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A. Boys baby names beginning with the letter A. If I have missed any, please add them. A

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Name Meaning Pronunciation Derivations Origin
Aaron To sing; Enlightened; Messenger   Aron, Arron Hebrew; Arabic
Abadi Eternal, Lasting.     Arabic
Abasi Stern   Abasey, Abasy Swahili
Abba Father; Addressed to God.   Aba, Abbe, Abbey, Abbot, Abbott, Abby Aramaic; Hebrew
Abban White   Abbana, Abben, Abbena, Abbin, Abbina, Abbine Latin
Abbas Muhammed's uncle, Stern.   Abba Arabic
Abbey Father rejoiced. A form of Abe, father of the multitudes.   Abby Hebrew
Abbott Father of the abbey.   Abad (Spanish), Abba, Abad (Spanish), Abbe (French), Abboid (Gaelic), Abbott (Anglo-Saxon), Abby, Abot, Abott (French) Old English
Abdul Servant of Allah.   Abdal, Abdala, Abdel, Abdela, Abdula, Abdulah, Abdulla, Abdullah Arabic
Abdul Aziz Servant of the powerful one.     Arabic
Abdullah Servant of God.     Arabic
Abdul Kareem Servant of the noble one, Worshipper of the generous one, Slave of the generous God.   Abdul Karim, Abdal Kareem, Abdal Karim Arabic
Abdul Rahman Servant of the merciful one.     Arabic
Abe Father of a multitude.   Abraham, Abie Hebrew
Abel A breath, Son.   Able, Awel, Hevel, Nab Hebrew
Abelard One who is born of firm, High nobility, Ambitious once.   Abelarde Old German
Abernethy Mouth or beginning of a river.     Scottish, Gaelic
Abi Elder brother.   Abbey, Abbie, Abby Turkish
Abiah God is my father.   Abia, Abija, Abijah, Abisha, Abishal Hebrew
Abias One who serves the Lord.     Hebrew
Abidan Father of judgement.   Abidin, Abidon Hebrew
Abie Servant   Abbey, Abby Arabic
Abir Strength     Hebrew
Abisha Gift of God.   Abija, Abijah, Abisha, Abishal, Abysha, Abyshah Hebrew
Abishur My father's glance     Hebrew
Abner Divine father of light.     Hebrew
Abraham Father of the multitudes.   Abrahamo, Abrahan (Spanish), Abrahin (Spanish), Abrahem, Abramo (Italian), Abran, Abraomas (Lithuanian), Alibaba, Avraham, Avram, Avrom, Habreham, Ibrahim Hebrew
Abram Son of the high father.   Abrama, Abramah, Abramo (Italian), Avram, Avrom, Bram (Dutch), Brama, Bramah Hebrew
Absalom Father of peace.   Abolam, Absolom Hebrew
Abtin A character in Shahnameh, Fereidoun's father.     Persian
Abu Father     Arabic
Acar Bright     Turkish
Ace Unity, One.     Latin
Achilles Without lips.   Achille, Achilleus Greek
Acim The Lord will judge.   Achim Hebrew
Ackerley From the meadow of oak trees.   Ackerlea, Ackerleah, Ackerlee, Ackerleigh, Ackerly English
Ackley Dweller at the oak tree.   Acklea, Ackleah, Acklee, Ackleigh, Ackly Middle English
Actaeon History - was a famous Theban hero, trained by the centaur Chiron. A hunter.   Aktaion Greek
Acton Belonging to the town with oak trees.   Acten Old English
Adahy In the oak tree woods.   Adahi Cherokee
Adair Dweller by the oak tree.   Adaire Scottish, Gaelic
Adalard Noble, Brave.   Adalarde, Adelard, Adelarde Old German
Adalric Noble ruler.   Adelric, Adelrich, Adelrick, Adelrik German
Adam Of the red earth.   Adamo (Italian), Adams, Adamson, Adan (Spanish), Adao (Portuguese), Adas (Portuguese), Addam, Addison, Addos, Addoson, Adekin, Adem, Adham (Irish, Scottish), Ado (Estonian), Adomas (Lithuanian) Hebrew
Adamanan Little Adam, Of the red earth.     Irish
Adan One who brings pleasure.   Aden, Adin, Adon Arabic
Adar Dark, Cloudy.   Addair, Addar, Addare Hebrew
Addison Son of Adam, Descended from Adam, Son of the red earth.   Addis Old EnglishOld English
Ade Royal     Yoruba
Adel Fire; Noble.     Arabic; Old German
Aden Fiery one.   Adan, Adin, Adon, Adyn, Aidan, Aiden, Aidin, Aidon, Aidun, Aidyn Irish
Ader Flock   Adder Hebrew
Adham Black     Arabic
Adiel Ornament of the Lord.   Addiel Hebrew
Adil Wise, Just.   Adeel, Adeele, Adill Arabic
Adilo Noble   Addilo German
Adiv Pleasant, Gentle.   Adev Hebrew
Adlai Refuge of God; To justify.   Addlay Hebrew; Arabic
Adler Eagle   Addlah, Addlar, Addler, Adlar Old German
