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L Boys baby names beginning with the letter L. If I have missed any, please add them. L

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Name Meaning Derivations Origin
Laban White Laben, Labin, Labon, Labyn Hebrew
Labhras Laurel crowned, Victory.   Irish
Labib Intelligent, Sensible. Labid, Labyb, Labyd Arabic
Lach Dweller by the water. Laec Old English
Lachlan Lake or Fjord. Lach, Lache, Lachee, Lachey, Lachi, Lachie, Lachlann, Lachlun, Lachlunn, Lachunn, Lachy, Lakelan, Lakeland, Loch, Loche, Lochee, Lochey, Locki, Lockie, Lochlan, Lochlen, Lochlin, Lochlon, Lochlyn, Lochy, Lock, Lockee, Lockey, Lockie, Locklan Scottish / Celtic
Lacy From the Roman manor. Lacey Latin
Ladd Page; Young attendant. Laddie Middle English
Ladislaus Glory Lachman (German), Laczko (Hungarian), Ladislao, Ladislas (Polish, Slavic), Ladislav, Ladyslas, Ladyslaus, Lako, Laszolo, Wladislav, Wladislaw Slavic
Ladislav Army ruler; From the woods. Ladislaus, Ladyslav, Ladyslaus Czech, German; English
Lado Second-born son.   Fanti
Lael Belonging to the Lord.   Hebrew
Laertes The father of Odysseus and Ophelia's brother in Shakespeare's tragedy - Hamlet.   Greek
Laffit Faithful Lafayette, Lafitte Old French
Lafrance Freedom   Italian, German
Laibrook From the path by the stream. Laebrook, Laybrook English
Laidley From the path by the watery meadow. Laidlea, Laidleah, Laidlee, Laidleigh, Laidli, Laidlie, Laidly, Laydlea, Laydleah, Laydlee, Laydleigh, Laydli, Laydlie, Laydly English
Laione Lion Laion Tongan
Laird Head of household. Layrd Scottish
Lais Lion Lays Arabic
Lajos Holy, Famous. Lajcsi, Laji, Lajie, Lali Hungarian
Lajuan   John  
Lake From the pond. Laek, Laik, Layk Latin
Lakepi Rugby player.   Tongan
Laki Lucky   Samoan
Lakin Found treasure   African American
Lalo Lullaby   Latin
Lamani Lemon Lamanee, Lamaney, Lamanie, Lamany Tongan
Lamar Famous through the land; From the sea. LaMarr, Lamarr, Lemar, Lemarr, Limar, Limarr, Lymar, Lymarr Teutonic; French
Lambert Bright rich land, Owner of many estates. Lamberts (Italian), Lamberto (Italian), Lambirt, Lambirto, Lamburt, Lamburto, Lambyrt, Lambyrto, Landbert (German), Landberto, Landbirt, Landbirto, Landburt, Landburto, Landbyrt, Landbyrto, Landebert, Landeberto, Landebirt, Landebirto, Landeburt, Landeburto, Landebyrt, Landebyrto Teutonic
Lamech Powerful strength. Lamec Hebrew
Lami To conceal. Lamee, Lamey, Lamie, Lamy Tongan
Lamond The world. Lammond, Lamondre, Lamund, Lemond, Lemund French
Lamont The mountain; Lawyer. Lammond, Lamond, LaMont, Lamont, Lamonte, Lemmont, LeMont, Lemont, Lemonte Old French / Scandinavian
Lamorna Beloved. Lamornah French, Gaelic
Lance The knight's spear attendant. A short form of Lancelot. Lanse, Launce, Latin, Old French
Lancelot The knight's spear attendant. Lancelott, Lancelotte, Lancey, Lancilot, Lancilott, Lancilotte, Lancilotto (Italian), Lancing, Lancylot, Lancylott, Lancylotte, Lansing, Launcelot, Launcelott, Launcelotte Latin, Old French
