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Our experiences and use of eBay

Both my husband and I spend time using eBay (r) to buy and sell different products. Some of this is related to our hobbies whilst some is related to the very goods for sale in this store. Before purchasing anything here, you might like to check out what Michelle has for sale on eBay as well as her feedback rating. Or check out Michelle's eBook for eBay power sellers.

eBay(r) is the world's biggest Internet auction community. Whilst it has other competitors such as Amazon Auctions we believe it is the best. The auction site is a good example of an Internet company who have branded themselves on the Internet as "the place to go" for online auctions.

If you aren't already a member of eBay(r) then join up now.They say "If you broke it, lost it, need it cheap or just can't find it anywhere else, find it at eBay! " It doesn't cost anything to join and it allows you to participate in the auctions. When you win an auction, you just pay your winning bid amount plus any shipping and insurance to which you have already agreed when you placed your bid. Usually this is outlined in the item listing. The seller only attracts fees.

Mark and Michelle have both had very positive experiences on eBay(r) with only the occasional thing going astray. And then, you could put it down to getting lost in the mail.  All in all, it's been a very positive experience. Check out Michelle and/or Mark's feedback rating. It's excellent and shows their integrity. Michelle and Mark both use eBay (r) for their hobbies (Michelle is a closet Phantom fan and Mark collects 1/43rd scale model cars and also old car brochures - Ferrari, Maserati, Lamborghini, etc.).  They also use it to sell some of Aussie Things' merchandise. Check out what Michelle has up for sale at any time as you may find a bargain!

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