Adley Righteous, Just.   Adlea, Adleah, Adlee, Adleigh Hebrew
Adnan Pleasant     Arabic
Adney Dweller at the noble one's land.   Adny Old English
Adolf Noble, fierce wolf, Hero.   Addofo (Spanish, Italian), Adolfius, Adolfo (Spanish, Latin), Adolfus, Adolph (German), Adolphe, Adolphius, Adolpho, Adolphus (French), Adolphu (Swedish), Adolphus, Aethelwulf, Atofu (Western Samoan), Dolf, Dolph, Dolphus Old German
Adom God will help.     Akan
Adon Belonging to the Lord.   Adonie (Australian Aboriginal), Adonis (Hebrew), Adonys Hebrew
Adonis Lord; Handsome.   Adonise, Adonys, Adonyse Hebrew; Greek
Adri Rock   Adry Pakastani
Adrian Dark, Rich, Mysterious, From the Adriatic Sea. A masculine form of Adriana.   Adriano (Italian, Spanish), Adrianus, Adrien (Spanish), Adrin, Adryn, Arje (Dutch), Arne, Arrian, Hadrian, Hadrien Latin
Adriel Of God's kingdom.   Adrial, Adriall, Adriell, Adryel, Adryell Hebrew
Adrik A form of Hadrianus, Of the Adriatic; Dark.   Aidrik Latin; Russian
Adwin Creative   Adwyn Ghanian
Aegir A sea god.     Old Norse
Aeneas Praised   Angus, Aonghus, Eneas, Enne, Oenghus, Oengus, Oneas Greek
Afa Hurricane   Afah Tongan
Affrica Pleasant   Africa  
Afifi Pious, Virtuous, Forgiven.   Afif Arabic
Afshin Old Iranian army commander.     Persian
Afram Ghanaian river.     African
Afton Geographical - From Afton in England   Aftan, Aften, Aftin, Aftyn English
Agamemnon Resolute. Working Slowly. He was the warrior who commanded the Greeks at the siege of Troy.   Agamemno, Agamenon Greek
Agastya One who moves mountains.   Agastia, Agastiah, Agastyah Sanskrit
Agostino Anguished, Misery.   Agostine Italian
Agrey Open field.   Agray Latin
Agrippa Born with the feet first.   Agripa, Agripah, Agrippah Latin
Agu Leopard     Ibo
Agustin Highly praised.   Agustine, Agustin, Augustine Latin
Ahab Uncle     Hebrew
Ahava Cherished one     Hebrew
Ahdik Deer, Caribou   Ahdic, Ahdick Native American
Ahearn Lord of the horses; The heron.   Ahearne, Aherin, Ahern, Aherne, Aheron, Aheryn Scottish: English
Ahmed Most highly adored, Highly praised.   Ahmad, Ahkmed Arabic
Ahrens Powerful eagle.   Ahren Old German
Ahu Smoke     Tongan
Aidan Little fire.   Iaden, Aidyn Irish, Gaelic
Aikane Friendly   Aikan, Aykan, Aykane Polynesian
Aiken Made of oak     Old English
Aimery Hard-working leader.   Aimeric, Aimerie, Ameree, Amerey German
Aimon House   Aymon French
Ain Belonging to oneself, A short form of names beginning with "Ain".   Ayn Scottish
Aindrea Strong, brave, courageous one. A form of Andrew.   Aindrea, Andrea, Andreas Irish
Ainsley From the meadow clearing.   Ainslea, Ainsleah, Ainslee, Ainslei, Ainsleigh, Ainsli, Ainslie, Ainsly, Aynslea, Aynsleah, Aynslee, Aynsley, Aynsli, Aynslie, Aynsly Old English
Airi   EYE-rye   Papua New Guinea
Aisi Ice   Aisy Tongan
Ajaia Pot maker.   Ajalah Yoruba
Ajax Eagle     Greek
Ajay Victorious   A.J. Punjabi
Akama Whale   Akamah Australian Aboriginal
Akar Stream   Akare Turkish
Akash Sky     Hindi
Akbar Great     Arabic
Akecheta Warrior   Akechetah Lakota
Akelina Eagle   Akelinah Russian
Akemi Dawning     Japanese
Akeno Morning, From the shining field.     Japanese
Akhgar Sign of fire     Persian
Akil Intelligent   Akile, Akyle Arabic
Akim God will establish.   Achim, Ackim, Ackym, Akeem, Akimah Hebrew
Akins Brave   Akin, Akyn, Akyns Yoruba
Akio Bright     Japanese
Akira Intelligence     Japanese
Akiyama Autumn, Fall.   Akima, Akimah Japanese
Akma Fresh water.   Akmah, Akmara Australian Aboriginal
Akmal Perfection     Arabic
Aksel Tiny oak tree.   Aksell German
Akule He looks up.   Akul Native American
Al Noble, Bright, Handsome. A short form for names beginning with "Al".     English
Aladdin Allah's servant.   Aladdan, Aladden, Aladdyn Arabic
Alair Happy   Alaire Irish
Alam Universe     Arabic
Alan Handsome, Fair, Bright, Happy.   Ailin (Irish), Alaen, Alaene, Alain (French), Alaine, Alano (Italian), Allan, Allen, Allin Irish, Gaelic
Alard Hard, Noble.   Alarde Old German