Landan Grassy plain Landen, Lander, Landers, Landin, Landis, Landman, Landon, Landor, Landors, Landry, Landun, Landyn, Langtry, Lunds, Lunt Teutonic
Lander Owner of the grassy plain. Landar, Landers, Landor, Launder, Launders English
Landers Rough land Landry, Landis English
Landis Rough land Landry, Landers  
Lando Famous through the land. Landow Portuguese, Spanish, German
Landon Owner of the grassy land, Dweller on the hill. Landan, Landen, Lander, Landers, Landin, Landis, Landman, Landor, Landors, Landry, Landun, Landyn, Langtry, Lunds, Lunt Old English
Landric Land ruler. Landrick, Landrik, Landryc, Landryck, Landryk Teutonic
Landry Ruler of the land. Landr, Landrew, Landri, Landrie, Landrue French, English
Lane Narrow road; Good. Laine, Laney, Lani, Lanie, Layn, Layne, Layni, Laynie, Layny Middle English; Australian Aboriginal
Lang Tall one; Tree. Laing, Langdon, Langer, Langford, Langhorne, Langlee, Langleigh, Langley, Langsdon, Langston, Langstone, Langtr, Longfellow Scottish / Scandinavian; Australian Aboriginal
Langdon From the long hill. Langdan, Langden, Langdin, Langdun, Langdyn, Langlea, Langleah, Langlee, Langleigh, Langley, Langli, Langlie, Langly, Langsdon, Langston Old English
Langer Tall one Lang  
Langford Dweller by the long river crossing. Laingford English
Langi Heaven Langee, Langey, Langie, Langy Tongan
Langley Of the long meadow. Lainglea, Laingleah, Lainglee, Laingleigh, Laingley, Laingli, Lainglie, Laingly, Lang, Langlea, Langleah, Langlee, Langeleigh, Langli, Langlie, Langly Old English
Langston A long, narrow town, Farm that belongs to the tall one. Laingston, Langsdon, Langsdown Old English
Langundo Peaceful Langund Native American
Langworth From the long enclosure. Laingworth English
Lani Sky, Heaven. Lanee, Laney, Lanie, Lany Hawaiian
Lann Sword Lan Celtic
Lanny Crown of laurel leaves, Victory. A form of Laurence. Lannee, Lanni, Lannie, Lany American, Latin
Lanu Running around a pole.   Moquelumnan
Lanz Knight. A form of Lance, the knight's spear attendant. Lanzo, Lonzo Italian, French
Lanzo Land servant. Lancelot, Lancilott, Lancilotto (Italian), Landa, Landza, Launce, Launcelot, Launcelott German
Lao Gloriious stand; Law.   Spanish, Latin; Tongan
Lap Independent   Vietnamese
Laquintin Fifth-born child. Laquentin, Laquenton, Laquintas, Laquintise, Laquintiss, Laquinton, Lauyn, Laquynt, Laquyntan, Laquynten, Laquyntin, Laquynton, Laquyntun, Laquyntyn Latin, American
Laramie One who cries tears of love. Laramee, Laramey, Larami, Laramy French
Laris Happy Larris, Larrys, Larys Latin
Larkin Rough, Fierce. Larkan, Larken, Larklin, Larklyn, Larkyn Irish
Larnell Beloved victory. A combination of Larry and Daryl. Larnel Latin
Larron Thief Laran, Laraun, Laren, Larin, Laron, Laronn, Larun, Laryn, Latheron, Lathron Old French
Larry Laurel crowned, Victory. A short form of Laurence. Lari, Larie, Larri, Larrie, Lary Latin
Lars One crowned with laurel, Victorious one. The Norse form of Laurence. Laris, Larris, Larse, Larz, Lasse Swedish
Larson Lar's son, Son of the one crowned with laurel, victorious one. The Norse form of Laurence. Larsen, Larson, Larsson, Larzon, Laurans, Laurits, Lavrans, Lorens Swedish
