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O Girls baby names beginning with the letter O. If I have missed any, please add them. O


Name Meaning Derivations Origin
Oake Oak tree Oak Old English
Oana Short form of Ioana. A feminine form of John. Oanna Romanian
Oba Goddess of the rivers Obah Yoruba
Obelia Strength Obeliah, Obelya, Obelyah Greek
Ocean Ocean, sea, from the sea Oceana, Oceanah, Oceane, Ocearn, Ociarne, Ocena, Oshearne, Oshin, Oshine Greek
Octavia The eighth born child. The feminie form of Octavius. Aktavija, Octaviah, Octavian, Octavianos, Octavie (French), Octavio, Octavious, Octawia (Polynesian), Ofeliga (Lithuanian), Oktavia, Okatvija, Ottavia (Italian), Ottaviah, Ottavya, Ottavyah Latin
Odda Wealthy Oda, Odah, Oddah, Oddia, Oddiah Old Norse
Ode Born while parents were travelling. Odee, Odey, Odi, Odia, Odiah, Ody, Odya, Odyah Nigerian
Odeda Strong, courageous. Odeada, Odeadah, Odedah Hebrew
Odele Melody, Song. Odel, Odela, Odelah, Odell, Odella, Odellah, Odelle French
Odelette Little song lyric. Odelet, Odelatt, Odelatta, Odelattah, Odelet, Odeleta, Odeletah, Odelete, Odelett, Odeletta French
Odelia I will praise God, Praise to God; Wealthy, Little; One who lives in the valley. A feminine form of Odell. Odele, Odeliah, Odelina, Odelinah, Odeline, Odell, Odella, Odellah, Odelle, Odetta, Odette, Odila, Odilia, Odille, Odyla, Odylah, Odyle, Odyll, Odylla, Odyllah, Odylle, Otha, Othelia, Othilia, Ottilie, Uta Hebrew; Scandinavian; Old English
Odessa Odyssey, Journey, One who is in search of a quest. Odesa, Odessah, Odissa, Odissah, Odysa, Odysah, Odyssa, Odyssah Greek
Odette Of the fatherland; Home lover. A feminine form of Odin, ruler. Oddet, Oddeta, Oddete, Oddett, Oddetta, Odett, Odetta, Odettah, Odet, Odeta, Odetah, Odete German; Old French
Odile Rich battle. Odila, Odilah, Odyla, Odylah French
Odina Mountain Odeana, Odeanah, Odeane, Odeen, Odeena, Odeenah, Odinah, Odyn, Odyna, Odynah, Odyne Algonquin
Odiya God's song. Odiyah Hebrew
Ofa Love   Tonga, Polynesian
Ofira Golden Ofara, Ofarra, Ofarrah, Ophira, Ophirah, Ophyra, Ophyrah Hebrew
Ofra First born. A form of Alpha. Ofrah, Ofrat, Ophra, Ophrah Hebrew, Greek
Ogin Wild rose. Ogina, Ogyn, Ogyna, Ogynah Native American
Ohanna God is gracious. A form of Hannah. Hana, Hanah, Hanna, Hannah, Johana, Johannah, Johanna, Johannah, Ohana, Ohanah, Ohannah Hebrew
Ohara Small field.   Japanese
Oheo Beautiful   Iroquois
Ohnicio Honourable Onicio Irish
Okalani Sent from heaven. Okalana, Okalanah, Okalanea, Okalanee, Okalaney, Okalania, Okalaniah, Okalanie, Okalany, Okalanya, Okalanyah Hawaiian
Oketa Orchid Oketah Tongan
Okiilani Heaven Okiianee, Okiianey, Okiianie, Okiiany Hawaiian
Ola Ancestral relic, Family keepsake; Life, Wel being; Precious. Olah Scandinavian; Hawaiian; Nigerian
Olabisi Increasing Olabisie, Olabisie, Olabisy Nigerian
Olaf Ancestral heritage. Olav, Olava Scandinavian
Olalla Speaking sweetly. Olallah Greek
Olanthe Beautiful Olanth, Olantha, Olanthah, Olathye Native American
Oldina Snow Oldeena, Oldeeah, Oldenia, Oldeniah, Oldinah, Oldine, Oldyn, Oldyna, Oldynah, Oldyne Australian Aboriginal
Oleander Evergreen tree with red or white flowers. Oleanda, Oleandah, Oleeanda, Oleeandah, Oliannda, Olianndah, Oliannde English, American, Australian
Oleatha Light Alethea, Oleanthah, Oleanthe, Oleta, Oletah English, Scandinavian
Olena Light Alena, Olenah, Olenia, Oleniah, Oline, Olinah, Olyna, Olynah Russian
Olesia Protector of human kind. Olesiah, Olesya, Olesyah Polish
Olethea Truthful Aleathea, Aleatheah, Oleathea, Oleatheah, Oleathya, Oleathyah Latin
Olga Holy Elga, Helga, Olenka, Olgah, Olgy, Olia, Olive, Olivia, Oliviah, Olva, Olvah Scandinavian, Russian
Oliana Evergreen in glower. Olianah, Olyana, Olyanah Hawaiian
Olien Deer Olian, Oliene, Olienah, Oliene, Olyan, Olyana, Olyanah, Olyane, Olyen, Olyena, Olyenah, Olyene Russian