Alaric Wolf ruler, Fierce, Hard, noble, supreme ruler of all.   Airik (Swedish), Alarich, Alarick, Alarico (Spanish), Alarik, Ulrie, Ulrich Old German
Alastair Protector of men. Al-ah-stare Alistair, Alasdair (Scottish) Greek
Alba Wind   Albah Australian Aboriginal
Alberic Clever, wise ruler.   Alberich, Oberon German
Albern Noble, Courageous.   Alberne, Alburn, Alburne German
Albert Noble, Industrious, Bright, Famous.   Adalbert, Adelbert, Alberti, Albertino (Italian), Alberto (Italian, Spanish), Albertus, Albrecht (German), Albret (French), Albyrt, Albyrte, Aubert, Bertal, Bertel, Delbert, Elbert, Ethelbert, Halbert, Imbert, Olbracht, Ulbricht German
Albie Noble, Bright. A short form of names beginning with "Albi".   Albey, Albie, Alby German, French
Albin White   Alba, Alban (Irish), Alben, Albene, Albin, Albino, Albion, Albon, Aloin Latin
Albion White cliffs.     Celtic
Alcander Defeder of humandkind. A form of Alexander.   Allcander Greek
Alcott Dweller from the old cottage.   Alcot Old English
Aldan Wise, old friend, Helmet.   Alden, Aldin, Aldon, Aldyn Old English
Alder The alder tree.   Aldar, Aldare Old English
Alderidge From the alder ridge.   Alderige Old English
Aldis From the old house.   Aldiss, Aldous, Aldus Old French
Aldo Old, Wise.   Alda, Aldous Old German
Aldous Old, Wise; From the old house.   Aldan, Alden, Aldin, Aldon, Aldis, Aldo, Aldos, Aldren, Alous Old German; Old English
Aldred Old, wise counsel.   Alldred Old English
Aldrich Old, wise, powerful ruler.   Aldric, Aldrige, Alric, Alrich, Alrick, Audric (French), Eldric, Eldrige Old German
Aldwin Old friend.   Aldwen, Aldwyn English
Alejandro Protector. A form of Alexander.     Spanish
Alem Wisdom   Alim, Alym Arabic
Aleric Ruler of all.   Alerick, Alerik, Alleric German
Aleron Wing     Latin
Alex Defender of humankind. A short form of Alexander.   Alec, Aleck, Alecko, Aleik (Russian), Aleizo, Alejo (Spanish), Alek, Alekko, Aleko, Alexi, Alexis, Alexio (Portuguese), Alexis (Greek), Alexx, Alexys, Alezio, Alezios, Alezius, Aliz, Alizk Alik, Alika, Alikka, Aliko, Alixx, Allix, Allixx, Allyx, Allyxx, Alyc, Alyck, Alyk, Alyko, Ellec, Elleck, Ellic, Ellick, Alexander Greek
Alexa Protector of men. A form of Alexander.   Alexander, Alec, Alastair Greek
Alexis Defender of humankind. A short form of Alexander.   Alec, Aleck, Alecko, Aleik (Russian), Aleizo, Alejo (Spanish), Alek, Alekko, Aleko, Alexi, Alexio (Portuguese), Alexis (Greek), Alexx, Alexys, Alezio, Alezios, Alezius, Aliz, Alizk Alik, Alika, Alikka, Aliko, Alixx, Allix, Allixx, Allyx, Allyxx, Alyc, Alyck, Alyk, Alyko, Ellec, Elleck, Ellic, Ellick, Alexander Greek
Alexander Protector of men. Defender of humankind.   Alcander, Alecander, Alecsader, Alecksander, Alecxander, Aleckxander, Aleister, Alejandro (Spanish), Aleksajender (Slavic), Aleksander (Danish, Norse, Russian), Aleksandr (Russian), Aleksei, Aleksy, Aleczi, Alessander, Alessandre (Russian), Alessandre (French), Alexius, Alezios, Alezius, Alisander, Alisandre, Alisaunder, Alixsander, Alixzander, Alyxxsander, Alyxxander, Alexxzander, Alexzander Greek
Alfie Pet form of Alfred, wise judge.   Alfy Old English
Alford Wise counsellor from the old ford.   Allford Old English
Alfred Old counsellor, Wise judge.   Aelfric, Ailfrid, Alfeo, Alfredas (Lithuanian), Alfric, Alfrick, Alfrid, Alfried (German), Alfris, Alfryd, Alured, Auveray, Avere, Avery, Elfric, Elfrick, Elfrid, Fred Old English
Alfy A short form of Alfred, wise judge.   Alfie Old English
Alger Noble spearman.   Algar, Algor, Elgar Old German
Algernon One who has a beard or moustache.     Old French
Algis Spear     German
Ali The greatest, excellent noble.     Arabic
Alim All knowing, Wisdom.   Alem, Alym Arabic
Allambee Quiet place.   Alambee, Alambey,A lambi, Alambie, Alamby, Allambey, Allambi, Allambie, Allamby Australian Aboriginal
Allard Brave, Noble, Determined.   Alard (French) Old English
Allen Handsome, Fair, Bright, Happy.   Alan Irish, Gaelic
Allison Alice's son, Son of the little, truthful one.   Allisan, Allisen, Allisyn Old English, Old German