Larvall To wash. Larvell Italian
Lasalle Hall Lasal, Lasale, Lasall French
Lascelles Cell Lascel, Lascele, Lascell, Lascelle Old French
Lash Famous warrior. A form of Louis. Lasher, Lashi, Lasho Gypsy, German
Lashawn God is gracious. A form of Shawn. Lasean, Lashajaun, Lashaun, Lashon, Lashonne Irish, American
Lasse Victory of the people. A form of Nicholas. Lase Finnish, Greek
Laszlo Famous ruler. Laci, Lacko, Lasio, Laslo, Lazlo Hungarian
Lateef Gentle, subtle. Latif, Latyf, Letif, Letyf Arabic
Latham From the barn at the homestead. Laith, Lathe, Later, Lathrop, Latimer, Latymer Scandinavian
Lathan Gift of God. A form of Nathan. Lathanial, Lathaniel, Lathen, Latin, Laythyn, Leathan Hebrew, American
Lathom / Lathrop From the home with the barn. Lath, Lathe, Lathrope, Latholme Old Norse
Latimer Near the sea; Language teacher; interpreter Latimor, Latymer Old French
Latravis Keeper at the crossroads, tax or toll collector. A form of Travis. Latavious, Latavers, Latavious, Latravers, Latraviaus, Latravious, Latravys American, French
Laudalino Praised. Laudalin, Laudalyn, Laudalyno Portuguese
Laughlin Servant Lauchlin, Laughlyn, Leachlain, Leachlainn Irish
Laurence Laurel crowned, Victory. Labhras (Irish), Labhruinn, Larrance, Lars (Swedish), Larson, Larz, Laurans, Laurencio (Spanish), Laurens (Dutch), Laurent (French), Laurenz (German, Danish), Lauriston, Lauritj, Lauris (Swedish), Lauritz (Danish), Lauro (Filipino), Laurus (Estonian), Laurynas (Lithuanian), Lavrenty (Russian), Lavreuty (Russian), Lawrance, Lawrence, Lawson, Loren, Lorenco (Spanish), Lorencs, Lorenis (Hungarian), Lorens, Lorenz (German), Lorenzo (Italian, Spanish), Lorit, Loritz, Lorus, Lourenco (Portuguese), Lowrance, Lowrence, Raulus, Vavrinec Latin
Laurie Laurel crowned, Victory. A short form of Laurence and Lawrence. Lauree, Laurri, Laurrie, Laurry, Laury, Lawree, Lawrey, Lawri, Lawrie, Lawry, Lori, Lorie, Lorri, Lorrie, Lorry, Lory, Lowree, Lowry, Lowri, Lowrie, Lowry Latin
Laval Lord Lave, Lavrans Old English
Lavalle From the valley. Lavail, Laval, Lavall, Lavalei, Lavalley French
Lavan White Lavaughan, Laven, Lavin, Lavon, Lavyn, Levan, Leven, Levin, Levon, Levyn Hebrew
Lave Lava; Lord. Laev, Laeve, Laiv, Laive, Layv, Layve Italian; Hebrew
Lavern Spring time. Laverne, LaVern, LaVerne, Lavrn, Lavyrne, Lavrans, Luvern, Luverne Latin
Lavi Lion Lavee, Lavey, Lavie, Lavy Hebrew
Lavon White Lavan, Lavaughan, Laven, Lavin, Lavon, Lavyn, Levan, Leven, Levin, Levon, Levyn American, Hebrew
Lavrenti Crown of laurel leaves, Victory. A form of Laurence. Larent, Larenti, Lavrentij, Lavrusha, Lavrik, Lavro Russian, Latin
Lawford From the low ford on the hill.   Old English
Lawler Mumbler of words, Softly spoken. Law, Ler, Leri, Lerie, Lery Gaelic
Lawley Fromt he low meadow on the hill. Lawlea, Lawleah, Lawlee, Lawleigh, Lawley, Lawli, Lawlie, Lawly Old English
Lawson Lawrence's son, Son of the victorious one crowned in Laurel leaves. Lawlea, Lawleah, Lawlee, Lawleigh, Lawley, Lawli, Lawlie, Lawly Old English
