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Where are UGGS® made ?

This information relates only to the US Ugg Australia make of sheepskin footwear. The Australian Uggs-N-Rugs brand is made in Western Australia and the Australian Made By Jumbo Ugg Boots brand (Binder Productions) is made in Victoria.

2009 Annual Report excerpt:

Source: Deckers Outdoor Corporation Annual Report 2009 - Page 6 and 7


"... We do not manufacture our products; we outsource the production of our brand footwear primarily to independent manufacturers in China. We also outsource the production of a portion of our UGG footwear to an independent manufacturer in New Zealand...

... We have no long-term contracts with our manufacturers. As we grow, we expect to continue to rely exclusively on independent manufacturers for our sourcing needs....

... We generally outsource our manufacturing requirements on the basis of individual purchase orders rather than maintaining long-term purchase commitments with our independent manufacturers...."

So, as you can see from the above, no manufacturing is done in Australia and they are continually changing their manufacture sources.

In addition, they no longer can claim that the sheepskin is sourced only from Australia as the same annual report says,

...At our direction, our manufacturers currently purchase the majority of the sheepskin used in our products from three tanneries in China, which source their skins from Australia, Europe and the US..."

Visit sheepskin-boots-and-slippers to purchase the American UGG Australia brand.

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