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Ad Hoc Ordering

This area is set up so that I can collect credit card details securely for ad hoc ordering (ie. Ordering items that are not part of my usual product rage).

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#Ad Hoc Ad Hoc Secure Ordering

For ad hoc purchases, I have set up this section of my website to collect credit card information securely. The form adds 1 unit into the shopping basket (when you click "Order") and then requires you to proceed to checkout and provide your credit card details (which are captured via a secure (SSL) form.)  Select the shipping destination and be mindful that selecting Australia will add 10% for GST. But don't concern yourself about the totals as we are just collecting your details securely so that we can process based on our previous correspondence.

Separately, we will have agreed on your order information a total and it will be this pre-agreed total that is billed against your credit card. 

All order details placed on this site are captured securely but processed manually. ie. There is no realtime ordering. Your credit card details will be processed by me manually which is why this ad hoc system works.

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