Lawton From the town on the hill, Refinement. Laughton Old English
Lazaro Resurrection Lazarillo, Lazarilo, Lazarito, Lazzaro Italian, Greek
Lazarus God will help. Eleazar, Lazar (Russian), Lazarasz, Lazare (French), Lazaro (Italian, Spanish), Lazarsz (Polish), Lazer, Lazlo, Lazzaro (Italian), Lazzo (Illyrian), Lesser Hebrew
Lazhar Best appearance.   Arabic
Leaf Leaf from a tree Leath, Leef, Leeth, Leif, Leighth, Leyf, Leyth English
Leal Loyal, faithful friend   English
Leander Like a lion. Ander, Leandre (French), Landro (Italian, Spanish), Leanther Greek
Lear Dweller at the pasture or meadow Lere Old English
Lech Forest spirit   Polish
Ledyard Guardian of the nation.   German
Lee / Leigh From the meadow. Lea, Leah, Lei, Ley English
Leeland Shelter Layland, Layton, Lealan, Lealand, Leelan, Leighlan, Leighland, Leighton, Lelan, Leland, Letant, Leylan, Leyland Old English
Leggett Ambassador, envoy or delegate. Lagat, Lagate, Leggitt, Liggett, Lyggett Old French
Legrand The great one. Legran, Legrant Old French
Lei Thunder Leigh, Ley, Leygh Chinese
Leib Lion roaring. Leibel Yiddish
Leif Beloved; Broad river. Laif, Leyf, Leif, Leiff, Leith (Scottish, Gaelic), Lief Scandinavian; Scottish, Gaelic
Leighton From the meadow town. Laeton, Laiton, Layton, Leaton, Leeton, Leiton, Leyton Old English
Leith Wide river.   Scottish
Lek Small   Thai
Lekeke Ruler who is powerful. Likeke Hawaiian
Leks Defender of humankind. A form of Alexander. Leksik, Lekso Estonian
Lel Beloved; Taker   Hindi; Gypsy
Leland From the meadow Layland, Layton, Lealan, Lealand, Leelan, Leighlan, Leighland, Leighton, Lelan, Letant, Leylan, Leyland Old English
Lele Lullaby   Latin
Lemar Ocean Lamar, Lemario, Lemarr, Limar, Limarr, lymar, Lymarr French
Lemmie A short form of Lemuel, belonging or devoted to God. Lemmy Hebrew
Lemuel Belonging or devoted to God.   Hebrew
Len House with tenants. The short form of names beginning with "Len". Lenn Old English
Lendar From his parents.   Gypsy
Lenny House with tenants. The short form of names beginning with "Len". Lenee, Leney, Leni, Lenie, Lenee, Lenney, Lenni, Lennie, Leny Old English
Lenacho Crown of laurel leaves, Victory. A form of Lawrence. Lenci, Lencie, Lenzy Spanish, Latin
Lenis Gentle, Soft. Lenys Latin
Lenno Man Leno Native American
Lennon Little cap, Cloak. Lenna, Lannan, Lennen, Lennin, Lennyn Gaelic
Lennor Spring/Summer time. Lenor Gypsy
Lennox Grove of elm trees. Lenox Gaelic
Lensar From his parents. Lansa, Lensah, Lenza, Lenzah, Lenzar Gypsy
Leo Lion Lav, Leaho, Leao, Leeo, Leigho, Leio, Leodis, Leon (French), Leondaus, Leone, Leonid (Russian), Leonidas, Leonis, Lev (Russian), Lio, Lion, Lyo, Lyon Latin
Leofric Beloved ruler. Leofrick, Leofrik, Leofryc, Leofryck, Leofryk Old English
Leofwin Beloved friend. Leofwen, Leofwyn Old English
Leon Lion-like. Leahon, Leaon, Leighon, Leion, Leonas, Leonce, Leoncio, Leondris, Leone, Leonek, Leonetti, Leoni, Leonid, Leonidas, Leonirez, Leonidas, Leonirez, Leonizio, Leonon, Leons, Leontes, Leontios, Leontrae, Levin (Russian), Leyon, Lion, Lionel, Lionelle, Lionello, Lyon, Lyonal, Lyonel French
