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Fleece boots

Fleece boots promoted by Aussie Things are the thing required to keep your feet nice and warm. Comfortable to wear, fleece boots use natural fibers that insulate your feet in both warm and cold conditions. With your body warmth, the fleece molds to the shape of your feet giving you that perfect fit. To maximise this perfect fit though, you need to purchase your fleece boots nice firm as they stretch and the fleece flattens.

Fleece boots are made by a number of manufacturers. Be sure to check that the particular pair you decide to purchase are made from genuine sheepskin and not faux fur or another synthetic fiber. Whilst such products are cheaper, you will not benefit from the natural insulating effects of genuine leather with genuine wool. We promote the following:

  • The genuine Australian UGGS-N-RUGS(r) brand. These have been manufactured in Western Australia by the same people for nearly 30 years. They are made from top quality sheepskin and components. Built to last, the UGGS-N-RUGS brand are dynamite and the best thing of all for you is that they are very attractively priced. UGGS-N-RUGS ship all over the world including the UK, Europe, the US and Canada.
  • The genuine Australian MADE BY JUMBO UGG BOOTS (r) brand. Made by Binder Productions Pty Ltd trading as Jumbo Ugg Boots in Melbourne Australia these are another long-term, Australian made, ugg boot.
  • The American "UGG Australia" make (a little confusing but they are by an American company) which are made predominantly in China. They are a quality product with strict quality control procedures in place.
  • have a range of different fleece boots. Shop now for Boots at
  • Shop Koolaburra Boots! Koolaburra have been selling ugg boots in America for over 50 years and now have a range of funky, edgy footwear.
  • BECKERSURF.COM Who sell all sorts of footwear.

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