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Sheepskin Slippers - About

Sheepskin slippers are known for their unique characteristics of being ultra comfortable while keeping you nice and warm. Even in warm climates, sheepskin slippers can be worn all year round. I personally wear mine every day of the year - even when it tops 40 degree celcius! Wool lined footwear has been around almost since the dawn of civilisation so it is of no surprise that we still continue the use of them. Sure - styles have changed - but the fundamental concept of keeping warm is still there. Wool insulates and protects whilst moulding to the contours of your own particular foot shape creating your own individual fit.

We promote the Australian brand "Uggs-N-Rugs's" sheepskin slippers. They are of a traditional moccasin design, over-locked for comfort and have a hard-wearing EVA sole allowing you to walk outside with them or stay indoors.

And we also promote the Jumbo Ugg slippers which are another great alternative.

Alternatively, you could look to the American UGG Australia make.

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