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I Girls baby names beginning with the letter I. If I have missed any, please add them. I

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Name Meaning Derivations Origin
Ia The yew tree. Iah Celtic
Ianira Enchantress Ianirah, Ianyra, Ianyrah Greek
Ianthe Violet, coloured flower Ianthia, Iantha, Ianthina, Ianthine, Ianthya, Ianthyah, Janthina Greek
Ida Prosperous, Hard-working, Happy. Idda, Idaia, Idal, Idaleen, Idaleena, Idaleene, Idaena, Idalene, Idalia, Idalina, Idaline, Idamae, Idania, Idarina, Idarine, Idaya, Ide, Idell, Idella, Idelle, Idetta, Idette, Iduska, Idys, Iida (Finnish), Iidda, Yda, Ydah Old English
Idabelle Beautiful, Prosperous, Hard-working, Happy. Idabel, Idabela, Idabelah, Idabele, Idabell, Idabella, Idabellah Old English
Idalia Sun Idaliah, Idalya, Idalyah Greek, Spanish
Idelia Noble Ideliah, Idelya, Idelyah German
Idelle Bountiful, Plenty. Idela, Idelah, Idele, Idell, Idella, Idellah Celtic
Idola Visionary, Idolised. Idol, Idolah Greek
Idra Fig tree. Idrah Aramaic
Ierne From Ireland. Ierna, Iernah Latin
Ignacia Fiery. A feminine form of Ignatius. Ignaci, Ignaciah, Ignacie, Ignacya (Polish), Ignacyah, Ignasha, Ignashah, Ignashia, Ignashya, Ignashyah, Ignatia, Ignatya, Ignatyah, Ignazia, Ignazya, Ignazyah, Ignezia, Ignezya, Ignezyah, Ignia, Igniah, Inignatia, Inignatiah, Inignatya, Inignatyah, Ignya, Ignyah Latin
Ignia Fiery. A feminine form of Ignatius. Igniah, Ignya, Ignyah Latin
Igraine Graceful Igraina, Igrainah, Igrayn, Igrayna, Igraynah, Igrayne Celtic
Ikia God is my salvation. The Hawaiian feminine form of Isaiah, God is generous, God is my helper. Ikaisha, Ikea, Ikeasha, Ikeashia, Ikeesha, Ikeeshia, Ikeisha, Ikeishi, Ikeishia, Ikesha, Ikeshia, Ikiah, Ikya, Ikyah Hebrew
Ila Light; Island. Ilah Hungarian, Greek; Old French
Ilana Great tree. Ilanah, Ilane, Ilanee, Ilaney, Ilani, Ilainie, Ilanah, Ilane, Illana, Illanah, Illane, Illanee, Illaney, Illani, Illania, Illanie, Illanit, Illanna, Illanah, Illanne, Ileana, Ileane, Ileanee, Ileaney, Ileani, Ileanie, Ileanna, Ileannah, Ileany, Ileina, Ileinah, Ileine, Ileinee, Ileiney, Ileini, Ileinie, Ileiny, Ileyna, Ileynah, Ileynee, Ileyney, Ileyni, Ileynie, Ileyny, Ilina, linah, Ilinee, Iliney, Ilini, Ilinie, Iliny, Ilyna, Ilynah, Ilynee, Ilyney, Ilyney, Ilyni, Ilynie, Ilyny Hebrew
Ilene Light Ilean, Ileana, Ileanah, Ileane, Ileen, Ileena, Ileenah, Ileene, Ileina, Ileinah, Ileine, Ileyna, Ileynah, Ileyne, Ilina, Ilinah, Iline, Ilyna, Ilynah, Ilyne, Ilynee, Ilyney, Ilyni, Ilynie, Ilyiny Irish
Ilia God is Lord, the Lord is my God. Illia, Iliah, Illiah, Illya, Illyah, Ilya, Ilyah Hebrew, Russian, Bulgarian
Iliana Light; God has answered me. Ileana, Ileane, Ileanna, Ileanah, Ileanne, Ilia, Iliah, Iliani, Iliania, Illianah, Illiane, Illyana, Illyane, Illyanna, Illyanne Greek, Hebrew
Ilyssa Rational    
Ima Embracing everything; Now, The present  Emma Old German; Japanese
Iman Faith, Belief. Imana, Imanah, Imanee, Imani, Imania, Imaniah, Imanie, Imany Arabic
Imber Ginger Imbera, Imberah, Imbere Polish
Imelda Warrior Imalda, Imeldah, Irmhilde, Melda German
Imena Dreamer Imee, Imenah, Imene African
Imeria Royal Imperiah, Imperial Latin
Immookalee Waterfall Immokalea, Immokaleah, Immokalei, Immokaleigh, Immokali, Immokalie, Immokaly Cherokee
Imoen   Imowyn  
Imogen / Imogene Image, likeness; She is the image of her mother. Emogen, Emogena, Emogene, Emojean, Emojeana, Imagena, Imagene, Imagina, Imajean, Imogeen, Imogeene, Imogen, Imogenia, Imogina, Imogine, Imogyn, Imogyne, Imojean, Imojeen, Innogen, Innogena, Innogene Latin; Irish
Impreza Derived from the Italian word 'Impresa' meaning badge or motto; Celebrate, party. Also a model of a Subaru motor vehicle.   Italian; Polish
Ina Purity Ena, Enya, Ianna, Ianne Irish