Leonard Bold, Strong like a lion. Leanard, Lenardas (Lithuanian), Leanardus (Latin), Leanhard, Lennard, Leonardo (Italian, Spanish), Leonidas (Greek), Leonide, Lienhardt, Lionard, Lionardo, Lonnard, Lonnardo, Lyonard Teutonic
Leonel Lion cub, Bold, Strong like a lion. A form of Leonard. Leaonal, Leaonall, Leaonel, Leaonell, Leional, Leionall, Leionel, Leionell, Lional, Lionall, Lionel, Lionell, Lyonal, Lyonall, Lyonel, Lyonell French
Leonidas Son of the lion.   Greek
Leopold Brave people. Leopoldo, Leorad, Lipot, Lopolda, Luepold, Luitpold German
Leor Light of mine. Leory, Lior Hebrew
Lepati Leopard   Tongan
Leron Circle Lerond, Leron, Lerin, Lerrin, Leryn Old French
Leroy King Learoi, Learoy, Lee-Roy, Leeroy, Leighroi, Leighroy, Leiroi, Leiroy, Leroi, Lerol, Leyroi, Leyroy Old French
Les From the grey fortress, Garden court by the pool meadow. The short form of names starting with 'Les'. Less Scottish, Gaelic
Lesharo Chief   Pawnee
Leshawn God is gracious. A form of Shawn. Lesean, Leshajaun, Leshaun, Leshon, Leshonne Irish, American
Leshem Precious stone.   Hebrew
Leslie From the grey meadow, Garden court by the stream meadow. Leslea, Lesleah, Leslee, Leslei, Lesleigh, Lesley, Lesli, Lesly, Lezlea, Lezleah, Lezlei, Lezleigh, Lezley, Lezli, Lezlie, Lezly Scottish, Gaelic
Lester From the chosen camp; Shining lamp. Leichester Latin; Old English
Lev He heard. The short form of names starting with 'Lev'. Leb, Leva, Levah, Levka, Levko, Levushka Hebrew
Levander Rising from the sea.   Hebrew
Levant Rising Lavant, Lavante, Lebert, Levandar, Levante, Lavender, Lavendor, Lever, Leveret, Leverett, Leverette Latin
Leveni Raven Levenee, Leveney, Levenie, Leveny Tongan
Leverett Young rabbit. Leveret, Leverit, Leveritt, Leveryt, Leverytt Old French
Levi United in harmony, Promise. Lavi, Lavy, Leavitt, Leevi, Lever, Levic, Levy, Lewi Hebrew
Levin Dearest friend. Leevon, Levon, Levone, Loveonn, Levonne, Levyn, Levynn, Lew, Lewan, Lewen, Lewon, Lewyn, Louan, Louen, Louin, Louon, Louyn, Lyvon, Lyvonn, Lyvonne Old English
Lewis Renowned battle. The short form of Llewelyn, Lion like friend, Lightning. Lewys, Louis, Louys German
Lex Word Laxton, Lexan, Lexen, Lexton Greek
Leyati Abalone shell-shaped. Leyatie, Leyaty Moquelumnan
Li Strength   Chinese
Liam Helmet of resolution; Wilful. A short form of William Lyam Teutonic; Irish
Lian Protector. Liam, Lyam, Lyan Irish
Liang Excellent Lyang Chinese
Lias Rock Lyas English
Liberio Freedom Liberaratore, Libero (Italian), Liberty, Lyberiuo, Lyberyo Portuguese
Liddon Shelter Lidon, Lyddon, Lydon Old English
Lieb Love Lyeb German
Lief Beloved, Descendant, Heir Leif Old Norse
Ligongo Who is he? Lygongo Yao
Liko Bud of a flower; Protected. Like, Lyko Hawaiian; Chinese
Limu Seaweed Lymu Tongan
Lin Bright Linh, Linn, Linni, Linnie, Linny, Lyn, Lynn Burmese
Linc From the place near the pool. The short form of Lincoln. Link, Lynk English
Lincoln From the place near the pool, From the colony by the pool. Lincon, Lincoyn, Lyncoln, Lyncoyn  Old English
