), Phillipe (French), Phillippe (French), Pip, Piripi (Maori), Phyleap, Phyleep, Phylip, Phylleap, Phylleep, Phyllip, Phyllp, Phylyp, Pip, Piripi (Maori) Hebrew
Philander Lover of humankind. A combination of  Phil and Alexander. Filander, Fylander, Phylander Greek
Philart One who loves virtue. Filart, Filart, Fylart, Fylarte, Philaret, Philarte, Phylart, Phylarte Greek
Philaret One   Greek
Philemon Kiss Philamin, Philamina, Philamine, Philamyn, Philamna, Philmon, Philmyn, Philmyna, Philmyne, Phylmin, Phylmina, Phylmine, Phylmon, Phylmyn Greek
Philibert Bright Filbert, Filberte, Filbirt, Filbirte, Filburt, Filburte, Filibert, Filiberte, Filibirt, Filibirte, Filiburt, Filiburte, Fylbert, Fylberte, Fylbirt, Fylbirte, Fylburt, Fylburte, Fylibert, Fyliberte, Fylibirt, Fylbirte, Fyliburt, Fyliburte, Philberte, Philbirt, Philberte, Philburt, Philburte, Philbert, Philiberte, Philibirt, Philibirte, Philiburt, Philiburte, Phillbert, Phillberte, Phillbirt, Phillbirte, Phillburt, Phillburte, Phillibert, Philliberte, Phillibirt, Phillibirte, Philliburt, Philliburte, phylbert, Phylberte, Phylbirt, Phylbirte, Phylburt, Phlburte, Phylibert, Phyliberte, Phylibirt, Phylibirte, Phylburt, Phylburte, Phylibert, Phyliberte, Phylibirt, Phylibirte, Phyliburt, Phyliburte, Phyllbert, Phyllberte, Phyllbirt, Phyllbirte, Phyllburt, Phyllburte, Phyllibert, Phylliberte, Phyllibirt, Phyllibirte, Phylliburt, Phylliburte Bright
Philiman Lover of humankind. Phileman, Philleman, Philliman, Phyliman, Phylliman Greek
Phillips Son of Philip.   Old English
Philo Long friend, Loving, Friendly. Filo, Fylo, Phylo Greek
Phineas Dark-skinned; Prophecy, Mouth of brass. Fineas, Fyneas, Phyneas Egyptian, Hebrew
Phirun Rain   Cambodian
Phoebus Shining, Pure, Bright, Of the sun. The masculine form of Phoebe. Phoebas, Phoebius Greek
Phoenix Purple, Immortal.   Greek
Phuong Fragrant   Vietnamese
Piao Handsome   Chinese
Pias Fun   Gypsy
Pickford From the river crossing near the pick.   Old English
Pickworth From the woodcutter's estate.   Old English
Picton From the town near the pointy hill. Pictan, Picten, Picktown, Pickun, Pictun, Picktyn, Piktan, Pikten, Piktin, Pikton, Piktown, Piktun, Piktyn, Pyckton, Pycton, Pyctin, Pyctyn, Pyktin, Pykton, Pyktyn Old English
Pie Dutiful. The French form of Pius, devout. Pye French, Latin
Pier From the pier.   English
Pierce Sharp, A rock, Stone. Another form of Peter.   Old French
Piercy From the pier hedge.   English
Pierre A rock, Stone. French form of Peter. Peter French
Pikoka Peacock Pikokah, Pykoka, Pykokah Tongan
Pila Wilful. A form of Bill. Pilah Hawaiian
Pilar Pillar, Column. Pillar, Pylar, Pyllar Latin, Spanish
Pili Second-born child. Pyli, Pyly Swahili
Pillan Supreme essence. Pilan, Pylan, Pyllan Native American
Pilpo One who loves horses.   Hawaiian, Greek
Pin Faithful Pyn Vietnamese
Pinchas Dark-haired; Oracle. Phineas, Pincas, Pinchos, Pincus, Pinkas, Pinkus, Pynchas Egyptian, Hebrew
Pindari From the high ground. Pyndari, Pyndary Australian Aboriginal
Pino God adds.   Italian
Pinon Star constellation.   Native American
Pinpi Pynpi, Pynpy   Australian Aboriginal
Pio Purity Pyo Latin
Pip Seed   English
Pippin Father Pippyn German
Piram Fast Pyram Hebrew
Piran Prayer Peran, Pieran, Pieren, Pieryn, Pyran Irish
Pirramurar Shield   Australian Aboriginal
Pirrin Cave Pirryn, Pyrrin, Pyrryn Australian Aboriginal
Pirro One with the flaming red hair. Piro, Pyro, Pyrro Greek, Spanish
Pitney From the island of the strong-willed. Pitnee, Pitni, Pitnie, Pitny, Pytnee, Pytney, Pytni, Pytnie, Pytny English
Pitt From the hollow or pit. Pit Old English
Pius Devout Pie (French), Pinz (Breton), Pye, Pyus Latin