Olienka Holy Olienkah, Olyenka, Olyenkah Russian
Olin Holly    
Olina Happy Olinah, Olyna, Olynah Hawaiian
Olinda Sweetly scented. Olindah, Olinka, Olinkah, Olynda, Olyndah, Olynka, Olynkah Latin, Hawaiian
Olisa God Olisah, Olysa, Olysah, Olyssa, Olyssah Ibo
Olive Olive tree. Olave, Oliv, Olliv, Ollive, Ollyv, Ollyve, Olyv, Olyve Latin
Olivia Olive tree. Elva, Nola, Nolana, Nolanah, Olga, Olia, Oliah, Olida (Latin), Olive, Olivetta, Olivette, Olva, Olyvia, Olyviah, Olyvya, Olyvyah Latin
Olono Hill Olonno Australian Aboriginal
Olwyn White footprints; Old friend. Olwen, Olwena, Olwenah, Olwene, Olwenn, Olwenna, Olwennah, Olwenne, Olwin, Olwina, Olwinah, Olwine, Olwinn, Olwinna, Olwinnah, Olwinne, Olwyna, Olwynah, Olwyne, Olwynn, Olwynna, Olwynnah, Olwynne Welsh; Old English
Olympia Mountain of the Gods. Of Olympus, heavenly. Olimpe (French), Olimpia (Italian), Olimpiah, Olimpias, Olympias, Olympie (German), Olympy, Olympya, Olympyah, Olympie, Olympy, Olympiah, Olympya, Olympyah Greek
Oma High commander. The feminine form of Omar, first born, Follower of th prophet, speaker. Omah Arabic
Ondina Wave of water, Waves, Sea. Ondinah, Ondine (Latin), Ondyn, Ondyna, Ondynah, Undina, Undinah, Undyn, Undyna, Undynah, Undyne Italian
Oni Born on holy ground. Onee, Oney, Onie, Ony Yoruba
Onida Desired Onidah, Onyda, Onydah Native American
Onike The onyx gem. Onika, Onikah, Onikee Tongan
Onora Honesty Ornora, Ornorah, Onoria, Onoriah, Onorina, Onorine, Onoryn, Onoryna, Onorynah, Onoryne English
Ontario Beautiful lake. Oniatario, Ontaryo Native American
Onyx Precious black gem. Onix Latin
Oola Fire place. Ollah Australian Aboriginal
Oona Lamb Oonagh (Irish), Una, Unah Irish
Oonta Star Oontah Australian Aboriginal
Opa Owl Opah Choctaw
Opal Precious jewell, Justice, Hope. Opala, Opalah, Opalia, Opalina, Opaline, Opalyn, Opalyna, Opalynah, Opalyn, Opalyna, Opalyne Sanskrit
Opalina Jewell. Opala, Opalah, Opaleana, Opaleena, Opalin, Opalinah, Opaline, Opalyn, Opalyna, Opalyne Hindi
Opeli Opal gem. Opelea, Opeleah, Opelee, Opelei, Opeleigh, Opelia, Opeliah, Opelie, Opely, Opelya, Opelyah Tongan
Ophelia Help    
Ophira Gold    
Ora Light    
Oriana Golden one    
Orlenda Eagle; Feminine form of Roland Orlanda, Orlandah, Orlendah Russian
Osen One thousand. Osena, Osenah Japanese
Oseye Happy Osey Benin
Osita Divine strength. Ositah, Osith, Ositha, Osithah, Osithe, Ositah, Osyta, Osytah, Osyth, Osytha, Osythah, Osyta, Osytah Spanish
Osith Divine protector. The feminine form of Osmond. Ositha, Osithe, Osy6th, Osytha, Osythe German
Osma Divine protector. Osmah, Ozma, Ozmah English
Osvalda Divinely ruled by God, God of the forest. The feminine form of Oswald. Osvaldah, Oswalda, Oswaldah English
Osyka Eagle Osika, Osikah, Osykah Choctaw
Otaybe Bird Otaiba, Otaibah, Otaybah Australian Aobriginal
Otilie Lucky Otila, Otilah, Otka, Ottili, Otylia, Otyla, Otylah, Ottyli, Ottyllia, Ottylliah, Ottylya, Ottylyah Slavic
Ottavia Eighth-born child. Otavia, Otaviah, Otavya, Otavyah, Ottaviah, Ottavya, Ottavyah Italian
Ottilia Of the fatherland, Fortunate heroine, Wealthy. Also name of an Asteroid.  Otilie (Czech), Odile (French), Ottelia (Finnish), Ottella (Danish), Ottiilia (Finnish), Ottil, Odilia German, Hungarian, Nordic, Swedish
Otylia Wealthy. The feminne form of Otto. Ottylia, Ottyliah, Ottylya, Ottylyah, Otyliah, Otylya, Otylyah Polish
Ouida Warrior woman, Female warrior.   French
Ourania Sky   Greek
Ovia Egg Ova, Ovah, Oviah, Ovya, Ovyah Latin, Danish
Owena Young warrior. The feminine form of Owen, well-born one. Owenah, Owina, Owinah, Owyna, Owynah Welsh
Oya To come forth. Oia, Oiah, Oyah Moquelumnan
Oz Strength Ozz Hebrew
Ozara Treasured Ozarah, Ozarra, Ozarrah Hebrew
Özden Self-existent.   Turkish
Ozera Helper Ozerah, Ozira, Ozirah, Ozyra, Ozyrah Hebrew



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