Lind Dweller by the linden, tree. Lynd Old English
Lindall / Lindel From the Linden or lime trees. Linlind, Lindal, Lindberg, Lindbergh, Lindel, Lindell, Lindsay, Linsey, Lyndal, Lyndall, Lyndel, Lyndell, Lyndsay, Lyndsey English
Lindberg Hill with Linden trees. Lindbergh, Lindburg, Lynberg, Lynbergh, Lynburg German
Lindbert From the Linden-tree hill. Linbert, Linbirt, Linburt, Linbyrt, Lindberg, Lindbirt, Lindburg, Lindburt, Lynbert, Lynbirt, Lynburt, Lynbyrt, Lyndbert, Lyndbirt, Lyndburt, Lyndbyrt Teutonic
Linden From the linden or lime-tree valley. Lindan, Lindin, Lindon, Lindyn, Lyndan, Lynden, Lyndin, Lyndon, Lyndyn Old English
Lindley From the meadow with linden or lime trees. Lindlea, Lindleah, Lindlee, Lindleigh, Lindli, Lindlie, Lindly, Lyndlea, Lyndleah, Lyndlee, Lyndleigh, Lyndley, Lyndli, Lyndlie, Lyndly Old English
Lindsay From the linden-tree island. Lindsee, Lindsey, Linsey, Lyndsay, Lyndsee, Lyndsey Old English
Linford From the linden-tree river crossing. Lynford Old English
Linfrid Gentle peace. Linfryd, Lynfrid, Lynfryd German
Lingrel River bank, Rising hill. Lyngrel Old English
Link From the river bank. Linc, Linck, Lync, Lynck, Lynk Old English
Linley From the flax field. Linlea, Linleah, Linlee, Linleigh, Linli, Linlie, Linly, Lynlea, Lynleah, Lynlee, Lynleigh, Lynley, Lynli, Lynlie, Lynly Old English
Linton From the flax town. Lynton Old English
Linu Lilly Lynu Hindi
Linus Flax, Yellow-coloured/haired. Linas, Linis, Liniss, Linous, Lynis, Lyniss, Lynus Greek
Lio Lion cub. Lyo Hawaiian / French
Lionel Young lion, Cub. Lionello (Italian, Spanish), Lyonell, Lyonelle, Lyonello Old English
Lipman Lover of human kind. Lieber, Lypman Teutonic
Liron My song. Lyron Hebrew
Lise Salmon poking its head out of the water. Lyse Moquelumnan
Lisimba Lion Lasimba, Lasimbah, Lisimbah, Lysimba, Lysymba, Simba, Simbah, Symba, Symbah Yao
Lisle From the island town. Lysle Old French
Lister Cloth dyer. Lyster English
Litton From the farm on the little hillside town. Lyle, Lytel, Lytten, Lytton Old English
Lius Light Lyus Polish
Livingston From the lively stone town. Livingstone, Livinston, Livinstone English
Livio Resentful, Full of spite, Malice.   Italian, Latin, Etruscan
Liwanu Growling bear. Lywanu Moquelumnan
Lleufer Splendid   Welsh
Llewelyn Lion-like friend, Lightning. Leoline, Lewelan, Lewelen, Lewis, Llewellyn, Llywellyn Welsh
Lleyton From the meadow town. Leaton, Leahton, Leeton, Leighton, Leyton Old English
Lloyd Grey-haired Floyd, Loyd Welsh
Loa Storm clouds Loah Tongan
Lobo Wolf. Fierce   Spanish
Lobsang The kind-hearted one.   Tibetan
Loc Luck, Blessings.   Vietnamese
Loch From the land of the lakes. A short form of Lachlan.   Irish, Scottish
Lochie From the land of the lakes. A short form of Lachlan. Lachi, Lachie, Lachy, Lochey, Lochi, Lochy Irish, Scottish
Locke From the forest or enclosure, woods, fortified place, pond. Loc, Lock, Lockwood Old English
Loe King. A form of Roy.   Hawaiian, French
Lofa Storm bird Lofah Tongan
Logan From the hollow Logen, Login, Logon, Logyn Irish/Gaelic