Allistair The avenger.   Alasdair, Alastair, Alastor, Alistair, Alister, Allister, Allistir, Alsandair (Irish) Greek
Allunga Sun   Allungah, Alunga, Alungah Australian Aboriginal
Almeric Powerful ruler.   Amauric, Amaurick, Amaurik, Americk, Amerik, Amery Old German
Almo Noble, Famous.   Elmo Old English
Almon Widower   Alman, Almen, Almin, Almyn Hebrew
Alon Oak, Strength.   Alonn, Allon, Allonza, Allonzo (Old German), Alonza, Alonzo (Old German) Hebrew
Alonzo Noble, Ready for battle.   Allon, Allonza, Allonzo, Alon, Alonz, Alonza, Alonzah, Alonze Old German
Aloysius Famous, glorious warrior of battle. al-oo-ISH-us Alaois, Alois (Hungarian), Aloisia, Aloisio, Aloisy Old German
Alpha First-born.   Alfa, Alfah, Alfia, Alfiah, Alfya, Alfyah Greek
Alpheus A river god.   Alfeus, Alpheous Greek
Alphonse Noble, eager to do battle.   Alfons, Alfonso (Italian), Alfonzo, Alonzo (Spanish), Alphonsine, Alphonso, Alphonsus Old German
Alphonso Ready, Noble.     Spanish
Alpin High mountains, Blond, fair-haired.   Alpine Scottish
Alpinolo Old fried.     Italian
Alric All powerful.   Alrich, Alrick, Alrik Old German
Alroy Red-haired.     Old English
Alston From the noble one's town, Temple stone.   Alstan, Alsten, Alstin, Alstyn Old English
Altair Star; Eagle flying.   Altayr, Altyr, Altar, Altayre Greek; Arabic
Alter Elder, Senior.   Altar, Altor German
Altman Wise, old   Altmen Old German
Alton Dweller from the old town.   Altown Old English
Alva Blond, fair-haired; Praised highly.   Alvah, Alvan Latin; Hebrew
Alvan Tall   Alven, Alvin, Alvon Tall
Alvar Sin, justice.   Alva, Alvah Hebrew
Alvaro Speaker of truth.   Alvar German, Spanish
Alvern Spring   Alverne Latin
Alvin Beloved, Wise, Friend to all, Noble friend.   Alban, Albin, Albon, Aloin, Aluin (French), Aluino (Spanish), Alvan, ALven, Alwin (German), Alwyn Old German
Alvis All-wise friend; Loved by all.   Aloin, Aluin, Aluino, Alva, Alvan, Alwin, Alwyn, Elvin, Elvis Old Norse; Old German
Alwan Harmonious   Alwen, Alwin, Alwon, Alwun, Alwyn Welsh
Alwyn Noble, odl, wise, relilable friend.   Aluin, Aluino, Alvan, Alvin, Alvyn, Alwan, Alwen, Alwin, Alwyn, Eldan, Elden, Eldin, Eldon, Eldwin, Eldwyn, Eldwynn Old English
Amadeus Love of God   Amadeo (Spanish), Amadis, Amado, Amando Latin
Amal Industrious; Hope.   Amahl Hebrew; Arabic
Amama Open-mouthed one.   Amamah Polynesian
Aman Security   Amana Indonesian
Amar Immortal; Builder.   Amari, Amrio, Amarios, Amaris, Amarjit, Ammar, Ammer Punjabi; Arabic
Amaroo Beautiful place.   Amaro Australian, Aboriginal
Amasa Bearer of burdens.   Amasah Hebrew
Amat Observation   Amatt Indonesian
Amato Loved   Amat French
Ambert Shining, Bright light.   Amber Old German
Ambler Stable keeper.   Ambla, Amblah, Amblar English
Ambrose Divine, Immortal.   Ambrois, Ambroise (French), Ambrogio (Italian), Ambroisius (Dutch, German, Swedish), Ambros (Irish), Ambrosio (Spanish), Ambrosios (Greek), Ambrossij (Russian), Ambrossye, Ambrosye, Ambrotos , Ambroz (Bohemian), Ambrozij (Polish), Ambrozio Greek
Amerigo Hard-working.   Amerygo Italian
Amery Ruling worker.   Amerie, Aymeree, Aymerey, Aymeri, Aymeric, Aymerick, Aymerie, Aymerik, Aymery, Aymeryc, Aymeryck, Aymeryk Old French
Ames Friend   Amess French
Amfrid Ancestral peace.   Amfred, Amfryd German
Ami My people; Beloved friend.   Amiel, Amiram, Amy Hebrew; Latin
Amico Friend to all.   Amic, Amick, Amicko, Amik, Amiko, Amyc, Amyck, Amycko, Amyk, Amyko Italian
Amiel Lord of my people.   Amiell, Amyel, Amyell Hebrew
Amik Beaver   Amike Native American
Amin Faithful, Trustworthy, Loyal.   Amen, Ammen, Amnon, Amor, Amyn, Amynn Hebrew, Arabic
Amir Prince   Amyr Arabic
Amit Unfriendly; Highly praised; Endless, Without limit,    Amita, Amitan, Amreet, Amrit, Amrita, Amritan, Amryt, Amryta, Amrytan Punjabi; Arabic; Indian, Hindu
Ammon Hidden   Amon, Amond, Amun Egyptian
Amon Faithful, Trustworthy.   Aman, Amen, Amin, Amman, Ammen, Ammin, Ammon, Ammyn, Amyn Hebrew
