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I Boys baby names beginning with the letter I. If I have missed any, please add them. I

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Name Meaning Derivations Origin
I chih Intelligent, Honourable.   Chinese
Iago Replacer. The Spanish form of James. Santiago Spanish, Hebrew
Iain Jehovah has favoured. A form of John.   Scottish
Iakeke Descendant Ialekah Hawaiian
Iakona Healer Iakonah Hawaiian
Ian God is gracious. The Scottish form of John. Ean, Ein, Eoin, Iaian (Gaelic), Iain (Scottish), Iin, Ion, John, Ivan Scottish, Hebrew
Ianto A short form of the Welsh name Iefan, God is Gracious. Ifan, Ifaen Welsh
Ibn Son   Arabic
Ibrahim Father of the multitudes. The Arabic form of Abraham. Abraham, Ibraham Arabic, Hebrew
Ibsen Son of the archer. Ibsan, Ibsin, Ibson, Ibsyn German
Ichabod Glorious   Hebrew
Ichiro First-born son.   Japanese
Iden Pasture woods. Idan, Idin, Idon, Idun, Idyn Old English
Idi Born during a festival.   Swahili
Idris Fiery Lord. Idriss, Idrys, Idryss Welsh
Ieke Wealthy   Hawaiian
Ielemia God is lifting up. Ielemiah Hawaiian
Iestyn Righteous, just.  Justin, Yestin, Yestyn Welsh
Ifan God is gracious. A form of John.   Welsh
Ifor Archer   Welsh
Igal God will avenge. Igale Hebrew
Igasho One who travels.   Native American
Iggi Only son Iggy African
Iggy Only son Iggi  
Ignatius Fiery one. Eegnatie, Eneco (Latin), Ennicus, Ignaas (Scandinavian), Ignace (French, Polish), Ignacey, Ignacio (Spanish), Ignas (Scandinavian), Ignascha, Ignasha, Ignatas, Ignatius (Latin), Ignatys, Ignaz (German), Ignazio (Italian, Spanish), Inigd Greek
Igor Famous son, Hero, Of the God Ing. Egor Russian, Old Norse
Ihorangi Rain   Polynesian
Ikaia God is my saviour. Ikaiah Hawaiian
Ikale Eagle   Polynesian
Ike Laughter, God smiles. A short form of Isaac. Isaac, Dwight Hebrew
Iklal Crown of believers.   Arabic
Ilario Cheerful. The Italian masculine form of HIlary. Ilaryo Italian, Greek
Ilbert Distinguised warrior. Ilbert, Ilburt, Ilbyrt Teutonic
Ilker First man   Turkish
Ilmer Boundary; Mere of Ylla; Pool where leeches are found Ilma Old English
Ilom One with enemies.   Nigerian
Illya Jehovah is God. Ilyah Russan
Ilyas A form of Elijah, Jehovah is my God.   Arabic
Imad Support, pillar.   Arabic
Imam Leader of religion.   Indonesian
Imbert Poet Imbirt, Imburt, Imbyrt Teutonic
Imran Host Imren, Imrin, Imryn Arabic
Imri Tall Imric, Imrick, Imrie, Imry Hebrew
Inar Individual   English
Ince Innocent   Hungarian
Incencio White   Spanish
Indra Possessing drops of rain;  Indra is the name of the ancient Hindu warrior god of the sky and rain. He is the chief god in the Hindu text the Rigveda.   Sanskrit; Hindi
Ing Famous Igamar (Norse), Igor (Russian), Ingar, Ingemar, Inger, Ingmar  Old Norse
Inger Son's army. Ingar, Ingvar (Scandinavian) Old Norse
Inglebert Brilliant angel. Englebert, Engleberte, Engelbert, Engelberte, Engelbirt, Engelburt, Engelburte, Engelbyrt, Ingleberte, Ingelbert, Ingelberte, Ingelbirt, Ingelburt, Ingelburte, Ingelbyrt Teutonic
Inglis English Ingliss, Inglys, Inglyss Scottish
Ingmar Ing's son, Son of the famous one. Igamar (Norse), Igor (Russian), Ingar, Ingemar, Inger, Ingmar Old Norse
