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#LOG8998D Travelling CD by Charlie McMahon and Gondwana

In TRAVELLING SONGS (1994) the song titles say it all;  

Pig Wobble, Ride, Scramble and Stampede.  

The didj riffs are fast, strong, and melodies express the exhilaration of travelling.  The Australian Broadcasting Corporation (ABC) dubbed it 'jazz goes walkabout'.  Besides the pacey didj riffs there's chunky keyboard, wild saxophone and solid drum playing.  Bobby Bunuggurr's Arnhem Land lyrics give Travelling Songs a carefree indigenous flavour.  Recorded on Dolby SR two inch analogue,  with contributions from six writers and even more players,  this record has the highest production quality and the songs are the core of Gondwana Band's live show.  Travelling Songs didj riffs like the 'Wobble' and 'Ride' have become didj standards for skilled players.


1. Heat
2. Pig Wobble
3. Stampede
4. Scramble
5. Ride (Audio Sample)
6. Swarm
7. Ngarti
8. Munkarra
9. Lope

Click here to play the Ride music sample Then wait a moment for it to load.

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