Amory Famous divine ruler; Love.   Ameree, Amerey, Ameri, Amerie, Amery, Ammeree, Ammerey, Ammeri, Ammerie, Ammery, Ammoree, Ammorey, Ammori, Ammorie, Ammory, Amoree, Amorey, Amori, Amorie Old German; Latin
Amos To be troubled     Hebrew
Amoz Fast, Vigorous one.     Hebrew
Amr Life   Am Arabic
Amram Nation of might.   Amarien, Amran, Amren, Amryn Hebrew
Amund Divine protector, Guardian.   Amond, Amondo, Amundo Scandinavian
An Peace   Ana, Anah Chinese, Vietnamese
Ana Cave   Anah Tongan
Anada Blessed   Anadah Sanskrit
Anakin Warrior   Anakinn, Annakin, Annakinn, Anahkin, Anahkinn American
Analo Ancestral     German
Anan Cloud     German
Anand Bliss   Ananda, Anandah, Anant, Ananth Hindi
Anastasius Resurrection, Springtime. A masculine form of Anastasia.   Anastas, Anastase, Anastasio (Spanish), Anastatius, Anastice, Anastagio, Anastasios, Anastasij (Russian), Anastasl, Anastasi, Anastazij, Anastazy (Polish), Nastagio Greek
Anatole Eastern   Anatol, Anatolia, Anatoliah, Anatolio (Spanish), Antoly, Antal, Anatolie, Anatolis Greek
Anbiorn Bear, Eagle.   Anbjorn Old Norse
Ancel Servant   Ancelin, Ancelot, Ansell, Ansellus, Ansila Latin
Anchali Painter   Anchalee, Anchaley, Anchalie, Anchaly Taos
Ancher Anchor   Anchor Greek
Ande Pillar     African
Andre Manly, Courageous. A form of Andrew.   Andas, Andar, Anders (Greek), Andra, Andrae, Andrecito, Andree, Andrie French, Hebrew
Andres Manly, Courageous. A form of Andrew.     Spanish
Andrew Manly, Courageous, Brave.   Aindreas (Gaelic), Analo, Anderewe, Anders, Andersen, Anderson, Andias (Slavic), Andonis, Andor, Andras (Estonian, Hungarian), Andre (French), Andrea, Andreas (Dutch, German), Andrei (Russian), Andreian (Russian), Andrej (Slavic), Andreja (Serbian), Andrejeen (Slavic), Andrejek (Slavic), Andrewe, Andronicus (Greek), Andronycus Greek
Andros Man, Warrior, Of a man.   Andris, Andres, Andras, Andro Greek
Andy Manly, Courageous. A short form of Andrew.   Andi, Andres, Andre, Endi, Greek
Anga Nature, Shark.   Angah Tongan
Angelo Angel, Messenger of God.   Angel, Angell, Angello, Angelos, Angelous, Angiolo, Anglico, Aniello, Anjel, Anjell, Anjello, Anjelo English, Italian
Angus The only choice; Chosen, Possesses strength.   Ennis Scottish, Gaelic; Celtic
Anh Safety, Peace.     Vietnamese
Anil God of wind.   Aneal, Aneel, Anel, Aniel, Aniello, Anielo Hindi
Anker Strong, Brave, Courageous. A  form of Andrew.   Ankor, Ankur Danish, Greek
Anlon Great champion.   Anlone Celtic
Annan From the stream.   Annen, Annin, Annon, Annun, Annyn Celtic
Anno Graceful. A masculine form of Ann.     Hebrew
An-nur Light   Annur Arabic
Anoke Actor   Anokee, Anokey, Anoki, Anokie, Anoky Native American
Anoush Everlasting     Persian
Ansel Under God's protection.   Ansell, Anselino, Anselyno Old French
Anselm Warrior possessing divine protection.   Anse, Ansel, Anselme, Anselmi (Italian), Anselmo (Spanish, Portuguese), Ansheim (German) Old German
Ansley Graceful meadow.   Anslea, Ansleah, Anslee, Ansleigh, Ansli,A nslie, Ansly Old English, Hebrew
Anson Ann's son, Son of the graceful one. A masculine form of Ann.   Ansan, Ansen,A nsin, Ansyn Old English, Hebrew
Antares A star.     Greek
Anthe Strong, Brave, Courageous. A form of Andrew.   Anthey, Anthi, Anthie, Anthy, Anti, Antty, Anty Greek
Anthony Worth of praise, Priceless.   Anfonee, Anfoney, Anfoni, Anfonie, Anfony, Antain, Antaine, Antal, Antek, Antanas, Ante, Antholin, Anthonee, Anthoney, Anthoni, Anthonie, Antin, Anto, Antoin (Irish), Antoine (French), Anton (German, Swedish, Russian), Antone, Antonee, Antoney, Antoni (Polish), Antonie, Antonij (Russian), Antonija, Antonin, Antonina, Antonio (Italian, Spanish, Portuguese), Antonius (Latin), Antons, Antony (Italian), Hanto, Tony Latin
Antoine Praiseworthy. A form of Anthony.   Antione, Antjuan, Antuan, Antuwain, Antuwaine, Antuwayne, Antuwon, Antwahn, Antwain, Antwaine, Antwan, Antwaun, Antwohn, Antwoin, Antwoine, Antwon, Antwone. French
Antony Praiseworth, flourishing     Italian
Antti Strong, Brave, Courageous. A form of Andrew.   Antey, Anthi, Anthie, Anthy, Anti, Antty, Anty Finnish, Greek
