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M Boys baby names beginning with the letter M. If I have missed any, please add them. M

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Maake Warrior   Polynesian
Maarten Don't deceive    
Maau Poet   Tongan
Mabon Mythical god of youth. Mabonn Celtic
Mabry Worth of love. A short form of Amabel, lovable. The masculine form of Mabel. Mabri, Mabrie Latin
Mac Son Mack, Mak Scottish, Gaelic
Macabee Hammer Maccabee, Mackabee, Makabee Hebrew
Macadam Son of Adam, Son of the earth. Mackadam, Makadam Old English, Scottish
Macalla Full moon. Macala, Macalah, Macallah Australian Aboriginal
Macallister Allister's son, son of the avenger. Macalaster, MacAlistair, Macalister, Mackalistair, Mackalister, Makalistair, Makalister, McAlister, McAllister  
Macardle Bravery's son   Irish
Macario Blessed, happy. Macaryo Spanish
Macarthur Arthur's son, son of the noble strength.; Son of the bear. MacArthur, Mackarthur, Makarthur, McArthur Irish; Scottish, Welsh
Macauley Son of righteousness. Macaulea, Macauleah, Macaulee, Macaulei, Macauleigh, Macauley, Macauli, Macaulie, Macauly, Mackaulea, Mackauleah, Mackaulee, Mackaulei, Mackauleigh, Mackauley, Mackauli, Mackaulie, Mackauly, McCaulea, McCaulaeah, McCaulee, McCaulei, McCauleigh, McCauley, McCauli, McCaulie, McCauly Scottish
MacBeth Elizabeth's son, son who is holy, sacred to God. Mackbeth, Makbeth Scottish
MacBride Bride's son, son of the brindle maker. Macbryd, Macbryde, Mackbride, Mackbryde, Makbride, Makbryde, McBride, McBryde Scottish, English
MacCoy Coy's son, son of the shy, sweet and modest one. MacCoi, MacCoy, Mackoi, Mackoy, Makcoi, Makcoy, Mccoy, McCoi, McCoy Irish
Maccrea Grace's son, son of the graceful, blessed one. MacCrae, MacCrai, MacCray, Macrae, MacCrea, Mackrea, Makcrea, Mccrea, McCrea Irish
MacDonald Donald's son, son of the world ruler. MackDonald, Mackdonald, MakDonald, Makdonald, McDonald Gaelic
Maccus Hammer   Celtic
MacDougall Son of the dark stranger.   Scottish
Macharios Blessed   Greek
Mack Son. Short form of names starting with 'Mack'. Mac, Mak Scottish, Celtic
MacKenzie Kenzie's son. Son of the wise, handsome leader Mackenzee, Mackenzey, Mackenzi, Mackenzy, Makenzee, Makenzey, Makenzi, Makenzie, Makenzy, McKenzee, McKenzey, McKenzi, McKenzie, McKenzy Irish
MacKinley Kinle's son, Son of the skilful leader; Son of hte relative from the meadow. Mackinlea, Mackinleah, Mackinlee, Mackinleigh, Mackinli, Mackinnly, Mackynlea, Mackynleah, Mackynlee, Mackynleigh, Mackynlie, Mackynly, Makinleah, Makinlee, Makinleigh, Makinley, Makinlie, Makinly, Makynlea, Makynleah, Makynlee, Makynleigh, Makynlie, Makynly Irish; Old English
Maclean Leaner's son, Son of the lion-like one. MacKlean, Macklean, McClean Gaelic
Macklin Son of Flann or Form of Mack Macklyn, Macklinn Celtic
MacMahon Mahon's son, Son of the one who is storng like a bear. Mackmanon, MacMahon, McMahon Irish
MacMurray Murray's son, Son of the sailor. Mackmurray, Macmurry, McMurray, Mcmurry Irish
MacNair Nair's son, Son of the heir. Macknair, Macknayr, McNair, McNayr Scottish, Gaelic
Maco God is with us. A form of Emmanuel. Macko, Mako Hebrew
Macon Creating, To perform. Macan, Macen, Macin, Macun, Macyn Old English
Macques Extreme. A short form of names beginning with 'Max'; Also a type or monkey.   Latin
Macy From the estate owned by Matthew, Gift of God. Mace, Macey, Maci, Macie, Macy Old French
Maddock Fortunate, Generous. Maddoc, Maddoch, Maddok, Maddox, Madoc, Madoch, Madock, Madox Welsh
Maddox Benificent   English/Celtic
Madeep Mind that is full of light. Mandee, Mandieep Punjabi
Madison Son of Matthew, Son of the powerful warrior. Maddison, Maddyson, Madyson Old English
Madoc Fortunate, Lucky. Maddoc, Maddoch, Maddock, Maddok, Maddox, Madoch, Madock, Madok, Madox Welsh
Madon Charitable Maddan, Madden, Maddin, Maddon, Maddyn, Madan, Maden, Madin, Madyn Celtic
