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About UGGS-N-RUGS (r)

Uggs-N-Rugs are a small Western Australian family owned and run company that began manufacturing sheepskin ugg boots and slippers in the 1970's. In Australia, the term 'ugg' is generic - ask any Aussie what an ugg boot is and they'll say sheepskin footwear. It is as Australian as meat pies and kangaroos and is part of Aussie Slang.

Researching the ugg boot history, we can now say that ugg boots have been around for at least 100 years - possibly longer. They have undergone several revivals over the years with the Australian surfing scene picking up on them in the 1960's.

Through good times and bad, Uggs-N-Rugs have battled on making an impressive quality product which is why they have been so successful. (Many early manufacturers have not survived the rigors of doing quality business.)

We have chosen to promote the Uggs-N-Rugs boot because of this dedication to top quality product. In addition, they have been able to keep their prices down to what we consider to be reasonable levels. Despite major droughts affecting most of Australia for a number of years now and spiralling skin costs, they have kept their prices low AND are still using double-faced lambskins from major tanneries - the best quality skins you can buy.

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