Anu Little; Atom, molecule; Cold     Bangladeshi; Sanskrit; Hawaiian
Anuj Younger brother, Later born     Sanskrit
Anwar Ray of light.   Anward Arabic
Anwell Dearest   Anwel, Anwil, Anwill, Anwyl, Anwyll Welsh
Apiatan Wooden lance.     Kiowa
Apollo God of the sun, Sunlight,  Manly beauty   Apolinario, Apolinaro, Apolo, Apolonio, Appollo, Appolo, Appolonio Greek
Apurta Stone   Apurtah Australian Aboriginal
Aquila Eagle   Aquil, Aquill, Aquilla, Aquyl, Aquyla, Aquyll, Aquylla Latin
Ara Altar   Arah Latin
Arafat Mountain of recognition   Ara Arabic
Araldo Ruler of the army.   Haraldo Spanish, Scandinavian
Aram High, exalted     Hebrew
Aramis Sky, Reflection of heaven.     French
Aran Forest   Arane Thai
Arash A hero in Persian folklore.     Persian
Arawa Shark   Arawah Maori
Archard Sacred, Powerful; Archer   Archar, Archer, Archor French; Old English
Archer Bow, Archer   Archar, Archard, Archor Old English
Archibald Very bold, Very brave, Valuable   Archaimbaud (German), Archie, Archambaud, Archambault (French), Arche, Archee, Archey, Archibaldes, Archibales (Lithuanian), Archi, Archibaldo (Italian), Archy, Archybald, Archybalde, Archybaldes, Archybauld, Archybaulde Old German
Archie Very bold. Short form of Archibald   Archibald Old German
Archimedes Brilliant   Archim, Archymedes Greek
Ardai High valour, brave, warrior   Ardae, Ardal, Arday Celtic
Ardell Eager   Ardall, Ardel Latin
Arden Ablaze; Dwelling place   Ardan, Ardent, Ardin, Ardint, Ardyn, Ardynt Latin; Old English
Ardley From the fiery meadow, From the ardent one's meadow   Ardlea, Ardlea, Ardlee, Ardleigh, Ardli, Ardlie, Ardly Old English, Latin
Ardmore Intense desire, ardent   Ardmoar, Ardmoare, Ardmoor, Ardmoore, Ardmor Latin
Ardon Bronze   Ardan, Arden, Ardin, Ardun, Ardyn Hebrew
Aren Eagle, ruler, peace     Danish
Arentino Virtuous, Purity   Aretin, Aretine, Artyn, Artyno Italian
Arif Acquainted; Knowledgable   Areef, Aryf Arabic
Argus Vigilant, watchful     Greek
Argyle From Ireland   Argile, Argiles, Argyles Gaelic
Ari Strong, Worthy lion   Aree, Arey, Arie, Ary Hebrew
Arian Derived from Arion   See Arion  
Aric Ruler   Aaric, Aarick, Aarik, Arick, Arik, Aryc, Aryck, Aryk Old English
Ariel God's lion   Airal, Arel, Areli, Ariele, Ariell, Arielle, Ario, Aryeh, Aryel, Aryell, Aryl, Aryll, Arylle Hebrew
Aries Ram, War-like one.   Arees, Aryes Latin
Arif All-knowing.   Aref, Aryf Arabic
Ariki First-born child; Chief.   Aricki, Arikee, Arikey, Arikie, Ariky Maori; Polynesian
Arion Magic horse.   Arian, Arien, Ariona, Arionah, Aryon, Aryona, Aryonah Greek
Aristides Descendant of the brilliant one.   Aristede, Aristedes, Aristide, Arisztid, Arysrides, Arystydes Greek
Aristo Brilliant   Aristophanes, Aristotle, Arysto, Arystotle Greek
Aristotle Brilliant thinker.   Aristotal, Aristotel, Aristotol, Aristott, Aristotyl, Arystotte Greek
Arjuna White   Arjun, Arjunah Sanskrit
Arkady Bold   Arkadee, Arkadey, Arkadi, Arkadie Russian, German
Arkell Eagle cauldron.   Arkel Old Norse
Arkin Son of the eternal king.   Aricin, Arkeen, Arkyn Norwegian
Arledge From the ledge of the hares.   Arlege, Arlidge, Arlledge, Arllege English
Arlen Promise   Arlan, Arland, Arlin, Arlon, Arlyn Irish, Gaelic
Arlo Strong, brave, courageous one. A form of Andrew.   Arlow Latin, Greek
Arlyn Adventure at the waterfall pool.   Arland, Arlin, Arlind, Arlynd Old German
Arman Castle   Armani, Armanie, Armany, Armen, Armin, Armon, Armyyn Hebrew
Armand Of the army, Strong, brave, courageous army.   Arman, Armando, Armin, Armon, Armond Old German / Grek
Armande Of the army.   Armand, Armando French
Armando Of the army.   Armand, Armande Italian/Spainish
Armany Cunning, Sly.   Armanee, Armaney, Armani, Armanie Hungarian
Arminius Chief.   Armynius Latin
Armon Castle   Amrond, Armondo Hebrew
Armourel Dweller by the sea.   Armourell Gaelic
Armstrong Strong armed.   Armstronge Old English
Arnan Joyful, Happy, Quick.   Arnane Hebrew
Arnaud Ruler of eagles.      