Madu People   Ibo
Mafeyi Not enjoyable.   Yoruba
Mafu Heart   Tongan
Magar Attendant of the groom. Magarious Armenian
Magee Hugh's son, Son of the intelligent one; Heart, Mind. MacGee, MacGhee, McGee Irish; Teutonic
Magnar Warrior Magah, Magne Norwegian
Magnus Great Manus (Irish), Magnuss, Manasses (Irish) Latin
Magomu The youngest twin.   Luganda
Maguire Guire's son, Son of the beige one. MacGuire, McGuire Irish
Magus Wizard of knowledge.   Latin
Mahamet Glorified Mohomet Arabic
Mahir Expert, Hard-working Mair Hebrew
Mahkah Earth Maka, Makah Lakota
Maholi Powerful Maili Tongan
Mahon Strong like a bear. Mahoney Irish
Mahpee Sky   Lakota, Sioux
Maidoc Fortunate Maedoc, Maedock, Maidock, Maidok, Maydoc, Maydock, Maydok Welsh
Mailen Mesh, Chain. Maylen Latin
Maimon Lucky Maymon Arabic
Maitland From the meadow pastureland, Earthly Maitlan, Maytlan, Maytland, Maetland, Mateland, Matland, Mayteland, Maytland Old French
Majid Glorious Majyd Arabic
Major Great Majar, Majer, Mayar, Mayer, Mayor Latin
Maka Rock Makah Tongan


Towards the sea; World of spirits. Mackay, Makay Hawaiian; Japanese
Makaio Gift of God. A form of Matthew. Makayo Hawaiian, Hebrew
Makalani Writer Makalanee, Makalaaney, Makalanie, Makalanie, Makalany Mwera
Makani Wind Makanie, Makany Hawaiian
Makara Crocodile Makarah Sanskrit
Makarios Blessed with happiness. Makari, Makarie, Makary (Polish), Makaryos Greek
Maki Moon   Australian Aboriginal (Nyoongar)
Makin Strength Makyn Arabic
Makis Likenes to God. A short form of Michael. Makys Greek, Hebrew
Maksim Greatest Mac, Mack, Macka, Mak, Makimus (Polish), Maks, Maksim, Maksimka, Maksym (Polish), Maksymilian (Polish), Maxim, Maximilian, Maximillian Russian, Latin
Makya Eagle hunter. Makia, Makiah, Makyah Hopi
Malachi Messenger from God. Mal, Malakai, Malakye Hebrew
Malcolm A dove    
Malcom Follower of Saint Columba. Malcolm, Maolcolm Irish, Scottish, Gaelic
Malach Angel. Messenger of God Malac, Malachi, Malachie, Malachy Hebrew
Malawi Flames   Native American
Maldon Meeting place in the wood hollow. Maldan, Malden, Maldin, Maldun, Maldyn Old English
Maleko Warrior of Mars. A form of Mark.   Hawaiian, Latin
Malibongwe Let it (His name) be praised.   Zulu
Malik King, Master, Angel Malic, Malick, Malyc, Malyck, Malyk Arabic
Malin Little warrior Malen, Malin, Mallen, Mallin, Mallon, Mallyn, Malon, Malyn Old English
Malise Servant of Jesus Malice, Malyca, Malyse Gaelic
Malleson Mary's son. Son of the wished-for one. Star of the sea. Bitter Maleson Hebrew
Mallory Fated, Army counsellor. Mallorey, Mallori, Mallorie, Malorey, Malori, Malorie, Malory Teutonic
Malo Thank you.   Tongan
Malohi Strength   Tongan
Malone St John's servant. Malon Irish
Maloney Devoted to worship on Sundays. Malonee, Maloni, Malonie, Malony Irish
Maloo Thunder Malo Australian Aboriginal
Malory Wild duck. Mallori, Mallorie, Mallori, Mallorie, Mallory Old French
Malu Shadow   Tongan
Malvern From the bare hill. Malverne, Malvirn, Malvirne, Malvyrn, Malvyrne Welsh
Malvyn Armoured chief or ruler. Malvan, Malven, Malvin, Malvon, Melvan, Melvin, Melvon, Melvyn Irish, Gaelic
Mamafa Serious Mamafah Tongan
Mamani The earth. Mamanie, Mamany Tongan
Mamo Yellow, The saffron flower, Yellow bird.   Hawaiian
Mana Prestigious, Successful; Miracle, Charm; Rock. Manah (Arabic) Maori
Manawa Heart Manawah Maori
Manchu Purity   Chinese
Manco Supreme leader, An Incan king.   Peruvian
Mandala Flower Manda, Mandah, Mandel, Mandela, Mandelah Yao
Mandek Warrior   Polish, German
Mandel Almond Mandell German
Mander Myself Mandar, Mandir, Mandor, Mandyr Gypsy
Mandla Strength, Power.   Zulu
Mandlakhe His efforts.   Zulu
MandleNkosi The power of God.   Zulu
Mandu Sun   Australian Aboriginal
Manford From the man's river crossing. Manforde, Menford, Menforde Old English
Manfred Man of peace. Manfredo, Manfrid, Manfried, Manfryd, Manyfred, Manyfrid, Manyfryd Old English
