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#LOG28D Bone Man CD by Gondwana

"BONE MAN is progressive trance with lyrics that celebrate didj playing - 'Rhythm breathing makes you high', 'Let the drone tone resonate in your head'.  With up to five didj tracks playing simultaneously, the seismic didj really carries the music. 

Recorded in Byron Bay, at Crystal Grid Studios, Bone Man has set a new benchmark for didj sound & trance music - never before has dance music had so much body sound." Source: Charlie McMahon 

"As an album, Bone Man pretty much sums up the whole business of didgeridoo playing, in whatever way, shape or form. (Michael Smith. 'The Drum Media' 22 April 2003)"

"The didgeridoo is both dynamic and sensual. A captivating hybrid of percussion, drum machines and synthesized lyrics. It is a distinctly Australian world music album. (Chloe Sasson 'The Sydney Morning Herald' 22 April 2003)".


1. Rhythm Breathing
2. Resonate The Head
3. Hungry Strut
4. Wobblin' Goblins (Sample)
5. Ground Sound
6. Giddy
7. Shaky
8. Gurrupurng

Click here to play the Wobblin' Goblins music sample. Then wait a moment for it to load.

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