Arne Eagle. A short form of Arnold, strong, powerful eage.   Arnie Old German
Arnie Eagle. A short form of Arnold, strong, powerful eage.   Arney, Arni, Arny Old German
Arnette Little ruleing eagle.   Arnat, Arnatt, Arnet, Arnett, Arnot, Arnott English
Arnfinn White   Arnfin, Arnfyn, Arnfynn Old Norse
Arnold Strong as an eagle.   Ahnals, Ahnaldo, Ahneld, Ahneldo, Ahnold, Ahnoldo, Ahrelds, Ahrent, Arend, Arman, Armand, Armant, Arnal, Arnald, Arnalde, Arnaldo (Spanish). Arnall, Arnelle, Arnaud (French), Arnaude, Arnaut, Arndt, Arnel, Arnele, Arnell, Arnelle, Arnes, Arness, Arnet, Arnett, Arnhold (Old German), Arnie, Arno (German), Arnolda, Arnoldah, Arnoldas, Arnolde, Arnoldo (Italian), Arnol, Arnoll, Arnolt, Arnot, Arnott, Arnoud, Arold, Arnyld Old German
Arnon River rushing.   Arnan, Arnen, Arnin, Arnyn Hebrew
Arod Fast, Rapidly moving.     Hebrew
Aron To sing.   Aaran, Aarin, Aaron, Aaryn, Aharon, Ahron, Arend, Ari, Arin, Arnie, Arny, Aron, Arrin, Arron, Arryn, Erin, Haroun Hebrew
Aroon Dawn   Aroone Thai
Arran Island dweller.   Aran, Aren, Arin, Aron, Arren, Arrin, Arron, Arryn, Aryn Scottish
Arrio War-like.   Ario, Arryo, Aryo Spanish
Arsenio Masculine.   Arsen, Arsene, Arseneo, Arsenius, Arseny, Arsenyo, Arsinio, Arsinyo Greek
Arsha Venerable, Old, Great.   Arshah Persian
Arsham Very powerful.     Persian
Art A rock; Noble one from the lofty hill; Bear; Follower of Thor, Thunder. A short form of Arthur, noble strength.   Arte English; Irish; Scottish, Welsh; Icelandic
Artemis Intelligent   Artamenes, Artameenes, Artwmene Persian
Arthur Noble strength; Bear.   Artai (Scottish), Artemas, Atremin, Artemus, Arther, Arthyr, Artur (Portuguese, German), Arturo (Italian, Spanish), Artus (French), Aurthur, Arto (Finnish), Artius, Artor, Artorioos (Greek), Atorus Celtic; Scottish, Welsh.
Artie Bear. A short form of Arthur.   Arthur, Arty Celtic
Arty Bear. A short form of Arthur.   Artie, Arthur Celtic
Arun Sun   Aruns Cambodian, Hindi
Arundel From the eagle valley.   Arundle English
Arva From the coastal area; Eagle.   Arvah Latin; Danish
Arvad Wandering; Friend.   Arved, Arvid, Arvind, Arvinder Hebrew; English
Arval From the cultured land.   Arvel, Arvil, Arvol, Arvyl Latin
Arvin Friend to the people.   Arvan, Arven, Arvon, Arvyn Old German
Aryeh Lion   Arye Hebrew
Aryo Iranian hero who fought against Alexander the Great.     Persian
Asa Healer; Born in the morning.   Asah Hebrew; Japanese
Asad Lion   Asaad, Asad Arabic
Asadel Prosperous   Asadul, Asadyl Arabic
Asaph Gathering   Asaf Hebrew
Asarel God has bound.   Asarell Hebrew
Asbjorn Divine bear.   Bjorn Norse
Asbrand Divine sword.   Asbran, Asbrando, Asbrandt Norse
Ascott Dweller at the cottage in the east.   Ascot Old English
Aseath Dedicated to God.   Asenaf Egyptian
Asgard Divine guardian.   Asgar Norse
Ash From the Ash tree. A form of Ashley. A short form for names beginning with "Ash".     English
Ashburn Dweller at the ash-tree stream.   Ashbern, Ashberne, Ashbirn, Ashbirne, Ashborn, Ashborne, Ashbourn, Ashbourne, Ashburne Old English
Ashburton From the burnt ash-tree town.   Ashberton, Ashbirton Old English
Ashby By the ash trees.   Ashbee, Ashbey, Ashbie Scandinavian
Asher Happy, Blessed.   Asha, Ashah, Ashar, Asherman Hebrew
Ashford From the ash-tree ford.   Ashforde Old English
Ashley Form the ash-tree meadow.   Ashlea, Ashleah, Ashlee, Ashleigh, Ashlie, Ashlin, Ashly Old English
Ashur Black   Asher, Ashir, Ashyr Hebrew
Ashton Dweller at the ash-tree town; from the ash tree.   Ashtan, Ashten, Ashtin, Ashtown, Aston, Astown, Ashtyn Old English
Ashur Black   Asher, Ashir, Ashyr Hebrew
Ashwin Star   Ashwan, Ashwen, Ashwon, Ashwyn Hindi
Asiel Created by God.   Asyel Hebrew
Asim Protector, Guardian.   Asym Arabic
Asker Warrior   Aske Turkish
Aslak Divine sport.     Norse
Asmunder Divine hand.   Asmund, Asmundo Old Norse
Astley Star-lit field.   Asterlea, Asterleah, Asterlee, Asterleigh, Asterley, Asterlie, Asterly, Astlea, Astleah, Astlee, Astleigh, Astlie, Astly Greek
Aston From the easterly town.   Ashton, Ashtown, Asten, Astin Aston, Astown, Astyn Old English
Asvard Divine, Powerfull guardian, Protector.   Asvardo Norse
Asvor Discreet   Asvar, Asver, Asvir Norse
Aswad Black   Aswald Arabic
Ata Twin   Atah Fanti
Atalik Like his father.   Atalyk Hungarian
Atamai Knowing all; Intellect.   Atama, Atamay Maori; Tongan
Atarah Crown   Atara Hebrew
Athan Immortal   Ateef, Atek (Polish), Atef, Athen, Athens, Athin, Athins, Athon, Athons, Athyn, Athyns Greek
Athelstan Reliable, Noble, Stone.   Athalstan, Athilstan, Athol (Scottish), Atholstan, Athylstan Old English
