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#LOG27D Xenophon CD by Gondwana

Gondwana XENOPHON has "Hypnotic, trancy beats that rise and fall with knowing intensity are complemented by pulsing rhythms and beautifully controlled didg textures. The album is deeply infused with low bass and dub sounds, but it's the unique indigenous instruments and excerpts of vocalising that imbue Xenophon with such an unusual flavour. Understated brilliance. (4 stars)" Lauren Zoric. Rolling Stone, September 1998

"Didjeridu maestro Charlie McMahon surprises the **** out of everyone with an album that is one of the most accomplished electronica records that this land has ever produced.  Full of samples from Charlie's mouth, the songs structure themselves around ideas, motifs and moods; similar to MassiveAttack, gusGus or even Tortoise in that regard.   9/10" Geoff Towner.  Revolver. 23 July 1998


1. Monga
2. Curlew
3. Dreamer
4. Top End (Sample)
5. Shade
6. Black Jungle
7. Gurrupurung
8. Walpa
9. Mook Mook
10. Howler

Click here to play the Top End music sample Then wait a moment for it to load.

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