Manger Trough for animals, Where Jesus slept after being born. Mangar, Mangor Old English
Mango God's gift, A sweet tropical fruit.   Spanish, Hebrew
Manheim Servant   Teutonic
Manipi Walking wonder.   Native American
Manley Form the masculine one's meadow. Manlea, Manleah, Manlee, Manleigh, Manlie, Manly Old English
Mann Masculine; Hero. Man German; Old English
Mannaw Honey Manaw Australian Aboriginal
Manning Son of Mann, Son of the masculine one. Maning Old English
Mannix Monk Mainchin, Mannox, Mannyx, Manox, Manyx Irish
Mano Shark Manno, Manolo Hawaiian
Manolis God is with us. Mano, Manolys Greek
Manqoba The one who conquers in hopeless situations.   Zulu
Manrico Masculine ruler. Manricko, Manriko, Manrycko, Manryco, Manryko Italian, Old English
Mansa King Mansah Swahili
Mansell Is from the Anglo-French word 'maunsel' which is from the Old French, 'manse' meaning land sufficient to support a family. Mansel, Mauncell, Maunsel (French) English
Mansfield From the masculine one's field. Mansfyeld Old English
Manton From the masculine one's town. Mantan, Manten, Mantin, Mantyn Old English
Manu Bird; Maker of laws; Second born son.   Hawaiian, Tongan; Hindi; African, Ghanian
Manuel God is with us. French or Spanish form of Emmanuel. Emanuel, Emmanuel, Manuell Spanish, Hebrew
Manville From the great village. Manvile, Manvyl, Manvyle, Manvyll, Manvylle Old French
Manzo Third-born son.   Japanese
Mapira Grass, Animal fodder. Mapirah Yao
Maralinga Thunder Maralynga Australian Aboriginal
Marama Moon Maramah Polynesian
Marar Dust, Mud.   Watamare
Marbilling Wind Marbiling Australian Aboriginal
Marc Warlike. A short form of names beginning with "Marc". Mark French
Marcel Warrior, Warlike one, Of Mars. Marceau, Macele, Marceles, Marcelin, Marcelino, Marcell, Marcelle, Marcellin, Marcellino, Marcelle, Marcello (Italian), Marcely, Marciano (Italian), Marcilka (Hungaria), Marcsseau, Marzel, Marzell Latin
Marcello Warrior, Warlike one, Of Mars.   Italian
Marcellus Warrior, Warlike one, Of Mars. Marceles, Marcelis, Marcellous, Marcelluas, Marcellus (French), Marcsseau, Marzellos, Marzellous, Marzellus Latin
March Boundary dweller.   English
Marco Warrior, Warlike one, Of Mars. Mark Spanish/Italian
Marcus Of Mars, Warrior. Marcuss, Marian, Mario (Italian), Marion, Markis, Markise, Markos, Markous, Markus, Markys Latin
Marden From the warrior's valley. Mardan, Mardin, Mardon, Mardun, Mardyn Old English
Marek Warrior   Czech
Maren Sea Maran, Marin, Maron, Maryn Basque
Marian Warrior. A form of Mark. Mariano (Italian), Maryan, Maryano Polish, Latin
Marid Rebel Maryd Arabic
Marin Belonging to the sea, Mariner; Sailor. Marina, Marien, Marinos, Marion, Mariono, Marriner, Marryner, Maryn, Maryna, Maryner Latin; French
Mariner Lives by the sea.   Celtic
Marinus Belonging to the sea, Mariner; Sailor. Marynos, Marynus Latin; French
Mario Dedicated to the Virgin Mary. The Italian form of Mark, warrior, war-like one, of Mars. Mareo, Maryo Latin
Marion Mary's son, Wished for, Star of the sea, Bitter. The masculine form of Mary. Mariano (Spanish), Maryon Old French
Maris Of the sea.   Latin
Marius From Mars. Mario, Marian, Marion Latin
Mark Warrior, Warlike, Of Mars. Marc (French), Marceau, Marcel, Marcele, Marcelino, Marcell, Marcelle, Marcellino, Marcello, Marcelluas, Marcellus, Marcelo, Marck, Marco (Italian), Marcos (Spanish, Portuguese), Marcous, Marcus, Marczi (Hungarian), Marek (Polish, Bohemian), Mario (Italian), Marious, Marius, Marke (English), Marki, Markie, Markk, Markku (Finnish), Marko, Markos (Greek), Markous, Markus (German, Hungarian), Marq, Marqu, Marque, Marx (German) Latin
Markham Fenced homestead. Markam, Markem English
Marko Warrior, Warlike. Of Mars. A form of Mark. Marco Russian
Marlan From the warrior's land. Mahlan, Mahlen, Mahlin, Mahlon, Mahlyn, Marlen, Marlin, Marlon, Marlyn Old English
