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Crocodile Steve Soft Toy Pattern-crocodile soft toy pattern, soft toy pattern, crocodile
#FF CROC Crocodile Steve Soft Toy Pattern
Crocodile Steve has a finished size of approximately 17" or 43 cm.

This pattern includes a colour photo of the finished Crocodile soft toy, a full and easy to follow set of instructions with a ‘tick the box as you go’ format, a list of all material requirements, a simple layout guide and an email contact address for online feedback and support, if needed.

This crocodile toy is a really cuddly crocodile, grinning from ear to ear all day long! We are sure there are lots of little boys (and girls!) who’d love to snuggle up to him. There is a bit of hand-sewn detail for Steve. The pattern comes with picture instructions for all the hand-sewn details including Steve’s teeth, eyes, and ridges on the croc’s back.

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