Atherton Dweller at the stream town.   Athaton, Atheton, Atholton Old English
Athol From Ireland.   Affol, Affolatan, Athal, Athalton, Athel, Athelton, Athil, Athilton, Atholton, Athyl, Athyton Scottish, Gaelic
Ati Clan, Family.   Atee, Atey,A tie, Aty Maori
Atid Sun   Atyd Thai
Atif Caring   Atyf Arabic
Atiu The eldest.     Polynesian
Atkins At the relations' place.   Akin, Akins, Akyn, Akyns, Atkin, Atkyn, Atkyns Old English
Atley At the meadow.   Atlea, Atleah, Atlee, Atleigh, Atli, Atlie, Atly, Attlea, Attleah, Attlee, Attleigh, Attley, Attli, Attlie, Attly English
Atofu Noble, Fierce wolf, Hero. A form of Adolf.     Western Samoan
Attila Father   Attilah, Attilio, Attyla, Attylah, Atou Greek
Attlee At the woods in the meadow.   Atlea, Atleah, Atlee, Atleigh, Atley, Atli, Atlie, Atly, Attlea, Attleah, Attleigh, Attley, Attli, Attlie, Attly Old English
Atwater At the edge of the water.   Attwater English
Atwell At the edge of the well.   Attwel, Atwel English
Atwood At the wood.   Attwood English
Atworth At the farm.   Attworth English
Auberon King of the fairies. A form of Oberon.   Oberon Old German
Aubrey Reddish, brown-haired, Powerful wise leader.   Alberik, Auberon, Aubree, Aubrie, Aubry, Avery, Oberon Old French
Auburn Reddish, Brown-Haired.   Abern, Aberne, Abirn, Abirne, Aburn, Aburne, Auban, Auben, Aubern, Auberne, Aubin (French), Aubirn, Aubirne, Auburne French
Auden Old friend.   Audan, Audin, Audon, Audyn English
Audie Noble, Strong.   Audi, Audy German
Audon Rich, Old.   Audan, Audelon, Auden, Audin French
Audric Wise ruler.   Audrick, Audrik English
Audun Deserted space; Old friend.   Audan, Auden,Audon Scandinavian; Old English
Auguste Revered, Exalted, Worthy of honour.     Latin
Augustus Revered, Exalted, Worthy of honour.   Agustas, Agustin, Agustus, Agustys, Agust, Auguste (French), Augustin, Augustinas (Lithuanian), Augustino (Italian), Augusto, Augustyne (Polish), Austen, Austin, Auston, Avgust (Russian) Latin
Aukai Seafarer, Sailer.     Hawaiian
Aurek Golden-haired.     Polish
Aurelian Golden dawn.   Aurel, Aurelio, Aurelius Latin
Aurick Protecting ruler.   Auric, Aurik, Auryck German
Austin Revered, exalted, Little but majestic.   Austan, Austen, Auston, Austyn, Augustin Latin
Avel Breath   Avell Russian
Avent Born during Advent.   Advent, Aventin, Aventino French
Averall Born in April.   Averal, Averel, Averey, Avery Middle English
Avi My father.   Avy Hebrew
Aviv Youthful, Spring time.     Hebrew
Avlar Old army.   Avler, Avlor German
Avram Father of the multitudes.   Arram, Avraham, Avrom, Avrum, Avrym Hebrew
Awan Somebody   Awen, Awin, Awon, Awyn Native American
Awwal First born.   Awal Arabic
Axel Source of all life; Father of peace.   Axelle, Axil, Axyl Greek; Norse, Old German
Axelle Father of peace.     French
Aydin Intelligence; Attractive   Aidan, Aiden, Aidin, Aidon, Aidyn, Aydan, Ayden (Greek), Aydon, Aydyn Turkish
Ayer Heir, Son.     Old French
Ayinde Given praise.     Yoruba
Aylmer Noble, Famous.   Ailmer Old English
Aylward Noble guardian.   Ailward Old English
Aylwin Noble friend.   Ailwan, Ailwen, Ailwin, Ailwyn, Alwan, Alwen, Alwin, Alwon, Alwyn Old English
Aymil Industrious   Aimil, Aimyl Greek
Aymon Mighty, wise protector.   Aiman, Aimen,Aimin, Aimon, Aimyn French
Azad Freedom   Asad, Azad, Azzad Turkish
Azaliah Near the Lord, Reserved by God   Azalia Hebrew
Azariah God aids and blesses.   Azaria Hebrew
Azeem Defender   Aseem, Asim Arabic
Azel Noble   Azal, Azil, Azol, Azyl Hebrew
Azi Youth   Azee, Azie Nigerian
Azik Laughter, God smiles. A form of Isaac.     Russian, Hebrew
Azim Great     Arabic
Azin Decoration     Persian
Aziz Precious     Swahili
Azuriah Aided by God.   Azaria, Azariah, Azuria Hebrew
Azzan Great strength.   Azza, Azzah Hebrew



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Baby tips for new parents - "Before baby comes."

  1. You don't need to purchase new furniture or lots of furniture.  Wait until the baby comes and then buy as you require it.
  2. Think about purchasing second-hand toys and clothes.  Many bargains can be found which are near new and at far reduced prices.
  3. Due dates mean very little.  Something like 5% of babies come on their due dates. This is your first lesson about 'not being in control' when a baby comes along.
  4. Some activities like going on a fantastic holiday or seeing some movies can be difficult when your baby comes along.  Indulge yourself beforehand while you can.
  5. Learn a good lifting technique.  A squirming baby is harder to lift than a toddler with control.