Marland From the warrior's land. Mahland, Mahlend, Mahlind, Marlen, Marlind, Marlond, Marlynd Old English
Marley From the warrior's meadow. Marlea, Marleah, Marlee, Marleigh, Marli, Marlie, Marly English
Marlon Little falcon, Hawk. Marlan, Marland, Marlen, Marlin, Marlyn Old French
Marlow From the hill near the lake. Marlo, Marlowe Old English
Marmaduke Servant of Madoc, lucky; Noble, mighty. Marmaduc, Marmaduk, Melmidoc, Marmeduke, Duke Irish; Old English
Marmion Tiny; Sea bright. Marmien, Marmyon Old French; Irish
Marnin Singer who brings joy. Marnyn Hebrew
Maro Myself Marow Japanese
Marr Divine; Forbidden. March Spanish; Arabic
Marron Leaf Maran, Maren, Marin, Maron, Marran, Marren, Marrin, Marryn, Maryn Australian Aboriginal
Mars War warrior, the God of war.   Latin
Marsden From the warrior's valley. Marsdan, Marsdin, Marsdon, Mardyn Old English
Marsena Worthy Marsenah Persian
Marsh From the marsh area.   Old English
Marshall Horse keeper, Horse keeper; Law keeper. Marshal, Marshel, Marshell Old French, American
Marston From the town by the lake or marsh, From the warrior's town. Marstan, Marsten, Marstin, Marstyn Old English
Mart Born in the month of March.   Turkish
Martell One who hammers. Martal, Martall, Martel English
Martin  Warlike, Warrior, Of Mars. Maartan, Maarten (Dutch), Maartin, Maarton, Maartyn, Martan, Martain, Martainho (Portuguese), Martainn (Scottish), Marten,  Martijn (Dutch), Martili (Swiss), Martine, Martino (Italian, Spanish), Marinos, Martinous, Martinus (Latin), Martnet, Marton,  Martyn, Martynas (Lithuanian), Martyne, Martynis, Martynos, Martynous, Martynus, Martynys, Mertan, Merten, Mertin, Merton, Mertyn Latin
Marty Warlike, Warrior, Of Mars. A short form of Martin. Marte, Martee, Martey, Marti, Martie, Martii (Finnish), Marty, Latin
Marv Sea lover. The short form of names starting with "Marv". Marvein, Marven, Marvyn, Marvyne, Marwin, Marwyn, Marwynn, Marwynne, Mervin, Mervine, Mervyn, Mervyne English
Marvell Wondrous Marvel, Marvele, Marvelle Latin
Marvin Friend of the sea, lover of the sea. Marvan, Marven, Marvon, Marwen, Marwin, Marwon, Marwyn, Mervan, Merven, Mervin, Mervon, Mervyn, Maarvyne, Merwin, Merwyn, Murvan, Murven, Murvin, Murvine, Murvon, Murvyn, Murvyne, Murwin, Murwyn, Marvyn, Marvynne Old English
Marwan History Marwen, Marwin, Marwon, Marwyn Arabic
Marwood From the forest near themmarsh, From the warrior's forest.   Old English
Masaccio Twin Masaki Italian
Masahiro Broad-minded. Masahyro Japanese
Masamba One who leaves. Masambah Yao
Masao Righteous Masato Japanese
Mascot Talisman, Magical powers. Mascott French
Mashama Suprise Mashamah Shona
Mashema Elk antlers. Mashemah Native American
Masio Twin. A form of Thomas.   African American
Maska Powerful Maskah Native American
Maskil Educated Maskyl Hebrew
Maslin Little Thomas, Son of the twin. Maslan, Maslen, Maslon, Maslyn Old French
Mason Stone mason. Maisan, Maisen, Maisin, Maison, Maisun, Maisyn, Masan, Masen, Masin, Masun, Masyn Old French
Massey Twin Massi, Massie, Masy English
Massimino Little Massimo, The little great one.   Italian


Great, The greatest.  Mas, Massymo, Max, Maxi, Maximilian, Massimiliano (Italian) Italian, Latin
Massing Place of warriors. Massey, Massin Old English
Masud Lucky Masood, Masoud, Mhasood Swahili
Mata Blade; A form of Matthew, Gift from God. Matah Tongan; Scottish
Matai  Gift of God. A form of Matthew.   Basque, Bulgarian, Hebrew
Mataniah Gift of God. A form of Matthew. Matania, Matanya, Matanyah Basque, Bulgarian, Hebrew
Matareka Smiling face.   Polynesian
Mateen Polite Matin, Matyn Afghani
Mather Army power. Mathers Old English
Mathew Gift of God.   Hebrew
Mato Brave warrior. Matto Native American
Matong Strength, Powerful. Maton Australian Aboriginal
Matope The last-born child. Matop Rhodesian
Matson Matt's son. Son of the gift of God. Mattson English, Hebrew
