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About UGG (r) Australia

UGG is supplied by UGG Holdings, Inc. a subsidiary Deckers Outdoor Corporation [Deckers].

They are relative newcomers to the ugg boot trade. Around 1995, Deckers acquired UGG Holdings, Inc. from Brian Smith - an Australian. Brian was a new to selling ugg boots in the United States as many Australians had already gone before him. Even Deckers history section on their website had to acknowledge this by stating, "Arriving there (ed. California) he was shocked to find that there was already a small group of well-traveled surfers who'd brought similar sheepskin boots back from Australia". 

A representative of Deckers has informed us that all their styles are now made in China however, their 2009 Annual Report says they have suppliers in the Far East, New Zealand and Australia. We have struggled to get a definitive answer on this however, we can be certain in saying that UGG Australia does not necessarily mean "Made In Australia" so please understand this when purchasing the American make of ugg boots.

If you are interested in further information on the great trademark dispute, then you might like to watch the documentary titled "The Good, The Bad and The Ugg Boot".  "The battle for the Ugg boot is a story about cultural identity and survival in the age of globalisation. The 'David and Goliath' plot pits a small group of Australian manufacturers and their distributors, against a large US corporation that have claimed Aussie icon, the Ugg boot, as its own. This has triggered a conflict that will set precedents for trademarks and branding worldwide." It can be purchased from ABC Commercial.

As a result of pressure from Deckers' legal representative, we have chosen to promote the American make alongside authentic and genuine Australian made brands.

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