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#CTF 810 Climbing Frogs Adults T-Shirt

Common Green Treefrog or Litoria caerulea

"This large treefrog has thick, fleshy skin between the eyes and shoulders. Although usually green, it can be brown, blue or almost black. It has a short and rounded snout, often with an irregular white stripe or series of spots from the corner of its mouth to its forearm. This tree frog has a white belly; its fingers and toes are one-third and three-quarters webbed respectively. Adult Common Green Tree frogs are about 100 mm in length, although they can grow larger than this.

Common Green Tree frogs occupy a wide range of habitat types, including forests, arid areas and mangrove edges. Although becoming scarce in many urban areas, Common Green Tree frogs are still abundant in parts of rural Queensland, where they inhabit toilet cisterns, shower blocks, water tanks and downpipes."

Source: Queensland Museum

This t-shirt is another climbing design with the frogs appearing to be climbing up and down your shoulders. A fantastic design by Planet Earth / Wild Planet.

T-Shirt Colour: Green

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Made in Australia.

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