Matt Gift of God. A short form of Matthew. Mat, Mata, Mate (Hungarian), Matte Hebrew
Matthew Gift of God. Macias (Spanish), Macie (Polish), Macisk (Slavic), Mado, Mafew, Maffew, Mafthew, Matausas (Lithuanian),  Matej (Bohemian), Mateo (Spanish / Italian), Mateoz (Slavic), Mateusz (Polish), Matfei (Russian), Mathes (Bavarian), Mathew, Mathia, Mathias (Swedish / Swiss / French), Mathies, Matius (Indonesian), Mathieu, Matta,  Mattea (Italian), Matteo, Mattey, Matthes (German), Matthias (Latvian), Matthieu (French), Matthiew, Matti, Mattie, Mattis, Mattius, Matty, Matui (Maori), Maty, Matya (Serbian), Matyas (Hungarian), Thies (Swedish) Hebrew
Matu Brave warrior Mattu Native American
Mauger Honed spear   Teutonic
Mauli Maori, native New Zealander; Dark-haired, From the moor. A form of Maurice.   Tongan
Mauri Twilight. The Finnish form of Maurice, Moor, Dark skinned.   Greek
Maurice Moor, Dark skinned. Maolmuire (Scottish), Mauri (Finnish), Mauricio (Spanish), Mauritius, Maurits (Dutch), Mauritz (German), Maurizio, Mauryc, Mauryce, Maurys, Mauryse, Meuric, Meurisse, Moreno, Moris, Morris, Moritz, Morrys, Morys, Morytz Latin
Maurilio Moor, dark skinned Maurice, Maurizio  
Maurizio Moor, dark skinned Maurice, Maurilio Italian
Maverick Independent, wild Maveric, Maverik, Maveryc, Maveryck, Maveryk, Mavric, Mavrick, Mavrik, Mavryc, Mavryck, Mavryk American,English
Mawake Breeze from the southern sea.   Maori
Max Extreme. A short form of names starting with Max. Maxx Latin
Maxfield From Mack's field, From the son's field, From the extreme one's field Macfield, Mackfield, Mackfyld, Makfield, Makfyld English
Maximilian, Maximus Extreme, Maximum Maksimilian, Maksimillian (Slavic), Maksymilian (Polish), Massimiliano (Italian), Missimo, Maxam, Maxamilian, Maxem, Maxim, Maximilianos, Maximilianus, Maximilien (French), Maximino, Maximo, Maximos, Maxymilian, Maxymos, Maxymus Latin
Maxwell From the extreme stream Maxwel Old English
Mayer Light; Dairy worker Maier, Mayar, Mayir, Mayor Hebrew; Old German
Mayes From the field Maies, Mays English
Mayfield From the warrior's field Maefield, Maifield Old English
Mayhew Gift of God. A form of Matthew. Maehew, Maihew Old French
Maynard Brave, Powerful, Strength. Mainard, Maynard, Menard Teutonic
Mayo From the yew-tree plain; Relation. Maio Irish
Mayon A God. Maion Hindi
Mazi Sir   Ibo
Mazin Proper Mazan, Mazen, Mazinn, Mazon, Mazyn Arabic
McClane Son of Clane, Son of the inclined one. Also used as a girls name.   Irish
Meade From the meadow. Mead, Meed Old English
Medgar Successful with a spear. Edgar, Edger, Medger German, English
Medredydd Mythical son of Medredydd.   Celtic
Medric From the flourishing meadow. Mead, Meade, Medard, Medford, Medrick, Medrik, Medryc, Medryck, Medryk Old English
Medwin Powerful, strong, Worthy friend. Medwyn Teutonic
Meged Sweetness, Perfection.   Hebrew
Meinhard Beloved Meynhard German
Meinrad Counsel of strength. Meinhard, Meinhardt, Meinke, Meino, Mendar, Meynrad German
Meir Shining Meiri, Meyr, Meyri Hebrew
Meka Eyes Mekah Hawaiian
Mel Friend, Mill chief. The short form for names starting with "Mel". Mell English, Irish
Melbourne From the mill stream. Melborn, Melborne, Melburn, Melburne, Melden, Medlon, Milbourne, Milburn, Milburne Old English
Meldon From the mill hill. Meldan, Melden, Meldin, Meldyn Old English
Meldrick From the powerful mill. Meldric, Meldrik, Meldryc, Meldryck, Meldryk Old English
Melea Abundance Meleah, Melee, Meleigh, Meley, Meli, Melie, Mely Greek
Melino Peace Melin,  Melinos, Melyn, Melyno, Melynos Tongan
Melrose Rose from the mill, From the bare moor. Melros Old English
Melvern Great chief. Melverne, Melvirn, Melvirne, Melvyrn, Melvyrne Native American
Melville Leader; From the village near the mill. Malvil, Malvill, Malville, Melvil, Melvill Celtic; Old French