Illumination   Arabic
Inari Lake Inaree, Inarey, Inarie, Inary Finnish
Inas Wife of the moon. Inasa, Inasah Polynesian
Inca Incan, an ancient race of people. Incah, Incan, Incana, Inka, Inkah Incan
Indah Beautiful   Indonesian
India From India Indea, Indi, Indiah, Indiana, Indiane, Indie, Indy, Indya Hindi
India-Jade From India and the stone Jade. A combination of India and Jade. India-Jayde Hindi and Spanish
Indiana Indian territory. Indeana, Indeanna, Indeanah, Indianna, Indiannah, Indianne, Indyana, Indyanah, Indyann, Indyanna, Indyannah, Indyanne English, American
Indigo Dark blue/violet colour. Indego Latin
Indira God of heaven and thunderstorms. Great. Indirah, Indyra, Indyrah Hindi
Indra God or rain and thunder    
Induna Lover; Hard-working. Indonia, Indunah Old Norse; Old German
Inez Purity Ines (Ialian), Inessa (Russian), Inetta Spanish
Infinity Endless    
Ing     Thai
Inga A meadow. The beautiful daughter of a hero. Ingaberg, Ingabork, Ingah, Inge, Ingeberg, Ingeborg, Ingela, Ingrid Scandinavian
Ingar Crayfish Ingara, ngarah Australian Aboriginal
Inge Meadow; To extend. Inga, Ingaberg, Inger, Ingerith, Ingrede, ngrid, Inguanna, Inky Old Norse; Old English
Ingrid A meadow. Beautiful daughter of a hero. Inga, Ingaberg, Ingaborg, Inger (Scandinavian), Ingeberg (Scandinavian), Ingeborg, Inger, Ingunna (Scandinavian) Scandinavian
Iniga Fiery. Ignatia, Inigah, Inyga, Inygah Latin
Inoa Chanting. Inoah Hawaiian
Inocencia Innocence, Purity Innocentia, Innocenciah, Innocencya, Innocencyah, Innocenzia, Innocenziah, Innocenzya, Innocenzyah Spanish
Inola Black fox. Inolah Cherokee
Ioana God is gracious. Ionah, Ioanna, Ioannah, Ioanne Hebrew
Iola Violet-coloured flower; Worth of the Lord. Ioanna, Ioanne, Iola, Iolah, Ione, Ioni, Ionia, Ioniah Greek; Welsh
Iolana Soaring like a hawk. Iolanah, Iolane, Iolann, Iolanna, Iolannah, Iolanne Hawaiian
Iolanda Hyacinth, purple. A form of Yolanda. Iolande, Iolantha, Iolanthe French
Iona Purple jewell    
Ione Violet-coloured stone. Iona, Ionee, Ioney, Ioni, Ionie, Iony Greek
Iora Gold Iorah Latin
Iphigenia Sacrifice Iphigena, Iphigeniah, Iphigenya, Iphigenya, Iphigenyah Greek
Ira Camp; Watchful; Stallion. Irah Australian Aboriginal; Hebrew; Arabic
Ircy The name of an Egyptian princess   Egyptian
Ireland From Ireland   Irish, Old English
Irene Peace Eereen, Eereena, Eereene, Eireen, Eireena, Eirena, Eirene, Ereen, Ereena, Erena, Irean, Ireana, Ireanah, Ireane, Ireen, Ireena, Ireanah, Ireane, Ireen, Ireena, Ireenah, Irena, Irenah, Irenee, Irenka, Irina (Lithuanian), Irinah, Irine, Iryn, Iryna, Irynah, Iryne Greek
Irenta Filled with rage. Irentah, Ireta, Iretah, Irete, Iretta, Irettah, Irette, Irete Latin
Iria A play of colours Iris  
Irider Riding of the Sun Iriden, Iris, Irin Somalian
Iris A play of colours Iria  
Irma God of war    
Isabella / Isabelle Consecrated to God Belica, Belita, Ezabel, Ezabell, Ezabella, Ezabelle, Isabeal, Isabeau, Isabel, Isabele, Isabelhina, Isabelita, Isbel, Iseabal (Scottish), Sobel (Scottish), Isobell, Isobella, Isobelle, Isopel, Issabel, Issabell, Issabella, Issabelle, Issabelle, Izabel, Izabele, Izabell, Izabella, Izabelle, Ysabel, Ysabela, Ysabelah, Ysabele, Ysabell, Ysabella, Ysabellah, Ysabelle, Ysibel, Ysibela, Ysibelah, Ysibellah, Ysibelle, Ysybel, Ysybela, Ysybelah, Ysybele, Ysybell, Ysybella, Ysybelle, Iseabail (Gaelic) Old Spanish
Isadora Gift of Isis    
Isleen   Eileen  
Itumeleng Rejoice   African/Tswana
Iuana Wind over a bubbling stream. Iuanah Native American
Iva Willow; Yew tree. Ivah Russian; Old French
Ivah God is gracious. Iva Hebrew
Ivanna God is gracious. The feminine form of Ivan. The Russian form of Joanna and Jane. Ivanah, Ivania, Ivaniah, Ivanka, Ivanna, Ivannah, Ivannia, Ivanniah, Ivannka, Ivannya, Ivannyah, Ivanya, Ivanyah Hebrew
Iverna From Ireland. Ivana, Ivanah, Ivanna, Ivannah, Ivernah Latin
Ivi A vine Ivie, Ivy  
Ivie A vine Ivi, Ivy  
Ivory Ivory, White. Ivoree, Ivorey, Ivori, Ivorie African American
Ivy A vine. Fidelity, eternal or eternally faithful. Iva, Ivalyn, Ivalynn, Ivee, Ivey, Ivi, Ivia, Iviann, Ivianna, Iviane, Ivie, Ivye Old English
Izusa White stone. Izusah Native American
Izzy Short form of Isabella Issy Australian




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