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About Charlie McMahon

"Charlie McMahon took up playing the didjeridu as a child, long before it became popular outside its home in the tropical north, and has become the most acclaimed didjeridu player in Australia. While Charlie revered the playing of the Aboriginal people in their traditional ceremonies, he did not seek to mimic their performance, but took the didjeridu to contemporary music. Charlie learned how to tune didjeridus to concert pitch and practiced different styles while jamming with bands at gigs. At 16 years Charlie lost his right hand while experimenting with rockets in his backyard. He reckons it was not all bad for afterwards he 'hooked' into school work & won a university scholarship. He holds an Honours degree in Government & Economics from Sydney University." 

Charlie has held a number of government posts and loves his passion for music.

Some of the albums featured have been recorded with other people.

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