Lok Happy   Chinese
Lokela Renowned spear user. A form of Roger Lokelah Hawaiian, German
Lokni Rain coming in through the roof.   Moquelumnan
Loman Enlightened; Brave; Sensitive. Lomen Celtic; Irish; Slavic
Lombard Long beard. Lombarda, Lombardi, Lombardo (Italian) Teutonic
Lon Strong; fierce. The short form of Alonzo/Lawrence. Loni, Lonie, Lonni, Lonnie, Lonny, Lony Irish / Gaelic
Lonan Cloud Lonen, Lonin, Lonon, Lonyn Zuni
Lonato Flint stone.   Native American
Londisizwe Protect/take care of the nation.   Zulu
London Geographical - the capital city of Britain, Fortress of the moon. Longdon Middle English
Long Dragon; Hair.   Chinese; Vietnamese
Longo Quiet   Tongan
Lono God of farming, Peace.   Hawaiian
Lootah Red Loota Lakota
Lorant Laurel tree.   Hungarian
Lorcan Little fierce one. Lorcen, Lorcin, Lorcon, Lorcyn Celtic
Lord Noble one with a title.   English
Lorenzo Crown of laurel leaves, Victory.  A form of Lawrence. Larinza, Laurenzo, Laurinzo, Laurynzo, Leranzo, Lerenzo, Lerinzo, Leronzo, Lerynzo, Lorant, Lorantso, Lorantzo, Lorenc, Lorence, Lorenco, Lorencz, Lorenczo, Lorens, Lorenso, Lorent, Lorentz, Lorentzo, Lorenz, Lorenza, Lorenzo, Loretto, Lorinc, Loricao, Lorinzo, Loritz, Lorrenzo, Lorrynzo, Lorynzo Italian, Spanish, Latin
Loretto Crown of laurel leaves; victory. A form of Lawrence Loreto Italian / Latin
Lorimer Saddler, Harness maker, Bit maker. Lorimer, Lorrimer, Lorrymer, Lorymer Old French, Latin
Loring Son of the famous warrior. Lorrin, Lorring, Lorryn, Lorrying, Loryng Teutonic
Loris Clown Lorys Dutch
Loritz Crown of laurel leaves, Victory. A form of Lawrence. Lauritz, Laurytz, Lorytz Danish, Latin
Lorne Crown of laurel leaves, Victory. A form of Lawrence. Lorn, Lornie, Lorny Latin
Lorry Crown of laurel leaves, Victory; Truck. A form of Lawrence. Lauri, Laurie, Laury, Lorri, Lorrie, Lory English, Latin; English
Lot Hidden Lotan Hebrew
Lothar Warlike Lotair, Lotaire, Lottario, Lothair, Lothaire, Lothario Teutonic
Lotu To pray.   Tongan
Lou Famous warrior. The short form of names starting with 'Lou'. Lew German
Loudon From the low valley. Lewdan, Lewden, Lewdin, Lewdon, Lewdyn, Loudan, Louden, Loudin, Loudyn, Lowdan, Lowden, Lowdin, Lowdon, Lowdyn German
Louis Famous warrior Aloys, Aloysius, Clodoveo, Clovis, Elois, Lajos (Hungarian), Lasho, Lewellen, Lewes, Lewis, Lewys, Ljudevit, Llewelyn, Llwellyn, Lodde (Norse), Lodewyck (Dutch), Lodoe, Lood (Dutch), Lodovico (Italian), Lodowick (Scottish), Loeis, Lowes, Ludeg, Ludevit, Ludovicus, Ludvick,m Ludvick, Lugaidh (Irish), Ludvig (Swedish), Ludvik (Swedish), Ludwik, Lui, Luigi (Italian), Luis (Spanish), Luiz, Luthais (Scottish) Teutonic
Lourdes Geographical - from Lourdes in France. Lordes, Lords French
Louvain Vain Louvayn English
Lovell Young wolf, Fierce. Lovel, Lovelle, Low, Lowe, Lowel, Lowell (Old French), Lowelle French, English
Loyal Faithful Loial, Loy, Lyal, Lyall, Lyel, Lyell French, English
Luber Beloved   German
Lubomir peace lover. Lubomyr Polish
Luc Bringer of light. A short form of names beginning with "Luc" or "Luk". Luke German, Irish, Danish, Dutch