Melvin Mel's friend from the mill; Sword friend. Melvan, Melven, Melvern, Melverne, Melvine, Melvirn, Melvirne, Melvyn, Melvyrn, Melvyrne Irish, Gaelic; Old English
Memphis Geographical - City in ancient egypt. City in the state of Tennessee USA.   Egyptian
Mendel Wisdom Mendal, Mendil, Mendyl Semitic, Hebrew


Mountain Mendy Basque
Menewa Great warrior. Menewah Creek
Mensah Third-born son. Mensa Ewe
Menw Mythical wizard.   Celtic
Mercer Shopkeeper, Merchant; Textile dealer. Merce Latin; French
Mercury Messenger of the gods. Mercurino (Italian), Mercuryno Roman
Meredith From the sea. Meredeth, Meredyth, Merideth, Merydeth, Merydith, Merydyth Welsh
Mereki Peacemaker   Australian Aboriginal
Merivale Pleasant valley. Merical, Meryval, Meryvale Old English, Old French
Merle Blackbird Merl, Murl, Murle French
Merlin From the hill over the sea, From the sea fort; Hawk Merlyn, Merlynn, Merlinn Celtic, Welsh; Middle English
Merrick Ruler of the sea. Meril, Merle, Merric, Merrik, Merrill, Merrington, Merryc, Merryck, Merryk, Merton, Meryl, Myril, Myrl English
Merrill Famous; Water. Merle, Merrel, Merrell, Merril, Meryl, Meryll French; English
Merrion Geographical - place.  Merryn Welsh
Merripen Life and death.   Gypsy
Merritt Little famous one; Deserving. Merit, Meritt, Merrit, Merryt Old English; latin
Merton Town by the sea. Mertan, Merten, Mertin, Mertyn English
Merv Famous friend. The short form of Mervin. Merve Irish, English
Mervin Famous friend. Mervan, Merven, Mervon, Mervyn Old French
Meyer head servant, Farmer; Bringer of light. Mayeer, Mayer, Mayor, Meir, Meier, Myer German; Hebrew
Mher A fighter who always wins. Mihr (Persian) Armenian
Mhina Delightful Mhinah Swahili
Micah Likeness to God. A form of Michael. Mica, Myca, Mycah Hebrew
Michael Likeness to God. Machiel (Dutch), Meikal, Meikel, Meikil, Meikyl, Mekal, Mekel, Mekele, Mekil, Mekyl, Michail, Michan (Italian), Michel, Micheil, Michele, Michal, Michale, Miekal, Miekel, Miekil, Miekil, Miekyl, Miguel (Spanish), Mihael, Mikael, Mikail (Russian), Mikel, Mikhail (Russian), Mikkel, Miklos, Mikol, Mischa (Slavic), Misshael (Hebrew), Mychal, Myckael, Myckaele, Myckaell, Mykael, Mykaele, Mykaell, Mykaelle, Mykil, Mykill, Mykyl, Mykyle, Mykyll, Mykyle Hebrew
Michio With the strength of three thousand.   Japanese
Mick  Likeness to God. A short form of Michael. Mic, Micki, Mickie, Micky, Mik, Mika, Miki, Mikie, Miky,  Myc,  Myck,  Mycki, Myckie, Mycky, Myki, Mykie Hebrew
Micke Tree struck by lightning. Mycke Australian Aboriginal
Midgard From the middle garden. Midgarth, Midrag, Mithgarthr, Mydgard Old Norse
Midgee Acacia tree. Midge, Mydge, Mydgee Australian Aboriginal
Miguel Likeness to God. A form of Michael. Migeal, Migeel, Migel, Miguelly, Migui, Myguel, Myguele, Myguell, Myguelle Portuguese, Spanish, Hebrew
Mika Raccoon. The Russian form of Michael, likeness to God. Miika, Mikah, Myka, Mykah Ponca
Mikasi Coyote Mykasi Omaha
Mike Likeness to God. A short form of Michael. Mica, Micah (Hebrew), Myke, Mykey Hebrew
Miki Tree Mikio Japanese
Miksa Extreme, Maximum. A form of Max. Miks, Myksa Hungarian, Latin
Milan Beloved Milen, Millan, Millen, Mylan, Mylen, Mylon, Mylyn Slavic
Milanne     French
Milborough From the middle borough town. Milbrough, Mylborough, Mylbrough English
Milburn From the mill stream. Milborn, Milborne, Milbourn, Milbourne, Milburne, Millborn, Millborne, Millbourn, Millbourne, Millburn, Millburne Old English
Milek Victory of the people. A form of Nick. Mylek Polish, Greek
Miles Warrior, Merciful. Maolmuire (Irish), Mile, Milesius, Milon, Myle, Myles, Mylo Latin; Teutonic
Milford From the mill by the ford. Millford, Mylford, Myllford English
Mililani Heavenly caress. Mililanee, Mililaney, Mililanie, Mililany Hawaiian
Millard Caretaker of the mill. Millar, Miller, Mylard, Myllard Latin, Old English
Miller Grain grinder. Mellar, Meller, Mellor, Milar, Miler, Millar, Millard, Millen, Millon, Milor, Mylar, Myler, Myllar, Myller, Myllor English