Ingram Raven, Angel; Wisdom. Ingrem, Ingrim, Ingrym Old Norse; Old English
Inir Honourable Inyr Welsh
Inkata Elder Inkatah Australian Aboriginal
Innes Island Inis, Inness, Inis, Innis, Inniss, Innys, Innyss Celtic
Innocent Innocent, Harmless. Innocenz (German), Innocentz, Innocenz, Innocenzio (Italian), Innocenzyo, Inocent, Inocentz, Inocenz, Inocenzio, Inocenzyo Latin
Inrique Ruler of the home.   Spanish
Inteus Without shame.   Native American
Intrepid Fearless   Latin
Iokia God will heal. Iokiah, Iokya, Iokyah Hawaiian
Iokina God will help develop.   Hawaiian
Iolo Worth Lord.   Welsh
Iongi Young   Polynesian
Ion God is gracious, A form of John.   Scottish
Iona Dove   Hawaiian
Iongi Young   Polynesian
Ipyana Graceful Ipyanah Tanzanian
Ira Camp; Watchful; Stallion. Irah Australian Aboriginal; Hebrew; Arabic
Iram Shining   English
Irmin Strong, Mighty. Irman, Irmen, Irmun, Irmyn German
Irvin Friend of the sea. Earvin, Eervine, Ervin, Ervine, Ervyn, Ervyne, Erwin, Erwyn, Irvine, Irving, Irvyn, Irvyne, Irwin, Irwyn Gaelic
Irving Boar friend, Green river, Friend of the sea. Earvin, Ervin, Ervine, Erving, Ervyn, Ervyne, Erwin, Erwyn, Irvin, Irvine, Irvyn, Irvyng, Irvyne, Irwin, Irwyn English
Isa Lord Isah Sanskrit
Isaac He will laugh, Laughter, God smiles. Isaack, Isaak (German, Russian), Isac, Isacco (Italian), Isack, Izaac, Izaack, Izak, Yitzhak Hebrew
Isaiah God is generous. God is my helper. Esai, Essaia, Essaiah, Ikaia, Isaias, Isaya, Isayah, Yeshaya, Yeshayahu Hebrew
Isambard Iron giant. Imbard, Imbart, Isambart Greek, German
Isham From the iron estate   Old English
Ishaq Laughing   Arabic
Ishmael Wanderer   Hebrew
Isi God smiles. The short form of names starting with Isi. Isie, Issi, Issie, Issy, Izi, Izie, Izzi, Izzie, Izzy, Izy Hebrew
Isidore Gift of Isis; Adored Eesidor, Esidor, Esidore, Ezador, Ezadore, Ezidor, Ezidore, Isador, Isadore, Isidor (German), Isidoro (Spanish, Italian), Isidro (Spanish), Isodoro, Izador, Izadore, Izidor, Izidore, Izydor (Polish) Greek; English
Isileli Strength   Tongan
Iskemu River   Native American
Ismael God will hear. Wanderer Ismal, Ismale Hebrew
Israel Prince of God    
Issa One who has protection. Isa, Isah, Issah Swahili
Issay Hairy   African
Issur From Israel.   Hebrew
Istu Sap from a pine.   Native American
Italia From Italy.   Latin
Itamar Palm-grove island. Ittamar Hebrew
Iterika Green Iterikah Australian Aboriginal
Ithel Generous Lord. Ithell Welsh
Ithnan Strong sailor.   Hebrew
Itiel God is with me.   Hebrew
Itumeleng Rejoice   African/Tswana
Ivan God is gracious. A form of John Iva, Iven, Ivin, Ivon, Ivun Ivyn, Yvan, Yvann Hebrew
Ivanhoe God's gracious tiller of the soil. Ivanho, Ivanhow Hebrew
Ivanlli   Evange Spanish
Ivar Archer with a yew bow. Iver, Iviy, Ivor, Yvon, Yvor (Russian), Yves Danish, Scandinavian
Iven Little yew bow. Ivan, Ivin, Ivon, Ivun, Ivyn Old French
Ives Archer wit a ew bow. Yves Old English
Ivo Yew tree; Archer Ivor, Yves, Yvon Old French
Ivor God   Scandinavian
Ivory Ivory, white Ivoree, Ivorey, Ivori, Ivorie African American
Iye Smoke Iy Native American
Izod Fair-haired Izad, Ized, Izid, Izud, Izyd Celtic


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