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Michelle Jansen

Aussie Things is owned and run by Michelle Jansen. It began in 1997 as an idea by Michelle who wanted to sell Australian themed products to the world. She wanted to sell good quality products that were well made and that captured the essence of Australia. Where possible, the products had to be Australian made but this is now becoming increasingly harder as manufacturing moves offshore. 

Aussie Things do not manufacture nor do they wholesale although they can do a better price if you want a considerable quantity of something.

Michelle also uses the Aussie Things store to actively learn about the Internet and how to do business over it. She also runs a consulting business in electronic commerce and is able to take many of the experiences as a small business operator on the Internet to her clients. As such, Aussie Things is a division of her company Cybecom Pty Ltd.

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Bride and Groom Koala Set-koala bride and groom, bride and groom, koalas, koala gift set, wedding koalas, unique wedding gift
Bride and Groom Koala Set

Didj Heart CD by Charlie McMahon and Gondwana-Didj, didjeridu, didgeridoo, music, charlie mcmahon, gondwana, didg heart
Didj Heart CD by Charlie McMahon and Gondwana

Beanz Kangaroo with Baby Toy (Approx 8 inches)-Kangaroo with joey toy, kangaroo with baby bean bag, bean bag, kangaroo with baby
Beanz Kangaroo with Baby Toy (Approx 8 inches)

Laughing Kookaburra Musical Soft Toy-kookaburra musical soft toy, laughing kookaburra toy, kookaburra soft toy, musical kookaburra, windmill toys
Laughing Kookaburra Musical Soft Toy