Millin Charm Millyn, Myllin, Myllyn Australian Aboriginal
Millington From the mill town. Milington Old English
Mills From th mill. Mils, Mylls, Myls English
Millyn Words; From the mill pool. Millin, Myllin, Myllyn Aramaic; Old English
Milner Miller Milnar, Mylner Middle English
Milo Merciful; Miller. Mylo Teutonic; Latin
Milos Pleasant Milo, Mylo, Mylos Greek; Slavic
Miloslav Crowned with glory. Myloslav Slavic
Milton From the mill town Millard, Miller, Mills, Millton, Myllton, Mylton,Nillton, Nilton, Nyllton, Nylton Old English
Milward Mill keeper.  Mylward Old English
Min King Mina, Minah, Myn, Myna, Mynah Burmese
Minenhle Having a good or lovely day.   Zulu
Miner Worker in the mine. Myner English
Minet Delightful Minett, Mynet, Mynett Old French
Mingan Grey wolf. Myngan Native American
Minh Light Mynh Vietnamese
Minkah Fair-haired. Minka, Mynka, Mynkah Akan
Mingma Born on a Tuesday.   Tibetan
Minster From the monastery church. Mynster Old English
Miron Peace Myron Polish
Miroslav Peace, Glory. Myroslav Czech
Mishiki Apricot, From the east. Myshiki Egyptian
Mister Mister Mista, Mistah, Mistar, Mistur, Mysta, Mystah, Mystar, Mystur English
Misu Rippling water. Mysu Native American
Mitch Who is like God. A short form of Mitchell. Mytch Middle English
Mitchell Who is like God. Mitchel, Mytchel, Mytchell Middle English
Mitford From the big river crossing. Mytford Middle English
Mlungisi The one who brings order.   Zulu
Mnqobi The one who conquers in hopeless situations.   Zulu
Modeste Modest. The masculine form of Modesty. Modesti, Modestie, Modesto (Italian), Modesty French
Modred Brave, Courageous counsel; To consume. Mordred, Modris, Mordred, Mordryd Teutonic
Moe Saved, taken from th water; Child. The short form of Moses. Mo, Mow Hebrew
Mogens Powerful Mogen Dutch
Mogul From Mongolia.   Persian
Mohammed Prophet Mohammad, Muhammed, Mohomet (Turkish) Arabic
Mohan Delightful Mohana Hindi
Mohe Elk   Native American
Mohomet Glorified Mahamet Arabic
Moiag Loud crying baby.   Native American
Moki Cloudy Mokee, Mokey, Moki, Mokie, Moky Australian Aboriginal
Moko Maori tattoo applied with a special chisel called a uhi; Bravery.   Maori; Japanese
Molan Servant of the storm.   Irish
Mona Gathering the jimson weed seed. Monah Moquelumnan
Monahan Monk Monaghan, Monoghan Irish
Monford From the monk's river crossing. Montford, Mountford Old English
Mongo Famous   Yoruba
Monita Alone Minitah Italian, Greek
Monroe From the red swampe. Monro, Monrow, Munro, Munroe, Munrow Irish
Montague From the pointed mountain.   Old French
Montana Mountain Montanah Spanish
Montago Big boy.   Japanese
Monte Mountain. The short form of names starting with 'Mont'. Montee, Montey, Monti, Montie, Monty Latin
Montega New arrow. Montegah Native American
Montez Dweller at the mountain. Mounteiz, Monteze, Montise, Montiz, Montize, Montyz, Montyze Spanish
Montgomery From the wealthy one's mountain. Mountgomery Old French
Monti Stork Monte (Latin), Montee, Montey, Montie, Monty Australian Aboriginal
Montre Show Montrai, Montray, Montres, Montrez French
Montreal Royal mountain. Montrail, Montrale, Montrall, Montrel, Montrell French
Montsho Black   Tswana
Monty From the rich one's mountain. The short form of names starting with 'Mont'. Monte (Latin), Montee, Montey, Monti, Montie English
Moorak Mountain   Australian Aboriginal
Moore Dark complexioned.; From the wetlands or moor. Moar, Moare, Moor, Mor, Morre Old French
Mootska Yucca plant.   Hopi
Morandoo Sea Moran, Morando Australian Aboriginal
Mordred Pain Modred Latin
Morel Mushroom Morell French
Moreland From the marshland. Moarlan, Moraland, Morelan, Moreno (Spanish), Morino, Moorelan, Mooreland, Moorlan, Moorlan,d Morlan, Morland, Moryno English
Morey Dark one from the moor. The short form of Morris. Moree, Mori, Morie, Moree, Morrey, Morrie, Morrie, Morry, Mory English, Greek