Lucas Bringer of light; From Luciana. A masculine form of Lucy. Loukas, Luca (Italian), Lucah, Lucassie, Lucca (Italian), Luciano (Italian), Lucio (Italian), Luckas, Lucus, Lucys, Lukas, Lukasz, Lukus, Lukys German, Irish, Danish, Dutch; Greek
Lucian Bringer of light. A masculine form of Lucy. Lucan, Lucianus, Luciano, Lucien, Lucio (Italian, Spanish), Lucyan, Lycyen, Luzian, Luzien (French), Luzio, Luzius Latin
Lucius Bringer of light. A masculine form of Lucy. Luca (Italian), Lucais, Lucas (German), Lucca, Luce, Lucian (Latin), Luciano (Italian), Lucia, Luciah, Lucias, Lucien (French), Lucio, Lucyas, Lucyus, Lukas, Lukash, Luke, Lukey Latin
Lucky Fortunate, fate Lucki, Luckie, Luki, Lukie, Luky Middle English
Lucretius Gain Lucretyus Latin
Ludim Nativity, generation. Lod, Lud Hebrew
Ludlow From the hill of the prince.   English
Ludolf Famous wolf.   German
Ludwig Famous warrior. Ludovic, Ludovico, Ludvig, Ludvik, Ludwik, Ludwyg, Lui (Hawaiian, German), Luigi (Italian, German), Luigino, Lutz German
Luke Bringer of light; From Luciana. A masculine form of Lucy Luc, Luca (Italian), Lucais, Lucano, Lucca, Lucais (Scottish), Lucas (German, Dutch, Danish, Irish), Lucio (Spanish), Luka, Lukas (Swedish), Lukaz, Lukela, Luken, Luki, Lukyn Latin; Greek
Lukman Prophet Luqman Arabic
Lulani Highest point in heaven. Lulanee, Lulaney, Lulanie, Lulany Hawaiian
Lumo Born face down.   Ewe
Lundy From the grove at the island. Lundee, Lundey, Lundi, Lundie Scottish
Lunga Be good/kind.   Zulu
Lungani You all be good/kind.   Zulu
Lunn Warlike Lon, Lonn, Lonni, Lonnie, Lonny, Lony, Lunni, Lunnie, Lunny, Luny Irish
Lunt From the grave Lont Swedish
Lupus Wolf, Fierce   Latin
Lusila Leader Lusyla Hindi
Lusio Light Lusyo Zuni
Lutalo Warrior   Luganda
Lutfi Kind friend.   Arabic
Luther Renowned warrior. Lotario (Italian), Lothaire (French), Lothar, Lothaiire, Lothario, Lother, Lothur, Lutero (Spanish) Old French
Lutherum Slumber   Gypsy
Luyanda It (love) is growing.   Zulu
Luyu Head shaker.   Moquelumnan
Lyall Loyal Loyal, Loyel, Lyel, Lyell Scottish
Lyceus Light Lycius Greek
Lycidas Wolf son.   Greek
Lyle From the island. Lisle, Lyal, Lall, Lyel, Lyell Old French
Lyman From the meadow valley. Leaman, Leamen, Leeman, Leemen, Leiman, Leimen, Leyman, Liman, Limen, Limin, Limon, Limyn, Lymen, Lymin, Lymon, Lymyn Old English
Lynch Mariner Linch Irish
Lyndal From the valley of the linden trees. Lindal, Lindall, Lindel, Lyndale, Lyndall, Lyndel, Lyndell English
Lyndon From the linden-tree hill. Lindan, Linden, Lindin, Lindon, Lindyn, Lyndan, Lynden,, Lyndin, Lyndyn English
Lynfa From the lake.   Welsh
Lynn From the stream with the waterfall. Lin, Linn, Linlee, Linleigh, Linley, Linly, Linwood, Lyn, Lynford, Lynton, Lynwood Celtic
Lyron Round circle. Liron Hebrew, French
Lysander Freedom maker Lisander Greek
Lytton Place on the loud torrent; town by the loud stream Liton, Litton, Lyton Old English
Lwandile It (love) has intensified.   Zulu



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