Pizi Middle son.   Sioux
Placid Quiet, Calm, Peaceful. A short form of Placidus. Placyd (Polish) English
Placidus Quite, Calm, Peaceful. Placidio (Italian), Placido (Spanish), Placydius Latin
Plato Strong shoulders, Broad one, Broad shoulders. Platan, Platen, Platin, Platon, Platun, Platyn Greek
Platt From the flat land. Platte French
Pledge Promise   English
Pocano The spirits are coming.   Pueblo
Poesy Poetry   Latin
Polar From the polar region.   Latin
Pollard Short-haired. Polard, Polerd, Pollerd Norse
Pollock Small; Crowned. Polick, Pollick, Polloch, Pollok, Polock, Polok Old English, Greek
Pollux Crowned Polux Greek
Polo Alligator; Brave wanderer. Pollo African; Timbetan
Polona Hawk Polonah Australian Aboriginal
Pomeroy From the apple orchard. Pomaroy, Pomaroi, Pmeroi French
Ponce Fith-born child.   Spanish
Pontus Sea God.   Greek
Pony Small horse.  Ponee, Poney, Poni, Ponie Scottish
Porfirio Dressed in purple. Purple stone. Porfiryo, Porfryio, Porfryo Greek
Porter Door guard. Gate keeper. To carry.   Latin
Porthos Ocean    
Pov Earth   Gypsy
Pshita Cherished PPoshitah Sanskrit
Posin Old grandfather elephant   Chinese
Posoa Friendly. Flirt. Posoah Polynesian
Potiki Youngest child. Potily Maori
Poutini Green stone. Poutiny, Poutyny Polynesian
Pov Earth   Gypsy
Powa Wealthy Powah Native American
Powell Son of Howell. Little alert one. Powal, Powall, Powel, Powil, Powill, Powyl, Powyll Celtic
Powhatan Where the powwow is being held.   Algonquin
Prabhat Dawn light.   Hindi
Pradeep Light   Hindi
Pradosh Night light.   Hindi
Pradyuma Son of Krishna.   Sanskrit
Prajwal Extreme brightness, Brilliant, Dazzling, Lustrous   Hindi
Prakash Light   Sanskrit
Pramad Joy   Hindi
Praman Wisdom Pramanah Polynesian
Pramana Wisdom   Indonesian
Pramod Happy   Hindi
Prantin Wonder Prantyn Australian Aboriginal
Prasad Brilliant   Hindi
Prashant Calm and composed.   Hindi
Pratap Great   Hindi
Pravat History   Thai
Pravin Capable Pravyn Hindi
Praxedes Active Praxiteles Greek
Prem Love   Hindi
Premysl First born.   Czech
Prentice Apprentice Prentis, Prentise, Prentiss, Prentyc, Prentyce, Prentys, Prentyse Middle English
Prescott Priest's cottage. Prescot Old English
President Leader of a nation or company/corporation.   English
Presley From the meadow of the priest. Preslea, Presleah, Preslee, Presleigh, Presli, Preslie, Presly English
Preston Priest's town. Prestan, Presten, Prestin, Prestyn English
Prewitt Little brave one, Little valiant one. Preuet, Prewet, Prwett, Prewit, Prewyt, Prewytt, Pruit, Pruitt, Pruyt, Pruytt French
Priam The king of Troy.   Greek
Price Son of the ardent one, Passion's son. Pryce Welsh
Primo First-born child. The masculine form of Prima. Primus, Prymo Italian
Prince Chief, First in rank. Prins, Prinse, Prynce, Pryns, Prynse Latin
Priscus Ancient Pryscus Latin
Priyange He who has beautiful features   Sinhala
Probus Honest   Latin
Proctor Leader, Administrator, Steward. Proctar, Procter Latin
Prokop Progressive   Czech
Prometheus Forethought   Greek
Prosper Wealthy   English
Prospero Successful   Latin
Pryor The head of the priory. Prior Latin
Pshita Cherished Poshitah Sanskrit
Puluke Dweller at the dense shrubs. A form of Bruce. Puluc Hawaiian, English
Puluno Brown   Hawaiian
Pumeet Purity   Sanskrit
Punawai Water   Hawaiian
Puriri New Zealand sheok tree.   Maori
Purusha Man Purushah Sanskrit
Purvis Provider Purvise, Purviss, Purvys, Purvyss English, French
Pushkara Blue lotus. Pushkarah Sanskrit
Putnam Dweller by the pond; Tree pruner. Putnem, Putnum Old English, Latin
Pwyll Prudent Pwill Welsh
Pyralis Of fire    


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