Morfran Mythical ugly demon.   Celtic
Morgan Sea bright, Of the sea; White sea dweller Morgen, Morgin, Morgon, Morgun, Morgyn Celtic; Old Welsh
Moriah Chosen by Jehovah.   Hebrew
Morio Woods Moryo Japanese
Moritz A form of Maurice, dark-skinned.   German
Morland From the marsh meadow Moarlan, Moraland, Morelan, Moreland, Moorelan, Mooreland, Moorlan, Moorland, Morlan, Morland Old English
Morley From the meadow near the marsh Morlea, Morleah, Morlee, Morleigh, Morli, Morlie, Morly Old English
Morrell Dark-coloured Morel, Morell, Morrel Old French
Morris Dark one from the moor Moris, Morison, Morrys, Morys Latin, Old English
Morrison Son of Morris   Old English
Morse Son of the dark one from the moor.   Old English
Mort Stump. The short form of names starting with "Mort".   Middle English
Morten Warrior, Warlike one, of Mars. A form of Martin Mortan, Mortin, Morton, Mortyn Norwegian, Latin
Mortimer Still waters, Dead sea; Sea director Mortymer Old French; Irish
Morton From the town near the marsh Mortan, Morten, MOrtin, Mortun, Mortyn Old English
Morven Sea mariner, Sea raven, Child of the sea. Morhorven, Morvan Scottish, Gaelic
Morvyn Lives by the sea. Morvynn, Morvin, Morvinn Celtic
Moryn Lives by the sea. Morynn, Morin, Morinn Celtic
Moses Saved, Taken from the water; Child Maiziesius, Moise (French, Italian), Moises (Spanish), Mose, Moyse, Mozes (Dutch), Musa (Arabic), Mos, Moz Hebrew; Egyptian
Mosi First-born child Mosee, Mosey, Mosie, Mosy Swahili
Moss From the area with moss Mos Irish
Moswen Light in colour Moswin, Moswyn African
Motega New arrow Motegah Native American
Moulton Mule stable town   Old English
Mozart Breathless Mozar Italian
Mpasa Mat Mpasah Ngoni
Mposi Blacksmith   Nyakusa
Mthokozisi The one who gives joy.   Zulu
Muata Sixth-born child, nesting yellow jackets. Mutah Moquelumnan
Mubdi Beginner   Arabic
Muid Restorer Muyd Arabic
Muir From the marsh Muire, Muyr, Muyre Scottish, Gaelic, Old English
Muirhead From the top of the marsh Muyrhead Scottish, Gaelic
Mukasa The chief administrator of God. Mukasah Luganda
Mukul Blossom, Soul Mukull Sanskrit
Mulga Acacia tree Mulgah Australian Aboriginal
Mullion Eagle Mullyon Australian Aboriginal
Mulogo Wizard Musoga  
Muluk Praised, Exalted.   Indonesian
Mulwala Rain Mulwalah Australian Aboriginal
Mundan Garden Mundana Rhodesian
Mundo Prosperous protector.   Spanish, English
Mundy From the Reamonn in Ireland. Mund, Munde, Mundee, Mundey, Mundi, Mundie, Mundo (Spanish) Irish
Mungo Lovable   Irish
Munir Brilliant Munyr Arabic
Munny Wisdom Munee, Muney, Muni, Munie, Munnee, Munney, Munni, Munni, Muny Cambodian
Munte Thunder Mundara, Munt Australian Aboriginal
Muraco White moon. Muracco Native American
Murat Wish that came true.   Turkish
Murdock Wealthy sea mariner. Murdoc, Murdock, Murdox, Mutagh (Irish) Scottish, Gaelic
Murphy From the sea. Murffey, Murffi, Murffie, Murffy, Murphee, Murphey, Murphi, Murphie Celtic
Murray Sailor from the settlement. Murae, Murai, Muray, Murrae, Murrai, Murree, Murrey, Murri, Murrie, Murry Scottish, Gaelic
Murrobo Thunder Murobo Australian Aboriginal
Murtagh Protects the sea. Murtag Celtic
Musa A form of Moses, saved from the water; Kindness/mercy.   Arabic; Zulu
Mustafa Royal, Chosen. Mostafa, Mostafah, Mostaffa, Mostaffah, Moustafa, Mustafah, Mustapha Arabic
MusaweNkosi Having the grace of God.   Zulu
Myall Drooping acacia. Mial, Miall, Myal Australian Aboriginal
Myer Light; From the swamp. Mier, Mieres, Mires, Myers Hebrew; English
Mykal Likeness to God. A form of Michael. Mikaal, Mikal, Mikall, Mikael, Mykaal, Mykall, Mykel, Mykell, Mykil, Mykill, Mykyl, Mykyll American, Hebrew
Myles Warrior Miles Latin
Mynogan Mythical father of Beli.   Celtic
Myron Fragrance Miron Greek
Mzamo Attempts, Puts in effort.   Zulu



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